Jul 7, 2020

66 mins

292 pics

She's a stunning and friendly North Carolina girl with an innocent face...but there's nothing innocent about what she does with that gorgeous body here on FTV! We meet beautiful Bella at a mall as she introduces herself, wearing a tight super-short dress that flashes her cute panties until the security guard gets wind of things. Back at the house we see her in cowgirl boots exploring her body with her fingertips, spreading her legs to play with her privates and then stuffing her panties inside! After the pantystuffing she keeps them in as she uses a magic wand toy directly on her clitoris, enjoying the vibrations until it brings her to her first orgasm of the day...and then she slowly pulls her underwear out for a close-up view and gape of her pretty pink privates. After changing into a cute pink 'boss' outfit she treats us to a tour of her body, slowly slipping off her shorts and spreading herself open in an outdoor covered courtyard...heading inside for more privacy we see her showing just how she likes to boss an underling around, and then she reaches for a cucumber to practice her oral skills on! Soon she's sitting on top of the couch and penetrating herself with the veggie, fucking her hole and using a magic wand as well until she reaches a nice climax. Out by the pool we see a little peeing session while wearing her cowgirl boots, and then she dances up a storm stomping her heels and stripping nude! Wanting more active play she changes into her workout gear, heading out for a jog and to show off her flexibility and gymnastic skills. Next is an intimate closeup scene as she uses her fingertips to explore her privates, sliding her fingers up between her lips and rubbing herself just for fun as she chats with the photographer. Getting turned on by the stimulation she reaches for a thick clear toy which she fucks herself with, again using a magic wand in combination so she has another nice orgasm before heading off the airport...Bella is gorgeous, fun, flirty, and super sexual as she shows off and plays right here on FTV!


Jul 2, 2020

71 mins

433 pics

The wind was blowing hard as we were introduced to gorgeous Natalie, she was excited for the warm Arizona sun and was definitely excited to make her FTV debut today...and soon we see her pretty privates in action as she spreads her legs at the house and uses a magic wand vibrator to buzz her clitoris! She also uses a glass dildo for penetration play and we can see just how much she enjoys it by how creamy her hole gets as she fucks herself. Heading out alongside a busy road we see her stopping to smell some flowers in a short little dress, enjoying the sunshine as well as the blossoms before going inside and showing off her singing voice. Next we see her naked except for her white high heel shoes, climbing over a couch to suck on a suction cup dildo before spreading to fuck herself with it, enjoying the large toy sliding in and out of her vagina - and then including the vibrator in the play as well until she had a nice strong orgasm! Next is a fun dance session to her music and we note how well she moves that body...shortly afterward though it started to rain as a thunderstorm rolled in, and we see her in a little white top and lacy panties using the rain to soak through the fabric. Her nipples look incredible through the wet shirt and soon she was letting the water course over her shapely butt, splashing against her skin and raising goosebumps. Dripping wet all over she decided to get a bit kinky, doing her first pantystuffing ever right there in the rain...we see her sliding her underwear into her hole with her fingertips, making them disappear completely and then tugging them slowly back out again. A quick peeing session in the rain finishes things off...and then it's time for the ultimate in cosplay fantasy wear, the Leia bikini! She knows how good she's looking in her nerdy costume as she climbs around on a rocky wall, then we see her taking her top off and pulling her 'skirt' aside to touch herself with her fingertips...and she's still wearing the metal collar as she reaches for a toy for a little more penetration and vibration play! She's a gorgeous slender and nerdy girl with an outstanding body as well as a fun personality...perfect for fun here on FTV!

Scarlett II

Jun 28, 2020

41 mins

319 pics

This super cute and hypersexual teen continues the exploration of her figure and love of masturbation on day two, starting on location in a very cute blue dress and white heels, without panties or bra! She teases us upskirt and downblouse, letting us enjoy her very pretty breasts and butt, warming us up (and herself) to get super horny for more play! She even does splits right there with no panties! So she goes home, using her favorite pink vibrating dildo to fuck herself hard to multiple squirting orgasms, then give us views of her very sexy private parts. Then, in a skimpy bikini, she dances to music poolside, letting those big breasts fall out, then gives them a very hard massage, along with a harder 'assisted' massage. She shows off her nipple piercings, licks and pulls on them. Enjoying herself some Magic Wand action, she ends up with a very strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions, getting nice and wet for some penetration! She takes a long eggplant and fucks herself vaginally... very deep! Then she tries it anally and goes 7 inches in!!! She then spreads and gapes her butthole. For the rest of the evening, we watch her enjoy some time at the pool, do selfie videos, and check out her sexy figure in bed. We haven't had enough of this girl though... we want her back for more kinky play, as she is the ideal teen for FTV!


Jun 24, 2020

48 mins

377 pics

She's a gorgeous teen with an incredibly sexy figure, long legs, beautiful big naturals, and a very exhibitionistic personality! Never shot any adult before, Scarlett is more than excited, and truly the hypersexual kind of teen we all enjoy watching on video. We first meet her at a resort area, where she's wearing a sexy blue dress and heels, introducing herself, then showing off her amazing flexibility by doing splits as we get to see up her dress, as well as down her full cleavage! At a golf course, she continues to show off her body by stretching out and drawing the attention of those golfers! Finding a place nearby she spreads her skirts and starts masturbating with a vibrator... and ends up having a squirting orgasm! It was the first time she's squirted while masturbating... ever. Back home, she tries the Magic Wand toy, masturbating on a comfy couch and ends up having another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! She then gives us closeups of her very pretty privates, showing off her clit and playing with her labia, then recieving some oral sex as well! Using a pink vibrating dildo, she wants to squirt again -- and she does even more than before, while hard fucking herself and getting the couch all wet! She loves anal play, and wants to show off by penetrating herself in the butt... but also try double penetration for the first time! Using a double ended dildo, she pushes it into both of her holes, going as deep as she can go, then fucks herself with the pink vibrator again for another squirting orgasm while the toy is still in her butt! Out for a lunch break, she teases us at the mall and restaurant, then goes out on the street to flash her butt and show off how she can 'wink' her butthole! Also, enjoy her selfie bonus videos she took at her parent's place using her own toys to penetrate herself both ways! More to come of this amazing teen, she's got a lot of more kinky adventure coming!


Jun 19, 2020

86 mins

308 pics

Beautiful Lana comes from chilly Alaska so she was excited for the warm Arizona weather as she showed up for her FTV Girls shoot, and we're introduced to her in a cute little white dress - we note she has no panties on beneath - as she chats with the photographer. Back in the house we see her getting even more comfortable, pulling up her dress and touching herself with her fingertips before using a long glass dildo which she uses to rub herself, then slide in and out of her hole while using a magic wand vibrator until she has multiple squirting orgasms! Heading outdoors into the sunshine she chats a little about her real-life polyamorous relationship up in Alaska, looking super cute in a little red tube top and cutoff denim shorts. Back indoors we see her spreading and masturbating with a white vibrator, having more milky, squirting orgasms...and the squirt gets all over the photographer! A sexy dance is next as she loses more and more clothing, and we watch that desirable tight slender body moving to the music. She gets her hands on a big yoga ball with a built-in dildo, and we watch as she strokes it with her hands before climbing on top and taking it inside herself, bouncing up and down on the toy! Back indoors we see her climbing over a white lounge chair to find a dildo on top, and she takes it in her mouth for a simulated deepthroat blowjob to show off her oral sex skills before fucking herself with it and using a vibrator at the same time, enjoying another nice orgasm! After bouncing some tennis balls around on a racket (and losing them over the balcony!) we see her penetrating herself with the tennis racket handle for some kinky insertion fun...and fucking herself with it along with a vibrator to have one last fun naughty climax to finish off her day of shooting! Lana is a gorgeous petite girl with a super cute body, and she's definitely enjoyed herself today for FTV.


Jun 14, 2020

78 mins

329 pics

This beautiful, slender little blonde teen with the spectacular body is Kiara and we immediately note her sexual demeanor as we're introduced behind her friend's jeep! She's in a cute little one-piece outfit that she pulls aside to touch herself with her fingertips, and then inserts a remote controlled toy which her friend activates from his phone, making her moan and gasp in pleasure until she has her first orgasm of the day! Back at the house she changes into a little pink bikini (her favorite color) and relaxes by the pool, splashing in the shallows and pulling off her bottoms to use a long glass dildo, rubbing it against her clitoris and then slowly penetrating herself - and we note how milky she becomes from the play! After a sexy dance to some music we see her spreading on a chair, chatting about some sexual experiences and then using a vibrating pink toy for penetration, sliding it inside her pink pretty hole and again we see how wet she becomes with her natural juices as she enjoys another climax. Heading outdoors for a jog we see her by the lake in her little blue shorts, stretching out and then feeding some geese and fish with a piece of bread. Back in the house - and without panties - she goes for a ride on the back of the couch while holding a toy, sucking it for her oral fixation and then fucking it, sliding it in and out while using a magic wand vibrator at the same time for another orgasm. After a little stroll outdoors along the sidewalk we see her bottomless on an outdoor stairway at the house, using a very long toy for oral pleasure and then penetration...taking it as deep as possible to enjoy being filled, and bringing herself to one last orgasm to finish off her day of shooting! It was a cloudy overcast day but Kiara brought the warmth of the sunshine with her, and it's a treat watching this beautiful girl explore herself on FTV.


Jun 10, 2020

85 mins

219 pics

She's an 18 year old babyfaced Latina, and is just starting out in the adult industry so she has an adorably awkward presence in front of the camera! We meet Leda as she introduces herself outdoors while wearing cute little white cutoff shorts and a loose flowing top, but it's a bit breeze and chilly so she heads indoors and shows off her oral sex technique using a large suction cup dildo. Next we see her spreading wide, using the toy to penetrate herself and then introducing a magic wand type vibrator to bring herself to orgasm! A dancing scene is next as she slips out of a striped dress and wow, that teen body looks great in motion! After a little jogging and stretching outdoors in her workout gear we get a close up view of some fingering, and then her fingers are replaced with a vibrator which she uses to fuck herself to another climax - and we note how wet she's gotten down there! Changing into a blue dress and high heels she relaxes on a couch for a leisurely breast massage, playing with her nipples and enjoying her teen body...and then she fucks herself with another toy before using the powerful vintage Vibraking toy until she has another strong moaning orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. After a brief rest it's time to push her limits a bit and we watch her on the couch fisting herself, enjoying the full sensation in her hole and using the magic wand for yet another climax before bidding us goodbye...a lovely and very sexual teen enjoying her first ventures into the adult world right here on FTV!

Angel II

Jun 6, 2020

52 mins

451 pics

On her second day of her first time adventure, she starts the morning with a sporty outfit (showing off those big breasts and firm butt of course) and visits a grocery store to get some cucumbers and corn. Seeing the big pair bouncing around when the top comes off, super erotic! Fucking herself hard with the cucumber at a park, she gets naked and penetrates herself in various sexy positions! Back home, she pounds herself even harder with the Big Blue Vibrator, till she squirts three times! Then she fucks herself with the corn on the cob, going as deep as she can! Dressed up sexy in a red dress and hot heels, she parades around a fancy car, giving us upskirt and downblouse shots, then warms up with several fingers (and playing/pulling on her long labia), until she's fisting herself right there on location! Fisting hard and deep, she stretches herself out to accomodate her whole hand... Wearing a cute pink lingerie set, she then gives her breasts a nice hard massage, squishing them and letting us breasts lovers enjoy every angle. Then experimenting with anal some more, she fingers herself, spreads be buttcheeks, then uses a glass toy to fuck her butt! First time ever doing such a thing... Then with a butt plug inside, she fucks herself again with the Big Blue vibrator to more squirting orgasms! To end the day, she gets naked in a water fountain to cool herself off... Enjoy this superfun busty teen, she's another great addition to FTV!


Jun 2, 2020

66 mins

395 pics

She's recently turned 18, and has never done any adult before, but really wants to get into adult! She's gorgeous, fun, and has a pair of huge naturals that just want to be played with! Her first time shoot begins with an introduction at a sassy mall, where we see her in a sexy blue dress and heels, notice how easily her cleavage pops out of that low cut dress! We get upskirt and downblouse teases as she talks a little about her background and sex life. She then fingers herself right there, and spreads her long labia for us to enjoy! Those big breasts are exposed, and wow do they look good! She then finds a spot near a water fountain and starts fucking herself with a pink dildo, pounding hard and ending up squirting several times, getting her dress wet! She then dances to some music at a restaurant, as we enjoy her breasts jiggling, then see her in sexy lingerie as she does sensual posing for us. After a really hot dance (watch those breasts bounce!) she gets completely naked for more masturbation. Then with the Big Blue Vibrator, she fucks herself hard again to another strong squirting orgasm, squirting everywhere, and pounding herself deep! We then get extreme closeups of her privates, first with her clit, then some long labia spreading, and deep fingering her butt as well. Going suddenly extreme, she attempts to fist herself... successfully, and ends up deep fisting herself hard, pounding in and out in an amazing fisting scene! She really seems to enjoy the hard, almost 'fist punch' she does to herself. She also gapes for us, so we can see deep inside! Back out at a park, she's wearing loose fitting clothes, which eventually come off so she can do naked cartwheels, backbends, and just run about naked! Then using a clitoral vibrator, she has one last orgasm, with strong visible orgasmic contractions! Enjoy that beautiful teen figure, and enjoy her fingering to the sunset. More to come of this first timer!


May 27, 2020

56 mins

218 pics

We meet super cute brunette Selena on a sunny day as she walks around in a tight little yellow dress, and we note her nipples poking the fabric of her clothing...she's a bit shy and a little awkward as she's just starting out in the adult industry, but she's excited to work on her modeling skills! Back at the house we see her lowering the top of her dress, letting those perky teen breasts out for a massage...and wow, those nipples are erect and stand out like eraser heads. Grabbing a large dildo she starts demonstrating her oral skills, and we see her sucking and slurping on the toy before she lays back on the deck and spreads her legs, penetrating her pink hole with it. She also incorporates a vibrator, and the double pleasure has her moaning and getting all creamy until she cums, and has a big squirting orgasm! She follows it up with even more, just using her fingers and the vibrator until she squirts on the deck again. After a few closeup views of her vagina she needs to relieve herself and gives us a peeing session over in the corner, and then heads inside to change into a sparkly pink dress. We see her slip out of it to relax nude on the couch, using oil on her hands to give herself a hard breast massage and then spreading to rub oil onto her privates with her fingertips as well. She wants a real challenge and we next see her reaching for the massive FTV Titan toy, which she lowers herself onto taking as much as possible in her hole...and it feels so good she's soon fucking herself to another squirting orgasm with it while buzzing her clit with a magic wand vibrator! Next is a little dancing fun as she puts on a song she enjoys and dances around wearing just her skimpy red thong panties, before getting kinky with a thick cucumber which she uses to fuck herself some more...and you guessed it, she has yet another strong squirting orgasm from the play! It's a busy day of masturbation fun with squirts galore and Selene is certainly going to be a force to be reckoned with in the adult world, so it's a treat to see her first steps in the industry right here on FTV!


May 22, 2020

76 mins

275 pics

It's an amazingly rainy day when we meet up with lovely brunette Lily, but the wet weather doesn't seem to have dampened her spirits one bit! She's excited to shoot and introduces herself, showing off a cute dress and giving some intimate looks at her pert and perky breasts as she rubs them. Heading indoors it's time for a little kinky play as she inserts a thick yellow squash - a first time experience for Lily! - and it fills her up as she slides it slowly into her vagina...and then another one joins it for double veggie penetration! Keeping one of the squashes deep inside her hole she reaches for the powerful vintage Vibraking toy, which is a bit too much at first but gradually she gets used to it, ending up with a nice strong orgasm. Continuing the vibration play, we see her using her own pink magic wand type toy - we note the squash is still inside! - and she masturbates to another climax before finally pulling the squash out...and we note how tight her pink hole grips it. Next it's time for a little fun in the rain as she puts on just a tank top and goes out onto the deck overlooking the valley, rubbing lotion into her skin and luxuriating, then taking a long handled dildo in her mouth for some oral simulation as the raindrops drench her. It's quite wet outside but it's not stopping this girl, and we watch as she fucks herself with the toy - we note how creamy her privates have become - before heading back inside to dry off and do a little sexy dancing in just her panties...and then a relieving pee outdoors! Next up it's time to slip into the tub and she enjoys a luxurious soak with the showerhead, spraying herself down and then touching herself with her fingertips as she sits dripping wet...and then the magic wand vibrator finishes the job as she masturbates to orgasm again! She finishes off the day of shooting with one more round of pleasure using the Vibraking toy, and we leave this beautiful girl as she gives us an intimate close up look at her wet, sensitive privates...what a day of shooting for FTV!

Blake II

May 17, 2020

103 mins

465 pics

It's time to meet up again with gorgeous blonde Blake and her busty 32DD naturals...we see her in a tight little pink dress and black high heels, and soon we see her crawling across a white couch like a cat, arching her back and rubbing up against the cushions. Getting her hands on a toy we watch as she demonstrates her oral technique, licking the dildo up and down and sucking it like she's giving a blowjob, and the allure of those seductive eyes is irresistable! She gets naked - although still wearing heels - and begins using two toys at once, one for penetration and a magic wand for vibration until she has a nice strong orgasm...followed by a cooldown of some topless video game drumming! Heading outdoors to a rocky hillside we get to know her a little better before she heads to the swimming pool in a bikini, which quickly slides off so she can do a little exploring of her body with her own fingertips in the shallow water. We're treated to some close-up spreads as she relaxes on a patio chair, leisurely sliding her fingers in and out as she continues a personal interview. A toy is needed, however, so she reaches for one with a clit stimulation extension - which can also be used for anal pleasure- and fucks herself with it, getting more and more turned on and climaxing again! Heading outside again we see her on a swing, getting twirled around topless faster and faster for a little dizzying fun before going in to meet the photographer's pet bunny and dog...and after that we're treated to a foot fetish show as she lotions up her legs and her cute feet and massages them as well as, of course, those big perfect breasts! All the attention has her turned on again and soon she's using a magic wand for more masturbation, bringing herself to another beautiful powerful orgasm. After a quick stop at a local mall to do some hula hooping we see her hopping into the shower, getting all lathered up with soap all over as the water coursed over her skin...and of course taking the opportunity for some more fingering and rubbing herself as well as inserting a toy for more orgasmic pleasure! To finish off the day we see her working out a little at a golf course in her tight exercise gear, doing some yoga stretches while a group of golfers play nearby. She bids us goodbye after a few gymnastics, and it's a pleasure to see this beautiful, charismatic, and incredibly sexual girl taking her first steps into the adult world right here on FTV!


May 13, 2020

92 mins

379 pics

She's a gorgeous, blue-eyed blonde, with that perfect smile and a personality that you'll fall in love with... But its her amazing assets that will make you want to watch every inch of her! She has the perfect big D naturals, and we get to enjoy them throughout the shoot! We first see her poolside in a seethrough top, as she makes it wet and massages her full, firm breasts, then takes everything off letting us enjoy that sensual figure. Spreading herself, she masturbates on the countertop, a first time using a vibrator like this, bringing her to a strong orgasm! We then see her in a gorgeous orange dress and heels, parading around a resort giving us upskirt and downblouse teases. Back home, we watch her play with her pretty privates and finger herself... She does love pink! And so she puts on some sporty gear, runs around letting her big breasts bounce, does some stretching and some great teaser views of her firm butt. Finding a long dildo, she gives it a blowjob and titty fuck, then penetrates herself with her very first experience with a dildo... As the sun starts to set, she does more teasing in a bikini, oiling herself up and doing another breast massage -- then masturbating with another vibrator to an orgasm finale. This shoot is just the warm-up, she had never shot any adult before, learning to model and masturbate on camera -- there's a lot more of her to come in part 2!


May 8, 2020

70 mins

398 pics

The day was a little overcast but stunningly lovely Winter was outside in her bikini trying to get a little tanning done here in Florida when we meet up with her! She's relaxing on a patio chair and gives us a peek at her pert b-cup breasts, just the right size for her to squeeze with a smile. We watch her slip out of her swimsuit and into the pool to take a dip but she gets a bit chilly, climbing out and exploring a nearby boat...and fingering her tight pink hole right there! After climbing around on the boat we see her on an outdoor cushion, spreading her legs and using a pink vibrating toy to drive her clit wild but gets a little too loud with the pleasure so she goes indoors to continue the fun on the couch. Her inhibitions dropped, we see her having an intense masturbation session with the toy and adding some penetration play with a couple of dildos afterwards. Heading outside into the sunshine to relieve herself we see a quick pee session into the pool, then a little later another peeing session in a parking garage stairwell! She wants to head to the beach but first we see her having some fun in the public parking lot, slipping out of her dress to run around totally naked, enjoying the daring experience. Heading out in the car to get to the beach we have a nice upskirt view as she rubs herself...then arriving to a public restaurant near the shore we see some more naughty upskirt flashes! It was a windy day out on the sand but it didn't dissuade her from taking off her red dress and running around nude on the sand, finding a jellyfish at the water's edge - she even names it! - and splashing around in the chilly ocean. Afterwards back in her red dress we see another peeing session (!) and then a last flash as the sun sets...a supercute blonde with an adventurous spirit and a fun easygoing personality, showing it all off here on FTV!


May 3, 2020

55 mins

267 pics

The gates open and we're treated to our first view of beautiful brunette Kamryn in a sexy slinky black dress that clings to her slender form as she introduces herself. Heading inside we watch that dress come off as she dances to her music and strips down nude, and wow that body looks incredible! She shakes her tight butt as the song winds down and then sits at the piano - still totally naked - to show some of her skills although it's been awhile since she's practiced. Next is a cream massage of those firm yet bouncy 34C breasts and we note how erect her nipples get from the attention...her arousal is evident and soon she reaches for a magic wand style vibrator, penetrating and fucking herself with a glass toy at the same time and bringing herself to a strong moaning orgasm with squirting! Afterwards we see her and the photographer at a carnival, playing some sideshow games for prizes and then going up in the ferris wheel - with a toy! We watch as she spreads her legs and pulls her panties aside, getting in some naughty fun while up in the air in the ride. Back at the house we see her outdoors on a swing, spreading with no panties as she uses a pink vibrating toy for another nice orgasm. After a quick pee session by the pool, she's relaxing by the water in her bikini and riding on top of a suction cup toy and sucking it like she's giving a blowjob! One more penetration was next up in her high heels with a rabbit type toy but the neighbors had their music turned up and by the time she headed inside it was almost time to leave, so that was cut a little short...but we're treated to a full day of fun as this beauty explores her body right here on FTV!


Apr 27, 2020

99 mins

253 pics

The first glimpse we get of stunning teen Natalie is as she gives her car a wash at a gas station, hosing it down and using the opportunity to show that amazing teen form in her tight white shorts and red haltertop, and we note how naturally sexy and charming her personality is as well. Afterwards we see her heading to a junk shop, exploring and searching among the scrap for some treasures and even climbing on top of an old car flashing her pert firm breasts and that super cute tight butt as well as her privates, spreading her legs wide open and rubbing herself with her fingertips. Back at the house we see her with a suction cup toy, climbing on top and riding it and then lifting up a leg to slide the toy deep inside while using a magic wand vibrator on her clitoris at the same time to bring herself to orgasm. Out in the backyard swimming pool in her bikini we see her spreading and splashing in the water, touching herself with her fingers and revealing those firm teen boobs again as she sprays herself down with the hose before stuffing her bikini bottoms inside her vagina for kinky naughty fun! Some close up spreads follow so she can show her flower-like lips and penetrate herself with a glass toy, then a sexy striptease on the couch showing her flirty pink panties and bra as she caresses her desirable form. Desiring more penetration she uses a thick glass toy to fuck herself, then her fingertips to gape as she tugged her long labia before using the magic wand for another strong climax. After a food break we see footage of her trying on some of the outfits she brought, and we enjoy one last look at that super cute teen form before she bids us farewell, a stunning and super sensual 19 year old with a body to remember!


Apr 23, 2020

71 mins

346 pics

Meet lovely teen Kylie Rocket, who came to meet up with the FTV Girls guest photographer in her home state of Florida! Our introduction to this energetic teen is in the living room as she dances to her music wearing denim shorts, and as she strips while she dances we're treated to our first view of that spectacular form of hers. After dancing she is in the mood for some fun so we see her spreading on the couch, using her fingertips to spread her pink lips open and reveal that tight teen vagina! She desires some vibration so she uses her yellow toy against her clitoris, masturbating to her first orgasm of the day and we note how visibly wet she becomes down there. Next she heads to the bedroom for more fun with toys, using one glass toy to fuck herself and a vibrator on her clit at the same time...and then inserting both for double penetration pleasure! Heading outdoors we get an upskirt look at her privates as she fingers herself during a car drive towards the ocean, and after a lunch break she goes for a walk and enjoys giving some risky peeks at her body as she flashes and sits with her legs open in public, even heading into a public parking garage and walking around totally nude and enjoying a pee session in the stairwell. To enjoy the beautiful blue skies and sunshine she heads to a park and has more naughty fun, getting naked and showing her cheerleader moves and gymnastics before climbing a tree and touching herself with her fingers - all in full view of any boats or passersby! At the beach we see her playing in the sand in the nude, doing more cartwheels and running around at the water's edge as well as dancing and twerking in a bikini before she bids us goodbye - and then showers up back at the house for one last look at that super sexy teen body here on FTV!


Apr 18, 2020

68 mins

214 pics

We meet stunning angelic and innocent-looking Lily as she relaxes on an outdoor chair, and we immediately note how soft-spoken and open and charismatic she is. She's just recently moved to LA (with her cats) and is exploring the West, and is excited to see what the big city has to offer! After a brief introduction (and a little playtime with the dog) we see her on the couch spreading her legs, slipping off her cute panties and masturbating with a magic wand type toy...and then adding a dildo to the mix for both penetration and vibration pleasure! We note the wet sounds as she gets more and more turned on by her play, bringing herself to the first orgasm of the day. Next, at the top of the stairs, we watch her enjoy more stimulation first using her fingertips and then the powerful vintage Vibraking toy for another nice climax! Afterwards we see a sexy dance after she changes into a red top and matching skirt wtih white high heels, then stripping nude and getting kinky with a cucumber which she slides inside. Heading outdoors in the sunshine in her stretchy pink shorts we watch her stretching and showing her flexibility, doing cartwheels in the grass like a cheerleader before heading back to the house and showing her oral sex technique on a suction cup dildo. After sucking on it for a bit we watch from close up as she inserts it, sliding it into her hole and spreading her legs to enjoy full penetration depth! Lily is a gorgeous slender girl with an amazing body, and it's a pleasure seeing it in action here on FTV.


Apr 13, 2020

75 mins

556 pics

Beautiful slender blonde nymphomaniac Kristy meets us in the car after she gets off her long flight to Florida, and it only takes a minute or two before her panties are sliding off and she's fingering her hole, rubbing her privates with her fingertips to finish herself off after being interrupted mid-masturbation during her flight. At a department store we're treated to a changing-room self shot video as we see her trying on a few things, including a pink bodysuit which she ended up buying. Back at the house in her yellow dress and chunky heels we watch as she dances to her music, and we note how tight and lean her body is - she only weighs in at 80 lbs! - as she moves. After dancing and stripping nude she sits on the red couch and reaches for some toys, penetrating herself with dildos getting larger and larger until she's reached her stretching limit. In the bedroom we see her in the bodysuit she had purchased earlier in the day, then it comes off and she sits on the bed to play with her vibrating toy...starting with her cute nipples we see how erect they become from the attention, then she fucks herself with the toy before doing some fun spreads and showing her vagina close up. Next we see her venturing outdoors in her black bikini to hang out by the swimming pool, despite the overcast weather...she masturbates with a waterproof toy for a bit, then relaxes on a patio chair spreading her legs and grabbing a long zucchini to penetrate herself with! We see her fucking herself with the veggie for a little penetration pleasure, then tossing it into the pool when she's done before relieving herself in the grass with a little pee session. After riding around the neighborhood a little on an electric scooter - taking every opportunity to pull her dress up and flash her privates! - she has a bit of lunch and then gets naked in an elevator and in a public parking garage, peeing in the stairwell before lowering her dress and scampering around for a risky nude run. As the day cleared up we see her heading out on an adventure in a public park, getting naked on a park bench and spreading her legs to touch and tease herself! She arrives at the beach just at the 'golden hour' before sunset, slipping off her bikini and shamelessly running around naked through the waves and rolling on the sand having a blast before rinsing the sand off her body at the outdoor shower. This super cute, flirty, nympho exhibitionist was ready for adventure and she definitely got it today on FTV, and she's ready to let us all share in the fun!


Apr 8, 2020

67 mins

273 pics

When we first meet beautiful little 19 year old Megan it's at an outdoor parking lot and as she walks up we immediately note how fit and trim her body is...she obviously loves doing squats to keep her butt in great shape! After a brief introduction we see her back at the house, doing a striptease dance to her music and again we note that incredible tight fit butt that she shakes around and then lotions up, giving herself a bit of a butt massage. Next we see her in the kitchen on top of a counter, spreading her legs and using a magic wand vibrator to bring herself to a nice strong orgasm, then penetrating herself with a glass toy...and then both at once! Next we see her spreading on the stairway and trying out a truly enormous toy, which she's barely able to slide into her tight hole...but she manages to get some inside, enjoying the full sensation! Heading outdoors, we watch as she lounges on a deck chair in a one-piece swimsuit, sliding her hands over her body with lotion and massaging her perky petite boobies before lotioning and rubbing her vagina as we zoom in close. Afterwards she needs to relieve herself so we're treated to a quick peeing session in the sit-down shower...then it's time to clean up as she luxuriates and lathers her body up, and again we see how erect her small nipples get from all the sensation...especially when she reaches for her glass toy and fucks her soapy hole! After a lunch break we see her exercising outdoors in her stretchy pink workout gear, shaking her cute behind and then going back inside to pull her yoga shorts aside and fuck her hole with yet another toy, a white vibrating dildo which fills her up nicely as she has one last orgasm to finish the day. Megan is a beautiful fit teen with a tight desirable form, and we're given a nice personal tour of every inch of it today here on FTV Girls ;)


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