Eva and Violet II

Oct 9, 2016

58 mins

166 pics

These two beautiful, fun loving friends (now lovers!) continue their adventure in public places, expressing their affection for each other in romantic locations. We see them walking barefoot in the grass lakeside, wearing cute white summer dresses, making out, doing cartwheels (no panties of course) and sucking on each other's breasts. Then they help each other out on putting on their pretty white matching heels, looking like they just came out of a wedding! More making out and breast play, then a full stripdown out on location while landscapers watch... They go to another romantic setting, with fountains and beautiful arches, and its all about anal play this time! They both decide that they want to push their anal limits beyond what they've done before. Eva gets fingered by Violet in the butt, then the 14 inch lavender toy slowly gets pushed inside... until it goes nearly completely inside her, over 13 inches in her butt! Violet cannot believe her eyes. A new deep record for sure; and then we get to see the entire length pulled out up close. Then Violet goes for the big toy, a large glass toy with the thickness of the Big Ten. She pushes it in deeper than she thought she would, and it locks into her butt, so she can pose in doggy with it... it really stretches her butt out! Then they are interviewed, holding hands, talking about how they met, and how their friendship grew over time. Wearing sexy new outfits with short skirts and sexy heels, the girls chill at an office area, drinking water and making out some more. Then they decide to play on the couch, with Violet going down on Eva's clit, and making Eva gape with four fingers. Then she pours water into Eva's vagina, and she squirts it out! They have fun doing that, and Violet puts her finger inside the vagina full of water and plays with it, as well as going down on her some more. When its Violet's turn, she gapes even wider, and Eva pours water into her with her mouth, then watches Violet squirt. She even drinks from her loaded vagina! And so ends this fun, kinky adventure of two friends -- now more like lovers -- who discover each other's intimate side and are closer because of it. Real life friends in a girl girl is always a better shoot for FTV :)

Eva and Violet

Oct 7, 2016

114 mins

248 pics

Two popular teens on FTV, who also are real life best friends in college, get to debut their girl-girl experience... they've fooled around with each other before, but never like this, let alone on camera! We see the pair at a restaurant row, in cute casual wear, short skirts and no panties, making out while touching each other. They fondle their breasts, and draw the attention of people driving by, and they love that attention! We get to enjoy their natural bonding at a park area, where they continue to express their affection for each other by touching, kissing, and sucking on each other's breasts. They end up on a bench, where they begin to explore each others' vaginas, fingering and tasting each other, with their legs spread open. Walking around in the grass, Eva squats down and takes a pee, while making out with her best friend... They then bring out an extra large double ended toy, and start fucking each other with it, then using it together, bottoming out on each side... until they get caught and have to leave. At a restaurant, they have breakfast and tease their pretty breasts... Then over at a bird sanctuary, they stroll around naked, watching the birds, then fingering each other while making out. They look so comfortable out there together, without any clothes on. They end up dancing together in the nude, right out there on the spot, having a good time until its back to sexual things, and Violet starts pounding Eva with a glass toy, then four fingers, helping Eva eventually squirt! Eva is so wet inside, so Violet starts working her hand in, and she briefly gets her whole fist in Eva, though the pressure is too much for her. She then gapes Eva so wide, you can see deep inside, and drools into her vagina, and you can see it flow down deep in her hole. Its Violet's turn to get fisted next, but as she's slowly getting Eva's hand in her, some old people show up asking strange questions... So they go back home, to the comfy bedroom and start wrestling each other, then going down on each other. Its Violet's first time going down on any girl, and she starts to learn how to lick Eva's clit properly, and we watch her tongue against the clit up close. The Magic Wand toy appears, and Eva ends up masturbating to orgasm with it, and the strong vaginal contractions are clearly seen. Eva then goes down on Violet, and has much more experience on how to go down on a girl; and with the warm-up the Magic Wand gets used again, with Violet ending up with a strong squirting orgasm, making the bed wet... Violet's super wet vagina then gets fisted deep! Eva works her hand in really deep, exploring her private place, and Violet then uses the Magic Wand one more time, to a super strong orgasm while the hand is deep inside her! Eva likes fisting her so much she keeps pushing her hand back into Violet! And so ends part one of this erotic girl-girl experience, it gets even kinkier and more risky in part two!


Sep 30, 2016

113 mins

321 pics

A total stunner wherever she goes, she's a tall, Middle-Eastern girl who walks with total confidence with how hot she is. With her first adult scene here for FTV, her flirtatious nature and ease at which she flashes out in the open makes her debut a fun and sexy one! Wearing a form-fitting summer dress and sandals, she visits a lakeside area where she teases her private parts for the camera, and flirts with a guy chilling nearby, then fingers herself. She finds an area near a golf resort to then masturbate, and tease us some more. Her sexy, perfect butt gets so much exposure out there... She then gets fully naked only to be caught by another guy walking past, and then she goes back to finger masturbating at another resort! Finding herself some glass toys, she uses one for her vagina (notice how tight she is) and another for her butt... making the butt toy disappear! Then for more teases and public nudity, she flashes some more at a grocery store (again... amazing butt!) and drives the car naked, and does more nude walking on the street. Then, while watching porn, she masturbates with the Eroscillator to a nice strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Back out at a popular mall, we see her in another sexy outfit (her curves are absolutely perfect) and she gives us panty peeks as much as she can, then takes them off... Later in the day, we see her in a sporty outfit, watching her jog about, tease some golfers, then spread and finger herself some more on a park bench. Of course, then she gets fully naked again, until that is, a housewife sees her and yells... Back home, she dances to music, stripping down from her schoolgirl look (with some sexy hip action), then masturbates again with the Eroscillator Toy to two strong orgasms with strong vaginal contractions! We then get extreme closeups of her swollen clit, then watch her play in the hot tub. She's so hot and sexy, we have to get her back again for more...


Sep 23, 2016

108 mins

376 pics

She's a fresh faced, charismatically cute girl who reminds us of a bit of a young Amanda Bynes and the Olsen Twins, with a tall, athletic form. As a total-first timer who has never done adult, she starts shy at first, but grows in her confidence througout the shoot. We first see her at a popular tourist area, wearing a cute white dress and heels, but no underwear! As she is interviewed, we get upskirt views and see her spread her clit, and show off that full round butt. Getting too much attention from passers-by and shop owners, she heads home to strip down and show off her pretty feet. Then she masturbates with her fingers, rubbing her clit hard until she has a nice natural orgasm with very strong, visible vaginal contractions! She then spreads for us, showing how juicy she is inside after orgasm, tastes herself, pulls on her long labia, and gives us closeups of her swollen clit. She also shows off how she does kegel exercises, making her vagina super tight! She then experiments anally, fingering herself, then using a long chain of anal beads -- getting every one of them inside her! She then slowly pulls them out, for closeup views... After a lunch break, we see her walking a neighborhood street, flashing her breasts, then taking her bottoms off and parading around with her butt and vagina out! We then see her do some very skilled dancing to music, twerking and showing off those toned, sexy long legs. In another gorgeous dress and heels, we see her walk around sexy, flash up her skirt, give us butt shots, then do another sexy dance, this time turning into a striptease! Then its all about her puffy nipples and her breasts, as she pulls and sucks on them. She is then introduced to the Eroscillator Toy, which becomes her new favorite vibrator -- it brings her to such a strong orgasm, making her vagina pulsate like crazy! She's juicy wet inside again, and as she spreads, she shows off her kegel exercises once more. Then its all about dildo play, starting with the long dildo, then the Big Ten Toy, as she pounds herself hard and deep, and really enjoys it! Notice how deep she does go, taking 9 inches of the Big Ten! The 'pressure' makes her need to pee, so we watch her do it outside. Because she's enjoyed the Big Ten and the Eroscillator so much, she uses them both to masturbate again! After an attempt of near-fisting, getting five fingers in, she then does more anal play, taking a 7 inch blue dildo all the way in her butt, for some up close penetration views! For a big finale, she is introduced to the FTV Titan Toy, and she attempts to give it a blowjob, then tries penetrating herself with it! With a lot of work, she manages to get a quarter of it in her, pushing her limits to the absolute extreme. Finishing the day off, she jumps in the pool, swims around and says her goodbyes. A supercute, fun, and naturally pretty girl, she's a welcome addition to FTV!


Sep 16, 2016

132 mins

355 pics

She just turned 18, and has a very sexual, exhibitionistic side to her -- and her first experience is here on FTV! Petite, Italian, and always horny, she is also a very sporty girl, gifted with a very yummy, firm bubble butt. We first meet her at a park, where she teases us between her legs, flashing her breasts, and doing cartwheels and splits out in the open! We get to enjoy that butt, and her spreads as she takes her shorts off... Then she visits a car wash, and takes her shorts off to finger herself and masturbate in the car, while employees watch! She actually seems to get off on it... Then she teases us some more at a gas station, and then takes her clothes off to walk naked on a trail. Back home, she masturbates with her fingers, ending up with a nice, natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Then she spreads for us, giving extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts, exposing her clit and attempting to gape her petite vagina. In more cute casual wear, wearing short shorts that show off her butt and give us peeks between her legs, we see her at a mall and a restaurant, letting us peek once in a while. Then she puts her hair into braids, and does a little dance for us, stripping down naked. She also has very pretty, petite feet, so she takes her sandals off, and gives us a foot fetish video, creaming her feet and sucking on her toes. Then we get to enjoy her butt up close, as she give it a massage too. She's introduced to the Magic Wand for her first time, and wow does it bring her to a strong orgasm quickly! Strong vaginal contractions, as well as getting seriously wet down there. She fingers herself, pushing her limits and forcing four inside her petite vagina, then gaping for us again. Another first, she penetrates her butt with a finger, feeling what its like to have anal for the first time. She's aroused once again, and uses the Magic Wand toy a second time for another orgasm! The next morning, we check her out butt naked sleeping in the bed, and watch her try on different clothes for us. Then she masturbates again, with and up close 'in your face' view of her intense, strong orgasm! Out at another busy park, we see her jogging in a cute sporty outfit, and check out her butt as well as between her legs as she teases us in this public place! Then she takes all of her clothes off, and runs about naked... and does a little pee scene on the steps. She gets so wet so easily, that when she fingers herself in public you can hear the juices! She is then introduced to the Big Ten Toy, which is by far the biggest thing she's ever had, and slowly works it in her tiny, tight vagina. It takes some work, but she gets about half of it in, and rides it, then does it in doggy. It truly pushed her limits! We also get to see her ina beautiful, form fitting white dress, with sexy colorful summer wedges, posing and showing off her butt. Going for another challenge, she penetrates herself with a small cucumber, then a second, double penetrating her vagina! Notice how strong her vaginal muscles are, as they wrap tight around the cucumbers, and she can pop them out... As the day comes to an end, she brings out her personal toy, a rabbit -- finishes off with another orgasm, possibly the strongest one of her day! She's a total natural masturbator, who had so many orgasms on this shoot; we hope you enjoy her hypersexual side, and her first time experience in adult :)

Carrie II

Sep 13, 2016

56 mins

257 pics

The super sexy Carrie is seen continuing her FTV adventure on this second day, where she's wearing a beautiful summer dress (which is seethrough down there!) and parading around a lakeside park, giving us upskirt views and sexy butt shots! An angry housewife does not approve, however, and she is forced to leave... So she then visits an office reception area, which happens to have people working in it, but still decides to risk it now only with playing with herself on the couch, but masturbating with a long dildo to orgasm (and giving it a nice blowjob)!!! Luckily, office workers pass by only after she comes, with vaginal contractions visible even with the hard pounding. Sexy views of her riding the dildo, as well as ass views of the toy going as deep as possible. Notice how milky wet she gets too. Her confidence in public nudity only seems to grow with every shoot! Back home, she uses her favorite Magic Wand toy, and ends up with another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Notice how milky wet she gets, and she fingers herself getting the juices all over her them! In her sexiest outfit yet, she's wearing a long red dress and heels, walking through a glassy office building, doing more upskirt and downblouse teases. In no time she's naked again, fingering herself, massaging her breasts, and getting flirty with the camera! Taking her heels off, she gives us some foot fetish play as she massages her feet, and sucks on her toes. Then she pulls out a vibrating dildo, and fucks herself with it right there on the bench outside! She ends up having another orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions. This fit sporty girl needs another sporty scene, this time playing tennis bottomless! We get to enjoy her shapely firm butt, and see her in motion once again. Since she's naked, we see those breasts bounce, and views from down under as she plays ball... After getting all sweaty in the hot sun, she goes home to masturbate with the Magic Wand for one last time, and ends up with another orgasm. She's a sexy, mature and erotic addition to FTV, and a first timer for adult -- exploring her sexuality in ways that let her discover a lot more about her superfit body :)


Sep 9, 2016

80 mins

301 pics

She's a sexy, athletic and sensual model who has never done any adult work before, besides art nudes and glamour -- but her sexual side comes out in a big way, and we get to see it all on FTV! We first see her at a resort area, wearing a miniskirt, seethrough top and sexy strappy heels, giving us upskirt views since she's not wearing any panties! Then she finds a spot right out in the open to finger herself, and notice how wet she is! Stripping down naked on the top floor of the resort with a view, she shows off her pubic hair, and starts trimming it right there! She masturbates some more with her fingers, then gives us extreme closeups of her pretty clitoris, then does some more naked walking. Risking getting caught, she parades around in the nude, so we can really enjoy watching this firm, sexy, athletic figure! Notice how perfect her full butt is, and we get a lot of video of that perfect ass. After a lunch break interview, she pees off the edge of a cliff, getting it all over her butt... Back home, she masturbates with the Magic Wand toy, with two camera views of the action -- and ends up having a very strong orgasm with some incredibly strong vaginal contractions! She then does a thorough shaving scene, where she uses clippers, then a razor to trim her pubic hair to a nice, clean landing strip. She then shows off her pretty clitoris, pulls on her small labia, and tries to gape for us. Fingering herself, she talks about how she discovered masturbation at an early age, and when she lost her virginity. She's never done ass play before, and so for the first time in her life, she fingers her butt, experimenting anally. She spreads her butt cheeks wide... Its then time for a sensual nude dance, where we get to enjoy her naked body move to music from two different camera angles, her shapely firm form moving in a very arousing manner. We just can't get enough of that sexy butt of hers! In the hot summer heat, we see her jogging in a sexy sports bra and tight shorts, and get wedgie as well as cameltoe views as she stretches her legs. Then she goes running on a canal area, eventually getting completely naked! In that rather direct, hot summer sun, you see how flawless her figure is, while she runs a sweat, risking full public nudity... even rubbing herself while she's there! To finish herself off, she uses a vintage vibrator, and ends up getting dripping wet with milky juices. Just the beginning, this sexy girl comes back for part2, where she goes all out in erotic fashion, and some hard penetration...

Kristen and Nina

Sep 2, 2016

105 mins

408 pics

Supercute & petite Kristen returns, for an adventure shoot set in Hawaii... and she brings along her girlfriend Nina, who lends a hand... in the literal sense! We meet both girls on the Waikiki strip, watching them walk around in sexy dresses & wedges, and making out all over the place! We get upskirt views of Kristen, then visit a fancy resort where she takes her panties off and flashes some more... Out at a park, they play with the ducks, and we see between Kristen's legs and her long labia, and watch Nina pull and tug on her nipples. They then go to a bench, where Nina starts fingering Kristen, and Kristen ends up masturbating right there! It leads to more labia play, and sexy butt cheek spreads right in public! Back home, Kristen masturbates with the Eroscillator Toy to orgasm, then has Nina stretch and pull on her labia. Then it gets extreme... when Nina starts fingering her, with more and more fingers going in until her whole hand slips in! It turns in to a fisting scene on the kitchen counter, then outside on the balcony, with Nina's hand going deep inside Kristen. She gets fisted hard and deep! Later that day, the girls go out to a nature hike deep in a forest near Kailua. The further they go into the jungle, the greener and more quiet it gets... and Kristen gets completely naked, ending up near a large tree where she ends up using a rather large summer squash. She rides it with Nina's help, rubs herself hard and fast to orgasm. In the evening they go out on the town, while Nina records her teasing and dancing. The next morning, the girls are seen in bikinis at a popular local beach, and Kristen ends up taking her bikini off and splash around the beach naked. It turns extreme when she gets fisted by Nina in doggy style! The fishermen and passers-by are pleasantly shocked by this. Kristen gets off from the experience... At a farmer's market, Kristen buys some tangerines, then goes home to stuff two of them inside her, filling her up! Notice how its stretches her out... even more kinky is when she uses the Eroscillator Toy to masturbate and orgasm while the two tangerines are inside her! Notice the strong vaginal contractions even while she's so fully stuffed. And so ends this Hawaii adventure, a fun trip experiencing exotic locales, while we enjoy Kristen having fun in FTV style :)

Blaire II

Aug 27, 2016

73 mins

246 pics

This leggy, supercute tall, and now-confident teen decides to go shopping... and it ends up becoming a cute little public nudity session! She visits a department store in search of cute heels, and with her super short shorts, we get to see little peeks between her legs where her vagina sticks out! She does some modeling for us, walking back and forth in the isles, flashing her full firm breasts... Then goes into the changeroom to shoot herself getting naked, trying on dresses, and fingering herself! Then at a restaurant, she puts her legs up on a table, and plays with her private parts! She's getting more daring... and theres something incredibly arousing about getting those peeks between her long legs. She then goes home, and masturbates in the nude with the Eroscillator Toy, and ends up having another strong orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions right in your face! Then its all about anal play, and being rather new to it, we first see her finger herself deep in the butt, getting to learn a little about deep anal penetration, then going wider as she starts stuffing more fingers. She ends up getting four fingers inside her butt, and trying to gape her virgin butthole as wide as she can! She then gets fingered in the butt, and has her vagina pushed upwards through the anal walls... kinky! Then comes out the 7 inch blue toy, which she gets inside her butt all the way to the base! That some seriously deep anal penetration! She then fucks herself with it, learning the 'feeling' of having anal sex. Then we get kinkier with a speculum scene, and she shows off her 'muscular' vagina as it contracts around the device while you see deep inside! Ever experimenting with bigger things, she then tries a large glass toy, which she pushes as deep as it can go, and then fucks herself with it, using her strong vaginal muscles to push it out. On the second day, we see her in a beautiful white dress and pink heels, watch her parade around giving us upskirt views and seethrough shots of her dress, and see her finger herself near a construction area. Then its all about her sexy heels, when she takes them off at home, gives it a blowjob, then fucks herself with her shoe heel in a rather sensual kinky penetration scene. More Eroscillator play is next, and she ends up with another strong orgasm, with her strong vaginal contractions explicitly exposed. We go up close to see her pretty private parts and her swollen clit; and then she plays with her long labia, stretching and pulling it -- even wrapping it around her finger! Best for last, she tries out the Big Ten Toy, first giving it a blowjob, attempting a deepthroat, then penetrating herself on the couch. She fucks it hard and fast, then rides it for a very sexy Big Ten Toy ride, going really deep! She ends the day with a nice dinner, and give us her goodbyes. She's the ideal FTV girl -- a total first timer, with a naturally beautiful look, a sweet innocent charm, and a kinky side she wanted to express here, on FTV :)


Aug 26, 2016

52 mins

202 pics

18 years old, supercute, girl next door type, Blaire is striking when you see her, not just because of her beauty, but of how tall she is! Over six feet tall, with heels she's going beyond 6'4". Even with her leggy slim look, she's got a perfect pair of full, firm breasts underneath and a nice butt too! She's a total first timer, who has never done any adult work before, and her shyness in front of the camera shows. We first see her wearing a sexy black dress and wedges, walking down a street, giving us upskirt views and teasing us with her supercute private parts between her legs. Eventually she takes all her clothes off, and walks around naked in an open, public resort area! Notice... no tattoos on this perfect figure... She finds a place inside a lobby by a windowsill, rubbing herself between her legs, in a rather sensual masturbation scene. We get to then see her pretty private parts up close, as she spreads and fingers herself (and she seems to be naturally wet all the time!). Finding a large, long eggplant, she gives it a blowjob in the mirror, then penetrates herself with it, going as deep as she can go, with her juices building up on it... showing us how far deep she got it naturally, and how wide the eggplant stretches that surprisingly petite vagina! She wants to get naked again, so she takes her dress off and walks in the nude on a street... She then gets introduced to the Eroscillator Toy (she's never used a vibrator before) and ends up having such a strong orgasm! Such strong vaginal contractions... According to her, she's never orgasmed while masturbating, so its her first?!? She then plays around in the pool in the nude, and does some dancing to music both in a bikini as well as naked. Love the way she moves her butt! She finds herself a popsicle, then stuffs it inside her, making it melt immediately and drip sugary juice out of her... Then she continues the watersport theme by peeing out on the rocks, and taking a sensual shower. This is just the warm-up shoot for her on the first day, she's going all out kinky on the next shoot with the confidence of being one of the cutest FTV girls to ever grace the site :)


Aug 19, 2016

100 mins

369 pics

She's a supercute, fun little blonde teen who has her FTV adventure experience, discovering orgasms, public nudity, and toy play! With big blue eyes, gorgeous silky long blonde hair, and sexy thighs, she draws attention to herself wherever she goes. We first see her at a strip mall wearing tight white pants and a braless top, interview her, then watch her as she flashes her breasts and takes her pants off to finger herself right there! Her very pretty privates are a joy to look at. She does a little dance to the mall music, then has a lunch interview and goes back home to masturbate. Using the Magic Wand toy, she has a pleasurable experience reaching a strong orgasm, with very visible strong vaginal contractions. It makes her so giggly... She has a very pretty and yummy looking private area, so we go straight to extreme closeups of her clit, and even her playing and pinching it after it was swollen with the vibrator. Then she plays with her long labia, stretching and pulling on them, and gaping her petite place with four fingers, talking about when she lost her virginity and how she first started masturbating. For the first time in her life, she tries some ass play, inserting a finger in her butt, and spreading her anus using two fingers. Then she attempts to use a small butt plug which she gets nearly all of it in, but she's still too tight down there! Looking more sexy with a short skirt and black heels, she parades around a house, giving us upskirt and downblouse views, then spreading for us, and a striptease dance to music. Using her own personal vibrating dildo, she masturbates with it, both penetrating and stimulating her clit, to another orgasm that leaves milky wet juices behind. She's a sporty one, with a fit body, and an expert at volleyball -- but ends up playing basketball for our shoot. She's good at the hoop too, and her little volleyball shorts show off her perfect butt and legs, and her loose top reveals those succulent breasts. She ends up giving her breasts a nice hard massage, squeezing them and playing with them from every angle. Then she goes out to play tennis, stripping down naked, and running around chasing the ball. Its a total pleasure to watch this cute teen's firm body in action outdoors! When she goes home to masturbate again, she uses the Magic Wand toy, and she has another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions... and a little squirt! She's never squirted in her life... Wearing a pretty blue dress & heels, she does her Christmas thing (yes some of this was shot in December of last year!) and uses the metallic plug found on the tree in her vagina, and parades around with it. Then its time for the Big Ten Toy, which she rides down deep, then rubs her clit while doing it missionary. Its the biggest thing she's ever had in her vagina, and she enjoyed it. Next she uses the similarly sized large glass toy, pushing it as deep as it goes, and pounding herself with it at the same time rubbing her clit, until she has another orgasm. It really stretches her tiny vagina out... Then for foot fetish fans, she does some foot play, and even some foot tickling with Lia before heading out for more outdoor nudity. Walking around a street, she goes topless and bottomless, until its time to say goodbye. A total girl next door type, she's another pretty teen with first experiences here on FTV.


Aug 12, 2016

107 mins

367 pics

She recently turned 18, and has started her career in porn with FTV. Never shot nudes before, let alone outdoors in public, but she's more than excited and confident about it! She's cute, very petite, but with a full, firm pair of perfect breasts, and a bubble butt as well. We're introduced to her near a tourist desination, and watch her reveal her breasts, then finger herself, show off her flexibility, and go ahead and spread her long labia right on the spot! She then finds a rooftop bar to get naked, and uses her fingers to masturbate to orgasm right there! Her satisfying vaginal contractions are quite visible; and to celebrate she runs around naked, letting us watch those super firm breasts bounce. She's never used a vibrator before; so at home she's introduced to the Eroscillator Toy which brings her to an even stronger orgasm with super strong vaginal contractions! She has long labia, so the stretches and pulls on them, then gives us extreme closeups of her swollen clit, and spreads her butt for us. After pushing her limits by stuffing four fingers inside her, she's introduced to the Big Ten Toy. Its the largest penis she's ever had, and works it in slowly. She eventually gets used to it moving faster, and rides it very deep! With the Big Ten still inside her, she fires up the Eroscillator vibrator, and ends up having another orgasm while fucking herself with the dildo! She gets so milky wet, and tastes her juices... Later that night, she flashes at a restaurant (she never wears a bra!) then continues with public nudity at a department store, and films herself changing and playing with herself in the changeroom. Later in the day, we see her in a cute white dress & wedges, walking around an arts center, giving us upskirt views; then she visits a gallery and strips naked there. Walking in the nude through the art, she finds her favorite vibrator, masturbating to another strong & visible orgasm! She then fucks herself with a large cucumber, then squats and pees poolside. Back on location, she's wearing a super short dress that reveals pink panties, and gives us nice butt shots along with more fingering, then uses a razor to shave what pubic hair she has left... and then uses the razor like a penetration toy! More orgasms continue with her trying the Magic Wand toy for the first time, ending with some foot fetish play and a cute dancing scene in the nude. Eighteen, a first timer, cute and petite, she's another fresh face to the FTV list of cute, sexual teens.

Lana III

Aug 7, 2016

65 mins

277 pics

The super gorgeous Lana's adventure continues as we wake up with her in the morning, comfy and cuddly in bed. Her big naturals look so good while she sleeps, then stretches her body on the bed. She tears some of the sheets to use like rope for her breasts, and does some mini-bondage. Then she sucks on her pretty toes for some foot fetish. Out in the bathroom, we get to enjoy her full breasts being massaged and squeezed really hard, with some butt play afterwards. She then goes back to the bed to use her fingers to masturbate, to a nice, natural and sensual orgasm. Her breasts look so good when she does it... This sporty girl gets back out for another active session, this time on a mountain trail, and we get to enjoy her taking her top off and climbing/running up. She finds a cavern area, and ends up rubbing and fingering herself... The public nudity continues at a breakfast place, and she looks so hot teasing her privates! Its time to enjoy another dancing session with Lana, this time in heels, and shot a little differently; with even more emphasis on her figure and her gorgeous face. At the end, she ends up kicking up her legs and squirting pee so far! After a lunch break interview, she finds herself a suction cup dildo, connects it to the garage wall, and does herself anally doggy style! Then she rides it on the kitchen counter, spreading her cheeks so you can see it penetrate her up close, and finally against a mirror. With her legs spread behind her head, and her ass up in the air, she masturbates with the Eroscillator toy one last time; and has another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions up real close! We then get more extreme closeups of her super pretty private parts, and labia stretching. For some FTV style fetish, she finds herself a long chain of beads, and pushes them into her vagina, then pulls them out. Then they go into her butt, and eventually she gets all of them in her!! That thing went really deep inside her butt. Then the slow pullout... As the day comes to an end, she's back out in her jogging clothes, running topless on a street, showing off her flexibility and saying her good-byes. Its been another nice adventure with Lana, and she's definitely one of the most beautiful girls to ever grace the covers of FTV.

Lana II

Aug 5, 2016

77 mins

238 pics

Members' megafavorite Lana is back, and wow, she's more gorgeous than ever! Now a brunette, those beautiful crystal blue eyes stand out even more. Her breasts and butt have also grown bigger, fuller... so we are excited to see her again! We first meet her at a tourist area, watching her parade around in a short summer dress that keeps revealing her panties! We hear that beautiful voice of hers during an interview, then watch her giggle and flash as she does cartwheels right there in the public place! She flashes her full breasts, teases us with her pretty shaved vagina, then returns home to masturbate... with her favorite vibrator -- the Eroscillator Toy. She ends up having a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, fingers her wetness, gives us extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts, then gets extra horny on the photographer and starts riding him... Wearing cute black bra & panties, looking like a model straight out of Victoria's Secret, she does a sexy dance for us, stripping down and showing off her flexibility with splits and spreads. She goes out to the back yard, does some naked cartwheels, then pees in the grass. We then get to enjoy her full breasts, as she squishes them against the railing, gives it a titty fuck, and pulls on her nipples. Then she bounces around on a diving board, so we can watch those big breasts bounce around! After a lunch break, we see her in sporty wear, running around a park, doing more acrobatics, flashing her breasts to guys nearby and all out nude public fun... Time to get kinky, and she decides to use her hairbrush handle as a sex toy, penetrating herself both in her vagina and butt! More toy play, this time with a 7 inch blue dildo, that also goes in both holes, then is used in tandem with a glass toy to double penetrate herself, and fuck herself anally. We get to see her spread her butt wide... Then she finishes herself off with the Eroscillator Toy, and ends up with another strong orgasm with in-your-face strong vaginal contractions! By the end, we get to enjoy her in lingerie looking over the city at night, but its not over yet! More to come in part 2...

Eva II

Jul 31, 2016

73 mins

211 pics

The tall & sexy leggy teen Eva continues with her exhibitionistic side, by visiting a popular strip mall near a resort, and plays around a fountain. She's wearing a cute miniskirt and heels, no panties of course... and fingers herself right there as people walk by! Doing upskirt twirls and just generally being a spunky fun girl in heels, she pulls out her glass butt plug toy, and pushes in into her butt right there in the open! Bending over, that miniskirt is so short you see the plug sticking out of her perfect, firm toned butt! She has that natural talent to move in a sexy way, whether its twirling the upskirt in public, or dancing to music. So she does a sexy striptease to a song, and we get to enjoy that slender, firm and toned figure move before our eyes. Then she masturbates with the Eroscillator toy and the glass plug in her butt, to another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Notice how the orgasm makes the butt plug move about! She gets so wet, and tastes herself... When she gapes, notice how wet she is inside! She fingers herself while squatting, to squirt one more time. She has pierced nipples, and we watch her twist and pull on them up close, and she can even lick her nipples! With the Big Ten Toy, she shows off an incredible talent -- the ability to deepthroat -- really deep! She takes two thirds of the Big Ten down her thoat when she gives it a blowjob! She then rides it hard and deep, nearly to its base, and then fucks herself with it on the couch. Even though her vagina is so filled with the big ten, she pushes the butt plug in her ass as well! That gives her even more pleasure, along with rubbing her clit, to another orgasm. There was a cosplay event going on nearby, and Eva wanted to be a part of it -- in her case, in a princess Leia outfit! Her body has the perfect shape for it, and as she walks about in a busy grocery area, she confuses random passers-by, and does a little pole climb for the heck of it! She finds somewhere in the back to flash and finger herself, but goes home to achieve one of the most extreme anal things we've ever seen! Taking the 14 inch long butt toy, she pushes it in, deeper and deeper, until she gets almost the entire thing in her butt! That is the deepest any girl has ever done a toy in her butt on FTV.


Jul 29, 2016

53 mins

160 pics

Slender, leggy nineteen year old Eva is a friend of recent update Violet, and wanted her first time adult shoot to be with FTV -- partly because she loves the exhibitionism! So we start in a very public place, a car show, watching her walk around in a conservative white dress and wedges, but start right away with upskirt views right there! She has pubic hair, which when seen through the strong sunlight, can be seen right through the semi-seethrough white dress. No panties of course! We also discover that she has a thing for butt plugs, and she's brought one with her -- so at a pretty resort, she decides to push one into her butt, and parade around the resort with it inside her! She keeps it in her because it feels good, and so it stays there even when she has breakfast, and we get to see it under the table... Then she takes her clothes off to walk around naked in a parking lot, a construction area and the workers as well as drivers watch and enjoy that naked form. And the whole time, that butt plug stays in! Back home, she uses the Eroscillator toy (still with the butt plug inside her) to masturbate to a strong orgasm, and her strong vaginal contractions are amplified with the movement of the butt plug in response... She gets so wet inside her fingers are full of her sticky juices as she pushes them in. She's also a squirter, in her own unique way -- if she squats after an orgasm, and fingers her g-spot, she'll end up squirting, and does so all over the floor... And the water sports continue with her peeing poolside afterwards. Oh, and what a nice firm butt she's got! Then we watch her play with her pubic hair, get extreme closeups of her pretty clit, and spread & gape herself, leading to anal fingering. She ends up getting four fingers in her butt! She goes as deep as she can, and enjoys that pressure. Then its time for her to push her limits vaginally, as she attempts to fist, and nearly gets her whole hand in! It stretches her out quite a bit, so she can gape... and you see right inside her! Her strong vaginal muscles open and close her hole as she wishes... Her exbitionistic style adventure continues in part 2...


Jul 22, 2016

103 mins

354 pics

Kelly just turned 18, she's a rather shy, but supercute petite girl who has never done anything adult before, and here's her First Time Experience. Total girl next door type with big doe eyes and full pouty lips, and rather young-looking, she's quite sexually experienced, and loves to masturbate. She discovers many new things about her sexuality on this shoot! We first see her at a park, in a cute schoolgirl outfit, short skirt and braless top. Sitting on a bench, she takes her panties off and gives us upskirt teases, fingers herself, and does twirlies as well as cartwheels showing off her bubble butt out in public! Back home, she's interviewed, then photographed doing a slow striptease, getting herself warmed up to the camera. Then she starts masturbating with her fingers, rubbing her clit to orgasm, the way she does it in her private life. She has never used a vibrator before, so she is introduced to the Eroscillator -- which brings her to a stronger orgasm and visible vaginal contractions. She then fingers her wet vagina, using the moisture to push as many as four fingers in her! She then shows off her pretty petite clitoris as well as try to spread and gape herself. She then plays with her own personal glass toy, then upgrading to a larger dildo. The dildo is a new experience for her, and she really enjoys the feeling of the penetration -- enough that she keeps pounding herself with it, then uses the Eroscillator in tandem for another, even stronger orgasm! Then she goes even bigger, and is introduced to the Big Ten toy. Not only is she able to use it, she actually enjoys it so much that it becomes her new favorite dildo! She pounds herself with it, rides it, then seems eager for more... So then the FTV Monster is brought out, and she even though it pushes her limits, she takes quite a bit of it deep inside her! After a lunch break and a quick upskirt, we see her in a cute dress and wedges taking her panties off at a busy strip mall. Its all the more about upskirt views and teasers until she goes home, and gives us a cute foot fetish scenes, sucking on her cute, petite feet. A little dance is next, she's pretty shy about it but its cute to watch her move her hips to the music... Then she experiments anally, starting with a finger, then using a beaded toy, and finally using a larger glass toy and fitting the larger ball side end inside! Going back to her new favorite vibrator, she masturbates to orgasm with the Eroscillator toy again, then gets really sexy... Her black dress & black heels give her a mature and very hot look, and her bubble butt looks so good! She gives her butt a nice hard massage, then sucks on her nipples, tugs on them, twists them, and massages her breasts. She fingers her wet vagina, then gets introduced to the FTV Titan toy, with its huge head... and she gets just the head in, pushing her limits! She goes for the Big Ten toy instead, which she's come to love, and rides it, then uses the Eroscillator again while fucking herself with the Big Ten for her best orgasm of the day.

Amy II

Jul 15, 2016

67 mins

251 pics

In Amy's second day of shooting, this tall and beautiful girl gets even more extreme, and pushes limits we though not possible! Wearing a sexy short blue dress and heels, she walks around a resort, giving us upskirt views, and gapes her vagina from behind. Finding a water hose, she turns it on, and pushes the hose inside her, squirting water out, turning her vagina into a makeshift water fountain! She's excited to try the FTV Monster Toy, and now is her chance. Right there, she gives it a blowjob, then does herself missionary, squirting juices out... then rides it super deep! She pushes her vagina to its limits going down on it, and even tries it doggy, with it attached to the wall. Finding a comfy chair, with her legs spread and exposed to a busy street, she starts fisting herself again, going deep, and feeling herself deep inside. Then she takes four fingers from each side, and super gapes for us, always trying to exceed what she did the time before! After a lunch interview, she strips down to music, doing another cute dance. Notice how nicely shaped her breasts are, and very perky. Then she tries masturbating with the Magic Wand toy... with an extreme twist! She pushes that giant head inside her vagina, until it locks inside, then uses a second Magic Wand toy on her clit... which gives her so much vibration on both in and out of her that it brings her to a toe curling orgasm! She then gives herself the ultimate anal challenge... parading around in a cute white dress & wedges, she shows off her butt, then starts fingering it. Four fingers lead to five, and then she starts fisting herself anally! The hand goes in deep, and as she starts deep fisting her ass for quite a while, she starts practicing gaping her butt, which she does with four fingers on each side, spreading incredibly wide! She then moves to large glass toys, which she double penetrates, then pounds hard in both holes, and even gets beyond kinky by pushing them in angles that forces her vaginal walls outwards... In her final challenge, she tries to take the Glass Titan Toy, which is a monster of a glass toy in her vagina, and gets the round ball head in... then does the FTV Monster Toy anally! Never have we had such a first timer who has never done any porn be so capable and extreme, especially with how cute and girl-next-door type she is. Extreme fans enjoy!


Jul 11, 2016

101 mins

262 pics

She's a cute newcomer teen and wants to try out the adult industry just for fun, and with her beautiful eyes and cute tattoo-free body she knew FTV would be the perfect fit! When we meet Cora she's showing us some of her new clothes she brought along to the shoot and right away we notice how shy and quiet she is with her tiny voice. When she undresses to try on some of the clothes she brought we notice how tight that slender teen body of hers is, with perky pretty breasts and skinny legs to go along with her adorable shy smile! Her tight little striped dress makes it easy to flash her perky 34B boobies, a feature which she demonstrates to us along with pulling up the back to give a glimpse at her nice cute butt. It's a dress she likes to wear in her personal life and usually wears it without panties, which is a little more daring than one might expect with her shy demeanor! Next we see some footage taken during an outdoor photoshoot, experimenting a little with public nudity and walking around to show that fit form in her tight dress. Next we see her out on the boat with her leg propped up, touching her privates as the boat floated around...and she reveals she's never had an orgasm before in her life! She gets a couple of lessons on how to use a toy (it's her first time playing with a vibrator or indeed any kind of toy) and then uses the vibrator for a nice long masturbation session which increases in power and speed but doesn't quite bring her to orgasm. Next we see her trying a more powerful toy, the vintage Vibraking which she seems VERY happy with! She rubs her puffy privates, letting the toy work its vibrating magic which doesn't quite bring her to orgasm but does produce a mini-squirt, accentuated with penetration using a blue toy at the same time. After she rests for a minute she is too sensitive to continue vibrations so she moves to pure penetration, using the same long ribbed blue toy again followed by some finger fun, seeing how many she can fit inside at once. Next it's all about size as she tries larger toys, starting with a big black suction cup dildo which she rides and then pounds herself with harder and harder, then graduating to an even thicker toy, which ended up being just a little TOO big. We next see her alone with the camera on a tripod, using a large magic wand type toy to masturbate her already-swollen clitoris. The toy parade continues as she uses the glass ball toy, then it's time to get kinky with some panty stuffing and gaping, and then we get to see video of the pantystuffing photoshoot. Next she moves to her butt, she had never experimented with anal pleasure but tried it out, rubbing her butthole with a finger and penetrating herself for the first time. Afterwards it was time for a little dance party, and we get to see that tight lithe teen form doing its thing as Cora shakes and shimmies to her music, twerking nude and getting more comfortable having fun moving her body to finish off the first day of shooting. We then see her getting kinky once again as she stuffed a souvenir brandy bottle in the shape of the Eiffel Tower in her vagina! The following day was all about public nudity as Cora flashes her perky teen boobs in public, jogging around and pulling up her little skirt to show her lack of panties...she even spreads and rubs her vagina right out in the open near some guys playing tennis! Next we see her getting kinky again, this time with a large yellow squash which she stuffs inside and then a huge zucchini which she takes as deep as she can manage - note how creamy her tight vagina is getting from the kinky penetration - before heading outside to 'wash up'! She washes her privates with the hose out on the patio, getting a little kinky inserting the end of the hose to let the water squirt back out. Back in public her erect nipples strain at her shirt and everyone seems to be staring, but she doesn't mind the attention too much! We see her saying goodbye out in public, then are treated to a little extra footage as she types her episode write-up, then some flashing during lunch and in the aisles at a store. Cora is a very shy teen without much sexual exploration but we get to see her personality coming through here as she shares some very intimate first time experiences...right here on FTV!


Jul 8, 2016

52 mins

247 pics

The tall, beautiful Amy is a 19 year old former fashion model, but don't let that fool you, this girl next door type has a superkinky, extreme side to her! We first meet this gorgeous teen at a fancy tourist area, watching her walk around in a sexy black dress... nice long legs! We interview her, and then she starts flashing her butt, exposing her breasts, and fingering herself right there! Never having done porn before, this First Timer is shy in front of the camera, but not shy about what she wants to accomplish for FTV... She shocks us by going doggy and fingering her butt, two, three, then four fingers just like that! After getting caught in the act several times, she visits a resort, and proceeds to give us extreme closeups, pull on her labia, and finger herself. Then she pulls out two spiral glass dildos, one which goes in her vagina, and the other in her butt! Both go deep down to their base, and then she walks around with them! Back home, she is introduced to the Eroscillator toy (she had never used a vibrator before) and ends up having two orgasms, with visible vaginal contractions. She then shows of her pretty clit, talking about how she lost her virginity, and spreads for us. Then she starts gaping her vagina, so wide you can see deep inside! Water is poured into her gaping hole, and then she squirts it back out all over her... she even creates a little 'swimming pool' in her vagina! Then she goes very extreme, by fisting herself deep from every possible position imaginable, going way past the wrist, pounding hard and pulling out. She even goes deep enough that she could push & feel her tummy up with her hand in there! She then gapes even wider, with four fingers from each hand pulling her open! Wearing her yoga workout outfit, she strips for us, slow dances to music, then takes her top and stuffs most of it inside of her! This is just the beginning of this First Timer's extreme experience, it gets even more intense on day two...


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