Jan 30, 2019

68 mins

310 pics

Recently turned 18, this skinny, petite teen is surprisingly kinky, and is really excited to do her first shoot for FTV! We first see her in a cute summer dress, parading around and giving us upskirt views, then doing selfies of her fingering herself. Doing a sexy dance to music, we see her naked, slender form, then watch her pose in cute white stockings. The way she can arch her back is pretty erotic! Then, using the Eroscillator toy, she ends up squirting, then having a strong orgasm with very strong vaginal contractions. She shows off her privates, pulling on her labia, exposing her clit, then goes all out fisting herself... really deep! She actually enjoys it, and has done it in her personal life! She then gapes for us wide, and prepares herself for the FTV Pink Monster Toy! She takes it deep, fucks herself with it and finishes by riding it. We enjoy her perky nipples, as she pulls on them, and has her boyfriend hard finger her G-spot. She's also into anal play, warming up with a glass toy, then with fingers, going as much as five in her butt!! It makes her butt gape so wide! She always wanted to try the Vibraking, and when she does, it makes her gush squirt, then have multiple orgasms... makes her wet enough to fist herself again! Enjoy this kinky teen, you'll only see her on FTV!


Jan 23, 2019

90 mins

399 pics

Just turned 18, this teen has some massive breasts, and she definitely knows it... because she loves to show them off! She's a total first timer, never done adult, but carries total confidence in her sexuality. Not only that, she's sexually aggressive... We first meet her at a lakeside park, as we see her girly side in the blue dress and get introduced to those delicious breasts of hers! Back home, she masturbates with a vibrator to orgasm and spreads her pretty privates. Stretching her long labia and exposing her aroused clit, she talks about her sex life. Then using a long blue vibrating dildo, she titty fucks it, then penetrates herself, eventually stuffing four fingers and attempting to fist. Out back for a lunch break, we get to enjoy those full breasts jiggle out of their bra and her pulling on her long labia. Later in the day, we see her in a sexy dress and heels, walking at a fancy resort area, and teasing us some more before going home to masturbate with the vibraking. A strong and milky orgasm gets her feeling really satisfied, but she's still super horny! She then gives her breasts a hard massage with oil, and we enjoy it from every angle possible. They are incredibly beautiful! Getting kinky with a banana, she fucks herself with it, going deep, and trying anal for the first time with a glass toy. Poolside she gets a little more fetishy with a pee scene and foot play and gets so aroused that she really wants to fuck! Big breast lovers have fun with her, she's a pleasure to watch on her genuine first experience, here on FTV!


Jan 16, 2019

86 mins

458 pics

We were lucky to have this sexy, sensually-figured girl decide to shoot adult for her first time; she had never done any nudes, let alone erotic video! She was shy and quiet at first, being introduced at a popular tourist destination, but warmed up to the camera over time. Notice how sexy her butt is as she bends over with those short shorts, and that full natural cleavage is rather obvious! She strips down to music, so we can enjoy her body in the nude, then watch her masturbate with a vibrator to a nice orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. We then get closeups of her prominent clit, watch her pull on her labia, and spread her pink wide. She even fingers her butt for the first time in her life... Many firsts, like using a dildo, in this case the Big Blue Toy, fucking herself hard and riding it deep, then notice how it goes so deep that it pushes he belly up! Going for first time anal play, she uses a glass toy and fucks her butt with it, going as deep as she can. Then, posing in a sexy bra & panties, she fucks a large squash, taking that big width easily... notice how milky wet she gets! She then stuffs her panties inside, slowly pulling them out, and goes for a little pee session in heels. Later in the day, we see her parade around in a cute blue dress, giving us upskirt teasers, then masturbating again with her new favorite vibrator. Giving the Big Ten a blowjob, she proceeds to fuck it in missionary, but then ends up doing it doggy against the window, and bringing herself to another orgasm! She goes modeling next to a motorbike, giving it a wash, getting herself wet, while we enjoy her figure and all the sexy teasers she gives with that skimpy top. Back home, she spreads and fingers herself again, and goes all out hard four-finger banging, showing us how she used to fuck herself when she was younger. Another supercute girl adventure, enjoy, and explore her very arousing figure :)


Jan 9, 2019

77 mins

349 pics

She's a gorgeous fashion model from Chicago, with an amazing figure -- long legs, perfect firm round C-cup breasts, and a natural with masturbating to orgasm! We first meet her at a restaurant area, watching her parade around in a sexy short dress & wedges, getting upskirt panty views and get to learn more about her. Soon, the panties come off and she's playing with her long labia. Going home, she uses the Eroscillator vibrator to a very strong orgasm (notice the very rapid, intense vaginal contractions!). She then does a sensual dance for us, and then goes right to the biggest toys! Using the FTV Monster Toy, she gets pretty extreme taking it hard and deep, pushing her limits! Then she masturbates again, having another strong, milky orgasm. She even vibrates her vagina from the inside -- the g-spot, then gapes her vagina for us, real wide! Getting real wet, she stuffs four fingers inside making squishy sounds... Later in the day, we see her in a cute white top and shorts, no bra -- making her shirt rather seethrough. She's hanging out at a hotel with friends, and proceeds to dance some more and give us more teasers. Back home, she masturbates again, straight to another super strong orgasm with intense vaginal contractions! Then she goes even bigger, with the FTV Blue Titan Toy, and with some effort, manages to fuck herself hard and really deep, along with getting on top and riding it down! She then stretches herself wide for more gaping. We get to see another sexy dance in the nude (really perfect figure!) and watch her give her breasts a nice hard massage along with nipple teasers/pulling. Then using two glass toys, she double penetrates her vagina, fucking herself and clacking those two toys inside her. As the day comes to an end, she's wearing sexy workout clothes, seethrough top, and jogging down a street, then going home for one last masturbation to orgasm. Another gorgeous, sexy teen that loves to masturbate... perfect for FTV!

Mazzy IV

Jan 2, 2019

57 mins

286 pics

The beautiful, leggy blue-eyed blonde Mazzy continues her FTV adventure in a cute pink dress and heels, visiting a fancy resort, and giving us more upskirt teases. She then starts fingering and tasting herself... she is always really wet! Back home, we get to see her remarkable talent... singing! Sitting cute in her pink dress, she does two songs for us, and we get to see a more intimate side of her. Then with a pink theme, she gets kinky with golf balls, stuffing four of them inside her, then pushing them out! Notice when she gapes real wide, you can see them rolling inside her. Then she goes back to some anal play, taking a 12 inch dildo really deep, as in 11 inches deep! Absolutely incredible -- she even shocks herself by what she just did there. Then she takes that double ended dildo and rolls it into her vagina, double penetrating herself! With an even tougher challenge, she takes the big glass ball toy, and with some difficulty, eventually manages to get the entire ball in her butt! It stretches her out so much that she can gape really wide anally after that. She then puts that big ball back into her butt, and uses the Eroscillator Toy to masturbate to orgasm, having a really strong one with visible vaginal contractions! Later in the day, she's in a cute casual outfit, at an arboretum, and teases us some more before going for lunch. We then see her pee while standing, spraying all over the tile floor! Remember that corn she bought? Well she ends up fucking herself with it, taking the entire corn vaginally, then using it with the Eroscillator for another strong orgasm while pounding herself with the corn! Not having enough, she decides to fist herself again, this time doing it while standing... we've never seen that before! As the day ends, she goes out for a run, and we get to see her show off her acrobatic skills at the park, and get naked at home. A lot of Mazzy to watch... but then again we can't get enough of her!

Mazzy III

Dec 28, 2018

51 mins

193 pics

Our extreme favorite model is back, as she was so popular on her first shoot! This tall, gorgeous blonde with a strong need for orgasms and large toys makes for an ideal FTV Girl... We re-unite with her at a sassy mall, where we see her in a very cute pink miniskirt and top, as she parades around teases us with upskirt and downblouse shots, then goes to a grocery store to get a large eggplant and corn... you know what she's going to do with those! Back home, she masturbates with her fingers and a butt plug, using it for anal penetration as she ends up with a rather wet orgasm! Then she continues with more anal play, using a larger vibrating dildo, which she takes all the way to its base! Using her fingers to rub her clit, she ends up with another orgasm! Then using that large, long eggplant, she gives it a blowjob, and penetrates herself very deep in missionary. Fucking it hard and fast, she ends up on top of it, going even deeper! Its amazing seeing how much of such a huge thing she can take down. By her request, she wants to fist herself again... we think she's kind of addicted to it now! Starting with four fingers, she then goes deep past the wrist, and somehow, she even fists herself in doggy style! The pressure of all that fisting ends up making her want to pee again... Call this just a warm-up, she's going to get kinkier than ever before on her next update...


Dec 28, 2018

25 mins

116 pics

Busty, full figured Serah is seen running on a desert trail, when her top pops open, exposing those full naturals... Back home we get to enjoy that full, firm bubble butt as she undresses, then masturbates with the vibraking toy. She has multiple strong squirting orgasms, and gets her butt all wet... Then putting on a black dress & heels, she masturbates again, with more squirts and orgasms -- she's never had so many in a row in her life. Spreading her butt, she then starts fingering herself anally, and ends up gaping her butt real wide. Taking a big butt plug, she gets it in, stretching her butt out and poses with it inside her. Surprisingly easy for her, she does love anal sex!


Dec 24, 2018

34 mins

103 pics

She just turned 18, and decided to have her warm-up to adult via FTV; she is determined to become a porn star, and you get to see the genuine first time experience here! We meet her at a tourist area, and check her out in her white dress and heels. With little upskirt and panty teasers, she also shows off that big butt... then starts dirty dancing to music right there! Back home, she gets undressed and uses the Eroscillator Toy to three orgasms... Then she spreads for us and pulls on her long labia while talking about how she lost her virginity. We also get great views of her butt in doggy style, as she slaps it and plays with it, then a little foot fetish play follows. She then finishes herself off with the Vibraking to a few more orgasms...

Angelina II

Dec 19, 2018

97 mins

393 pics

Our super gorgeous, super fit Angelina continues her FTV adventure with a sporty beginning! We see her in sexy sporty clothes as she plays basketball (and she's good at it too!) and enjoy seeing her full breasts bounce as she runs about in her skimpy sports bra. She tries some boxing, then does squats and other exercises before going home to another sexy striptease dance to music. What a sexy butt! She gives her full firm breasts a nice hard massage, discovers she can lick her nipples... Using the Eroscillator Vibrator, she ends up with another strong orgasm, with very visible vaginal contractions and such a satisfied look... Out for a shopping spree, we follow her to a department store and watch her pick some sexy dresses & heels -- then recording herself in the change room as she strips and tries on cute outfits. The next morning, we see her wake up in the bed, tease us, then use her favorite vibrator for another orgasm. She has such pretty privates, and we get extreme closeups of her clit and labia as she talks about her rather inexperienced sex life. Going big, she tries the Big Blue Toy, turning on its vibrator and fucking herself with it... She wants it deep, and she does get it 8 inches in!! Going gorgeous with a long braid and a very classy white dress & heels, we see her parading around at a popular tourist destination. Getting teases of her sexy butt and upskirt panty views, she leads us to another sensual masturbation and another strong orgasm. She even squirts for the first time in her life! We enjoy her butt some more, and how she 'winks' her butthole in a very special way... Enjoy this incredible beauty, she's one of those girls that you'll definitely fall in love with :)


Dec 14, 2018

59 mins

259 pics

One of the most gorgeous and fit girls to ever grace FTV, this total first timer just turned 18 a few days before the shoot! Her incredibly fit form is from her varsity track experience in high school, and she's gifted with the perfect pair of super firm C cup naturals and a flawless curved butt! A bit shy in the beginning, we meet Angelina at the airport, with her friend Sarah introducing her. That sexy body of hers is truly expressed in the tight dress she's wearing, and she does a photoshoot right there! Notice that she isn't wearing a bra, and her nipples shine right through (her breasts are so firm they don't need a bra). She also ends up running around right there, letting that firm pair bounce... Back home she strips down to music, moving in such a sexy manner and ends in a nude photoshoot. She had never used a vibrator in her life, and so she's introduced to the Eroscillator Vibrator, and wow, she has such a genuine, naturally strong orgasm from it... notice how her face lights up from the experience. Its quite possible it was her very first real orgasm of her life. We then get closeups of her privates, and a second camera view of her orgasm with the orgasmic contractions visible. After a little play in the pool with her friend, she uses the Eroscillator again, to another strong orgasm, and does a little dressup & lingerie session in the bedroom as the sun sets. Back out in the balcony, we get another sexy striptease to music as lightning strikes in the background. Only her first day as the warm-up for her first experience in adult, there's a lot more to enjoy on day two!


Dec 9, 2018

58 mins

164 pics

Rachelle's longtime best friend and current roommate decided to join her friend and try out FTV; she also is a total first timer who has not shot any adult site before, but has a strong sexual side to her. She is all-lesbian though; prefers girls, and hasn't had sex with a guy in three years! We first meet them at a tourist area, checking her out barefoot in a short pink dress, getting upskirt peeks... Back home she masturbates with the Vibraking, and ends up having a squirting orgasm as Rachelle watches it all while playing with herself! After Madison gives us extreme closeups of her private parts, and spreads it all, Rachelle wants to fuck her friend with a cucumber... A big thick one too! Madison realizes how much she misses being penetrated, and thoroughly enjoys the deep and hard pounding she gets from her friend! Then the girls give each other breast massages, with Rachelles full firm breasts getting a particularly hard massage. Dildo play is next, starting with some anal penetration, then the Big Ten Toy ride which ends in a rather unique and unexpected way...


Dec 1, 2018

78 mins

404 pics

Vanna is back, after her super extreme experience with her best friend Jayde... its time to see her in action by herself, in the sexiest of ways! We meet her at a popular tourist destination, and remember how hot her slim figure is, especially with that mini skirt and heels! She shows off her flexibility by stretching out right there, giving us panty teasers, then goes home to do a striptease dance. Making it really kinky, she takes a large eggplant, pushes it inside her vagina, then does another dance with it inside her! All warmed up now, she begins to fist herself, going deep and feeling every part of her vagina on the inside... the pressure makes her want to pee... Using several vibrators and the Vibraking, she proceeds to masturbate to orgasm, with a little squirting as well, then shows off how deep she can take the toy! She then shows off her pretty private parts up close... really close to her swollen clit. Going to the biggest toy in the FTV arsenal, she then tries the 24 inch super wide FTV Titan toy, the thing is a monster! Slowly working it in, she fucks herself with it, getting especially deep when she's on top! It seems impossible, but she takes an arm-sized part of it down! Then she gapes for us, spreading really wide. Now going for multi-toy play, she takes three glass toys and gets them all inside her vagina, and using her strong muscles pushes them out! She even penetrates herself anally, and experiments touching herself with it in deep. Three cucumbers go in next, and notice how much it stretches her! The biggest for last, she uses another Titan Toy that is so thick and wide... gets half of it inside her, and fucks it hard!! Incredible. To finish off, she masturbates one more time with her favorite vibrators, and ends up with a strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions. This super cute, sexy teen is another amazing extreme addition to FTV :)

Rachelle II

Nov 24, 2018

62 mins

308 pics

This cute, busty girl returns on the next day, with a little bit of her shyness gone -- warming up to the camera and a little more vocal too... We meet her at a sassy mall, checking that sexy figure out in a dress, then watching her as she teases her full, firm breasts. Back home, she masturbates in front of a mirror with the Vibraking Toy, to a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Notice how wet she gets, dripping milky juices down her vagina. She then gives us extreme closeups of her pretty clit and gaping views. Giving a blowjob to a large, thick dildo, she the fucks herself with it, using the Vibraking once again, to another strong orgasm (and very visible vaginal contractions around that big dick...). After a little timid pee session, she puts on some cute lingerie, talks dirty to the camera, then fingers herself both vaginally and anally. Later in the day, she goes out jogging without a bra, exposes those firm breasts and gives them a nice hard massage... Then she penetrates herself with a long cucumber, even anally! Going for her favorite cosplay theme, she dresses up as an anime character, then dances for us to some techno music, and masturbates again with the Vibraking... finishing herself off with a glass toy anally. This cute total first timer might just bring a friend with her the next time she comes back!


Nov 22, 2018

30 mins

180 pics

Cute, busty total first timer Rachelle is a bit shy at first... especially with no experience in front of the camera. Her passive beauty gets introduced at a resort area, as we watch her in a cute form fitting dress and wedges. As we get glimpses of her panties between her sexy legs, notice how wet she is down there! We also get to enjoy that full, firm cleavage, and eventually see her down to her bra and panties. She rubs herself, getting even more wet, then does a striptease dance to music. When she is fully nude, we see how sexy her form is, and not a single tattoo on that figure! Using a vibrator, she masturbates to orgasm, notice the strong vaginal contractions! She then shows off her cute manicured feet, giving us foot fetish play, then a hard breast massage and nipple play. Those breasts are so firm! Then as we check out her butt, she teases herself anally with a finger... This is just the warm-up, for her adventurous return the next day!


Nov 17, 2018

69 mins

298 pics

A total first timer, this petite teen really likes big dicks and she's all about trying the big toys! We first meet her at an open mall, seeing her in a little dress and get upskirt & panty views. She talks about her sex life, and her favorite sexual positions, before going home to masturbate. She fingers herself hard and fast, ending up with a squirting orgasm! We then get extreme closeups of her prominent clit, and she pulls on her long labia. She's also a natural gaper, opening up her vagina wide for you to see inside... Going for the biggest toy to start, she tries the FTV Blue Titan Toy, but only manages to get the head in, and same goes with her fist. Then she moves to a big vibrating dildo, which she enjoys immensely, fucking herself hard and deep until she has another squirting orgasm. Putting on a seethrough black robe, she shows off her tight little gymnast figure, then gapes for us some more. Using the big clear plug toy, she pushes the whole thing in to the base, very deep! After a little foot fetish and foot job on the Big Ten Toy, she gives it a blowjob, then rides it hard, going really deep... 9 inches! This petite girl really manages to take these big toys down! Once more, she uses her fingers to masturbate, and ends up with another orgasm & squirt... Cooling herself off at the pool, she plays with her long labia again, stretching & pulling them for you long labia fans. Another first timer you will only see on FTV...


Nov 9, 2018

110 mins

500 pics

Fun, energetic, and sexy 21 year old Bella wants to start a carreer in porn, and has her first experiences here on FTV! We see her at a tourist area, wearing a tight yellow dress (quite seethrough too) and watch those full breasts bounce as she walks around, getting upskirt views and excellent shots of her firm butt. She then fingers herself, tasting her privates, and goes home to do a striptease dance for us to music and show off her twerking skills! She uses her Magic Wand toy to orgasm, and we get extreme closeups of her private parts, seeing her clit and labia up close. She is then introduced to the Big Ten Toy, which is the biggest thing she's ever had; she deepthroats it first, then fucks herself with it, and has another orgasm with the help of her vibrator while fucking herself! We then get a nice hard breast massage scene, and her sucking on her nipples, then some anal play (she's never had anal penetration before) using her finger and a sharpie. Then she tries a glass toy, which she uses to penetrate both holes... notice how tight she is! Back at a mall, she wears another tight shirt & braless, watch those full breasts bounce, and her perky nipples show through! She gets cosy with another large, thick dildo, which she proceeds to ride hard & then fuck herself deep to another orgasm. A comprehensive foot fetish scene is next, where she sucks on her toes and licks her feet, giving her toes a blowjob... then cools down in the pool with more breast play. Out at a park, she does some acrobatics and cartwheels in a summer dress, then goes home for some kinky play where she penetrates herself with a large summer squash, then uses the gape cage for deep inside views of her vagina. Using the Vibraking Toy, she has some more orgasms, but she wants the summer squash inside her for even stronger contractions! Enjoy this fun and sexually confident girl!

Mazzy II

Nov 3, 2018

61 mins

279 pics

The tall, beautiful blonde Mazzy continues her adventure, with so much sexuality and kinky fun for this update! Seeing her at a fancy mall, she's wearing very short shorts, showing off her butt cheeks, goes to a department store for some clothes and heels, then films herself in the change room and her fingering herself! Back home, she does a very long pee session, squirting all over the tile, then gives us a foot fetish scene where she sucks on her toes and gives them a blowjob. Then we get to enjoy her very pretty private parts again, as she spreads her clit and plays with her pubic hair. Using a vibrating dildo, she fucks herself with it while rubbing her clit, and ends up with another strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions. Then its all about anal play, when she takes another vibrating dildo and pushes it all the way in, then double penetrates herself with the larger dildo in her vagina! Super hot to watch... Then she takes the larger dildo and pushes it really deep in her butt! Pushing it in and out of herself anally, notice how wide she ends up gaping!!! Then she stuffs her vagina with two toys, preparing for the FTV Monster, and fucks herself hard with that giant dildo! She then gapes her vagina real wide... Later in the day, we see her in a flowy seethrough white dress, with nothing underneath! Out at a pretty park, we enjoy her sexy figure and her fun loving personality. Back home, she gives her breasts a hard massage (and pulls/stretches her nipples), then uses the Eroscillator Vibrator to another strong orgasm with visible contractions. She wants to fist herself again... and so she does, pounding herself hard and deep until another exhaustive orgasm! What an amazing first timer, brand new to the industry, and here to express her amazing sexuality on camera for FTV :)


Oct 30, 2018

62 mins

207 pics

Tall, leggy, and super sexy Mazzy is that green-eyed blonde next door that every guy wants; and what a sexual girl she is! We meet this total first timer at a popular tourist destination, checking her out in cute short shorts and tall wedges. Notice that she has very pretty private parts, and even some pubic hair on top! She stripteases to music, then masturbates with her fingers. She can get off with fingers, and ends up having a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Notice how pretty her private parts are, as she spreads and exposes that prominent clit. She even gapes for us, and clearly indicates that she likes it big. So we give her the big blue vibrating dildo, and she fucks herself hard (and surprisingly deep!) with it, coming to another orgasm with more vaginal contractions! Then she goes even bigger, with the FTV Monster Toy, pushing her limits, but taking it really deep especially when riding it! Notice how stretched out she gets... Then for the ultimate challenge, she ends up fisting herself, going full fist deep, pounding herself hard to another orgasm! She likes the pressure... Then she gapes incredibly wide, so you can see deep inside her! To finish off the day, she uses the Vibraking toy to a very strong, body shaking orgasm! What a fun, hot and sexually extreme girl, more to come in part two!


Oct 26, 2018

134 mins

394 pics

Tall, leggy and cute girl-next-door type who is still nineteen, really wanted to try adult, even though she's only been with two guys, and has never even taken nudes of herself before. She felt it was time for her to explore her sexuality, and FTV was a good start! We meet her at a restaurant area, seeing her in a red dress and heels, soon enough the panties come off, breasts out, and she's rubbing/fingering her clit right there! Going home, she strips down to music, and does her own sexy dance. Notice how wet she gets, her vagina getting sticky with juices, from all the rubbing and touching -- so she masturbates on the bed using her fingers, to a nice, natural orgasm. She then spreads her clit, gapes, and plays with her labia; then gets introduced to dildos, which she's never used before. Starting with a double-ended toy, she pushes it in, both sides together, trying to get the whole thing in her vagina! Then she uses a large glass toy, experiencing the full width of it penetrating her. She's also never used a vibrator before, and tries out the Eroscillator -- ending up with a very strong orgasm and some long vaginal contractions! She said she's never had such a strong orgasm in her life! Eventually moving to the Big Ten Toy, she fucks herself with it in all sorts of positions, then uses the vibrator in tandem with fucking the Big Ten, and has another super strong orgasm! As wet as she is, she sticks four fingers inside her, feeling her cervix deep in the back of her vagina. Out at a grocery store, she buys some phallic veggies, giving us upskirt views and breast teases, and does an interview at a restaurant with her breasts exposed... We also see her in cute bra and panties, playing with her perky breasts and nipples. Later in the day, we see her jogging at a lakeside park, eventually going topless, then running completely naked! She finds a banana, and proceeds to fuck herself right there out on a park bench! Both city employees and random guys notice, and watch... Another sexy naked dance to music, then an outfit change to another fashionable dress and heels, then she takes her thick heels off, and tries to fuck it... She also likes anal play, so we watch her finger herself with two fingers, then try a glass anal toy, pushing it in and pulling it out! Then she uses a large cucumber, first fucking her vagina with it then going anal, pushing her limits! To finish the day with one last orgasm, she uses the Eroscillator Toy once again, and ends up with another strong orgasm, and very strong vaginal contractions. A enthusiastic total first timer, who is doing this for the love of expression, is another wonderful addition to FTV :)

Sophia II

Oct 22, 2018

56 mins

273 pics

This supercute, busty and tall teen returns with a rather different look -- her hairstyle has changed, and she's got makeup on! (reminds us a bit of the actress Jennifer Lawrence) She reintroduces herself at a popular tourist destination, wearing a short skirt and heels. She gives us upskirt teases, and more hard breast massage, then teases us at home with her long legs and fingers between them. She gives a dildo a blowjob, penetrates herself with it, then does a sensual dance to music. Then, for her first time, she tries the Vibraking Toy, and wow, does it make her squirt like crazy! It totally shocks her once again, as she had never squirted before until her first time shoot with FTV. After a little shower, she then puts on a seethrough dress, parades around on a street, gets wet in a pool, massages her breasts, and goes home to the bedroom to talk dirty to you. As she spreads and plays with herself, she teases the camera, then wants to use the Eroscillator again. More squirting orgasms (and visible vaginal contractions) getting her all wet! She spreads and gapes for us, showing that pretty pink, then moves to glass toys. Pushing these toys both in her vagina and butt, she gets to the large glass ball toy, then ends up masturbating with it inside her! She even gets four fingers deep inside her butt! She even tries gaping her butt for the first time. Putting on a sexy red dress and heels, she then fucks a long cucumber deep, and masturbates for one last orgasmic finale. A total first timer, gorgeous, natural, and full of positive energy, she's another wonderful addition to FTV :)


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