Oct 28, 2020

78 mins

266 pics

The beautiful little spinner Arya is back on FTV! You might recognize her from a couple of years ago when she went by the name Seleste at 18 years old, and now she's back and is looking hotter than ever. We first see her in a tight white top - we note her nipples trying to push through the thin fabric - and then are treated to some upskirt peeks as she pulls her panties aside! Escaping from the heat we next see her indoors by the piano, dancing to her music and stripping out of her clothes until she's dancing completely nude. Crawling up cat-like onto a cushioned chair we see her sliding a large glass toy inside, fucking herself with the dildo - note the wet sounds from inside - and then using a vibrator to bring herself to her first orgasm of the day...we see this action from two different angles here. Next is a short interview after she changes into a sexy sheer top and panties, talking about some of her early sexual experiences and then being handed a long zucchini to play with! She rubs the veggie against her clitoris, and then slides it deep inside enjoying the kinky penetration (we get some great close-up views of this), fucking herself with it and using a vibrator at the same time for another strong orgasm. Next is a little fun outside to stay active as we see her playing a little tennis...topless! We see her fingering herself on the outdoor stairway next to the tennis court next, and then a strong peeing session to relieve herself before changing into her bikini bottoms and going for a refreshing dip. We see her lounging in the shallow water, taking off her bottoms and using her fingers to rub herself for one last moment of pleasure before leaving us again...a fun and sensual return of a stunning super sexual girl to FTV!


Oct 21, 2020

104 mins

532 pics

This eighteen year old fresh-faced teen is doing adult for the first time in her life, but isn't too shy about showing off her figure and masturbating on camera! We first meet her at a popular tourist destination, wearing a skimpy top, miniskirt and heels, giving us upskirt and downblouse teasers. She ends up fingering herself and masturbating right there! Back home, she uses her fingers to masturbate to a nice, natural orgasm, the way she does it in her personal life. We see her show off her prominent clit up close, playing with her labia, and spreading & gaping her vagina. Her vagina is super tight, but its also quite deep! She takes the Big Ten Toy and manages to push 9 inches deep to her belly button! Fucking herself with it, we get to enjoy how she takes that big toy in her little vagina. In a cute summer dress and wedges, we continue to follow her on location, enjoying that fun personality and the peeks she gives us. She finds a bench to masturbate on, using a blue vibrator until she has a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Then she penetrates herself with it, riding it on the bench and going doggy style, then pulling it out and notice her juices flow! She runs around naked, does naked backbends, cools down in the pool, then experiments anally with her fingers along with pushing four fingers vaginally. On the next morning, we see her in another cute miniskirt and skimpy top, which can be quite revealing and seethrough! She ends up fucking her makeup tool, then going outside to show off her figure on location and masturbate with a dildo right there! Back home, she gives the dildo a blowjob and can deepthroat all 7 inches! She rides it on the counter... Later, she gives us a comprehensive foot fetish scene, showing off her pretty feet and sucking on her toes. We also enjoy her breasts being massaged, and her nipples played with. Then playing eggplants, she fucks herself with them and even double penetrates herself! Going double on vibrators too, she has a super strong orgasm using two of them, then an even stronger one when both are inserted into her vagina! Notice how her vagina pulsates on orgasm with the extreme stimulation! Enjoy this beautiful, crystal-blue eyed teen, she's another fun and charismatic addition to FTV :)


Oct 16, 2020

114 mins

307 pics

Beautiful Latina girl Callie meets up with us outside a mall on a windy day and soon she's driving around with her perky boobs out for anyone to see! Heading indoors to get out of the heat we see her masturbating, penetrating herself with a glass toy and using a powerful little vibrator on her clitoris at the same time to bring herself to a strong orgasm! Going out into the shady yard we see her fucking herself with a large undulating and vibrating toy for both penetration and vibration, taking herself to another nice climax...and then some closeups where we note how wet she became! Next is a little pool as she knocks the balls around a bit, then we see her up on the billiards table spreading her legs and using her fingertips to touch herself...and then fucking herself with the handle of the cue stick! She plays with several different toys, practicing her oral technique on a dildo and then using the powerful vintage Vibraking toy which brings her to a shuddering orgasm! As sunset nears we see her outdoors on the patio, riding a bright pink toy before heading inside to play a little piano and massage some lotion into her pert petite breasts. She finishes things off with a shower, getting all lathered up and luxuriating in the water and enjoying a relaxing and sensual end to her day of shooting...a gorgeous girl with a tight fit petite form, excited to share it with us here on FTV!


Oct 9, 2020

76 mins

507 pics

She's a fitness enthusiast, who loves working out at the gym, and it shows! Never shot adult before, she wants to experience porn, and is very proud of her figure. Those full perfect D cup naturals are incredible to see busting out of her top, and especially hot seeing them played with! We first see her at a popular gym, doing arm and back workouts, then the top comes off... we watch her run, do acrobatics, stretching, squats and everything else in the nude! She does sexy stripteases and figure dances for us, then goes to the yoga room to masturbate to orgasm, with strong vaginal contractions! Her confidence shows how sexual she is and comfy with her body in the nude. Back home, she penetrates herself with a pink vibrator, and has another strong orgasm. We get extreme closeups of her private parts, then see her play with a glass toy anally! Of course, we need to enjoy those big firm naturals some more, so she gives us a hard breast massage scene with oil, squeezing and playing with them from every angle. They jiggle so nicely! On the next morning, we see her at a resort, wearing a sexy form fitting outfit with heels, teasing us and eventually masturbating right on the spot! She ends up with another strong orgasm! It seems that real orgasms come so easy for her... even in public places. Cooling down in a water structure, she gets herself wet and shows off her sexy butt some more. Out at a lunch break, we enjoy her teasing her cleavage, and ends up going to a grocery store to get a zucchini and fuck herself with it! Another very sexy dress & heels, she visits another resort area, and ends up masturbating on the couch to one last strong orgasm right there out in the open! Busty fans, enjoy, she's a lot of fun to watch, full of energy, and another great addition to FTV!


Oct 2, 2020

119 mins

651 pics

Blake is back! The beautiful busty blonde got to work with not one but two photographers for this update, part 3 of her shooting...and we just keep getting blown away by her beauty and fun attitude. She starts out in a tight sexy dress that makes it easy to let those big breasts out for some bouncy shaky fun, then slips completely out of it to relax in the nude outdoors and show off that flawless form, giving herself a hard breast massage. Back indoors in a birthday lingerie outfit we see her dancing to her music, stripping down and bending over on the kitchen countertop! Soon she's turning herself into a sweet treat, rubbing icing on her nipples and licking it off her fingertips...and then digging into a gift bag to find some fun new toys. She wants to play with a pink vibrator and uses it on her clit while riding on top of a pink suction cup dildo stuck on the counter, bringing herself to her first orgasm of the day, with a mini-squirt! Heading back outdoors, we see her in a white top that gives a sexy underboob look at her chest, and she enjoys teasing under an overpass before going indoors and grabbing some toys on the stairs to enjoy a little anal play...and a vibrator on her clitoris plus another toy in her butt brings her to another strong pleasurable orgasm...with multiple big squirts as well! Next we see her being introduced to a truly massive toy, the FTV Titan! She tries some oral on it, fitting as much into her mouth as she can manage before spreading her legs and trying it out in her vagina...and she manages to fit some of that huge toy inside, fucking herself with it impressively deep and using a vibrator alongside for more huge squirting orgasms! Next up is a little drive around town with those big breasts hanging out of her shirt...and then some teasing at a nearby sassy mall as she goes shopping for shoes and clothes. Back at the house she goes for a quick dip in the pool but the cold water forces her out immediately, after which she heads inside for some fun footage of those perfect incredible boobs! The shoot finishes off with Blake taking a dip in Lia's pool while it's much warmer outside, and we see her luxuriating in the refreshing water as she takes off her bikini and splashes water all over herself. She wants a little wet penetration so we see her grabbing a yellow toy, sliding it deep inside and enjoying the sensations as it brings her to one more orgasm with a mini squirt and then one last angle of her pee session! It's a great collection of footage of this beautiful blonde, and a great opportunity to enjoy that incredible flawless body of hers once again here on FTV.


Sep 26, 2020

48 mins

387 pics

She's a supercute petite blonde teen, an ex-cheerleader with a superfit figure and big pretty blue eyes... and she's exclusive to FTV! Friends with Scarlett, we see her introduced by her BFF as they get rowdy at the airport and Serena shows off her sexy figure. Later that night, she gets naked and tries on a few different clothes to show us what she's interested in shooting with the next day. On the morning, we see her in a cute white dress and heels, and wow is she sexy! No panties or bra, she parades around flashing her sexy assets. We get a lot of teases between her legs, and she eventually gets completely naked so we can see her desirable figure out in the open! She then does a little pee session... Later in the day, she's wearing a sporty outfit, with shorts that really show off her perfect bubble butt, as she does acrobatics and teasers at the park. Back home, she gives us extreme closeups of her privates and her clit, as well as a cute dance to music. We see her interact with Scarlett, as they do get wild when around each other (friends since they were middle school). We also see Serena go to the gym, and do all sorts of acrobatics, squats, runs, workouts and teasers of course! Gorgeous, sexy, and that kind of 19 year old we all desire, she's another bright addition to FTV!


Sep 21, 2020

149 mins

391 pics

Beautiful tall, lean braces-wearing Tristan has just finished high school and we're excited to welcome her aboard here on FTV! We meet her in a frilly blue dress indoors showing her dance moves and flexibility, and wow! Immediately we note how graceful and beautiful this teen is, especially as she arches backwards and lets her dress float up to reveal her shapely form beneath...and then stripping completely nude to continue the dance, with those perfect large firm breasts bouncing! After the music is over we see her admiring herself in the mirror - and who can blame her for it, especially when she starts caressing those incredible breasts! Setting up a suction cup toy on the ground we see that flexibility in action as she lowers herself on top of it while doing the splits, those long slender legs stretched out for miles! Heading outdoors we see her in a sexy little black bikini in the pool and that lithe teen form looks incredible dripping wet...especially when she pulls her top down and gives herself a nice oil massage, which she continues on the patio to get out of the heat. Soon she's fingering her hole, sliding her fingertips in and out and then using a big plastic toy for deep penetration. Laying back on some pool toys we see her using a yellow vibrating toy to fuck herself, enjoying a slow luxurious masturbation session ending in a nice natural orgasm! Next we see her trying out the powerful vintage Vibraking toy, resting one foot on the chair to get full access to her sensitive clitoris...and masturbating to a pee-like squirting climax! Outside on the grass with her boobs out we see her stretching against a tree, then changing in the car - which was interrupted when the car's rear window smashed into pieces from the intense heat of AZ! After changing into a tight purple dress and heels Tristan does a little glamorous modeling, sliding her hands up and down those long legs enjoying their sleek smoothness before rubbing her privates with her fingertips and squeezing her breasts with her other hand. Back indoors by the piano we see her still in blue showing her blowjob techniques, using her mouth and hands with a big pink toy. Another masturbation session is next, this time with a magic wand vibrator bringing her to a nice strong orgasm. Outdoors again as dusk falls we see her completely nude under a waterfall, enjoying the water cascading over her incredible body...and then diving into the pool below for a refreshing swim! We finish off the evening with some underwater footage as she swims around, a fun farewell to this amazingly sexy and beautiful teen newbie here on FTV!

Angel III

Sep 13, 2020

79 mins

491 pics

This supercute, perfect-figured busty teen is back, and she's even more sexualized than her last visit! We first start the shoot right as she's arrived, wearing casual clothes, flashing those big breasts and showing off her firm butt! She then goes to a grocery store to get a big eggplant.. and show off her sexy figure some more. After an interview, she explains her reasons for coming back for more, then shows off some of the new clothes she's brought with her and tries them on for us. Picking a sexy white seethrough crop top and short shorts, she looks incredibly leggy and sexy in those white heels. Parading around a park, we see those amazing breasts jiggle about as she does some cartwheels and acrobatics, and what hides between her legs! Getting naked and comfy, she uses the eggplant to fuck herself hard and deep, and even minisquirts with it! Then with her favorite vibrating dildo, the big and 'thick' big blue toy, she pounds herself hard a gives herself several strong squirting orgasms! We then see her gape and spread her wet vagina, and move on to some foot fetish, kissing her feet and licking them. She has some really cute feet! Then comes a hard breast massage, as we get to enjoy that big pair get squeezed as hard as possible. The cutie then does a very erotic dance to music, so we can see those amazing curves in action... Back to more masturbating, she uses a clitoral vibrator to have a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, then show off her clit and play with her long labia. Then looking sexier than ever, she wears a long flowing red dress and heels, with lots of cleavage, visiting a sassy mall... She rubs and fingers herself, tasting away, then goes home for more squirting orgasms! All wet and ready for extreme, she does a hard fisting session, notice the juicy sounds! To finish off, she fingers herself anally, then does an anal toy deep, doing a hard pounding of her butt. An amazing return, we hope you enjoyed more of this super sexy Angel :)


Sep 8, 2020

95 mins

326 pics

Naturally the first thing you'll probably notice about Cecilia is her HAIR! She's got amazing big bouncy hair that looks gorgeous on her, and her smile definitely lights up the room as we meet her in front of a piano here today on FTV. She's not exactly Bach on the piano but she has some fun and then puts a suction cup dildo on top to show her real talents! We see her demonstrating her blowjob technique, then moves the toy to the bench so she can climb on top for a nice ride...and then, getting a magic wand vibrator included into the action, we see her riding the toy and buzzing her clit until she has a nice strong orgasm - and we note her milky juices flowing after. Next we see her dancing in her cute little blue thong panties, shaking that tight and very fit butt to the rhythm before heading outside with a snack of fruit...and soon she's showing her love of healthy eating as she slides a big thick yellow squash inside her vagina, fucking herself with the veggie for kinky fun! After a little chat with the photographer about her early sexual experiences we see this beauty head outdoors to a park, stretching her long dark legs against a tree and then showing some of her old cheerleader moves. Back at the house it's time to show that flexbility off as she spreads her legs, grabbing a large toy and fucking herself doggystyle to another orgasm! After changing into lacy blue lingerie and posing in the sunshine, we see Cecilia spreading her legs and using a long dildo for pure penetration play, going amazingly deep inside her hairy hole...and then using the powerful vintage Vibraking toy as well to reach climax again. One more toy finishes off this very sexy day of shooting before Cecilia bids us farewell and runs off, a gorgeous and extremely sexual woman with stunning looks and an amazing body here on FTV!


Sep 3, 2020

92 mins

276 pics

Beautiful 19 year old Asian cutie Lulu returns to FTV, and this time she's shooting with Lia! We saw her previously in Florida and fell in love with that stunning face and sexy spinner body, and we're getting an even better look at Lulu today...we see her starting out changing into her ruffled frilly pink lingerie with thigh high stockings, then she changes into a hot schoolgirl type pleated skirt and little pink tube top, dancing to her music! She strips nude as she dances and wow, that exotic petite form of hers is a joy to watch. Next she admires her own reflection in the mirror, kissing herself and then sitting spread-legged on a chair to fuck herself with a toy, getting her hole all creamed up with her natural juices...and then using a magic wand toy to masturbate to squirting orgasm! Heading outside we see her showing off one of her talents; solving a Rubik's Cube quite quickly...and then another fun hobby, playing video games back indoors for a little break. She looks cute in her knee high socks and little shorts, slipping her hands into her panties to touch herself with her fingertips and then lifting one leg to penetrate herself deep with a vibrating toy to another orgasm! Outdoors by the pond we see her in a plaid skirt - with no panties on, naturally - feeding some fish, making them splash and battle for her crumbs. After a quick peeing session to relieve herself on the patio we see her teasing in that skirt, giving glimpses of her tight pert bottom and sliding her hands all over her body as she undresses...and then licking the end of a long dildo before penetrating herself with it! Sliding the toy in and out of her vagina and using the powerful vintage Vibraking toy at the same time brings her quickly to another squirting orgasm...and another..and yet another! After a lunchbreak we see her in the pink lingerie from earlier, and it looks amazing on her form as she plays with her body...especially when she pulls her panties off and starts fucking herself with a pink vibrator, a very sexy end to a great second shoot with this amazing teen beauty!

Scarlett III

Aug 26, 2020

57 mins

576 pics

Scarlett is back, and she's more gorgeous than ever! That beautiful smile, long legs, perfect big naturals, and long, silky hair that makes her look so feminine. This teen has a cute summer dress on, and she parades around a popular tourist destination showing off her sexy figure, teasing us and even doing the splits with heels on! Then her dress strap suddenly breaks and her breast pops out! She ends up spreading and rubbing herself, then going to a bench to masturbate with her favorite vibrating dildo for a super spraying squirting orgasm! Taking her dress off, she uses a glass toy for more fucking and squirting, then puts the toy in butt to fuck herself anally! Parading around naked, she then uses the Magic Wand toy to a very strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Getting super horny and wanting to fuck, she spreads for us, then experiments with anal beads, first a set of small ones, then a much bigger chain, pushing them all in, and popping them out... all up close in your face! Washing her feet at the pool, we get some foot fetish play, and she ends up sucking her toes as well. Later in the day in cute casual wear, she teases us at a gas station, then does acrobatics and splits at a park, in just her lingerie! She rubs her clit and gets herself all stimulated; then goes home to try the Vibraking Toy for the first time. It brings her to another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, and she gapes her vagina showing how wet she is inside! Playing with glass toys again, she fucks her butt hard and deep, then pushes the toy through her butt to push out her vagina walls! She ends up double penetrating with the toys, then squirting again... As the day comes to an end, we see her in a gorgeous white dress and orange heels, posing around a sassy resort, and realize she is wearing a butt plug the whole time! She then proceeds to fuck herself again, until she has more squirting orgasms! Enjoy this amazing teen, she's everything we want in an FTV girl!


Aug 24, 2020

31 mins

186 pics

We meet lovely dark haired teen first-timer Melody with a dance as she moves to the music in a gray top and white shorts, shaking her body and enjoying the rhythm...and we note she definitely knows how to move her curves! This 18 year old has an amazing pair of 34DD naturals, and they're still growing so we'll just have to see how things turn out! Heading outdoors we see her relaxing on a park bench, then jogging around a concrete culvert with those firm full naturals out...and she enjoys giving them a bouncy jump and a hard breast massage as well! To get out of the sun we see her back at the house next, using a toy to tittyfuck herself and wow, those breasts look incredible with the toy sliding up and down between them. Her tight hole is next and we see her slowly inserting the toy, penetrating herself and then using a magic wand vibrator for powerful sensations to bring herself to orgasm before saying goodbye. It's a short shoot but certainly worth checking out as a semi-bonus update here on FTV!


Aug 17, 2020

92 mins

444 pics

She's a petite ex-cheerleader blessed with the perfect firm C-cup naturals, and she loves to show them off! We first meet her at a resort where she displays her perfect assets, while in a cute crop top, skirt, and wedges. She plays with herself, fingering, then using the Big Glass Ball Toy, before going home and doing a supercute dance to music poolside in a bikini. She then goes naked, and enjoy those full breasts jiggle and bounce! Going kinky, she uses a double-ended dildo to penetrate herself anally, then double-penetrating both holes! Then using large anal beads, she plays with those as well, and finally gaping her butt as far as she can! Wearing sexy black lingerie and heels, she parades around showing off her fit figure, stimulating herself, and eventually using a vibrator to have a sudden squirting orgasm! She then tries the Vibraking Toy for another squirting flow, and strong vaginal contractions. We get extreme closeups of her clit, then she fingers herself with four fingers, warming herself up for some big toys... First its the Big Ten, then the FTV Monster, pushing her limits as she takes these big toys in multiple positions! She then gapes herself as wide as she can, so you can see deep inside her vagina! A sporty girl as she is, we watch her run topless, play with her breasts, and do some teasers... Later in the day, she's wearing a very sexy dress and heels, giving us upskirt views, then using a long eggplant as a dildo! After a quick pee session, she lets us enjoy her breasts some more, massaging them, jiggling them, and showing off her cute nipples. Also a lot of outtake behind the scenes video clips in this shoot. What a figure!


Aug 12, 2020

89 mins

321 pics

Beautiful Cali girl Kiera introduces herself by way of a sensual dance in her red dress next to the piano, lifting it up to tease us with a look at that sexy round butt! She's got amazing curves and loves to show them off, and we next see her in thigh high nylon stockings and a thong as she slides over the back of the couch like a cat...finding a dildo she shows her blowjob technique, sucking the toy off and then spreading her legs to penetrate herself with it as well. We see she enjoys quick shallow thrusts with the toy, and she finds her rhythm with it before switching to a large magic wand toy to bring herself to the first orgasm of the day. Next up is a kinky veggie stuffing session as she fucks herself with a squash, stretching her hole out nicely! Kiera loves driving her jeep and we see her heading around town to a golf course in her pink skirt where she gets a little practice in...and she ends up topless, spreading herself and fucking her hole with the handle of her golf club as a kinky punishment for missing a shot! She even stuffs a golf ball inside herself, then uses her vaginal muscles to push the ball out. Next we see her at a rocky waterfall in her bikini, slipping out of the swimsuit and enjoying the cool refreshing water cascading over her body before hopping into the pool for a little skinny dipping! Showering off afterwards we're treated to a quick peeing session, then she luxuriates in the warm water as she cleans up, sliding her hands all over her body to lather and rinse before reaching for a waterproof vibrator to masturbate to squirting orgasm to finish off the day...a long fun day of shooting for the adventurous and lovely Kiera!

Liz II

Aug 7, 2020

55 mins

412 pics

This superfit 18 year old had her first adult day on the previous update warming up to the camera, now she gets naughty all in FTV style! We first see her in a tiny orange thong and orange heels parading around a resort, teasing us with all her perfect assets. She does a little dance to the ambient music, then proceeds to masturbate with a vibrator on a bench nearby! Back home, she talks about her sex life, gapes very wide for us, and shows off her pretty clit up real close! Then trying out the largest thing she's ever had -- the Big Ten Toy, she gives it a blowjob, then fucks herself with it. It really does push her limits, stretching her out, and tries riding it as deep as it can go on the kitchen counter. Then we get some butt play, as she has her first anal experience -- playing with small anal beads, getting fingered in the butt, and finally using a small dildo to penetrate herself! Relaxing both holes, she gives us some foot fetish play, then tries on some sexy lingerie for us. She then uses the Magic Wand to orgasm, and proceeds to pound herself hard with a dildo, hardest she's ever fucked! Its all about ass worship next, as she wears a sexy short dress and wedges, parading around exposing that perfect butt. She then uses a larger anal bead like a butt plug, and walks around with the balls hanging out of her ass! Notice how tight she is... The shoot ends with her half naked, doing acrobatics at a park, and enjoying the rest of the day in the sun. She's that total girl next door, a bit shy, very cute, and naturally perfectly built because of her figure skating, and a lovely teen addition to FTV.


Aug 4, 2020

21 mins

234 pics

Recently turned 18, she's having her first adult experience with FTV! Total girl next door type, she's a bit shy on camera, but not shy about her figure -- because her body is amazing! Used to do ballet and figure skating, and it shows. From her perfect toned abs, slim waist, and amazing, full firm bubble butt... she does love showing that butt off! Meeting her at a college town area, we see her in a short top and tight butt shorts, her butt cheeks sticking out as she walks about. She shyly talks about herself, teases us her firm round breasts and perky nipples, and even gives us some peeks between her legs. Taking her clothes off, we get to see that amazing figure in the nude, walking about! She is truly a sight to enjoy in the nude. Back home, she masturbates with her fingers, spreading and gaping for us, as well as showing off her cute clit. Then she masturbates with the Magic Wand to orgasm, getting more comfy in front of the camera. Later in the day, she's wearing a cute, short white dress, no panties, and when she bends over you see everything, let alone it being seethrough in bright sunlight. She then undresses to show off her amazing figure once again, getting more confidence on posing in front of the camera. As this was her very first experience and warming up to the camera, its a smaller shoot but the next day its going to be all about getting kinky for FTV!


Jul 29, 2020

71 mins

295 pics

We meet beautiful blonde Lindsey as she takes her shapely, heavy, 36D naturals right out of her red top! She knows her chest looks amazing and enjoys an audience, so she talks about her body development with the photographer. Slipping out of her cute cut-off denim shorts she gives us a nice look at her red thong panties, spreading her legs and pulling the underwear aside to show her pretty privates! Using the powerful magic wand vibrator to stimulate herself she enjoys a leisurely masturbation session, then gets her heartrate working even more as she gets into a dancing scene, shaking her curves to the music. Heading to the living room couch in a cute pink top that shows her shapely breasts quite clearly, we see her taking a long zucchini and holding it between her boobs, sliding it up and down and tittyfucking herself with it! Next she demonstrates a little oral on the veggie before slowly inserting it, fucking herself with the vegetable for kinky penetration play. Heading outdoors afterwards, we see her skating around on her longboard in cute little pink shorts and another tight top, with her breasts bouncing as she rides...especially when she starts rolling around topless! Finding a quiet grassy area she sits on her skateboard, slipping off her shorts and using a vibrating toy for naughty outdoor pleasure! Afterwards she relieves herself in the grass with a quick peeing session, then we see her heading under a roof for a little more shade and privacy as she gives herself a hard breast massage. The play continues with a long glass toy penetration with water flowing nearby, and then the magic wand returns for an orgasmic finale! Lindsey is a super cute blonde and those incredible big naturals of hers have got to be seen to be believed...but you'll certainly get an eyeful here on FTV!


Jul 24, 2020

76 mins

288 pics

We're introduced to stunning, slender, petite beauty Hime as she walks up in a bright red dress, showing off that incredible fit toned and tanned body...we immediately see that she definitely knows how to look good on camera! We see those cute little nipples as she touches them with her fingertips, talking about how sensitive they are and how she likes to have them pleasured. Heading indoors we see her with a large suction cup dildo on the floor, showing off her oral skills as she sucks the toy and then climbs on top, riding it reverse and giving us our first look at that perfect sexy butt! She loves vibration play and what better way to experience it than by reaching for the ultra-powerful vintage Vibraking toy! It quickly brings her to orgasm as she holds it against her sensitive clitoris, then she spreads her labia open with her fingertips. After an outfit change we see her in sexy shiny black vinyl shorts and a croptop, dancing to her music in front of the mirror and admiring her own reflection...and then heading to the lounging couch she slips out of the shorts, keeping her high heel shoes on as she poses sensually. It's an intimate and flirty scene as she luxuriates on the cushion, stretching those toned legs in the air as she rubs her privates with her fingertips and then uses a magic wand vibrator to eye-rolling orgasm with visible contractions! Outdoors in her skimpy orange bikini next we see her splashing in the shallows of the pool, chatting with the photographer about herself as she rubs oil onto her breasts to make them sleek and shiny in the sun...and then she shows off her blowjob skills again with a toy! Changing into her workout gear we see her at the park, jogging around and chasing the geese as well as exercising to enjoy the sunshine in the great outdoors. She wants more privacy to masturbate so we see her back at the house, stretching out and wow that butt of hers is extraordinary. She strips out of her clothing and enjoys a little penetration session on the floor with a large vibrating toy, and we get to watch it sliding in and out of her wet hole for one last orgasm to finish off the day! This smokin hot camgirl is ready to get into a true adult career and is looking amazing here on FTV.

Aria II

Jul 20, 2020

54 mins

277 pics

The gorgeous, angelic brunette teen continues her FTV experience in a very sexy, classy dress and heels... no bra of course! We watch her at a sassy resort area, parading around, showing off that curvaceous figure, and teasing us panty upskirt views. Her nipples really show through the dress! She then takes her panties off, and starts fingering, then using a vibrator to fuck her wetness until she gets caught! Back home, she continues to masturbate, reaching orgasm with the vibrator, then tries a summer squash to fuck herself deep! The yellow phallic veggie, acting like a penis, just makes her hornier... So she uses two vibrators, one in her vagina and one in her butt, with both of them on full vibrate! To add to the stimulation, she recieves oral, then finger rubs her clit while both are on, and gets to a very strong orgasm! Notice how tight her butt is as she pulls the purple toy out... In a cute workout outfit, we see her at a park -- notice how those big breasts fall out as she runs around! She does some backbends and cartwheels, then gives her breasts a nice hard massage. She even fingers her butt right there in the open! She teases us at a department store, then has an intimate interview at a restaurant about some aspects of her personal life. Back home, she takes off her sneakers and does a foot fetish scene for us. On the next morning, we get to see how horny she really gets as she does an intimate POV that goes from blowjob, to trying on outfits, to fucking all the way to a creampie finish. She is a beautiful, very sexually inviting teen, with a sexual desire that really gets expressed here, on FTV... and busty fans, enjoy!


Jul 17, 2020

65 mins

361 pics

With an angelic, gorgeous face, and some really nice double D breasts, this teen is very desirable to all men; she even is tattoo free, with beautiful, unblemished skin. Never shot any adult before, she's a bit shy on camera at first, but wow is she super sexual! Horny for both masturbation and sex, she wants it all. To recreate an angelic theme, she starts with a cute white two piece dress, parading around a beautiful resort area giving us upskirt teases and exposing those big naturals... then fingering herself on the spot! She takes a picnic panty-free, with her breasts out and wants more... Going home, she masturbates to a strong (surprise squirting) orgasm, then goes about fingering herself and talking about her sex life. We get extreme closeups of her very pretty privates, with clit closeups and labia stretching. We then enjoy her giving hard massage to her big breasts, squeezing them hard and pulling on her pierced nipples (and sucking on them too). Using a long dildo, she starts fucking herself with it, then pushes in a butt plug to make it even tighter! Masturbating with the magic wand again, she has a very strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions... Going for more anal play, she uses a double ended dildo to penetrate herself, going to both holes, fucking as deep as she can go! Then using the Big Glass Ball toy, she pushes it into her tight vagina, then gets fucked hard with it on her g-spot, making her squirt some more! She then gapes both holes at the same time! A little dancing is next, as we enjoy watching her breasts bounce about, ending with more breast massage. She even recieves oral... Enjoy this supercute teen, more to come in part 2!


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