Jul 17, 2019

65 mins

503 pics

She's a supercute glamour model visiting from Canada, wanting to start a career in porn working in the US -- and what a tight little body she's got! We first meet her at a sassy mall, where we see her wearing a cute white summer dress and wedges as she introduces herself. All sorts of sexy teasers follow, and end with her getting completely naked and rubbing her clit! Back home, she masturbates with a vibrator to orgasm, then gives us extreme closeups of her very pretty and petite private parts. Trying out the Big Ten Toy, its the biggest dick she's ever had, and has a hard time working it into her petite hole at the beginning, but eventually fucks herself deep with the help of the vibrator! Putting on a cute pink bra & panties, she does a sexy striptease for us, then fucks herself again with another large dildo! Notice how her tight vagina locks onto the toy, so she can pose with it in doggy... Later in the day, we check her out at a resort area, wearing cute short shorts and a skimpy top. In no time she's sitting on a bench fingering herself and rubbing her clit again! Then she does a very sensual dance to music, and ends up riding the Big Ten as deep as it can go! Putting on her classiest dress & heels, she parades around another resort, giving us upskirt views and finger banging away, till she gets horny enough again to get kinky at home. This time, she's using a banana to fuck herself, and using her strong vaginal muscles to pop the banana out! She then gapes and spreads for us, showing off that tight pussy.

Angelina V

Jul 12, 2019

52 mins

384 pics

As this gorgeous girl's adventure continues, we get to see a lot more of her sporty side, starting with her number one skill -- long jumps as well as track & field. She isn't really wearing a sports bra but a bikini top instead, and watch those breasts bounce! Eventually she goes bottomless, and we get to enjoy that perfect butt, as she does all these activities with her breasts and butt out! She also has some musical talent, playing with the piano; while wearing some sexy fishnet stockings & lingerie. She then does a sensual dance in the stockings while trying to twerk. Masturbating with another orgasm on the bed (with visible vaginal contractions) she pokes her butt with a finger before fucking herself with a dildo. Then more teasers outside in her casual wear... Later in the day, she puts on a very sexy white two piece dress and heels, and parades around in a tourist area. She looks incredibly desirable, and we get upskirt teasers as she does these acrobatics in her heels! Back indoors, she masturbates to orgasm again, and gives us some extreme closeups of her private parts as well as some gaping. Two more tinkle scenes by the pool, and she puts on some cute yellow wedges and proceeds to masturbate again! Then she goes for the biggest she's had so far, a large, thick zucchini. To our surprise, she takes it incredibly deep, and goes on for a very sensual ride with it! We hope you enjoyed Angelina's return, she's one of the members' favorites no doubt :)

Angelina IV

Jul 9, 2019

37 mins

240 pics

Nearly 6 months later, Angelina comes back for another adventure shoot, because she has been so popular among the fans, they wanted her back as soon as possible! She remains beautiful and athletic, with a lot of enthusiasm to shoot for FTV again. We first see her at a college town, in a skimpy seethrough top and short shorts, showing off her acrobatic skills right on the street! Cartwheels, backbends, handstands, until its time to do it all topless! Back home, she does a sexy striptease dance... look at that amazing, firm butt! She then masturbates to orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions -- and some closeups of her prominent clit. She fingers herself, then tries a large thick dildo, working it in and pushing her limits, and riding it as deep as she can. After a little pee session and cooldown by the pool, she puts on a cute summer dress and teases us with upskirt views, then goes shopping at a department store and films herself getting naked in the changeroom. Back home, she tries anal for the first time, poking her butt with two fingers then using a glass toy, pushing down on it until its pretty deep! She tries the big side, but its too much for her! She also has one more orgasm with the Vibraking Toy... just because she likes it! More to come of this supercute teen...


Jul 4, 2019

103 mins

537 pics

We're introduced to lovely slender dark-haired teen Mackenzie as she walks up in a cute blue dress and chunky heels, enjoying the Florida breeze among the palm trees. We're treated to some naughty upskirt peeks as she flashes her red paties out in public, spreading those long smooth legs and flashing her pretty privates as well! Our guest photographer brings us plenty of risky looks at that desirable teen form of hers on the waterfront and we note how her blue dress clings to her body as the breeze mooves past. Next we see her relaxing at a cafe outdoors introducing herself and we realize she's quite new and inexperienced. After that we see her in the car spreading her legs and touching herself with her fingertips; she'd never masturbated in a car before and wanted to try it out! Next is a run in the park in cute little shorts and a frilly top, and we're treated to more naughty flashes of those perky teen boobs and her shapely butt too. She and the photographer go for a stroll and she does some more flashing, including some cartwheels with no panties on underneath her little dress! Visiting a clothing store, we see Mackenzie in the changing room with a camera she brought in herself as she gets naked and tries on a few outfits, although there appeared to be some audio issues. A sexy dancing scene is next in her blue dress, which she slips off along with her panties to dance seductively in the nude showing just how amazing she looks when she moves! Next is some vibration and penetration play as she tries a few on for size, working up to the super thick FTV Monster toy which can barely fit inside her tight hole, and even getting kinky with a large cucumber. Experimenting with some anal pleasure we see her insert a buttplug and then use a magic wand vibrator to buzz the toy in her butt...and she loves the unfamiliar sensations! Next we see her taking a shower and again we note how shapely that tight fit body is...and she squats down for a quick pee right there in the shower. We finish off day2 of shooting with some more risky flashes and upskirt peeks in a local park and then in (and out of) a bikini on the beach before she bids us farewell for now. This beautiful and daring yet still somewhat shy teen is a real treat today on FTV coming to you from Florida, and we definitely hope to see more of her!


Jun 26, 2019

58 mins

398 pics

This pale-skinned beauty is a bit timid at first, getting warmed up for the camera, but once she gets her hands on a vibrator, she's screaming hard to many orgasms! We meet her at a popular tourist destination, watching her parade around in a sexy miniskirt and heels, getting upskirt and butt views... Then she plays with her breasts and fingers herself, showing off her pretty private parts! She then does a really cute dance to music, stripping down naked, and playing with her perky nipples. Masturbating with her own rabbit vibrator, she ends up having a very loud orgasm! Opening up to us more, she does a shoe heel fetish, fucking her heels, and giving us closeups of her pretty, prominent clit. She's very small & tight down there, and as she penetrates herself with a thick dildo, its pushing her limits; she's never had anything that big before! Out for a trail run in her pink workout clothes, we see her end up running topless (watch those breasts bounce!) and get naked to pee. Using a hairbrush, she fucks herself with the handle, then uses her rabbit toy to have another strong orgasm! Back out on location, she models a sexy red dress and heels, but she's hiding a butt plug under her panties! She takes it out and licks it; then uses a glass toy to go even deeper, and enjoy pulling in and out of her butt. Lastly, she fucks herself with a blue dildo in the butt, going as deep as she can, then masturbating again! This rather quiet and shy girl is another cute addition to FTV, and tattoo-free too!


Jun 20, 2019

69 mins

346 pics

A professional water polo player and swimmer, this super fit & athletic 18 year old is also blessed with the perfect big naturals! Her superfirm, round D cups are amazing to see; and we're happy that she came with Carmen (her best friend) to shoot for us. Its her very first adult shoot, but is confident of her amazing figure and wants to show it off. We first meet her at a popular tourist destination, and she's wearing a cute skirt and skimpy top; you can almost see her nipples! She runs around and dances to music on the spot, showing off her amazing curves and bouncy breasts. Then visiting a nearby resort, she exposes those big breasts, and lets Carmen squeeze and play with them, eventually getting completely naked and playing with her privates! Back home, she masturbates with the Vibraking, getting really into it, coming to orgasm and literally looking stunned at the experience. Notice how swollen and puffy her vagina is, and her labia are super fat! She pulls on them, stretching her long labia, and Carmen plays with them too. We also get closeups of her very pretty clit. Going for some penetration, she starts fucking herself with the Big Ten Toy, going really deep, nine inches in! She rides it on top of the kitchen counter, watch those big breasts bounce! And she ends up even deeper. She then does a sexy dance to music, and moves to a hard breast massage, squeezing those perfect breasts as hard as she can. She tugs and plays with her pierced nipples too. Later in the day, we see her in a tight sporty outfit, running around near a golf course, doing backbends and pushups, running hard and fast, showing off that perfect figure... notice how those breasts keep falling out! Back home, for the first time in her life, she experiments anally, first spreading her butt, then using anal beads pushing them in and out... She then wants the ultimate challenge, to get fisted -- by her friend Carmen! Since Carmen was able to fist herself, she wants that fist in her as well, and surprise, she takes the whole hand in deep! Her friend fist fucks her for a bit, they're definitely getting intimate! The pressure makes her want to pee... We hope that both of them will return, and get all into each other, for a girl girl one day...

Nayomi III

Jun 16, 2019

33 mins

270 pics

Our favorite teen beauty's second day of FTV adventures continues with a rollerblading session... FTV style! She's an athletic girl, fit and flexible, and we see it here as she rolls around on her skates in cute short shorts and skimpy top. Showing off her skills, she also dances in her rollerblades. Back home, its all about butt play, as she takes her bottoms off, spreads and gapes her butt, fingers it, then uses her favorite vibrator, fucking herself in the ass! In combination with her magic wand toy, she ends up squirting all over the couch! Putting another sexy outfit, she does a sensual dance for us, and models on a motorbike bottomless. As we get cute views of her butt, we also watch her do a little watersports, before going extreme again! She wants to fist herself one more time, but even harder, and deeper. She does it from behind, and goes all out intense fast fist pounding into her vagina, and loves it! Later in the day, we see her in a gorgeous dress and heels, watch her model on location! Going kinky again, this time she fucks herself with large, long cucumbers, and goes deep on riding it, then double penetrates herself with two, pushing her limits! Pretty incredible to see her filled in both holes with these large phallic toys! Another fun update to enjoy, with a dream girl who surprises us every time with her amazing sexual talents -- perfect for FTV :)

Nayomi II

Jun 13, 2019

45 mins

287 pics

Welcome back one of our most beautiful teens -- gorgeous, kinky and full of energy -- and she's here to have a lot more sexual fun! We first meet up with her at a popular tourist area, watching her in that cute miniskirt and skimpy top, giving us upskirt panty teasers and dancing sexy to music right there! Back home, she masturbates with a vibrator, having a strong orgasm and squirting too! She fingers herself deep, notice how wet she is inside. We also get extreme closeups of her pretty privates and clitoris, then see her going four fingers deep, and trying to push that big magic wand head inside her! All naked and ready to try the FTV Monster, she forces that big thing inside her, taking it as deep as it can go! A nice hard ride, its the biggest dick she's ever had! It gets more intense when she challenges herself to a self-fisting, and suprises herself when she manages to get her whole hand in, really deep! She fists herself hard, and even does it while doing a back bend! She then gapes really wide, so you can see her stretched out pussy deep inside! In a cute pink dress, she does cute acrobatics on the grass, then masturbates naked on a trail, squirting once again! For another challenge, she takes twelve markers in her vagina, pushing them so deep them almost all disappear inside her!! She even does a combo penetrating her butt. A very kinky, horny teen, she's got a lot more coming in part 3!


Jun 10, 2019

40 mins

84 pics

She's never done any adult work before, and is a bit shy and nervous -- recently turned 18, this teen exposes herself for the first time on FTV. In her little dress, she strips down, shows off her full breasts, and gives them a hard massage (and licks them). She's introduced to the Eroscillator Toy, and ends up loving it so much... she has some really strong orgasms, and notice her incredible reactions to such stimulation, which she's never experienced in her life! Then she spreads and shows off her private parts, pulls on her labia, and finger bangs herself with 3 fingers. Pounding herself hard with the Big Blue vibrator next, she uses the Eroscillator for an even stronger orgasmic experience. Watch how hard she pounds herself with that big toy, and she doesn't want to stop! She then goes even bigger, using the FTV Monster Toy, getting only a bit of it in, but then using it in combination of the Eroscillator for another orgasm. Then she gapes for us, showing how much she stretched herself out!

Gabbie II

Jun 6, 2019

39 mins

325 pics

This super busty 18 year old is also very talented, experienced in varsity sports in high school, and even a great golf player! We see her in a sporty outfit at a golf course, running around and doing acrobatics (she used to be a cheerleader too) then showing off her golf swings with only her skimpy bra! Notice how those massive breasts move with the swings! She then exposes her breasts at a construction site, giving them a massage and licking them... and posing on a motorbike for a photoshoot. After a lunchbreak interview, she puts on sexy black lingerie and stockings, and its all about her butt now! Showing it off, she starts fingering herself anally, then using a glass toy to penetrate her butt. It gets bigger with a long blue toy, which she fucks herself with, and then double penetrates herself too! With the help of a butt plug and vibrator, she has another strong orgasm on the bed (notice how the butt plug moves with the vaginal gyrations). More posing and butt plug play leads to a very sensual hard breast massage with oil. As the sun starts to set, we watch her walk at a tourist area in a short black dress and heels... as she runs or does flips, we get panty peeks and watch those big breasts bounce! Back home, she masturbates with the Vibraking, squirting several times until she's made a big wet mess on the tile floor! Enjoy this fun, busty and energetic teen, she definitely has the sexuality and figure made for FTV :)


Jun 2, 2019

36 mins

209 pics

Recently turned 18, she's always wanted to show off her perfect body, and this is her absolute first time getting to do that on camera -- for her very first porn shoot! She is beautiful, with big green eyes, but its her breasts that are absolutely stunning! Some is gifted with a pair of the most perfect DD big naturals we've ever seen. We meet her at a train station, where she introduces herself, and yes, she used to be a cheerleader, so why not show off some acrobatics right there! Notice how those big breasts jiggle as she moves... Then on an overpass she takes her shirt off, revealing how perfect those are, as she continues to do acrobatics with just her cute white bra on! Back home, she dances topless for us, then gives her breasts a very hard breast massage. She even tries licking and sucking on her nipples. Always fun to see those breasts bounce as she runs around topless! Using a vibrator, she ends up masturbating and squirting several times, then ending up with a very strong orgasm with super visible vaginal contractions. Her butt is all wet! Then we get extreme closeups of her clit, as she spreads for us, and does a little gaping. Then using the Big Blue toy, she fucks herself deep, and in combination with the vibrator she ends up having another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions... and she gets so wet! Using that wetness, she pushes four fingers inside her, then uses those juices to finger her butt too! Then she spreads and gapes both holes. This fun, energetic and super busty teen has more coming...


May 26, 2019

61 mins

379 pics

You'd never think a girl like this would be shooting adult; she's got super wealthy parents, and already into her graduate education. But she has a kinky side to her, and she really wanted to try adult, doing FTV as her first and only shoot -- all at her parent's super fancy place! We first see her in a fancy summer dress and wedges, approaching her massive, 30,000 sq foot home, and rubbing herself on the grand steps. She introduces herself, gets naked, then masturbates with her own dildo and rubbing her clit to orgasm. Walking around naked in the long hallways of the house, she visits a guest room where she gives us some foot fetish play and more body shots. Wearing another fancy dress, this time white -- she poses by her father's expensive cars and gives us butt shots and spreads; then going to another fancy bedroom and masturbating again. Notice how milky wet she gets, and we get some closeups of her wet privates. For the first time, she fingers her butt, then does a little pee scene on camera. Wearing more casual but sexy shorts and top, she does a striptease dance to music, and we get to enjoy more of her amazing butt. Wearing cute white lingerie, she gives herself a hard breast massage, then moves into one of the 'massage rooms' of the house, she masturbating once more, this time with a vibrator. She then goes kinky, and fucks the biggest thing she's ever had, a long eggplant -- and goes quite deep too! For the rest of the day, she shows off her sporty skills, by playing soccer and basketball on her parents' sports complex (in the house!). Of course, she does it all naked eventually -- then retires to the pool and spa in a bikini, fingering herself again. By the way, doesn't she look a lot like the actress Kristen Bell?


May 19, 2019

70 mins

308 pics

She's a gorgeous, six foot tall brunette with a beautiful smile and a strong need for sexual gratification -- and we're happy she had her first adult experience with FTV! She could pass as a fashion model, like she did on her introduction, posing in a sexy blue dress and heels -- but its so short you could almost see her panties! Parading around in a popular tourist area, we get upskirt and downblouse views (full C-cup breasts!), panty peeks and teasers, and she's not shy about it at all! She gets a lot of attention from passers-by and the men definitely stare... Back home, she finds herself a cucumber, and starts fucking herself hard and deep, until she's ready to masturbate. Using her own magic wand toy she brought with her, she ends up having a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. When she spreads, notice how wet she is inside! She exposes her clit, and talks about her sex life; then gets introduced to the FTV Monster Toy! After a blowjob, she fucks it missionary, taking it as deep as it can go, then rides it even deeper! Watch those big breasts bounce as she goes up and down the thick shaft. She has watched FTV, and always wanted to use the Vibraking -- so she does, and wow, does she have several strong orgasms! Notice those strong vaginal contractions pulsating through privates. Later in the day, putting on another supercute outfit, this time really showing off her cleavage (big naturals!) she parades around another popular tourist destination, getting people's attention (and they think she's doing a fashion shoot!) and teasing us her cleavage. Running around and dancing out in the open, enjoy watching those big breasts bounce! Back home, she goes topless and does a sexy dance to music, then gives her breasts a very hard breast massage. Pulling and teasing her nipples, she licks them too... then does a very heavy pee scene in the back yard! Continuing with the watersports theme, she plays with a water hose, getting her body wet, then fucking the hose and squirting water out! She uses the pressure to arouse her clit, and get her to near orgasm... Then stands above us, dripping water out of her pussy! Putting on another sexy outfit with black heels, she gets kinky with anal play... and she's going to push her limits! Starting with butt cheek spreads and anal fingering, she uses a glass toy in her butt, then takes the Big Glass Ball toy in her vagina, double penetrating herself! Then she takes that big glass ball, and works really hard... to get it deep inside her butt, stretching herself out to the max! As it slides in deep, she then uses the Vibraking Toy for one last strong orgasm, and notice how her contractions wrap around that big ball toy, moving it about... Then pulling it out, really stretching her butt! We get to see her spread and gape anally as well. Sexy, kinky, and near-extreme, this girl is definitely the kind of First Timer that will do well in the adult industry :)

Carmen II

May 16, 2019

28 mins

203 pics

On the second day of this erotic teen's sexual adventure, we see her in sporty clothes, doing all sorts of acrobatics in the park, cartwheels and backflips with serious skill! On the morning we see her wake up in a cute pink nightie, then masturbate again, using her two favorite toys to fuck herself and get wet. We get extreme closeups of her private parts, with her stretching her labia, then gaping her vagina really wide! She wants to try anal, so first we watch her spread and gape her butt, then push three fingers inside! With her friend's help, she fucks a blue dildo anally, getting it deep, pushing her anal limits! For an extreme finale, she really wants to fist herself, even though its an extreme challenge for her, with her friends help, she pushes her whole hand in, very deep! Enjoy this sexy, fun and very arousing total First Timer, hopefully we can get her friend to do the same!


May 12, 2019

84 mins

192 pics

This teen recently out of high school was a cheerleader; and it really shows in her firm, leggy figure! With no modeling or adult experience, she's as new as it can get. We first meet her at a popular tourist destination, as we see her parade around in a tight yellow dress and heels. She looks so sexy! She also has her best friend with her, a cute teen who assists behind the scenes. Upskirt panty views and butt shots, then some flexible acrobatics right there with splits in the air! Back home, she strips down to music, doing a sensual dance that really shows off her naked body. We also enjoy her breasts, and her playing with her pierced, perky nipples. Then we watch her masturbate on the couch, and it becomes an intense, multi-orgasmic 40 minute experience for her... especially when she starts fucking herself with a vibrating dildo and the vibraking combined... she loves it so much! Notice her squirm and get completely lost in the masturbation. It was hard to make her stop! When she finally does stop, notice how swollen and puffy her labia and clit have become. She wants to go big, and so ends up using the FTV Monster toy, getting it deep... and starts using the Vibraking to get it in deeper! Her friends helps push it in almost to the base... getting the monster 10 inches inside her!!! She even rides the big thing, fucking until she's too sore to continue. More to come of this super sexy teen who will try to go even more kinky and extreme...


May 2, 2019

61 mins

246 pics

She's one of the most gorgeous teens you've ever seen, with the most beautiful smile, and quite smart too! On her way to LA, she did this first time shoot to get her feet wet with the industry, and experience an adult shoot this way, FTV style as her introduction to it all. We see her at a college area (as she is a college freshman too) and follow her as we get upskirts and butt shots as she reads her book and teases us right there! Once at home, she does a very sexy striptease dance to music, notice how fit her body is, and how perfect and flawless her butt looks! She then uses a vibrator to masturbate, and ends up with a nice, natural orgasm. Spreading her very pretty privates, she exposes her clit, then starts fingering her butt! Soon enough she's finger banging herself anally, and follows up with a glass toy. Fucking the toy's smaller side in her butt, she then flips to the very large side and works hard at getting it inside her butt... and almost gets all the way in, stretching herself out! Then as a big challenge, she is introduced to the FTV Blue Titan, and manages to get the head in... It really stretches her vagina, and look at the massive gaping she does afterwards! Something she can really fuck -- the Big Ten Toy -- and she pounds herself with it, then rides in an incredibly sexy fashion... and notice she takes the whole 10 inches down!! Fucking herself even harder while masturbating, she ends up squirting hard, and she even surprises herself, since she's never done it before! She made a wet mess of the bathroom and herself! Back out for more upskirt teasers at the mall, it starts raining, so she goes home to masturbate one last time with the Vibraking, and has another mini-squirt (and strong orgasmic contractions)! Enjoy this beautiful teen, expect to see more of her here, on FTV :)


Apr 26, 2019

56 mins

276 pics

This cute, petite, and excitable blonde seems to be wet all the time, and it only takes a little stimulation to get her flowing! We meet her at a park, as she introduces herself and shows off her nice butt, then goes home for a quick pee session and breast/nipple play. Then, using a vibrator, she warms herself up, and it leads to the Vibraking toy, which brings her to a very strong orgasm and strong vaginal contractions... and some squirting! We get to see her spread her pretty privates, showing off her clit, then spreading and gaping, notice how wet she is inside! She fingers herself anally, then uses anal beads for more play -- and in combination with a second Vibraking masturbation, she has another strong squirting orgasm! Notice how tight her contractions are around the beads! Putting her hair in pigtailed braids, she parades around in a cute summer dress giving us upskirt shots and panty views, then a striptease dance to music. Giving the Big Blue toy a blowjob, she fucks herself with it, pounding hard and fast. Notice how milky wet she gets, having it drip down her thighs! Back out for more, she's wearing a cute, classy dress & heels, but its seethrough! Great teasers outdoors before going home to fuck herself hard and fast with a thick cucumber. Notice the pounding makes her super milky wet! To finish herself off, she ends up using the Vibraking one last time, and ends up with another strong orgasm, squirting all over her dress!


Apr 20, 2019

76 mins

397 pics

She's a super sexy, energetic busty blonde with that super desirable figure every warm-blooded male would love to have! Even though its her first adult shoot ever, she's got that sexual confidence and desire to express her nude figure as soon as the shoot begins! With an interview and intro, as she gets naked from her winter clothes, we see how sexy she is underneath! Then, out at a resort area, she shows off a tight, form-fitting dress that accentuates all those amazing curves. Once she's parading around in the nude, you realize how perfectly firm her full breasts and butt are! Back home, she masturbates with a wand vibrator, coming to a milky wet orgasm, then pushing the wand into her vagina, penetrating herself with some very heavy internal vibrations! We see her spread and gape, then giving us extreme closeups of her clit, before trying the even more powerful vibraking toy, which brings her to another, even stronger orgasm with clear juices flowing down her butt! We see her do a sexy dance in the nude, then a little pee session, before going all out for anal play with lingerie. Fingering her butt, then trying a glass toy anally, and finally double penetrating herself with two glass toys! She feels so filled up, especially with that Big Glass Ball Toy! She then gives a blowjob to and rides a thick dildo, fucking herself hard, enjoying the experience of these toys for the first time in her life. Then we enjoy her amazing breasts, as she gives them a hard massage, then plays and licks her nipples. Out on a jogging trail, we watch her sexy form in action as she runs about, relishing in a perfect figure... Back home, she gets kinky with a long summer squash, fucking herself with it, learning how to come with that too. She's definitely got that 'tasty' figure, and will be interesting to see if she enters the porn world beyond FTV!


Apr 15, 2019

53 mins

209 pics

This petite model is a kinky and sexual girl, with an affinity for large penetration, and she loves to masturbate! She undresses for us in bed, shows off her firm, cute form, then goes right to masturbating. She's super flexible, so she has her legs up behind her head, butt up and ready to put that vibrator right on her clit. Notice her strong vaginal contractions, and super strong orgasm, right in your face! She then spreads her clit up close for us, playing with it, and goes in for some deep fingering, and attempted fisting. She then wants to warm up to the FTV Blue Titan toy, one of our biggest toys, but starts with the long blue toy. Going as deep as she can go, she's then ready for the Big Blue Toy, pushing that large thick toy inside her, and turning on the vibration so it gives her pleasure deep inside! Then, using the vibrator on her clit again, she fucks herself with the toy and has a strong orgasm once again! Notice how her vagina contracts strongly around the thick toy on her orgasm. Then its time for the Titan, which takes some working into at first, but eventually she gets half of that monster length inside her, especially when she rides it! She gapes for us afterwards, so we can see how it stretches her out. The pressure makes her want to pee... Then in cute panties, she does a sexy dance for us to music, and tries stuffing her panties. Going for more extreme, she takes the Big Glass Ball Toy, fucks herself with it, then starts stuffing three glass toys inside her vagina! To finish herself off, she uses the Vibraking Toy to three orgasms, while her vagina gyrates around those three toys...


Apr 9, 2019

64 mins

288 pics

A very sporty girl who is gifted with that super-firm, desirable butt gets to express herself on this very first adult shoot with a sporty beginning! We watch her jogging by a canal, and enjoy that sexy form in her sporty wear, then see her at the gym while she does squats, stretches and other exercises! Soon enough we see that butt bare, and her very pretty private parts exposed... She then uses a vibrator on her clit, and ends up with a very strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions. She loves to masturbate! We get extreme closeups of her privates, with her pretty prominent clit and watch her pull on her labia. Then, fingering her wetness, she prepares for a long dildo, and starts fucking herself with it, until she wants the vibrator again... and has another strong orgasm! She gapes her petite vagina as much as she can with four fingers. Out at a pretty resort area, we see her in a cute pink summer dress, and watch her give us upskirt teases, then dance about in the cutest manner right on the spot, in front of everyone! She does move sexy... and so when she goes home she does it again, this time in bra & panties, eventually stripping down. We love that butt! Then she tries the Vibraking Toy for the first time, and wow does she love it! She has several strong orgasms, and gets so wet with sweat. As the day comes to an end, she gives us a little foot fetish play, and plays with her nipples, pulling on them and taking her nipple piercings in and out of her perky nips -- and a little peeing at the end. Sporty girl, fun personality, and one who loves to express herself on camera... great for a first timer in adult.


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