Sep 18, 2006

78 mins

209 pics

Watching girls at the mall, we see a gorgeous redhead with that sexy figure walk by... we follow her to the food court and watch that gorgeous face... then follow to a park where she starts going sexual. Pulling her top off, then her pants, she starts masturbating right there in public, while some people catch her in the act. Pulling out a toy, she masturbates until she has a satisfying orgasm (and leaving a surprise wet spot). She has some sexy lingerie to show off for us, and tries them on, flashing that perfect butt ... then going into some sexy black stockings, and heels, we see how sexual she is... starts rubbing herself right in the middle of the photoshoot. Outside she does some more sexy flashing on the busy street, and goes indoors to masturbate again, this time having two (?) orgasms! Its always fun to watch such a gorgeous girl masturbate when she so enjoys doing it. Pulling her hair back in a ponytail, she gives her breasts & butt a hard cream massage, then gets carried away and masturbates again, to a very satisfying orgasm that ends with a gorgeous smile.


Sep 15, 2006

59 mins

220 pics

Part II. Walking into the bedroom all naked, Christy tries on several cute two-piece lingerie, letting us pick out our favorites. Then she goes to the garage, and poses next to the car, slowly stripping down. She claims that she loves the car, and it turns her on, so starts rubbing herself right during the photoshoot, until we let her go in the car, take the top down, and masturbate with a toy to another hot orgasm. Putting on more casual wear, we get an interview about her background, and then have her flash nearby, and get caught by another passer-by. Indoors we go, so she can put on some pink lingerie, and while she plays in the pink room, we get some nice views of her butt and breasts. Spreading her butt cheeks, then her private parts, we get some very extreme closeups of her pretty privates. Then she starts fingering, 1, 2, 3, 4, then five fingers! Trying to fist herself. Looks like she's masturbating again, so we give her a larger pink toy to ride, then have a third orgasm! Off to the pool, she splashes around and cools herself down, enjoying the last days of Phoenix summer... with some hard breast massage.


Sep 13, 2006

31 mins

98 pics

Part I. This hot girl we see walking down the street, and oh does every guy turn to look! We catch her exposing her breasts while some people watch, and wow are they nice! We discover that she has a fun, bubbly personality, and soon get her to strip down completely naked, right at this strip mall! We go inside an abandoned store for more explicit shots, but someone walks in and asks to watch! The floor is dirty with dust, so after we check out her perfect, firm butt, we head back home so she can take a hot, sensual shower. Watch her lather that perfect body... then she starts rubbing herself, turning herself on, and asks for a toy. She starts masturbating on the couch, and has a very nice, strong orgasm that puts her to sleep :)


Sep 9, 2006

81 mins

221 pics

Not new to modeling, she is also very comfortable with getting extreme on video... out at a fancy resort, she gives us some upskirt, plays with her private parts, then starts masturbating right there... and has two squirting orgasms! Then she finds the Big Ten toy, rides it hard on the bench, all the way to the bottom!! Is it our imagination, or she keeps wetting herself? Seductive eyes, seductive smile, she chases us outside, and goes completely naked on the street... Then indoors she takes on 3 toys into her vagina, yikes! Stuffing even deeper, then tries a thick bead toy anally, and moves poolside to ride the FTV Toy. Now that was a sexy ride, a must see... and takes the huge toy deep. Later that night, she lets us enjoy her firm butt and breasts, squirts on some steps at a resort, then rides the FTV Monster toy!! It almost looks too easy?? Well, then its time for a fisting finale, and some extreme gaping shots that let us see so deep down to her cervix. Did we mention that beautiful smile??


Sep 8, 2006

25 mins

73 pics

Once in a while, a shy girl tries to pose for FTV; she is cute enough, but she realizes that she is perhaps too shy to go all out for the camera. Brandi comes from Georgia, and gives us a little outfit change, somewhat bashful about the experience. After a little trip outside to a park flashing her breasts, she returns indoors to masturbate with a large vibrator, penetrating herself deeply. A sensual experience, however short.


Sep 4, 2006

88 mins

227 pics

Recently turned 18, this gorgeous Chinese teen is wearing a short pink skirt with a pink undies... we watch her walk by and see under her skirt, catching some glimpses of her firm round breasts as well. She starts playing with her private parts, letting us peek between her legs, and then goes to masturbate on the stairs with a pink toy. She has a very strong orgasm, and finds more relief in a nearby water fountain... and gets completely naked to play! Putting on some cute lingerie indoors, she decides on a sexy black dress & heels, starts a sensual kissing session with herself in the mirror, then gets aroused by fingering herself. A little flashing at a public place, then some masturbation at a park bench which leads to a larger toy, that surprises us when she has a little squirt(!) and another strong orgasm! Cooling off at the pool, we get to see some nice extreme closeups of her private parts, as she opens herself up and gives us all the pretty pink details. Talking about how she discovered her first orgasm, she starts masturbating with a makeup tool, then starts fingering herself hard & fast, to a most incredible orgasm that has her exhausted and breathing heavily!


Aug 31, 2006

74 mins

217 pics

She's a rich little girl who lives by herself, in the fanciest of houses... so we catch her nude sunbathing and skinny-dipping at her pool... then checking her out as she masturbates on the bed. She's a very cute petite girl, and when she invites Alison over, we see how tiny she is. Gorgeous green eyes and the sweetest face, she warms up to Alison, smiling and having fun getting naked for her. Together they get touch-feely, playing with each others' breasts, and kissing each other. Alison watches as she masturbates to orgasm, then they go out to play, do some nude teases, and talk about sex. Back at the fancy home, they play strip pool, and eventually Jayme ends up on the pool table, with Alison seducing her with a toy, bringing her to orgasm. She curls up on Alison's body, resting her head on Alison's full breasts. Later in the day, Alison gives her a nice breast and butt massage, pulling her butt cheeks open, and gives her another toy to play with for one last orgasm. Jayme reminds us a little of our very popular Rose, with a mix of Fiona inbetween...


Aug 27, 2006

90 mins

166 pics

The way this gorgeous girl moves, with elegance, we discover that she used to be a ballerina, and still has her amazing flexibility. Walking down an exotic resort in a sexy dress & heels, she shows off that flexibility, and wasted no time -- she started rubbing herself, and masturbating for us -- right there in the hallway! She exudes sensuality, and you see in her expression how wonderful her orgasm was. But its not over yet... she then plays with her breasts and butt, and goes to a water fountain nearby, and masturbates again to another orgasm! Back home she tries out several sexy lingerie outfits, modeling for us, until she tries on this white fishnet top, with matching white heels. She starts masturbating again, but this time brings out two vibrators -- and double penetrates herself, eventually coming to another strong orgasm! Later in the day, after flashing her breasts in a public place, she gives us a hard breast & butt massage with cream, and then we get to see her ride the Big Ten Toy, moving her hips up & down hard, then fucking herself with it until she has one final, very strong orgasm. For a finish, she does a little dance to music, demonstrating her amazing flexibility and balance.


Aug 24, 2006

119 mins

105 pics

Full of energy, with a charismatic smile, she hangs out at a busy mall, while having fun flashing her breasts for the first time in public! Then taking her top off, she gets more daring and flashes her butt and private parts for us. Going home, she starts masturbating, and enjoys every minute of it... but wow how many minutes it was! She could not stop enjoying that toy, and even switched to a more powerful toy, and masturbated for over an hour!! After a strong orgasm, we do a little interview and flashing in public. Indoors, she puts on a cute white garter/stockings combo, and proceeds to seduce us, and use two toys to double penetrate herself (anal/vaginal). Some extreme closeups later, we go outdoors to watch her masturbate more, then indoors to finish off, to one more orgasm. Notice how tight she is down there...

Carli & Jamie

Aug 20, 2006

75 mins

207 pics

Looking tall, slim & sexy, these two visit a cafe, and while talking, start making out, then playing with each others' breasts. Of course, this catches other peoples' attention, but we love it! Then they hit a water fountain near the mall, which again, risks them getting caught, but they take their shirts off and continue deep kissing and fondling each others' breasts... Out to an office building area with an attractive water fountain, they continue their intimacy and bring each other to orgasms with the help of a toy. Later in the day, while Carli is napping, Jamie seduces her, kissing her nipples and playing with her full breasts, and they undress each other and put on some sexy lingerie. Back on the bed, they bring each other to more orgasms, with Jamie squirting all over the bed! Carli is astonished, and wants to see more, so they continue their play in more sexy lingerie outside, giving each other nice hard breast and butt massages, leading to another masturbation, which allows Carli to watch Jamie squirt, and then Carli has her strongest orgasm for the night, thanks to the more powerful rabbit vibrator. Very beautiful girls, sexy slim bodies topped with the full, firm, natural breasts!


Aug 16, 2006

79 mins

261 pics

This very popular girl is back again, and we're more than happy to see her big natural breasts once again! She starts by giving us a lingerie show, teasing with fingers, rubbing and fingering herself. By the time she gets to her 4th outfit, she's all out masturbating, rubbing herself hard until she brings herself to a strong orgasm! Then creaming her body, with us checking her out at every angle, she wears a more casual outfit, and lets us watch as she flashes at a restaurant, park, and in the middle of the street, as cars drive by! Then in the pink room, we watch her breasts bounce up and down, then have her masturbate again, this time from several different positions, until she has another orgasm. Later, in a bikini, she goes poolside, finds a glass toy, and gives us a good closeup session of her being penetrated... but the nighttime is where things become totally erotic! She gives her breasts a very sensual hard massage, then finds the Big Ten Toy in the shower, and gives it a hard blowjob. What comes after is probably the hottest sex scene with the Big Ten Toy we've ever seen! Riding it hard and deep, fast and screaming like a banshee, she has another orgasm that has her exhausted, collapsed on the floor!


Aug 13, 2006

71 mins

169 pics

A good friend of Alison's is introduced to us, and has never done anything like this before the camera! She gets to flash at a busy mall, risking getting caught, and Alison joins in flashing her big breasts too. Then at home, they talk about masturbation & vibrators, and she picks out one that she likes, and proceeds to masturbate on camera for the first time. A little nervous at first, she has a nice orgasm at the end. Then with her nipple out, she hangs out at a busy restaurant talking about her sex life, and then undresses on the roof of the FTV house to model for Alison there. She tries out several different pieces of lingerie, and does some breast and butt play with Alison. Then a second round of masturbation, this time in her sexy lingerie, until she has another orgasm... falling asleep, she is awakened by Alison. Together they get naked, and have a fun, sexy bubble bath that is all about butts and breasts, we get to relish in both. A first-timer, with a gorgeous face...


Aug 9, 2006

86 mins

244 pics

Cute & petite, we watch her go down a neighborhood street, and give us glimpses of her private parts when she takes her panties off right there, squatting and reading her book. After some upskirt views, we follow her to her apartment, and watch her inside as she gets undressed. We get invited in, and her bathrobe comes off quickly, as she starts masturbating for us, using a vibrator until she has a sleep-inducing orgasm. Later in the day, she lets us watch her give a nice hard breast & butt massage, then fingering herself in the butt. In front of the mirror, she changes to several cute lingerie, and then gives us a serious foot fetish session, sucking & playing with her toes, and trying on several sexy heels and modeling them for us. Some extreme closeups of her private parts, and she then brings out 3 toys, and proceeds to double penetrate herself, and take one toy anally, very deep! After the orgasm, we go out with her, watch her flash at a restaurant and a gas station. Then at home, she tries our biggest toy... the FTV Monster!! The toy is the size of her whole arm... she sucks on it first, and to our surprise, takes it very deep! You have to see it to believe it! Riding it hard, she moves to another rather large vibrator and has one final orgasm.


Aug 6, 2006

60 mins

174 pics

A totally new, shy, and inexperienced cutie, with a slim toned figure -- she gets naked for the first time on camera. Trying to masturbate, she is nervous and shy, but watching her spread her legs and and baring her innocence can be so erotic... two weeks later she comes back a little less shy, and starts playing with herself at a park. Going back indoors, she finds a vibrator, and masturbates to a nice orgasm, leaving a little 'cum' behind. She meets up with Lia, and tries on a few cute clothes with her, and compares nipples... a little flashing outdoors we get to see her personality shine and her sweet smile. Then we go to an office, where she shows us some cheerleading moves and her flexibility ... and then she masturbates again in the office chair.


Aug 2, 2006

84 mins

211 pics

Her first time getting naked for the internet, she find us and has an interview, and surprises us to how comfortable she is masturbating in front of the camera, and that she squirts! Two weeks later, she returns and heads over to a very public area, and masturbates with the Big Ten Toy, taking it as deep as she can go, enjoying every minute, to several squirting orgasms! Her love of sex continues to demonstrate with the help of some veggies, as in a Zucchini! She penetrates herself hard and fast, getting herself aroused with the zucchini, to a point that she needs another toy to bring herself to several strong orgasms, squirting all over the bed! As tight as she is, she manages to get four fingers deep inside her... Then in a totally different style, she wears a sexy black dress with heels, and gives us peeks under her dress, and rubs herself on the steps of a resort. Once aroused, we find her with the FTV Toy, as she rides it hard and very sensually... for a very erotic video. Not having enough, she brings back the Big Ten toy, and penetrates herself hard and fast to one last loud shuddering squirting orgasm!


Jul 29, 2006

77 mins

196 pics

Walking down Scottsdale's most prestigious mall, she stands out as a very sexy girl on this hot day... and a classy, sensual tone seems to express itself even in this public place. We catch several glimpses of her full breasts as they are exposed there, and that shirt is pretty seethrough... then indoors she tries on several sexy dresses, posing away with such sexy character. Going to the bed, she warms herself up with a clear glass toy, masturbating until she has a rather sudden, but strong orgasm! Putting on black lingerie and stockings, she meets up with the lucky member whose house we are shooting in... and plays pool with him. She starts stripping down, and eventually finds herself masturbating again, with some very sexy views and closeups of her private parts being penetrated. Later in the evening, she is in another very sexy outfit, white fishnet stockings and seethrough top, rubs lotion on her full breasts, then her butt, and then gives us one of the most sensual toy blowjobs we've ever seen! Then masturbating on top of a living room table, we get all the sexy views until she has her last orgasm.


Jul 25, 2006

85 mins

207 pics

Its one of those rare rainy days in Phoenix, and we see this teen with braces running through the mall trying not to get wet, but catch glimpses of her very perky nipples falling out of her shirt as she tries to dry up on the spot! Then she goes indoors, strips down, grinds her hips against her hand on the bed, then gets dressed up in some cute tops & panties. Checking out her nice butt from a hidden angle, we then watch her grind against her private parts with her hand while listening to music, then sitting down in the closet and fingering herself until she has 4 fingers in her! Getting juicy wet, she heads over to the table where she starts fisting herself to our surprise! The whole hand slips in deep, then she moves to a vibrator -- then rubbing fast she starts squirting all over the place, several times! Huge gushes squirt into the camera, and all over the table. She cannot stop, even when she is being photographed after 4 orgasms! She just loves to masturbate, and it shows. Her juices have completely soaked the entire table! After posing for more explicit photos, she talks a little about her sexuality, and then gets changed into a cute pink dress with a short skirt. Then she pulls out two thick vibrators, and starts stuffing both into her private part! Then she makes the toys spread her wide open, but that isn't enough, she then spreads herself with her fingers, and gives us some amazingly massive gaping shots! Then she takes one toy anally, while sticking the other back in her private part, double penetrating herself hard, pushing the toys as deep as she can. Getting aroused again, she asks for the FTV Monster toy, and it is as thick as her leg! To our shock, she takes it in easy, and takes it deep, for a hard ride that at one point, takes 3/4 of the whole toy in! It only encourages her more, to fist herself again, hard and fast, until she has an incredibly strong orgasm, that needs to be seen!


Jul 20, 2006

72 mins

179 pics

This gorgeous girl, had her debut on FTV 2 years ago, now she is back, looking even hotter than before (and more sexual)! We meet up with her at a public place, a fancy mall, and see how sexy she looks today. After flashing her full breasts and doing upskirts there, we do a photoshoot right there in the mall walkway, taking those risks... Then in her black Mercedes nearby, she heads on to the back seat, and starts masturbating with a toy right there! A little nervous about it all, it takes her a while before she orgasms... then at the pink room she gives us close views of her private parts & nipples, stretching, pulling & fingering. Being fluent in French, she does a masturbation video, all the while talking to you in French, directing the camera herself, until she has a nice orgasm. Then on the computer, in sexy black lingerie, she starts playing with herself to some FTV videos, then gives her breasts & butt a nice cream massage, and in the shower, takes it to the climax, having one last, strong, orgasm.

Alison & Lia

Jul 17, 2006

22 mins

91 pics

Special Update: Lia & Alison: Both models are very popular single site girls for and -- and after a year apart, they are re-united, with FTV's new supercar, the Lamborghini Murcielago. Practically every member either loves Lia or Alison (or both)... having them together is like double eye-candy! Alison with her long legs and full, firm natural breasts, and Lia's sexual presence with her funky personality... a cute update re-introducing both girls to some members who may not know of their websites.


Jul 13, 2006

119 mins

173 pics

Estelle is a tall, sultry & sexy woman, with a pair of natural supersized breasts that almost look like implants! But her extremes will be what will shock most members. Catching her taking a shower & shave, checking out those perfect breasts and sensual body, she then puts on some makeup, dries herself up, and finds a sexy bra & panties to model in. Then she masturbates with a vibrator, bringing in the Big Ten toy for hard, deep sex, then another vibrator for some very strong orgasms! Very hot views, and tasty white come starts building up as she pounds herself with the Big Ten. Then the photographer comes in to assist, pounding her harder and deeper with the Big Ten, then fingering her deep, and even attempting to fist her! Then she peels off a banana, and tries to stuff it inside, then eat it... going more extreme with two very long zucchinis, she tries to double penetrate herself and succeeds, taking one of them especially deep anally! A must-see... getting swollen with all the penetration, she tries for our largest toy, the FTV monster, and manages to take it down for a while, but resorts to a vibrator to have another very hot orgasm. Then another sensual shower, where we get to see those fine breasts get massaged, then the photographer joins in and all four hands get to play with her butt, and breasts, in a very intimate moment....


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