Jan 23, 2024

53 mins

160 pics

Stunning sensual slender brunette newcomer Ivy starts things off topless with fishnet stockings on, introducing herself and talking about some of her sexual preferences (and the fact that she's brand new to the adult industry). She goes through the FTV 'toy chest' to see which ones catches her eye, then admires her reflection in the mirror and shows off her very shapely butt - twerking and shaking that booty as she does! We see her strip down naked in the shower, sitting on the bench to try out a new toy - the clit plumper, which quickly gets her clitoris standing at attention. The FTV Titan toy is up next and it's far bigger than anything she's ever used, and is a little too big to insert so she sizes down to the Big Pink toy for some penetration play - and we hear how wet she is inside from the dildo as she fucks herself to climax. Reaching for the powerful vintage Vibraking toy, she buzzes her clit - still swollen from the suction toy - which quickly does its work bringing her to orgasm! Heading outside in a very short dress to show off her sexy legs, she drops the top and spreads her legs for some naughty peeks as traffic drives nearby...and then it's time for kinky penetration with a glass bottle! Next we see her in the backyard by the swimming pool in sexy strappy lingerie with garter belt and thigh high nylon stockings, and as she moves her panties aside we see she has a little anal surprise with a buttplug already inserted! Laying back on an outdoor couch she begins touching herself with her fingertips, rubbing her sensitive privates and fingering herself before involving a vibrator for one last climax. Ivy is a super sexy, super cute newcomer to the industry who's excited to get started and she's already looking amazing in front of the camera here on FTV!

Jeri II

Jan 15, 2024

75 mins

492 pics

Our very popular extreme girl Jeri returns, and she's trying to top what she's done last time! We meet her in a sporty theme similar to last time, but this time she's got the feel for Baseball! Going to a department store, she picks out a baseball bat, flashes and fingers herself there, then goes out to a park to penetrate herself with it! She ends up fucking the bat, hard and deep, going surprisingly far! That is, until a security guard sends her home. On the comfortable couch, she plays with her favorite Vibraking Toy, having a strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions. This leads to her getting wet, and fisting herself hard and deep! Then getting kinky, she takes the very large magic wand toy, and pushes it inside her, going past the big head deep to the switch! Never seen that before... We then see extreme closeups of her swollen clitoris, and her stretching and gaping her vagina with six fingers! Out at a restaurant, she flashes some more, and fingers herself under the table. Then off to an arts complex, we see her in a sexy orange dress and thick platform heels. She models for us, then gives us upskirt views -- taking her heel off, she penetrates that superthick big heel all the way deep inside, having sex with it! What a kinky girl. She gets even more kinky at a resort, risking more public nudity while wearing a cute blue dress and no undies -- then fisting herself again right on the resort furniture! Hard and deep fisting is followed by some kinky stuffing, pushing three limes inside her vagina, filling herself up. Watch her push them out with her strong vaginal muscles... Then in a sexy red dress & wedges, we see her flash & finger some more at a side street, then go home and ride the Glass FTV Toy. She goes as deep as she can, but its almost too big for her! Then for her most kinky and extreme finale, she tries out two long double-ended dildos, pushing both of them in her vagina double-penetrating herself. She ends up pounding herself with them, going as deep as her vagina can handle! Pushing them out, she then takes one of these long double ended toys, pushes it front end first, and manages to take the whole thing inside her, making the entire 14 inches of the toy go missing! Incredible... and watch her then push it out, stretching that vagina so far... Enjoy Jeri's super extreme return, she made a lot of members' requests come true :)


Jan 10, 2024

71 mins

158 pics

This sexy Latina hails from the east coast, Georgia. She's got dark, curly, flowing hair and beautiful brown eyes. She's got a nice natural round ass that she can't wait to show you and a surprise skill that shows up on the first location. Her brown eyes and beautiful smile are always showing as she is so happy to be showing off her assets and her skillsets. We start with a morning tea scene before she gets dressed to go on location. Selena loves her morning tea and tries her very best to eat healthy. We go to the first location and she starts off by walking around, showing off her ass, teasing the camera with her smile, her breasts and her vagina. There were some people around so she kept a wary eye out, but that didn't stop her from showing off her skill: squirting...a lot of squirting. She's a squirt machine and in her own words, "The fountain almost never runs dry." She squirted on the first location in two different places before changing in the parking lot and heading to the next location. She ran around bottomless in nature with cars and bikers driving by, and then she squirted again. She changed in the parking lot for the 3rd location, dressing up in an elegant black dress and pumps where she walked around, taking sexy fashion poses before taking off all her clothes and walking around in public, fully nude. She didn't stop there, she masturbated again, and yes, she squirted everywhere and even splashed the camera a little bit. She changed one more time in the car and we headed to a 4th location. The 4th location was really busy with people so she had to be sneaky with her flashing and teasing, but we found a quiet spot and she squirted again. We broke for lunch and then headed back to the home base where she got down to business with more toys, masturbating until she reached nice, real orgasms, and yes, she squirted all over the place. Oh, one more thing: she did some anal play too and had two different toys in her at once. The beds were absolutely soaked when she left. She finished off by modeling some lingerie for us at the end of the day and then remembered that we sometimes do driving shoots where she could masturbate in the back as we drove around in public. She asked if we could do that, and even though it was a little late and dark outside, she wanted to do it so we went. She squirted in the back of the car and also got a real orgasm from the bumps in the road helping her as she masturbated before heading back to home base and calling it a day. You will love this video and these pictures. She is a fountain of happiness, smiles, beauty and also a fountain of squirting and orgasms.


Jan 2, 2024

72 mins

306 pics

Stunning blonde Aria walks through the door in her lacy blue bra and panties and we immediately note how charismatic she is, and what sexual energy she has around her! She reveals her pair with pierced nipples and starts rubbing and massaging her breasts...and even brings out an ice cube to rub on her rock hard nipple as well. Laying nude on the floor she spreads her legs, using her fingertips to rub her very pretty pussy, then she fingers herself...and continues inside until she's fisting herself for surprisingly extreme fun from such a petite girl! Heading outside she enjoys a quick peeing session into the swimming pool, then heads back in with a couple of large suction cup dildos in hand to try out. She rides on top of the lighter colored one at first, then grabs the other as well for big double penetration taking both deep inside - and uses the magic wand as well for a nice milky orgasm! As it turns out there was an emergency so the shoot was delayed, but we get to see Aria's return here as well! She's in a cute little pink dress outdoors when we see her next, giving some upskirt peeks - with no panties on - and flashing her boobies as well before spreading her legs for a masturbation session to climax with a vibrator. Back indoors she puts on a futuristic cosplay outfit, complete with headphones, and strips down nude to sit on the floor to play with her kinky tentacle dildo! Changing into tight workout gear she chats with the photographer, then strips down to spread for one last fisting and masturbation session before saying her goodbyes...Aria is a super cute and petite girl with an amazing body, surprisingly extreme and undeniably super sexy showing off for us on FTV!


Dec 27, 2023

65 mins

72 pics

Slender lithe cutie Harmony walks up to the camera to introduce herself in a pale purple skirt which she lifts up, revealing she's got no panties on underneath. Her top comes up as well for full exposure as she walks around in a public courtyard, flashing her cute butt and posing by a pond for all to see! After a little fun showing off she heads to a nearby cafe, letting her top down as she eats lunch to give a sneaky peek at her pert boobies...and then she scampers to the forest for a quick outdoor peeing session to relieve herself. Next we see her driving around with the photographer, masturbating in the back of the vehicle as they drive past other cars and pedestrians galore! Heading indoors she gets completely nude and spreads on a chair, fingering her pussy and then reaching for a magic wand vibrator to bring herself to squirting orgasm! More public fun is up next as she undresses near an office building and starts rubbing herself with her fingers out in the open...and we note the wet sounds as she has a mini squirting orgasm. A little anal pleasure is next as she plays with her butthole back indoors, and then penetrates herself with a toy. Some more outdoor fun finishes off her shoot as she flashes at the resort, then sits in the stairwell to fuck herself with a dildo one last time...she's a slender leggy girl with bedroom eyes and a super cute body, showing it all off here today on FTV!


Dec 22, 2023

67 mins

70 pics

Lovely tall slender Latina girl Eva introduces herself outdoors in a cute dress, heading to a public area and giving some upskirt peeks at her panties as well as pulling down the top of her dress to reveal perky petite boobies. Spreading her legs on an outdoor couch she pulls her panties aside, rubbing her privates with her fingertips and then reaching for a pink vibrating toy to fuck herself. Back indoors with another toy in hand we see her slipping off all her clothes, spreading nude on a chair and penetrating her wet hole until she enjoys her first orgasm of the day with her asshole 'winking' with the pleasure! Next we see her in lacy white panties and a blue top which she pulls up to get access to her pert nipples, tweaking and pinching herself and then laying back to fuck her hole with a glass wand. Grabbing the big ten toy she rubs it slowly up and down against her hole, then slides it inside taking it deep! Afterwards she goes into the bathroom and turns on the shower, spraying herself down and giving a nice view at her tall lean form...and wow, those legs are amazing. Eva is a shy but fun newcomer with a super sexy slender form and a natural charisma that will only develop and grow thanks to her time here on FTV!


Dec 18, 2023

50 mins

257 pics

She is a beautiful redhead with long legs and beautiful blue eyes ready for her first shoot with FTV. She's flew in from LA to Phoenix for this shoot but is currently living on the east coast. We start with a scene in the base location where she got dressed and started by showing us her sexy body from top to bottom. She then finishes getting dressed and we go to an public location where she introduces herself and starts flashing and teasing in public. She is walking, spinning, lifting her skirt, pulling panties aside, showing us her beautiful breasts and vagina. She gets really horny with all the teasing and flashing that she wants to do more and proceeds to masturbate in public for the first time. She works herself up until she's ready to go back to the home base and play with toys so she can orgasm. We go to the home location where she plays with some toys before getting dressed in a different outfit and heading out again. Alice follows the same routine, flashing, teasing, always showing us just how sexy she looks in public and what she's willing to do to be naughty in public. She plays in public until she's ready again to masturbate and this time, strips down in the back of the car where she proceeds to mastubrate while we drive throughout the city until she orgams again. She has great, strong orgasms that you will really enjoy seeing. You'll see her with dildos, vibrators and other toys, masturbating because she's so horny and wants to orgasm for you all to see. We finished off the shoot with a lingerie showcase, showing off her sexy curves and body. Definitely a beautiful, sexy girl who was fun to work with.


Dec 10, 2023

95 mins

325 pics

Supercute teen Natalie is a fun, spunky girl who has no inhibitions and wants to get her feet wet in the adult industry starting with FTV! We meet her at a very busy mall, in cute casual wear and short shorts. Soon enough she's flashing her full breasts at several department stores, flashing her butt on the escalator, then fingering herself in the front entrance! First time doing any sort of public nudity, and she likes it! Going home, she uses the magic wand toy to a very strong orgasm, with some of the strongest vaginal contractions we've ever seen! Undressing and going to bed, next morning we watch her wake up, brush her teeth, show off her breasts and butt, then finger herself and masturbate again. The orgasm is just as strong as the last one, wow does her vagina pulsate hard on orgasm! She then uses four fingers to probe her wet insides... Putting on a cute pink dress & strappy heels, she parades around on the steps, giving us upskirt views and fingering herself some more. Then she uses a ribbed hard glass toy to penetrate -- notice how her vaginal walls follow the ribbing and get pushed out... She gets horny once again, and uses the magic wand toy to another strong orgasm with 'in your face' contractions. Then she tries to go extreme by fisting herself, but can only get five fingers in. She then spreads and super gapes her vagina so you can see deep inside... We then see her at a very busy gym, in her cute workout clothes using the weight machines and doing the spin bikes, while her breasts are out for all the guys to see! Then she takes her bottoms off and spreads & fingers herself right there at the gym! After doing bottomless cartwheels and more topless play, the guys are lining up on the machines to watch... At a grocery store she buys a cucumber & goes to a golfing park, then rides the cucumber as deep as it can go! We then see her let her hair down, wear an elegant white dress and cute white sandals, walking through a resort and teasing us some more. Soon enough she's spreading and gaping again, awaiting the FTV Monster Toy! She surprises us by getting down 1/3 of this giant toy, riding it then fucking herself until she's too sore to continue. Back home for one last masturbation, she tries out the Vibraking Toy which gets her screaming... Enjoy this spunky teen, she was a lot of fun to shoot, and got really lucky with all the public nudity she pulled off!


Dec 1, 2023

65 mins

123 pics

This brand new busty teen has never shot any adult before, and starts out shy... but she does have no problem getting to orgasm on camera! We first meet this beautiful girl at a popular resort area, watching her flash her big naturals, then giving us upskirt views while rubbing her clit and fingering herself! Then in the car, she uses a clit vibrator to get to a very strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Back home she massages those wonderful big naturals, then uses the Magic Wand to masturbate again... and notice how strong that orgasm is with those strong vaginal contractions! Then at a busy park, she parades around without panties, rubs herself, then penetrates herself with a vibrator right there! Wearing some tight clothes, she teases some more at an office area, then goes home to try the FTV Monster Toy! She does an adamant job of pushing it halfway deep inside her, stretching herself out with that big thick toy! Then she tries the Big Ten Toy, and rides it hard (and really deep... 9 inches!) and watch those big breasts bounce! She ends up having a strong orgasm while rubbing her clit and being penetrated, with strong vaginal contractions! Pushing her limits, she fills herself up with the Big Glass Ball Toy, then stuffs two other glass toys inside her, triple penetrating herself! As the day comes to a close, she's wearing a sexy dress and heels, visiting another fancy resort, and masturbating with a vibrator while fucking herself, to another orgasm finale. Enjoy this natural beauty, tattoo-free and blessed with some very erotic assets, filmed all in FTV Style :)


Nov 27, 2023

72 mins

165 pics

When we meet Tessa it's immediately clear that the camera loves her...she introduces herself and then slips her tight white dress down to reveal those cute perky boobies and a spectacular bubble butt that she's clearly proud of - and with good reason! She shakes and twerks her booty around, sliding her hands over her skin and then grabs a thick clear dildo which she takes deep in her throat for a blowjob. She starts penetrating herself with the toy and very quicky starts flowing with milky natural juices from the pleasure, and then holds a vibrating suction toy against her clit for her first orgasm of the shoot, with squirting! After teasing in high heels and lacy bra and panties she strips nude and reaches into the toy collection, grabbing a suction pump toy which gets her clit plumped up and sensitive and then the magic wand vibrator to masturbate with, enjoying another strong wet climax. Out in the garage in a miniskirt she admires a classic car, bending over to give some upskirt peeks at that amazing butt and then sticking a suction cup fuck-machine toy to the front for penetration play! Next we see her in the shower sitting on the bench, chatting about some of her experiences and then using the big pink toy for oral and pussy play, riding the toy and then using the magic wand (even when the lights go out!) for one last big squirting orgasm! Tessa is a beautiful woman with a body made for sex and she's exploring her sexuality today, finding new sex toys to play with, and sharing it all with us right here on FTV!


Nov 23, 2023

57 mins

129 pics

She is a small but fierce package of sexy Latina ready to go on her first, ever, adult shoot. She's from Tucson, AZ but is currently living in Orlanda, FL. We start at a waterfront where we meet this very cute and excited girl. She has a very wholesome look and vibe about her. Her waist to ass ratio is insane and she hides it all, usually, under loose fitting black clothes. But today, when we meet her, she's wearing a cute outfit with jean shorts and a white top with flowers. She starts off by teasing us and pulling her top aside to show off her cute breasts and nipples in public, showcasing that she's very proud and confident in her sexiness. She then squats down and pulls her shorts aside, showing her vagina, clit and the little trail of pubic hair. She was nervous here and there as people were walking around in the area, but she powered through anyway and put on a good show for us. She then walked and found a quiet bench area. From there she pulled her top down and flashed her nipples, lifted the top up over both breasts and squeezed them together and then sat back, pulled her shorts to the side and began masturbating in public. She would kick her legs up in the air and play with her clit, and then started fingering herself right there. She masturbated until she felt ready for the toys back at home. While we were driving back to the house she couldn't resist and started to masturbate in the back of the car, without caring who was driving by or what they were thinking. Her legs would be up in the air as cops drove by and she would masturbate until she came on the road (and visible vaginal contractions). We then got home and she proceeded to use a vibrator on her clit until it died halfway through. Undeterred though, she was feeling too close and put the vibrator aside and used her fingers to orgasm. She had never used glass dildos or a big ten-inch dildo either so she was excited to try that next. She started with the glass dildo to warm herself up for bigger insertion with the big ten and we could tell she really enjoyed it. After the glass dildo she switched over to the big ten toy and even though she couldn't take it the entire way as she is a very small girl, inside, she did her best in the short time allotted. She is an absolute beginner who is excited to showcase her talents and body with you and you will love seeing her cute smile and body.


Nov 17, 2023

67 mins

162 pics

Lovely slender mixed-race beauty Kira introduces herself in a sheer pink lacy nightie, which makes it easy to show off her perky boobies and that cute round butt too! Inside the house we're given a more intimate look at her lingerie as she undoes the clasps and lets it fall to the floor, revealing every inch of her tight slender form. Heading to the bedroom she reaches for her first toy of the day, a purple vibrator which she begins to penetrate her hairy hole with...and then we see her get kinky with the clit suction toy, using the hand pump to get her clitoris plumped and engorged! Afterwards she reaches for the magic wand vibrator, holding it against herself and masturbating to a shaking wet orgasm...followed up by a quick peeing session outdoors. A sensual nude dance is next as she moves that spectacular body to the music, before going to the kitchen to find a little hi-tech pleasure with a fuck machine sitting on the counter! She tries the toy out a little with her hands and mouth first to get used to the movement, and then climbs up on the countertop to take the toy deep inside her pussy, from every angle she can reach...and holding a magic wand against her clit at the same time. To finish herself off she uses the magic wand again, this time by itself, and it gives her a strong squirting climax that gets all over the counter! She heads outdoors for a little relaxation wearing a cute blue bikini, which she slips off as she lounges on a deck chair and takes a zucchini in her hole for some kinky veggie play - and we note how creamy her pussy gets from the pleasure. One more vibrator is in the works for a last masturbation session which we enjoy from close up before Kira says goodbye...she's a stunning, tight, fit girl who was in the mood for plenty of pleasure today and is bringing her best for FTV!

Cecilia II

Nov 13, 2023

40 mins

224 pics

A year after she did her first time shoot at 18, she's returning for a quick visit with her new look -- long blonde hair and puffier breasts! She's got that same sweet genuine and innocent personality as before... This little visit has her starting on location at a popular tourist destination, wearing a cute white summer dress, teasing her panties & upskirt, showing off her breasts, then fingering herself right there! She even does it at a restaurant. Notice how naturally wet she is all the time. Those long labia also get some good pulling & spreading. She also teases herself naked by stripping down and showing off her cute tight little figure. We get more closeups of her privates, then she masturbates with the Magic Wand Toy, has a nice orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, then is back out on location to ride the Big Ten toy at a parking garage! Enjoy her cute little return shoot :)

Ariana II

Nov 8, 2023

71 mins

338 pics

Supercute teen Ariana returns for another shoot, with more adventure, more kinky play, and definitely more extreme! We see her at a resort, wearing her cute white dress & wedges, teasing us with upskirt views and breast play, then stretching and pulling her long labia. Then she finds the FTV Monster toy, gives it a blowjob, then rides it! She manages to get halfway down the toy, and does herself in views so flattering to her sexy butt. Then, stretched out by the toy, she ends up fisting herself super deep!! Right then, she gets caught by a security guard, and is asked to leave. Back home, she uses her magic wand toy to masturbate to a quick orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, then more fingering and labia play. She always gets juicy wet inside... We then watch her dance to some music, shaking her full butt, and go outside for some soccer ball play in her nightie. On the comfy bed she shows off her cute feet, and does some toe sucking. Off to a department store, she ends up buying a 24 set of markers, then flashes there and at a gas station. Going to the back side of the store, she then takes a few markers and stuffs them inside, almost making them disappear, then pushes them out! At home she takes the challenge and ends up stuffing 23 markers!! Notice how it stretches her incredibly wide. A new record for sure. She even stretches her long labia around and through them. Then using a long double ended dildo, she fucks herself with it, then pushes both ends inside her double penetrating her vagina! She manages to get nearly the entire toy inside her! Then using four apricots, she stuffs them deep, then uses her strong vaginal muscles to push them out one by one. She squeezes the juice out of them... Then its time for her to try riding the famous FTV Toy, and goes really deep with it! She goes hard and fast until it completely exhausts her. Later that night, she wants some more... she ends up getting man-fisted! Not only is it a big hand, she gets fisted very deep, and it gets harder and faster! Incredible... Hope you Ariana fans enjoy her return, and new members should love this cute and fun girls' attitude to new kinds of sexual fun.


Nov 4, 2023

73 mins

314 pics

Supercute crystal green-eyed teen Ariana is visiting all the way from Wisconsin, with the intent of starting a porn career -- with her first experience on FTV! We first meet her at a local store, watching her shopping, and realize that she's very comfortable with her body, flashing her breasts and butt everywhere! She ends up in a department store, trying on clothes and recording herself in the changeroom fingering herself... Then at a coffee shop she teases us some more, spreading and fingering out in the open! She is experiencing public nudity for the first time in her life and loves it... Back home she strips down for us, teases us some more (that full, firm perfect butt!) and fingers herself deep. Wet and horny, she masturbates with the Magic Wand toy to a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. But that isn't enough! She does it again, this time in doggy style to another orgasm that is 'in your face' and visible. Notice how juicy she gets! She then stretches and pulls on her very long labia up close, then tries to seduce the photographer! Putting on a sexy dress and heels, she visits a resort, where she teases her breasts and upskirt views, until she's ready to ride a long cucumber. She fucks herself with it in several different positions, then gets the attention of an office worker nearby, who invites her to his medical office for some more penetration action! Sitting on the doctor's examination chair with the stirrups, she goes hard and deep with the cucumber while he watches (and she loves the attention!). After modeling some more in her cute clothes, she then finds a place to sit at another resort area, and fingers herself deep... until she ends up fisting herself! She shocks herself and the photographer, as she gets her whole and in to the wrist. Later that night, she ends up having dinner with a group, flashing some more, then trying to seduce the photographer again in her bed... On the next day, she puts on her cute white summer dress and wedges, has breakfast, then goes onto a street to deliver mail naked, and flashes cars driving by! She then puts on some cute jeans that flatters her butt, then takes it off for a nice hard butt massage and more labia stretching closeups. She then gets even more extreme than the day before when she tries fisting herself, and manages to get even deeper, going way past her wrist, and pounding herself even harder! She's a true extreme girl now. She's a cute, super-energetic, fun and sexual girl, and enjoy her first time experience here on FTV :)


Oct 31, 2023

52 mins

162 pics

We meet babyfaced and supercute Nicole in the car after flying in from Arkansas, and she's excited to get going for her day of fun with FTV! She's in a pale purple dress with high heels as she sits on a public stairway, spreading her legs to show she has no panties on and grabbing a toy for some naughty penetration action...then she moves back to the car to masturbate to orgasm, and that's just the start of the day! Back at the house in strappy lacy thong panties she lays back on the bed, untying her undies and then grabbing a glass toy to fuck herself with...and holding a magic wand against her clit for another climax. After heading to the kitchen and performing a sexy little dance that ended up on the countertop, she grabbed a toy and took advantage of her position by going for a ride right there on the marble! Laying back on the couch for a little more comfort we see her using her fingertips to pleasure herself, dipping in and out of her wet hole and enjoying the sensual experience. Outdoors for her last shoot of the day we see her under an umbrella by the pool with a large white toy, fucking herself to one last nice orgasm with visible contractions before heading off...it's always amazing to see a newcomer finding her way in the adult industry and we're in for a nice treat today with this sexy, quiet blonde Nicole!


Oct 25, 2023

59 mins

361 pics

This kinky redhead has a tight, firm figure, and she's all about showing it off for the camera! We first see her at a lakeside golf course, wearing a cute seethrough white dress that really opens up when she runs about. Her full, firm cleavage pops out real easy and so does under her skirt, revealing pretty white panties. Soon enough, both her bra and panties come off, and she's teasing her sexy assets as the golfers play nearby! After security shows up, she ends up at another public location, gets naked, and starts masturbating right there! Back home after a little pee session, she uses the Magic Wand toy to masturbate to orgasm, enjoys it so much that she does it a second time and orgasms again! We get nice views of her orgasm, then closeups of her prominent clit and pretty privates. Going for penetration, we then see her use her personal dildo to fuck herself in several different positions, then use the Big Ten Toy, which she gets 8.5 inches deep! She tries riding it as hard and deep as she can... She then goes for a lunch break and does some teasing at a restaurant and gas station. Wearing a sexy dress and black wedges, we see her at an office area, teasing her butt, then rubbing and fingering herself on a public bench... Using her favorite glass toy she then fucks herself with it right there! At home, she tries out some anal penetration with the same glass toy, then double penetrates herself with two of them! She also gapes her vagina, showing off her tight vaginal muscles deep inside. For a stronger orgasm, she then uses the magic wand vibrator along with fucking the glass toy! To finish the day off, she does some sexy red lingerie & heels, showing off her full firm breasts and massaging them from different angles.


Oct 19, 2023

44 mins

237 pics

Lovely 'fun-sized' Brianna introduces herself with a bang here on FTV today as she performs some gymnastics outdoors, flipping and stretching her leg above her head - and we notice immediately she has no panties on underneath! Pulling down her top to show off her pert pair she enjoys her own body in the great outdoors, rubbing her privates with her fingertips with one foot up against a building. A sensual dance on the tabletop is next as she strips down nude to shake that super cute butt, twerking and moving with the music and singing along as well! Grabbing a magic wand type vibrator she spreads her legs and buzzes her clit, enjoying the stimulation before getting kinky with anal penetration right there on the kitchen counter, using a literal fucking-machine which goes faster and faster til she reaches orgasm! Afterwards she heads back outside, doing a little flashing and gymnastics and then showing off her tight stretchy workout gear - including the cameltoe her shorts give her. Stripping sensually out of her shorts and top we see her stretching against a tree and then sitting in a swinging chair, her legs behind her shoulders as she masturbates with a vibrating toy...and then for one more stunt she does the splits across two benches along with some contortion poses to show that amazing flexibility and gorgeous body one more time before saying goodbye! Brianna is a super cute, super sexual and super fun girl with flexibility galore and a very hot body, perfect for this appearance on FTV Girls!


Oct 9, 2023

132 mins

491 pics

She's a total first timer who has never shot any adult before, nor modeled anything even though she is sexy, leggy and tall. We first see her at a fancy resort, as she's wearing a short white dress, parading around and teasing us upskirt and downblouse, and wow she does have a nice round butt and some perfect full, firm D cup breasts! It's hot to watch her walk around with those big breasts out, then find a couch right in the open and start masturbating with her personal vibrator! Even in the heat, she manages to have a strong orgasm right there! Back home, she shows off her very pretty privates, and closeups of her clit, before trying out the Magic Wand Toy. Notice her strong vaginal contractions on orgasm! She likes it so much that she even does it again, a second time. She then tries out the Big Ten Toy, and takes it in real easily, and nearly takes 9 inches of it deep! Then she gapes for us, so we can see deep inside her pretty pink. Putting on some workout clothes, she visits the gym, and goes all out on teasing her big breasts and her vagina while stretching and working out! She does enjoy showing off her assets... even at a restaurant! Back home after a pee session, she then does a fun naked dance to her kind of music. After her first time experience, she returns three months later to shoot again, this time with Lia, being reintroduced, fingering her wetness and masturbating with her new personal vibrator. Then she does a sexy dance to music, rubbing her privates before going for some more clit closeups and dildo play. The dildo is big and thick, and she gets cumming with the Vibraking toy. Out poolside, she continues with the large toys, this time the big blue vibrator. Lastly, she tries out the Pink Monster Toy in the shower, riding it hard and deep and in combination of her personal vibrator has a nice strong orgasm! Enjoy this new sexy, busty and very capable brunette, she's quite erotic to watch!


Oct 3, 2023

115 mins

372 pics

She's a tall, beautiful blue eyed blonde, and a total First Timer who has never done any adult work before, let alone nudes on camera! From a small town in Indiana, she's the total girl-next-door with a personality to match. We meet her at a mall, watching her walk though this public place in a very cute but conservative dress. Soon enough, she exposes her full C cup naturals, and her perfect, firm butt! Spreading and playing with herself in this public place, she's caught several times, but gets away with it! In the parking garage, she strips down completely, then starts masturbating... and running around the parking lot naked as cars drive by! After a topless interview in the car, she goes home to masturbate with her fingers, to a nice natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. We get extreme closeups of her cute private parts, while she talks about how she lost her virginity. Then with her natural flexibility she puts her legs behind her head, and tries the biggest thing she's ever had -- the large glass ball toy! Pushing it into her vagina takes some work, but notice how it spreads and gapes her, and magnifies the insides of her vagina! Also notice how juicy she is inside! At a lunch break, she is interviewed topless, then teases us some more in public while wearing leggy wedges and short shorts. Back indoors, she goes butt naked, then experiments anally, going deep with two fingers, then one thumb in her vagina at the same time, double-penetrating herself! Spreading her butt cheeks wide, we can't get enough of that perfect butt! Going even more kinky, she then tries stuffing a zucchini deep inside her, having sex with it, and doing herself in various sexual positions. This all arouses her further, to use the Magic Wand toy to another orgasm, with some very strong vaginal contractions. Notice how wet and juicy she gets! Putting on another pretty and seethrough dress, we get seethrough teases of her beautiful figure. She massages her full breasts, then stretches and pulls her sexy nipples. Then she tries to go extreme -- stuffing five fingers and near-fisting herself! Watch her spread and gape as wide as possible after nearly pushing her whole hand in. In pigtails and out on the street, we watch her go jogging, then do it topless and bottomless. She's all about fingering herself, so why not do it on the middle of the road? That is until a car startles her as it passes by her naked figure! At home she tries out the Vibraking Toy, then goes back to the Magic Wand toy, and ends up having another orgasm... and squirting! She's never squirted in her life -- a first time for her. Enjoy this supercute, fun, and natural beauty, it was her first adult shoot, and experienced many firsts, here on FTV :)


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