Mar 13, 2018

57 mins

209 pics

Eva is a beautiful and quiet girl with captivating eyes and when we first meet her she's flashing a breast outside as she walks down the sidewalk, then we see her giving some naughty upskirt teases as well. Next we see her on a public bench with her breasts exposed - we note how incredibly hard her nipples are from the cold as well as the excitement - and pulling her little panties aside to rub herself with her fingertips, but after getting a little too much attention she's ready to head inside. She tells us how much of a masturbator she is and from the sound of things she's insatiable, rubbing herself nearly every day and sometimes several times a day! Soon she has her panties off and is masturbating fully naked, and we notice how vocal she is about her physical pleasure as she rubs herself, with her clitoris swelling considerably. Next we see her exploring penetration with a few different toys, starting with a beaded glass toy and then the big pink toy which she uses on its own and then along with a magic wand style vibrator for a powerfully orgsmic combination! She next gets into some kinky fun with panty stuffing, a brand new experience for her...it's a different sort of sensation but she enjoys it as she uses a fingertip to get her panties all the way inside followed by some gaping closeups. After that it's time for the ultimate in vibration with the powerful vintage Vibraking toy, which is nearly too much to handle. We then see her pushing her kinky limits with a paper towel roll holder which she squats over, riding on the kitchen floor and then picking it up to fuck herself deep with it! To finish off the day we see her back outdoors, flashing her breasts in public some more and then saying goodbye. She's a charming and beautiful girl who seems quiet and shy at first but is incredibly sexual, and she shows that side here on FTV Girls for sure! :)


Mar 5, 2018

123 mins

342 pics

Superfit, super sexy, and very enthusiastic about her first time shoot, Paisley is that girl next door type with a very kinky side to her, which gets fully expressed on this shoot! We meet her at an open mall for a quick interview and teasing. Going back home, she undresses and masturbates with the Vibraking Toy, to several strong orgasms... and even surprises herself with first time squirting! Notice the strong vaginal contractions that usually followed the squirting. She exposes her swollen clit, then spreads for us, gaping so wide you can see deep inside! At one point she has 8 fingers in her! She wants to go big right away, so she ends up fucking the FTV Monster toy, taking it as deep as it can go! Its amazing what this petite girl can do! She then fists herself, something she's never done before, but actually enjoys it! Showing off her sexy body with a cute bra & panty set, she then gives her full, firm breasts a hard massage, and pulls on her nipples as well. Then she gets super kinky & extreme, by stuffing three zucchinis deep inside her! Notice how wide it stretches her, leaving no room down there. Using her strong abs and vaginal muscles she pushes them out... Then she ends up stuffing three tangerines, notice how deep they go! Later in the day, she puts on a cute white dress, teases us some more, then ends up riding the Pink Monster Toy, going exceptionally deep, almost making the entire thing disappear! Incredible. That continues with the classic FTV Toy, notice how it stretches her out! A little nude ballet & dancing in ponytail & glasses leads to another kinky moment: She stuffs an entire (and rather large) computer mouse all the way inside her! Then she uses the vibraking again to masturbate to another strong orgasm and strong vaginal contractions all while the huge mouse is in her! And to finish off, she fists herself again, deeper than before... What a cute, sexy girl, and what a amazing things she can do with her vagina!


Feb 28, 2018

51 mins

88 pics

Ellie has been wanting him to fuck her all day, and she couldn't take it any longer -- she pretty much told him it was going to happen or she wouldn't shoot any more. Well, he couldn't resist a cute 19 year old, especially when she had the hots for him. They start touching and kissing on the couch, then she demands that his pants come off... and she gives him a very intense blowjob and deepthroat. He then takes her in doggy, fucks her hard... and she's so into it, the harder he pounds, the more she likes it. She gets on top, and does a hard ride, grinding and riding his shaft like a wild banshee. He then does her in missionary, sucking on her big breasts and pulling on her nipples. She has an orgasm or two when her pounds her hard... He then spoon fucks her, and you can hear how wet she gets! He takes her in flexible positions, pounding non-stop, then moves her to the bed. He takes her hard and fast in missonary, then with her legs up, going as deep as he can, then comes all over her breasts. She grabs all the come and sucks it off... Such intensity in their sexual activity, she is one of the lustiest and most sexual girls ever to shoot for FTVx!


Feb 24, 2018

110 mins

316 pics

Maia is a slender dark haired 18 year old and this is her very first shoot in the adult industry...besides doing webcam work she's never done anything like this in front of a camera before! She has a unique gothy look to her and has a strong kinky submissive streak to her, which we see throughout her experiences here on FTV. We first meet her driving in the car and she pulls up her top to flash her petite breasts, tweaking and pulling on her already-erect nipples for pleasure and then slipoping her hand into her pants as well. We next see her indoors going through her luggage to find some fun things to wear, choosing a midriff-baring shirt that shows her sexy shapely hips and slender torso in her tight fitting jeans. After choosing some outfits we see her in the bedroom in skimpy pink panties, sliding her hands over her slender form and then taking everything off to pleasure herself with her fingertips with penetration - we note how quickly wet and creamy her teen hole becomes - and then rubbing her clitoris. As she spreads for her play we notice she still has a small piece of hymen attached in her vagina, a rare sight! She uses her fingers at first and then reaches for a pink vibrating toy and then a more powerful black one...and finally finds a combination of toys that bring her to her first orgasm of the day. To relax she starts dancing in the nude to some music she brought, then we see her focusing on her extremely shapely butt...and we note how much it turns her on to get into some kinky spanking fun! After that we see her getting into some doggystyle penetration, sliding a toy inside and then upping to a much larger blue toy - note how tight her vagina is, barely able to accomodate the larger toy - and then slapping it against her slit like a mini spanking. Next we see some kinkier play and she starts out in black lacy lingerie with nipple clips to enjoy the sensations and we see that her hands are also bound behind her back! The panties slide down her long legs and we next see her riding the black magic wand vibrator as if it's a Sybian, straddling on top and grinding against it with her hands still in restraints...and the naughty pleasure brings her to another strong orgasm! We see her take off her nipple clamps and ice her very sensitive nipples afterwards, and then icing her pussy as well. To finish off the day we see her back out in public on a windy day for some upskirt peeks with no panties on, and as she touches herself we note that she's still quite wet from her kinky play! She's a quiet sensitive slender teen with a sexy body and secret but strong naughty streak, and we get to experience her first steps into the adult industry right here on FTV Girls! :)


Feb 19, 2018

49 mins

250 pics

A slender and petite blonde, Jasmine is here for actually her second time on FTV but this is the first time we've seen her in action (the first time was a failed shoot that never quite came to fruition). We first see her out in public wearing a cute lacy burgundy dress that shows her slender smooth legs, and in her introductory interview we notice how naturally and effortlessly cute she is. She has no bra or panties on and we see her nervously lifting up her hem for some upskirt peeks at her shaved privates and pulling down the top for a flash of her firm perky breasts. Back indoors we learn she doesn't masturbate very often - preferring actual sex- but she does enjoy touching herself and we see her rubbing her puffy pink privates with her fingertips. We next see her in bright red bra and panties, trying out a black magic wand type toy on her small nipples first and we note how erect they become from the stimulation...then she progresses downward, using the toy over her panties and then directly on her clitoris! Next up is penetration fun and we see her using her fingers (we note the wet sounds...she is much more into penetration than vibration) working her way up from two to three to four. She is determined to achieve full fisting and we see several different angles and attempts, stuffing herself well past her knuckles. Next up is a large black toy which she slowly works inside her hole, which being already stretched by her first was quite accomodating. She's able to penetrate herself deep with the black toy and an even larger red one, then is given the biggest toys of them all which she's barely able to fit inside! She keeps things kinky going forward with some first-time panty stuffing, making her white thong entirely disappear inside her hole with her fingers...the perfect panty smuggling bandit! To finish off the day we see her back outdoors lifting up her shirt to flash her breasts in public near a busy freeway before bidding us farewell, a shy cute blonde who turned surprisingly kinky showing her penetration prowess here on FTV.


Feb 13, 2018

51 mins

247 pics

A total first timer who has never done any adult work before (and surprisingly, she's only had sex with one guy... loves girls instead) has her first shoot with FTV, and wow is she gorgeous! We first see her comfy in a cute bra & panties, and realize how firm and perfect her form is. She teases us with her sexy body, then reveals a firm pair -- very perky, full C-cup breasts with the most attractive nipple's you've ever seen! She then masturbates naturally with her fingers, ending up with a nice orgasm with strong vaginal contractions! We then get to see her very beautiful private parts, as she exposes her clit for us up close as well as fingering her juicy vagina. She then is introduced to a large dildo, and its obviously a lot bigger than anything she's ever had before! She gives it a blowjob and deepthroat, then starts penetrating herself slowly... working most of the huge thing inside her! Notice how her tight vagina tries to accommodate the large toy. She fucks herself with it until she can't take it anymore... Going outdoors for a run, we see her in a sporty style, until she strips naked and teases us some more! She then demonstrates some nude yoga, and we get all the hot views. Then something rather kinky and different: She starts bouncing on a workout ball, but its got a dick penetrating from it! She has it enter her vagina, while she grinds and bounces on it! You get all the good penetration views, and she definitely gets off on it. To finish off, she dances around to music in the nude, and wow does that firm body look good in motion! More to come of this supercute girl...


Feb 7, 2018

55 mins

184 pics

We meet Summer on a day as sunny as her name, although it seems to be a bit breezy. She is brand new to the industry but doesn't have much shyness about showing off her tight shapely body as she dips her toes into the business here; back indoors we see her slipping out of her blue jeans and modeling her red thong panties that perfectly frame her butt, which we get a nice view of as she strips down completely nude! We see her start to touch her shaved privates with her fingertips, then wants some more vibration so we see her using a magic wand toy for her very first time. It takes her a minute to get used to the new sensations but once she does we see her enjoying it, rubbing her clitoris with the toy faster and faster - we note her milky natural juices flowing - until it brings her to her first orgasm of the day! Next we see her enjoying a textured glass toy, sliding the beads in and out of her hole and again we note her milky cream...then she uses a larger blue toy and a thicker pink one, trying them all to see which suits her best. The blue one is her choice and we see her using that one in combination with the magic wand toy and the duo brings her very quickly to another orgasm! After she takes a short break we see her in a white tank top and a pair of tight blue jeans that show off her sexy butt, then pulling up her top to give her perky petite boobs a quick massage...and then spreading on the couch to see how many fingers she can fit inside at once (three). After that it's time for some kinky penetration and we see her doing some banana stuffing, rubbing her clit with her fingertips as she fucks herself with the toy...and then she was handed the ultimate vibration toy, the powerful vintage Vibraking! She uses the toy on her sensitive clit and has multiple more orgasms, and we note how wet she becomes from all the intense play when she spreads her pink lips afterwards. Back outdoors we see the wind has died down and she walks down the public sidewalk lifting up her top to flash her boobs next to a busy street, and we note she still has some nervousness about public nudity...she's a beautiful slender teen newcomer with a winning smile and sultry seductive eyes, and it's a treat to see her stepping into the adult industry here on FTV!


Feb 1, 2018

73 mins

273 pics

Jade is a beautiful, quiet, and shy Asian girl and we're introduced to her in the outdoors, wearing a shirt that clearly shows her nipples through the thin fabric...soon she's flashing her very large perfectly shaped natural breasts out in public and it makes her a little nervous, having done very little shooting of this type before. We see her have a couple of close calls with passersby so she and the photographer leave the park and she does a little flashing in the car, giving herself a hard breast massage while other drivers try to catch a glimpse. Back at the house we see her strip down naked, showing off her sexy womanly form as she hops onto the kitchen counter to play with her breasts some more and then slipping her hands down to massage her clitoris with her fingertips. She wanted a vibrating toy though so we next see her using a black magic wand type vibrator, bringing herself to her first strong gasping orgasm of the day! Next we see some oral fixation as she licks a long dildo up and down, then penetrates herself with the toy while sitting on the edge of the couch before dropping down to the floor to spread wide open and fuck herself. After that we see her meeting the powerful Vibraking toy, giving us a closeup look at her privates as she spreads and uses the toy on her sensitive clitoris - we note how creamy and wet she becomes, with her natural juices flowing down - for strong vibration pleasure before heading to the kitchen. Part of her daily self-care routine is to use coconut oil to keep her skin smooth and supple, and we see her covering those amazing breasts with oil, squeezing and rubbing them together for a long luxurious massage until they glistened. Next we see her using a larger black dildo for more penetration fun, somehow fitting the entire toy inside even though it's as long as her forearm! To finish up the day we see her back outdoors, giving some upskirt looks with no panties on and then walking around in public flashing her breasts one last time before bidding us farewell...a gorgeous busty exotic beauty, right here for you on FTV!


Jan 27, 2018

90 mins

255 pics

The beautiful, busty teen Whitney is a very sexual girl, whether its masturbation or having sex -- she likes it all. We first see her in a sexy dress & heels, parading around a resort and showing off her huge naturals. Then she arrives home with her man, kissing and giving him a blowjob. He returns the favor by going down on her and kissing her feet. They fuck standing, doggy style, then head over to the couch to continue fucking. She feels so good that he ends up coming on her stomach, but keeps on going! They fuck on the bed in various positions, and wow is she wet. Riding hard on top, watch those breasts bounce. He ends up coming a second time, this time on her succulent butt.


Jan 21, 2018

52 mins

195 pics

It's early in the morning when we're first introduced to beautiful fiery redhead Luna as she lounges on the couch wrapped in a blanket...we see her pull the blanket aside and show that she's wearing a tshirt and a pair of little red panties, and she slips out of her shirt to reveal very nice perky breasts with nipples already erect. Her hand slips into her panties and soon they're on the floor as she gently touches herself, and we note how her tight pink privates quickly become wet from the stimulation and fingering. Next we see her with a corded Magic Wand type vibrator, first using it on her very sensitive nipples and then her pretty pink privates, moaning with pleasure as she stimulated her clit...however it was a little too intense so we see a little trick she has where she puts her panties between her vagina and the toy, dampening the power just enough and bringing herself to a nice strong orgasm! Next we see her perusing the array of toys on the counter, starting with a smaller dildo to 'warm up' pushing it almost all the way inside, and we note her natural juices flowing as she gets more and more turned on. After that was a purple toy which provided both penetration and vibration, and using that in combination with a small magic wand toy quickly brings her to another strong toe-curling climax, followed quickly by more! After that it's time for relaxation with a hard breast and butt massage using coconut oil and we see her luxuriating as she rubs her hands all over her form and we see how perfectly shaped and sized her boobs are as she gently cups and squeezes them together. We next see her outside getting changed in the car into her exercise gear, then heading out on a public hiking trail...needing badly to pee she finds a big X on the ground and we see her relieve herself for a little kinky view, then pulling up her top to flash her boobs in the open.


Jan 15, 2018

73 mins

261 pics

Immediately when we meet Athena in the car on the way to shooting, we note how friendly and stunningly beautiful she is! Athena is a teen stunner who has done some fashion modeling but very little adult modeling at this point, but with her great looks and sexy form she's sure to make it big in the industry. We see her unzipping her hoodie to flash those large natural 32D breasts, giving anybody driving nearby a very nice show! Next we see her back at the house stretching out in her pink outfit, then undressing to try on a few of the clothes she brought - we note how incredible her all natural body is - before spreading her legs in the nude to show her pretty pink privates in some video of a photoshoot. We learn that she doesn't really ever masturbate in her personal life, but we see her spread and lay back, fingering herself and we note her wetness as she gets more turned on before using a glass toy for penetration pleasure. She doesn't masturbate much but she does enjoy some kinky fun, and she finds a small toy car to stuff inside herself! We see her using her large breasts as a 'launch ramp' as she plays with the toy, then she slowly inserts it in her vagina. After some giggling fun with the toy she moves to the eiffel tower statue, inserting it as far as she can manage and sitting on top of it and we even see her tittyfucking the statue afterwards, before moving on to the kinky FTV Gape Cage! Afterwards we see her back outdoors in tiny denim shorts and a button-down sweater, teasing with her perfect boobs and sliding the shorts down to give one last look at her butt as well. She's a giggly, beautiful, fun-loving girl who loves to share her good looks and fun charisma with the world...right here on FTV!


Jan 9, 2018

74 mins

267 pics

Kylie is going through her luggage taking stock of the clothes she brought when we're introduced to her, and we immediately note her charming, charismatic smile. After struggling out of her tight jeans we see her in cute ping thong panties showing her butt off, giving a nice look at how tight and fit her slender form is. This is only her third adult photoshoot but we can see how naturally sexy she looks and feels in front of the camera, and her first outfit is a tight red bodysuit that unsnaps at the crotch and we see her rubbing her cute pink privates with her fingertips first. Craving more penetration, we next see her using a long pink vibrating toy to pleasure herself, alternating between vibration and penetration along with some nice spreads. Next up is a larger blue toy and standing at only 5'2" she's a little nervous about being able to make it fit, but she uses the suction cup on the floor and rides it, even spinning on top! After that she tries the ultimate in vibration, the vintage Vibraking toy...and we see her using it along with the large blue dildo for double pleasure and it brings her to a nice orgasm with a mini squirt! Afterwards we see some closeup spreading, then some kinky anal fun with her fingertips and a small pink toy...then she graduates to a larger one, enjoying the deeper penetration. After a short break she continues the kinky streak by fucking herself with an eiffel tower decorative statue, sliding it deep inside and we note her milky natural juices dripping from her hole as she plays. We see her finish off the day outdoors, spreading her legs on a bench and slipping off her panties to touch herself, as well as playing with her nipples which are quite erect from the cold wind. Unfortunately the audio went out at the end but we see some upskirt views and more flashing to finish off the day for this beautiful petite and slender girl!


Jan 3, 2018

58 mins

297 pics

We first meet Jynx in the car on her way with the photographer Lia to buy a cucumber for later on during her shoot...we note how comfortable and open and charismatic she is, then back at the house she has changed into sexy white lingerie with a garter belt and thigh high fishnet stockings as she climbs onto the lip of the bathtub and spreads her legs, playing with a magic wand toy to stimulate her clitoris. We note how erect her small nipples become from the play, bringing herself to her first orgasm of the day. After some closeup video of clit isolation and 'winking' photoshoots it's time for a little dancing to music she brought along, still without panties as she shakes her firm pert butt to the rhythm...after dancing we see her on the couch with the magic wand toy again, spreading her legs to push it tight against her clitoris as she masturbates her way, gasping and moaning as she brings herself to another strong leg-shaking orgasm! After a short rest she changes into her polka dot apron for a housewife type shoot, doing a little ironing and teasing with her cute white panties as she turns around, then slips her panties off to get on her knees and scrub the floors too. We see her run over to the garden and 'pick' a zucchini (already conveniently plastic-wrapped!) which she brings into the kitchen for some kinky fun! First we see her simulating oral with it, getting the vegetable good and wet before sliding it inside herself as she sits on a mirror, giving a unique perspective on the penetration...until the zucchini snaps in half! She grabs a nearby rabbit style vibrating toy to continue the play, and the penetration and vibration combine for another nice hard orgasm. A little interview is next as she casually lounges in the bedroom, reading a list of questions relating to her sexual life from her phone, and we note that thinking about these things is getting her quite turned as she spreads her legs and touches herself with her fingertips while reading! Eventually she grabs the magic wand toy with a g-spot attachment, using it to fuck herself to climax once again. Back out on the patio we see her in a secretary type outfit, slipping out of her pants and underwear to stretch out on an outdoor couch, using her fingertips to masturbate to orgasm and covering her mouth with one hand so as not to disturb any neighbors! To finish off the day we see her in a park eating lunch, chatting casually about herself before bidding us goodbye. We hope you enjoy this shoot featuring a lovely first-timer whose innocent look and strong sexual energy come through loud and clear here on FTV!

Stella & Charlotte

Dec 25, 2017

109 mins

306 pics

We're in for a treat, as Stella, the busty, cute teen next door finally decided to experience a more intimate session with Charlotte! Stella has never even kissed a girl before, so this is a big step for her... and they saved it all for the camera. We first see them at a popular stadium area, and watch the girls make out in their pretty dresses & wedges. They aren't wearing any panties, and we get nice upskirt views as they play and touch each other, as well as suck on each other's big breasts! After the risky public nudity, they go to a more comfy bedroom, and get physically initimate with each other for the first time. Getting naked, they explore each other's bodies, and get really physical with each other's breasts; then start playing and stretching each other's labia with their mouths and fingers. Stella ends up on the recieving end, and as Charlotte goes down on her, it gets more and more stimulating for her, and she has a suprisingly erotic orgasm! Its Charlotte's turn next, and even though Stella is inexperienced, she does an admirable job of going down on Charlotte, and ends up bringing her to orgasm ... a rather strong, back-arching, toe-curling kind! Then Stella sits on Charlotte's face for a little more oral fun.... Charlotte wants to introduce Stella to the Vibraking Toy, and show her how amazing orgasms are with it, so on the bed she masturbates with it while Charlotte is caressing her, and wow is the orgasm strong! Its Stella's turn next, and she's nervous about it, but to her surprise, she enjoys it immensely, and ends up having one of the loudest and strongest orgasms of her life! Later that evening, they end up at the pool, having fun and playing games; they also did a 'synchronized' peeing scene... Somehow they manage to trespass on a resort pool area, and end up swimming naked and using the waterpark there at night -- and we get some sexy underwater video as well. The next morning, Charlotte wakes up Stella, and takes her to the living room where she surprises her with a birthday special -- yes, Stella was turning 19 that weekend! It gets a little kinky, and they end up dancing together -- then Charlotte records Stella masturbating with the Eroscillator toy to another strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions. They enjoy a cake together and use the whipped cream on their bodies... Back outside, they're wearing more sexy outfits and visit a resort for some more heavy kissing, then getting naked and walking around in the nude in the heat. Stella has to pee... Going indoors, it becomes a penetration video when Charlotte uses a dildo on Stella in doggy, then the roles are reversed with Charlotte aiming for an orgasm together with glass toy penetration. It is amazing to see a teen like Stella experience her first girl, going all out, and becoming surprisingly good at it, especially when its her best friend. Happy Birthday Stella, and Happy New Years to the members!

Melody IV

Dec 17, 2017

42 mins

329 pics

Supercute, naughty, and a big favorite of FTV members, Melody is back for a Christmas special, doing all sorts of public nudity teases... and squirting everywhere! We meet her at a popular tourist destination, where she's wearing a cute white dress and wedges and gorgeous as ever. She parades around the busy mall, giving us upskirt views and flashing her hard nipples. She finds a stairway to settle on, pulls her panties aside, and masturbates & squirts right there! Taking her panties off in an open hallway, she then squirts on her panties, stuffs them inside her, masturbates some more -- and her strong vaginal muscles push the wet panties right back out! She finds another bench to masturbate on, then gets really daring, taking all her clothes off, and parades around naked! She squirts some more, and who knows how many people saw this girl getting naughty! Going for a more sporty theme, she's jogging on a hiking trail deep in a forest, eventually getting bottomless, so we and see her butt naked as she runs about, even meeting up with deer! We then see her do some acrobatics, like cartwheels and backbends, then rubs herself and squirts while in these funky positions! She then heads to the public pool in a cute bikini, goes topless, plays with her nipples, then masturbates and squirts on the lifeguard chair while fingering her butt! Later that night we see her naked by the fireplace... On the next morning we see her in a cute babydoll nightie, and she goes to the balcony to masturbate on the railing while employees work nearby! She then uses the portable magic wand, and ends up having really strong squirts and an orgasmic finish with visible vaginal contractions. Notice how her vagina pulsates with pleasure. Back to another tourist destination, she's wearing her sexiest red dress, no panties and the front of the dress is so short! She ends up unintentionally flashing all sorts of passers by with her shaved privates, and we gets lots of upskirt views as well as more squirting masturbation right in public! The shoot wraps up in a busy traffic area on the highway, where everyone is stopped because of an accident, and she ends up making a photoshoot out of it, as well as flashing her privates and butt in front of every driver! Enjoy Melody with her fun adventure shoot, hope she warms up your holiday spirit :)


Dec 14, 2017

72 mins

222 pics

When we first meet Elexis it's early in the morning and she's in the kitchen waiting for her coffee to help wake up...she's a beautiful fit girl with a seductive exotic look to her eyes and she looks beautiful in her little panties and white tanktop (her normal morning attire) as she reveals her perky boobies and gives herself a breast massage, after which we're treated to some spreads. Up on the kitchen countertop we see her start masturbating, rubbing her privates and slipping her fingers inside, then using a purple vibrating toy for deep pleasure as well! Desiring a stronger vibration, she trades up for a larger magic wand type toy and continues stimulating her clitoris - we note how visibly wet she gets with pearly natural juices - until she has her first orgasm of the day, with visible contractions! Next we see her in a short dress with no panties on underneath, spreading her legs on the couch and using a textured glass toy before testing to see how many fingers she can fit inside at once (three) before reaching for the ultimate in powerful toys, the vintage Vibraking toy! Next we see her getting into some kinky fun with panty stuffing, putting her lacy black panties inside and then tugging them back out, then using a fork handle for more penetration! After that is the strangest stuffing of all, using an Eiffel Tower souvenir statue as a dildo and then putting it on the floor to squat on top just for fun. Next is some outdoor public nudity by a golf course, flashing her shapely butt and then going for a little topless jog down the road...afterwards we see her relaxing on a soccer field, flashing her boobs as cars drove nearby while talking about some of her girl-girl sexual experiences before saying goodbye. Elexis is a lovely and charismatic athletic blonde with a tight firm body and plenty of sexual energy, which she loves bringing to the table here on FTV!


Dec 12, 2017

66 mins

133 pics

That cute, petite latina girl Sophia had her very first hardcore scene done while intimate with the photographer for a couple of months. She was actually coming back from her job as a front desk girl at an office, and kept the same clothes on. Giving us the feeling like we are having sex with a sexy young secretary, the sex begins on the office counter, mixed in with hard doggy and pov views of the blowjob and penetration. Notice how wet she gets. Then getting comfy on the couch, she ends up riding her man with good views of the penetration going deep... then ending up in missionary where she gets cummed on the chest. A cute & sexy twist to the first time shoot, enjoy this teen in her mature work clothes as she gets to have sex on camera for us to enjoy.


Dec 9, 2017

44 mins

281 pics

We first see auburn-haired Courtney in the car on her way to the shooting location, and we see her start things off by touching herself in the car, spreading her legs for easy access to her pink privates! They arrived at a farm and we see her quickly lose all her clothes, scampering around among the flowers and investigating an alpaca in a pen, then spreading next to the chicken coop. Back indoors we see her in the bathroom shaving herself down there to get rid of any stubble, then touching herself on the edge of the tub before using a vibrating toy for more fun. Afterwards we see more streaking as she runs down the pasture, then lays out a yoga mat to do some nude stretches before heading inside and showering up. The following morning we see her out on the lawn playing some croquet, then heading inside for a nap. When she gets up we see her attempt to insert the largest toy she had ever encountered, but her pink privates were just too tight...she's a cute and spirited girl who is having many first time experiences here as she spends a day on the farm, sharing the fun with FTV!


Dec 4, 2017

74 mins

229 pics

We meet beautiful Esperanza in the morning as she enjoys her coffee wearing just her skimpy lacy pink bra and sheer panties, looking amazing right off the bat! She spreads her legs and we see her rubbing herself through the thin fabric of her underwear, then pulling it aside to finger herself - we note immediately how wet she has become down there - and then tries fitting as many fingers as she can manage inside, ending up with four! Next we see her with a black magic wand type vibrator, which she presses against her clitoris to enjoy the powerful sensations and we see her natural juices running freely down her inner thighs! After a short rest we see her in sexy sheer lacy lingerie with her nipples clearly showing through the thin fabric, pinching and tugging on them a little with her fingertips as well. After some more finger insertions she is in the mood for a vibrating toy, sliding it in and out of herself enjoying the sensations - we also note she enjoys anal pleasure, penetrating her ass with a finger - until the toy brings her to a nice strong orgasm! Next it's all about anal as she shows a jeweled buttplug she has inserted, enjoying the toy and then using her fingers to find her limits as she tests how many she can insert at once. Next we see her swapping out toys, going back to the magic wand toy AND being fingered by the photographer AND with a buttplug still inserted for a trifecta of pleasure...and right when the cameraman goes to fetch another toy we see her having a squirting orgasm! She still wants the toy though so she tries out the powerful vintage vibrator, which brings her to multiple climaxes in quick succession. Next we see her on the kitchen counter using a suction cup dildo, riding on top and then using her fingertips for pleasure. Heading outside, we see her flashing her boobs and butt for some daring public nudity - note the honking of a passing truck! - before going into a parking garage to continue exploring her own body, then bidding us farewell. She's a quietly kinky hottie from Amsterdam who loves to show off her secret sexual desires and puts on quite the show here on FTV Girls!


Nov 27, 2017

103 mins

383 pics

Stoney is a hardbodied and sexy brunette with a full butt and firm breasts, and she's learning to have a good time flashing her sexy figure out in public! We watch her in a cute summer dress and wedges, walking down a restaurant area, and get glimpses up her skirt and check out that sexy butt as she bends over! Sitting on a bench, she then takes her panties off and fingers herself! Right on a busy street, she rubs her clit and flashes some more, then takes all her clothes off and walks around naked! Notice how hot she looks without clothes on... Back home she does a dance to music, moving and shaking her butt while we get all the good views. Then she uses the Magic Wand Toy, ending up with three strong orgasms, and notice all those contractions throughout! We get closeups of her pretty, prominent clit, and watch her as she pulls on her long labia. Then she tries fucking herself with the long dildo, going as deep as she can; then going bigger with the Big Ten Toy! She fucks herself hard, then rides it on the table, going super deep! She also tries anal for the first time, fingering her butt, then using a chain of butt beads. Later in the day, we see her in super short shorts, with her butt cheeks popping out, and a very skimpy cotton top. She visits a park, and we get peeks between her legs, and notice her labia sticking out! She climbs a tree, lets her breasts pop out, then visits the grassy area for some cartwheels and backbends. The whole time she's flashing her goods... At a gas station she continues teasing us, until she goes to a fancy resort building to strip naked and give us a hard breast massage, and closeups of her nipples. She experiments with penetration there, then walks around naked and reveals another purple toy, which she proceeds to use to fuck herself right on a bench out in the open! After fingering herself some more, she goes home to masturbate with the Eroscillator Toy, and has another strong orgasm! Something very kinky happens next -- she meets up with Danielle, and she gets to fist her! Slowly inserting her fist, she penetrates Danielle with her fist really really deep, going to the forearm... Then she starts fist fucking her really hard, pounding her fast and deep until Danielle has a strong orgasm! One of the most extreme fisting scenes ever on FTV... Out at poolside, we see her dance in a bikini, then play with a water hose, squirting water out! She ends up playing water volleyball in the pool, and saying her goodbyes there. This cute 19 year old is another fun-loving, personable and very erotic girl to watch have an amazing shoot here on FTV :)


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