Veronica & Nicole Remastered II

Jan 13, 2023

76 mins

196 pics

REMASTERED IN 4k for 2023! The Hawaii shoot continues, with the FTV sweethearts Nicole and Veronica visiting a park for a little sporty fun! Both girls are wearing cute jogging wear, revealing enough breast and butt to turn people on as they jog by. Of course, this is an FTV shoot so their breasts pop out and now they're running topless and flashing their butt! Going through this popular Kapiolani Park, they swing on banyan trees topless, then get intimate with more kissing and topless acrobatics in the grass. They're then off to a very exotic locale in a jungle trail near Pali, hiking through the super green and dense forest, holding hands and kissing when they can. Bit by bit, their tops come off, then panties, then everything else until they're hiking completely naked and climbing downed trees & jumping off rocks. They find themselves under a great tree, and end up 'finding' a pair of long, skinny eggplants to play with. Veronica ends up using one on Nicole, doing her doggy style, then fingering her hard and spreading & gaping her vagina. Nicole returns the favor, until Veronica takes control and pounds herself hard to what seems an orgasm from an eggplant? As if on cue, the weather gets stormy and heavy rains begin. They manage to run back to the car wet and naked, and decide to flash and wave to the traffic going by all in the nude! After drying up, they have a change of clothes, putting on cute dresses and visiting a park with a lot of stray cats. No panties, and we peek up the girls' short dresses while they bend over to play with the cats... Later that night, the girls take over the camera, going out and recording each other on the Waikiki strip. Flashing at the restaurant they're eating, going to the mall, showing their boobs to the guys nearby, even masturbating at the beach at night (Veronica ends up finger banging herself on the beach, and ends up squrting)! The next day, they travel to a busy tourist area full of Asian architecture. Wearing those cute short dresses again, they flash right in front of the tourists, then make out and get very frisky with each other right there! Some tourists like what they see, others take pictures, and some just look plain upset. The girls want to visit the beach again, so we see them in casual wear, going to the very busy streets on the strip. They end up making out and sucking on each other's breasts right out in the open, getting extremely risky with their public nudity! Eventually a very angry fellow chastizes them, and the girls run off, disappointing all the guys who were enjoing the view. Then the girls end up on Waikiki beach right next to the lifeguard stand, and take their tops off to tan topless in the sun. If that isn't enough, they get frisky all over again, get completely naked and spread away! This gets the girls horny, and they end up going home to masturbate. As they cuddle, Veronica masturbates with her glass toy, ending up with a strong orgasm and squirting all over the balcony! Nicole then uses the Eroscillator Toy to a very strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions as Veronica watches from the balcony. She then fingers Nicole to test how wet she's become, and taste her juices... And so ends another Hawaii adventure, with two fun loving girls that ended up with some very sweet chemistry together.

Veronica & Nicole Remastered

Jan 4, 2023

82 mins

273 pics

REMASTERED IN 4k for 2023! Its time for another Hawaii adventure, and two of FTV's most popular sweethearts get to share the experience together! On a sunny, warm day in Waikiki, we see the gorgeous Veronica and the supercute Nicole in cute summer dresses & wedges walking & holding hands... then making out -- in the middle of a very busy intersection! They get very frisky with each other, drawing the attention of tourists and residents alike. No matter where they go, they are touchy-feely, deep kissing and feeling each other up. No bra or panties, so we get upskirt views and breast flashing (and so does everyone else around them!). Some tourists want to take pictures with them... After more public nudity at a fancy resort, mall, and restaurant, they go home to relax their feet after miles of walking, and give us a little foot fetish session of their pretty, petite and well manicured feet. Then they massage each others' bodies, give nice hard breast & butt massages -- but Veronica has this little fetish -- spanking! She has a bunch of spanking toys she brought with her, and Nicole spanks her butt and breasts until they are red and sore. The girls decide to get even more intimate with each other, by masturbating on each other! Nicole starts first, using the Eroscillator toy until she has a nice strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, right in front of Veronica's face. Veronica then fingers her, testing out her wetness inside. Then its Veronica's turn, using her glass toy to pound herself to a milky wet orgasm. She then masturbates again, ending squirting on top of Nicole and onto her belly. She licks it up... On the next day, the girls are seen at the beach early in the morning, greeting surfers and fishermen. Soon enough, the bikinis come off, and they're running around naked everywhere while people congregate and take pictures! They make out freely, and flash their private parts as they get sandy and wet. Then they find a glass toy to play with, pounding each other doggy style as deep as it can go. Rinsing off at the outdoor beach showers, they draw even more attention from the tourists and tour buses, and they love it all! After some breakfast topless at a restaurant, they go home for some very intimate oral sex play, licking each other's clits and doing some hard and deep fingering (as well as spreading and gaping each other). Nicole as a good time with Veronica's clit piercing... Back out to visit Waikiki in the sunset, they flash some more in cute summer dresses, do backbends right in front of the strip with the skirts coming down flashing everyone nearby!


Dec 25, 2022

81 mins

379 pics

This supercute leggy teen is shooting adult for her first time, but has that confidence in her sexy figure to show off her beautiful form! We first see her at a golf resort, walking around in a super short miniskirt that exposes her butt cheeks! On this hot August day, she sits and plays with herself, as people walk their dogs nearby -- we get some nice panty views and butt cheek spreads! She then takes her panties off, rubbing her clit, enjoy those closeups of her very pretty privates! At the golf course she does some backbends and cartwheels before going home for a dancing scene and a peeing video. When its time to masturbate, she has a very strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, thanks to the Magic Wand Toy! Then we see her spread and pull on her long labia, exposing that swollen clit. The Big Ten Toy is next, and though she can't take it more than 7 inches, she uses it in combination with the Magic Wand to have a very heavy squirting orgasm, wetting the couch! Gaping her pussy, notice how milky wet it is inside, and then she prolapses it out so you can see her very pink pussy walls! Never done anal before, she warms up with a finger, then uses a small glass toy for her very first anal experience... At lunch, she does a cute interview and teasers at a restaurant before going home to put on a cute nightie and heels. In the bathroom, we get some foot fetish, then let her fuck the Big Ten again. She rides it at first, then fucks it missionary and squirts a whole lot more! Eventually another strong orgasm with the Magic Wand. It just happens to be that two FTV Milfs are shooting that day, and she gets to participate in fisting another woman! She's the ideal kind of FTV cutie, natural and beautiful, and we hope you enjoy her natural sexuality :)

River II

Dec 20, 2022

46 mins

225 pics

It's a holiday miracle! The beautiful and leggy River has returned to FTV and we're reintroduced as she walks up in a sexy short red dress and strappy black high heels, sticking a suction cup toy to the wall and chatting about how her final semester in college is going (including some of her sexual experiences). We see her taking the toy in her mouth to show her sensual blowjob skills, and then she climbs on top to ride the big toy deep while holding a magic wand vibrator against her clit! Next up is some holiday celebration in a santa hat with skimpy thong panties and knee high stockings on, trimming the tree and caressing her pert shapely pair...and hanging ornaments on her erect nipples! She sucks on an icicle-like glass toy, licking it up and down and touching her privates with her fingertips before fucking herself...and using the vintage Vibraking toy as well for strong orgasmic pleasure. Changing into her very sexy black lingerie she chats with the photographer, then slips off the lingerie and her panties to go for a ride on a curved dildo on the kitchen countertop for another nice climax. We end up on the rooftop of a public garage next as River gets into a red convertible, admiring the sunset views and then masturbating in a stairwell for naughty play before saying's another hot look at this leggy college student, and we hope she decides on an FTV return visit!


Dec 13, 2022

75 mins

322 pics

She's a cute blonde nineteen year old who has never shot any adult before and wants to start! We first meet her at a tourist area by the big Christmas tree as she introduces herself, then teases us her pretty assets before going home to masturbate. Undressing and showing off her nice round breasts, nipples and butt, she starts using the Magic Wand toy. She ends up with a nice strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, and notice how juicy wet she is when she fingers herself! She has very pretty privates, and we get closeups of her clit as she talks about her sex life. Then using the Big Ten Toy, she starts fucking herself hard and deep, taking 9 inches deep! With the help of the Magic Wand, she ends up with another strong orgasm, pounding real hard to get there! Then she gapes for us, real wide and deep... On the bed in some blue bra and panties, she pushes her limits with an even thicker purple dildo, taking it 9 inches and really stretching herself out! Riding it, she presses it deep into her tummy... Getting kinky, she plays around with some beads, a banana, and uses the Vibraking for more orgasmic pleasures. Enjoy this brand new teen, she's a cutie, and a fun debut for FTV :)


Dec 7, 2022

80 mins

312 pics

Our first glimpse of beautiful leggy Athena comes as she masturbates in the bed with a wireless magic wand toy, and we note how quickly this sexual teen brings herself to a nice orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, which we enjoy from several angles! Heading outdoors to a stairwell we see her sitting down in a short dress and cute high heels, giving some upskirt views of her privates - with no panties on, of course - and then rubbing her pussy with her fingertips enjoying her natural wetness. After rummaging around and picking out a few of her favorite toys, we see her in super sexy thigh high lace-up boots which accentuate those long legs, and they look even longer as she stretches herself out and puts on music for a sensual dance. Afterwards she sticks a thick pink toy to the floor with a suction cup and practices her oral skills on it, sucking it up and down on her hands and knees before climbing on top for a deep ride which we enjoy from up close...and even doing the splits on top to show her leggy flexibility! Next she changes into an outfit made literally of string, grinding and riding a clear dildo while holding a vibrating toy against her clitoris for another climax. After playing with some lacy panties a thick vibrating toy is next which she slides deep inside, enjoying the dual stimulation and then using a large vintage vibrator for more powerful pleasure! Finishing off the day outdoors, we see her relaxing in a hammock with her top pulled up as she chats with the photographer about some of her bisexual history before saying goodbye...Athena is a tall, leggy, lovely girl who had tons of fun in her first FTV shoot!


Nov 30, 2022

71 mins

372 pics

This sexy & busty blonde is a glamour model who is taking the next step in adult, and we get to see her first explicit shoot here on FTV! Driving down in a red 1982 Alfa Romeo, she's dressed up to match with a red top and heels; we enjoy her full cleavage as she strips down for us and we get to see her assets right there at a fancy resort! Going back home, she does a sexy dance to music, then starts fingering herself. Using the Magic Wand vibrator, she ends up having a very strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! We get extreme closeups of her privates, watching her spread her labia and show off her clit; then pushing four fingers in and touching her wetness inside. Going right to the big stuff, she tries the Red Monster dildo, and takes it really deep; 9 inches deep! Using the Magic Wand again, and her vagina stuffed to the max with the Big Red, she ends up having another strong orgasm! Knowing she can take it big, she then goes extreme when she ends up deep fisting herself! It ends up becoming a hard & fast fisting, and she enjoys the pressure and how it fills her! Then wearing a cute white dress and glitter heels, she shows off her anal fetish, by playing with a vibrating dildo in her butt, then using some beads in her vagina in a unique way of double penetrating herself! Then the large anal beads get pushed into her butt, and you get to see her gape her butt (rosebud style) real wide! After a heavy pee session, poolside she goes back to masturbating with the Magic Wand to another strong orgasm, notice those very strong vaginal contractions! She even squirts a little bit! To finish off, she ends up fisting again! Enjoy this cute glam girl who just turned extreme!


Nov 25, 2022

58 mins

193 pics

Sexy leggy Nova is relaxing on the bed as we meet her, sliding her hands down her body over her lacy blue bra and panties and showing off those cute high heels...and as her bra comes down we're treated to a nice view of those cute pert nipples! She squeezes those very shapely breasts together for a nice massage, pulling her nipples for some fun naughty play as well. She lays back and we see her pulling her panties aside, rubbing her pink privates before penetrating herself with a large textured dildo and riding on top! She grabs the powerful vintage Vibraking toy as well, buzzing her clitoris as she rides the dildo until she brings herself to a nice squirting orgasm. After putting on a black bodysuit and strappy heels we see a sexy dance to some rock music, and wow she knows how to move that body...and afterwards she grabs a big thick suction cup dildo to give a blowjob to! She lowers herself on top, riding that toy deep and then laying back to fuck herself with it, enjoying another climax. Masturbating to another nice squirting orgasm with the magic wand toy is next with even more penetration, leaving a puddle on the stairs! Her muscles are a bit tight so she grabs her stretching strap, bending in all directions and giving us a nice look at that desirable form at the same time. A glass toy is next which slides in and out of her hole in multiple different positions - we note her moans in doggystyle; evidently it's her favored position! Heading outside, she looks very cute in a worn pair of denim overalls...especially when she unbuckles them and slides them to the ground to relax in the nude on the hammock for some fingering fun! She also grabs the magic wand again, holding it against her sensitive clit for one last shuddering orgasm before saying her goodbyes...she's a super cute girl with a lithe, fit body which looks amazing being put through its paces here at FTV Girls!

Aria & Tori

Nov 15, 2022

107 mins

288 pics

These two Middle Eastern teens have been friends for over 5 years, and recently, thanks to porn, have become sexual with each other! They love girls, and get along really well, so we decided to put them together and let them have fun with each other, and push their extreme limits! We first see them in cute little outfits with stockings, making out and dancing together, stripping each other down. Then Aria starts going down on Tori, eventually leading to Tori masturbating with the Magic Wand, squirting everywhere! They lick and drink her squirt, and the fountain of juices goes all over Aria! They then do a little pee session poolside before going back in to play some air hockey butt naked, then back to the bed to see if Tori can be fisted for the first time in her life! Aria works her hand into her, and eventually gets her whole fist in! Deep fist fucking ensues, and with the Magic Wand, it ends up becoming a monster squirt as well! After some flashing and lunch at a Persian restaurant, they're back to making out, and Tori starts fingering Aria. Four fingers in, she finger-fucks her and lets her creamy juices flow all over her hand! Then Aria tries fisting herself, and Tori takes over fisting Aria as well! Aria then masturbates, having a very strong orgasm and strong vaginal contractions. Kinky play continues with Tori fingering Aria deep, pushing her fingers upwards and bulging Aria's belly! You can almost see the outline of her fingers! They fuck themselves with bananas and then eat them, and finish off with Tori squirting all over Aria in the shower! Notice Tori's strong vaginal contractions as well. A sensual shower finale, we hope you enjoy this kinky, and these two very sexually connected teens :)


Nov 10, 2022

80 mins

227 pics

Beautiful, flirty, curly-haired Satine introduces herself in the bedroom today on FTV, wearing white heels and a revealing fringed pink lingerie set that lets her perky pair show through. Laying back on the bed she starts massaging and squeezing her breasts, enjoying her nipple piercings and sliding a hand inside her panties for an intimate caress. She moves to a large glass dildo which slowly slides inside as she enjoys the sensual penetration, then reaches for the powerful vintage Vibraking toy! After changing into a cute dress she has a chat with the FTV photographer, then takes a long cucumber to practice her oral sex techniques on it...getting naked and hopping up on the marble countertop she licks and sucks the veggie and then slides it into her hole, fucking herself for kinky play! She masturbates with the vegetable, fucking herself and holding a purple magic wand vibrator against her clitoris and brings herself to a quiet but milky creamy orgasm. Next is a sexy flirty little black dress as she talks about some of her earliest sexual encounters before taking a long blue toy deep in her throat. She sucks that toy and then goes for a ride on a thick clear dildo, moaning and playing with her boobs...heading outdoors in a short red dress, she slips into the drivers seat of a convertible and gives some upskirt peeks with no panties underneath, pulling the top of her dress down to reveal her breasts as well! She fingers herself out in the open as cars pass nearby, then after tasting her fingers she heads to a stairway and spreads her legs, touching herself with her fingertips and putting on quite a show for anyone looking up at the stairs before driving off...she's a cute and shy beauty pretty new to the adult industry, finding her footing and exploring herself here with us on FTV Girls!


Nov 2, 2022

60 mins

307 pics

This slim blond is starting a career in adult, and she's doing her first adult shoot, and we get pleasantly surprised by her orgasms and her abilities to get rather extreme! We first see her in a blue crop top and miniskirt, teasing us her breasts and privates, while teasing her clit at a resort. We get nice closeups of her prominent clit! After a little teaser interview at a restaurant, see her home to strip down and dance to music then a little pee session in the grass. She then masturbates with the Magic Wand vibrator, having two nice strong orgasms with visible vaginal contractions! Then she experiences the Big Ten Toy, fucking herself hard with it, and notice how deep she goes... taking nine inches deep! She rides it even deeper, feeling it push into her tummy... She then gapes her vagina, wide! Out at a tennis court, she fools around with a ball, has her nipples out, then rubs herself at a seating area. Before you know it, she's masturbating again with a vibrator right there, and has a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! She hides the vibrator in her pussy, then pees on the spot right there! Back home, she uses the Red Monster Toy, pushing her absolute limits and filling her up both wide and deep! Notice how it pushes her walls and her vaginal limits! Guess what? Time for another masturbation, while its deep inside her, for another strong orgasm! Then she goes absolutely extreme, fisting herself deep, pushing her hand all the way in and fist fucking and actually enjoying it! And we hope you enjoy this girl too...


Oct 26, 2022

76 mins

250 pics

Slim, sultry redhead Madeline comes strutting down the stairs in hot pants and a short top to introduce herself today on FTV, lifting up her shirt to reveal those very cute firm breasts as she sits on the stairs. Hopping into the red convertible and stopping in a public parking garage, we see her slip off her panties to touch herself with her fingertips and then fucking herself with a white vibrator! Back at the house she's changed into a colorful dress and we see her sucking and licking one of her dildos and then fucking herself with it, even stuffing the balls of the toy inside her hole! Holding a magic wand vibrator up against her clitoris she enjoys a nice orgasm while fucking herself, and we get a good view of the action from the base of the chair. Next she heads to the bedroom in some sparkly gray lingerie, sliding her hands over her body and pulling her panties aside to play with her hole - as we note her visible natural wetness. She takes the powerful vintage Vibraking toy for ultimate vibration pleasure, gasping and moaning from the intense stimulation as she brings herself to another orgasm with visible contractions. After a fun sexy striptease dance to some rock music she heads out back for more dildo play, this time with a large two-ended toy which she slides deep inside before taking a skinny dip in the swimming pool with some flower petals for a classy touch. She swims around and enjoys a relaxing pee into the water before saying goodbye...she's a slender and super sexy cutie with a great body to share with us here for FTV!


Oct 16, 2022

64 mins

491 pics

She's a supercute and super busty teen with the most beautiful perfect natural breasts you've ever seen... and its her total first time shooting adult! Just a little shy at first, she opens up when gets a little time in front of the camera. Her long blonde hair and pretty blue eyes stand out as well, and her petite figure. We first meet her at a tourist area, wearing a tight blue dress, getting upskirt and downblouse teasers. Those breasts are beautiful! We also get glimpses of her full butt and her touching herself right there! Then after a little lunch and her talking about herself, she changes to some casual clothes (no bra of course!) and visits a mall. Her big naturals bounce about as she does a series of playful teasers at a department store. Then she takes it all off, and runs around naked! Its a total pleasure to watch that firm teen figure move, so she does a nude dance at home to music. Using the Magic Wand vibrator on her clit, she has a nice, natural orgasm. We then get closeups of her very pretty private parts, as she spreads and shows off her clit. Using a glass toy, she penetrates her very tight vagina, and uses another vibrator on her clit for an even stronger orgasm! She then tries the largest penetration she's ever had, the Big Ten Toy! As she pushes it in, she gets about 7 inches deep, as her little vagina is not that deep, bottoming out quickly. So she then rides it, trying to go deeper. Watch those breasts bounce! She's then off to the gym, as she does like to stay in shape and firm... we get great views of her butt and those super firm breasts as she works out topless! Back home, she spreads her butt and tries anal play for the first time, playing with two different glass toys, it's really tight down there! We also get a nice hard breast massage scene, and her licking her nipples. Back out to a fancy resort, she wears a pretty dress and wedges, and with the way its designed, its very easy to tease those full breasts! She plays with herself some more on location, so we can watch this beauty one last time. Enjoy this supercute teen, with that dream body we all fantasize about!


Oct 11, 2022

88 mins

233 pics

We meet lovely Daisy outdoors in a cute blue flowery dress and strappy heels, chatting a bit with the photographer and lifting up her dress to give a peek between her legs to show she's got no panties on underneath! Next we see her relaxing in the bedroom, trying out a glass dildo for the first time...she starts out sucking and licking it, then spreads her legs for some penetration play as we note her natural wetness. She gets the vintage Vibraking toy involved as well, holding it against her clitoris as she fucks herself with the glass dildo...and bringing herself to a nice orgasm. Next she has fun dancing to some rock music in front of the open refrigerator, stripping out of her red bra and thong panties and then grabbing a large zucchini for kinky penetration, enjoying another climax with the Vibraking! Heading outdoors in her colorful bikini she chats a bit with the photographer about her long labia, pulling her bikini bottoms over to tug and play with her lips and then fingering herself while using a magic wand vibrator. She enjoys one last orgasm before bidding us goodbye, a sweet sexy blonde with a tight slender body perfect for FTV!


Oct 4, 2022

64 mins

414 pics

She's a naturally busty, tattoo-free full-figured redhead with a very strong sexual nature about her, enjoying both sex and masturbation on the daily. But what draws men to her the most is how big and firm those DD naturals are, and how she loves to show them off! We first see her at a resort, wearing a revealing croptop and skirt, teasing those big breasts, massaging them and jiggling them as she runs about outdoors! She then goes to a grocery store to buy some bananas, and of course, tease those big breasts some more! Back home, she does a sexy dance to music for us, then masturbates with the Magic Wand toy to a strong orgasm. We get extreme closeups of her privates, from her tiny clit and her longer labia. Then wearing a cute white summer dress and heels, she does more teasers on location at a park, exposing those beautiful big naturals, and goes back to the resort to get naked and do another sensual dance in her room. It leads her to play with her big breasts, licking her nipples, giving them a hard breast massage, then sucking on the banana. She proceeds to fuck the banana as deep as it goes, and masturbates with it! Then she uses two glass toys to double penetrate herself, using the big ball side to stretch out her butt, with hot anal play up close! Also skilled in moving her butt muscles, notice how she moves that glass toy... She finishes herself off with another masturbation with the Magic Wand, then does another pee session by the pool. Enjoy this redhead gifted with the perfect big naturals!


Sep 29, 2022

74 mins

215 pics

Looking super cute and desireable with her short pixie cut, Jade walks up wearing a green outfit that hugs her curves nicely...and the thin fabric is easy to pull aside to reveal her cute privates! We see her slipping off her bottoms to hold a vibrating yellow toy against her clitoris, leaning back in a doorway and enjoying the naughty risky pleasure and fucking herself until her milky juices drip out. Heading indoors in a pair of sheer yellow thong panties and bra she shows her body which shes earned from pole dancing experience and wow, that butt looks amazing. Next is some fingering in the nude as she holds the powerful vintage Vibraking toy against her privates, enjoying the strong vibration as well as the intimate penetration...and then she gets a long double-ended dildo in the mix! She fucks herself with the long toy, enjoying several nice orgasms with milky juices. Afterwards is a very hot dance session in her red bikini, moving sensually to the music and letting her swimsuit fall to the floor as she finishes the dance completely nude. Taking a large thick toy to a spot near the swimming pool, we watch as Jade sucks and licks it and then lowers herself on top until she's riding it deep, using a magic wand as well! She finishes off the day in a hammock, swinging in the nude and fucking herself with a white vibrating toy to enjoy one last climax before bidding us goodbye. This short haired stunner loves sharing her sexual experiences and we certainly get an eyeful here today on FTV, enjoy!

Mira & Olivia

Sep 18, 2022

97 mins

483 pics

Real life best friends, Mira and Olivia are both 20 years old and just recently opening up to their sexuality... and the adult world. What is striking is their height, as Mira is just five feet tall, and Olivia is the tallest girl to ever appear on FTV. Both supercute and sexy in their own way, this is the first time they've ever been intimate with each other... and in Olivia's case the first time she's ever gone full lesbian with another! We first see them in cute seethrough short dresses holding hands and walking at a lakeside park, making out and being intimate... enjoying the morning while we check them out voyeur style. Then they visit a resort, where they get completely naked and kiss each others' bodies... Back home, Mira seduces Olivia, by kissing her entire figure, then going down on her, and after some guidance, she's able to make Olivia orgasm with her mouth!! We get nice closeups of her tongue on the clit. Then its Olivia's turn, never gone down on a girl before, so with Mira's help, she learns how to do it, and you can see Mira is loving every second! Then some foot fetish play as Olivia kisses Mira's pretty little feet, then nipple piercing play as she sucks and licks her nipples. Oral sex continues, with Mira eventually using the Magic Wand to help... and has her own nice orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. After a little pee session with Mira, they dress up in sexy wear, parade around a resort half naked... then Mira does a little dance for Olivia. They end up on the couch, and fuck each other with a double ended dildo. The fucking and grinding turns to scissoring, and Olivia actually ends up orgasming from it! Then Mira rides Olivia's face, and has her own orgasm! Also a lot of footage behind the scenes, so you can see their initmacy and friendship. Enjoy this girl-girl shoot, we only shoot real life friends and lovers for girl-girl on FTV!


Sep 13, 2022

72 mins

217 pics

Emma is a beautiful leggy teen with amazing curves and a ton of sexual energy, not to mention an excitement to explore her own sexuality...for instance, she enjoys puppyplay and is dressed up in her puppy gear right off the bat as she starts her FTV shoot! She pants and chews her toy bone with a leash on, then kicks up a leg to spread her cheeks and insert her puppy 'tail', which is basically a buttplug! Laying back on the bed we see her sliding her hands up and down her legs, caressing her thighs and pleasuring her pink hole with her fingertips. She holds a purple vibrating toy against her clitoris and penetrates herself with a glass dildo at the same time for dual pleasure, bringing herself to a nice strong squeaking orgasm! Afterwards she heads outdoors in her denim shorts, pulling the fabric aside to rub herself with her fingers. Changing into a flowery dress she gives her 34D natural breasts a nice massage, spreading her legs to show she has no panties on as well...and then she rubs her privates too! Desiring stronger vibration she reaches for the vintage Vibraking toy, fingering herself as well and bringing herself to a shuddering orgasm. A purple toy is next which she licks and sucks, then slides inside her hole for thick penetration...and we note her creamy natural juices flowing on the toy. She fucks herself with the dildo, holding the Vibraking against her clit and enjoying a creamy squirting climax. After some more outdoor vibration she changes into a bikini and heads to the backyard, holding a large zucchini which soon finds its way inside her hole for kinky veggie stuffing play as a naughty finale to her FTV debut...a sensual and very sexual teen at play!


Sep 5, 2022

68 mins

486 pics

Recently turned 18, she has been very enthusiastic about starting porn. With at tight, petite figure with nice firm butt and breasts, this teen brunette loves getting herself off... and she's one of the best squirters we've seen in a long time! We first meet her at a fancy resort, watching her parade around in heels and showing off those long legs -- and that miniskirt teases her cute privates! She eventually gets naked and pees a lot right at the hallway before going home to do a striptease dance. Then using the Magic Wand toy, she has multiple strong orgasms and verry strong vaginal contractions, all the while she squirts a flood of juices all over the couch and floor! She plays around in the juice puddles and licks her own squirt! Then she gives the Big Ten a blowjob, and proceeds to fuck the toy, being the biggest thing she's ever had, her eighteen year old tight pussy is just getting used to it. She manages to go real deep nearly 9 inches when riding it down! Then getting kinky, she penetrates herself with a summer squash, also taking it deep, then using the Magic Wand again to squirt it out with several more orgasms! Splashing around her juice puddle with her feet, she then licks her feet off, and proceeds to give us some foot fetish play of her very pretty feet. Later in the day, she's in a cute cheerleader uniform (she used to be a cheerleader in high school) and visits a park to show off her skills... panty free! After peeing in the grass, she then uses a portable vibrator to orgasm and squirt some more! We then see her tease us at a restaurant, giving upskirt and downblouse views, along with more teasers in the outtakes. For one last orgasm, she uses the Vibraking Toy, and has an orgasm finale with more squirting all over the deck chair! Going to the pool, she cools herself down, as we enjoy that beautiful, firm naked form. Have fun with this teen that just got out of high school, she's gorgeous, fun, and surprisingly wet!


Aug 30, 2022

70 mins

221 pics

We're introduced to tall, elegant beauty Stella in the bedroom as she walks into frame wearing skimpy thong panties and a bra...and soon she takes off her bra to reveal those nice perky and pert breasts with a gentle, sensual massage. Sitting on a windowsill she slips a hand inside her panties, rubbing her privates with her fingertips and then slips her underwear off to spread her legs, wearing only her high heels while she masturbates - and once she gets the powerful vintage Vibraking toy involved, it doesn't take long before she's having her first orgasm of the day! After chatting with the photographer a bit about some fun sexual experiences, she lays back on the bed and starts exploring her body with her hands...taking time feeling the wetness between her thighs before using a long white vibrating toy as well. After fucking herself with the toy it's time to head outside in a bikini, and we enjoy a fun dance in her cute little swimsuit...and then she lays back on a big wooden chair to play with a quite thick glass dildo for deep penetration as we're brought right up close! Next is more penetration play with a clear dildo, this time right near a busy street as cars drive past...and we see how milky her natural juices are flowing from the pleasure. Out in a grassy area by a waterfall we see her in tight workout gear, slowly stripping down and giving a peek at every inch of her tight form, then she hops into the pool for a refreshing skinny dip...along with her favorite dildo! She fucks herself with the toy one last time, splashing in the shallows as she plays before saying goodbye and heading to the deeper waters. Stella is a very sexual, very beautiful and leggy woman with that tight fit desireable form perfect for FTV!


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