Feb 12, 2007

95 mins

272 pics

What you immediately notice about her, is those strong, sensual blue eyes that captivate the moment they stare at you... She's a cute, slim teen, with a sexuality that needs to be expressed. She visits a mall, and while shopping starts exposing her breasts in the public place, then pulling her jeans down to show her butt & private parts. At home, she strips naked, examines herself, and starts rubbing... finds a toy, and masturbates to a nice natural orgasm. She meets up with Lia for a lunch, then puts on a very sexy black dress & heels, starts dancing to her kind of music, then seduces Lia once completely naked. She pulls Lia's bra aside and starts sucking her long nipple! Going back to the stairway, she masturbates with a thick pink toy, until she has another natural orgasm. Next day, she's in a cute schoolgirl outfit, heading to the park. She surprises us with a peek between her legs, and some toy dangling between them! She takes a seat, at a park bench and slowly pulls out a string of beads that was deep inside her pussy! Then she starts masturbating, and has 2-3 orgasms, which leaves sticky clear juicy pussy juice flowing out of her. Later at night, we see her in pink lingerie, while getting extreme closeups of her private parts, and her breasts. She tugs & pulls on her nipples, turns herself on, and has another orgasm (possibly her strongest) with the help of an egg shaped vibrator.


Feb 6, 2007

78 mins

257 pics

Fresh out of High School, Milena is easygoing and fun to shoot... She runs around a public park, going topless and showing off that perfect butt of hers. Then she takes her bottoms off until she gets caught! Indoors she finds a vibrator to play with, and masturbates for a while... to four orgasms! She gets milky wet, and tells us how much she likes to masturbate. She gets undressed and puts on some 'mature' clothes, dressing up in sexy heels and a black dress. She dances to some music, moving her sexy hips, then starts rubbing herself next to the mirror while kissing herself. She takes a clear jelly dildo, and starts riding it, but her petite private parts are too small and tight! She fingers herself, rubbing really fast to another orgasm. We get some extreme closeups, her stretching and pulling her long labia. She then puts her hair in pigtails, and does a very hard breast massage, squeezing them in every angle. Butt massage is next, then trying out some more lingerie & heels. She finally settles on a purple set, and starts using her hairbrush handle like a toy... until its time for a vibrator and one last strong orgasm!


Jan 31, 2007

89 mins

199 pics

You wouldn't think that this girl, who looks like someone who would hang out in the Library all day -- would be so sexual! Even though she looks so innocent at the strip mall, where she flashes her breasts, she loves to masturbate and more... Going back home she starts fingering herself on the bed, masturbating for a long time to multiple orgasms. She claims 20... can we be sure? Don't know. Whatever the case, she really enjoys herself! Then she tries to fist herself! Later in the day, she has her full breasts massaged by the assistant, & shows off all the veggies she bought at the grocery store. What comes next is rather intense... she takes a zucchini and starts ramming herself hard, going bigger in size until she has the biggest (size of her foot) inside her, in all positions! Then comes the carrots, which she manages to stuff 5 (!) inside her! Stretching her so wide, its a must-see for extreme fans. Then she masturbates further with a zucchini, and fists herself after orgasm. Late night, she's trying a long double-ended toy, which she double-stuffs herself, then starts double penetrating herself with fingers, both anally and vaginally. The real extreme FTV Monster toy is next, where she takes it deep, rides it hard... not enough, she then rides the glass FTV Toy down deep! Grinding hard and fast, and even anally, she has a strong orgasm finish!


Jan 25, 2007

103 mins

367 pics

She is one of those rare beauties that is blessed not only with a beautiful face and smile, but the perfect body as well. Her body is built from her 13 year experience as a ballerina, with the bonus of full natural D cup breasts! After trying on some lingerie for us, she goes out to a park, and lets us see her perfect breasts out in the open, then teasing us upskirt and playing with herself. Warmed up enough, heading home to masturbate, with her own jelly toy. She likes penetration, and with the help of the toy, has a milky wet orgasm! With her hair up, we see a strong similarity to the actress Natalie Portman... see for yourself! Sleeping on the comfy bed, we take closeup peeks of her private parts, then let her play on the bed, and give us extreme closeups & all the good details, by spreading & stretching her private parts. She has some extremely long labia, so we watch her stretch & pull on them, making them 3 inches long! A must see for long labia lovers. Then its time for a breast massage with lotion, and we get all the hot angles on her full breasts, as she squeezes them hard... then some butt action as well. Turning herself on, she starts masturbating right on the bathroom counter, and has another orgasm with the help of a blue toy. We wanted to see her practice ballet, so with some music, she does some naked stretching & ballet ... with only white stockings on. So sexy, so graceful. Outdoors, she starts chasing after rabbits, all naked, and we watch those full breasts bounce everywhere! Retiring to the bed, she has a harder masturbation session, taking a pink toy until she has one final orgasm. Finishing off with a sexy shower, we get to see that sexy body all naked one last time :)


Jan 19, 2007

102 mins

280 pics

A true fashion model, this superhottie masturbates on video for the first time... Entering an exotic mansion, she teases the construction workers with her perky breasts, and starts rubbing herself on the kitchen counter. Finding herself a large pink toy, she takes it hard and fast on the bar countertop, for an incredibly hot & heavy masturbation until she has a very strong orgasm. She's still very horny, and wants more... so she grabs the powerful rabbit toy, and proceeds to masturbate again on the bathroom counter. This time its even faster, rougher, and louder, and she has the most powerful orgasm that leaves her exhausted on the floor. What a way to start!! She then hits the pool, and starts fingering herself there until she is distracted by the landscapers. Later in the day, she takes a trip in the Lamborgini and flashes her breasts at a gas station, and has the employee help out! Together with another lamborghini, she heads over to a racetrack where she does some more sexy posing, flashing, and upskirt while cars go racing. The next day she does another sexy photoshoot, and jumps right back into masturbating. We didn't think she could outdo herself from the day before, but now, even more comfortable, she goes all out on the wildest masturbation we've ever seen. She even takes on the Big Ten Toy, making it look easy as she takes it all, deep and hard, fast and rough! Two more very strong orgasms... Liking the Big Ten so much, she has another rough sex session by the pool...


Jan 13, 2007

120 mins

248 pics

Its by no coincidence that Katie picked out her name for the fact that she looks a lot like the actress Katie Holmes... but probably a lot more sexual as you shall see in the video. She and Alison fool around at a restaurant and park, risking it flashing her breasts, then having her dress up in a sexy black dress, and getting caught at a resort! She goes home to masturbate using her fingers, and has a nice strong natural orgasm. She goes to the dressing room, and tries on several cute lingerie, picking one and ending up on the couch, playing with herself watching TV. Alison comes to seduce her, massaging her breasts and together they start feeling each others full breasts. Katie picks out a toy, and masturbates again, having another strong(er) orgasm! Some extreme closeups of her private parts... later that night, she meets up with Lia, and gives both Lia & Alison a lapdance, then rides a champagne bottle! The next day, we see her playing with herself again, then putting on a cute dress to show off and flash in another restaurant and parking area. After the security guard tells us to leave, she puts on a very sexy black outfit & stockings, then plays with her hairbrush handle like a toy, and has one last orgasm... falling asleep on the bed.


Jan 7, 2007

98 mins

415 pics

On part 2 of her Hawaii adventure, we start very early in the morning, sunrise on Sandy Beach, a popular tourist destination with large waves. Carli loves it and has fun with surf, slowly stripping down and catching the attention of the early morning surfers & lifeguards. Running around topless, watch her breasts bounce, then get wet & sandy so that the sand gets into all her private parts for some sexy closeup views. Playing around with her friend all naked, they throw around a water bottle and ouch! It hits Carli's head. No problem though, she takes a break playing around the lava rock looking for sea life in her skimpy bikini, while we take secret peeks. Then we find her a nice place oceanside to masturbate, using her favorite toy, to a milky wet orgasm. Before returning home, she goes to rinse herself off at the public showers, and exposes herself to the delight of all the surfer guys -- she loves the attention :) Later in the day, she puts her hair in braids, and we have a lunch at a restaurant with a view... and again taking risks has herself exposed while several people get a nice view. A soapy sexy shower at home, then hair in pigtails. She puts on very cute pink lingerie, and masturbates to orgasm on the bed. She plays with her private parts, pulling and stretching, with some extreme closeups. The next day, she heads over to a budhist temple, where she makes her prayers topless, and does some flips and backstands... all so that we can see her breasts pop out and private parts expose. What an exotic location for a shoot!! Some harder masturbation back at her hotel, this time with an egg shaped toy that brings her to a near-g-spot orgasm. Time to visit Chinamans' hat, another tourist destination, and swing around on trees topless. Having lots of fun, and playing with her private parts, she also visits the northeasternmost point of Oahu, and the Dole Plantation. Then its time to say goodbye... in the sexiest of outfits while watching the sunset, and legs wide open. FTV's best in one of the most exotic places, to help most of you keep warm this winter :)


Jan 1, 2007

87 mins

373 pics

To start 2007 with a bang, we bring back one of FTV's most popular models in a special 4 day Hawaii adventure... and we mean Adventure! Starting the day in Waikiki, Carli goes shopping for souvenirs, then stops at a popular restaurant for some food, and breast flashing. She dresses into a very sexy blue dress & heels, and she exposes her breasts & private parts right there at one of the classiest resorts in Waikiki -- while people are everywhere! Some funny moments where she gets caught, then she finds a secluded meeting area in the hotel (but extremely risky) and starts masturbating with a vibrator! One orgasm later, she changes into a sexy tan dress that fits her perfect curves, and proceeds to do more risky flashing at another hotel. Then she gets completely naked in a relaxation part of the hotel, while we get to see all the good angles... between her legs and closeups. More risky flashing while people work nearby, and she is ready to go to her room and masturbate. She has another orgasm, then a third, explaining how much she loves this new toy of hers. Next day, she hits the North Shore beach, in a cute bikini, but that doesn't stay on for long, and gets several surfers' attention. Of course, we let them watch, and get pictures with her naked as well. Putting some smiles on drivers' faces as she flashes them in the car, we go to a shopping center for some more quickie flashing, then to an area near the Pali trail to get completely naked, and do some artistic nudes. Cars driving by get to see her completely naked, then some rush hour traffic for even more exposure. The sun is setting, and Carli goes to the boat docks near Waikiki. By this point she is so easy with nudity that she just relaxes naked while random people walk by and even approach her. Her sweet personality charms everyone. Just how many people saw her naked live on this trip?? Back in her hotel room, with a view overlooking diamond head, she gets naked and masturbates with a toy to one final milky orgasm for the day.


Dec 28, 2006

50 mins

51 pics

Casandra made a surprise visit to Phoenix, so we had to get her back for another shoot, if not shorter than the last. In a cute, 'Pocahontas' dress, she walks down a resort hallway and starts playing with herself, fingering and rubbing until she needs her toy... then going to the bed and masturbating to orgasm. She then tries her kinky side, taking a long candlestick, and pushing it deep inside her as far as it goes! Taking two rocket vibrators, she puts both of them in her, double penetrating herself, then adds the candlestick so she's got three objects in her! Turning the vibrators on, she gets juicy wet with pleasure, and has another strong orgasm with the help of the rabbit vibrator. After a little break, she surprises us again with another masturbation, using two toys at once, for one last, very intense orgasm.


Dec 26, 2006

55 mins

105 pics

The busty cutie is back, and she's ready for an adventure! From flashing right away at the airport, she warms up by going to a popular student area at a nearby college, and flashes upskirt... then her breasts, while quite a few catch glimpses of her assets. Then its off to a small Arizona tourist town, where we get to see her show off even more. At a busy restaurant near the town, she sucks on her nipples, gives us some upskirt and fingering. Finally back home, she gets all naked, and masturbates with a vibrator. Then for a hike to the mountains nearby, she stretches out naked, then puts on a cute top and shorts. Another public nudity fest on the mountain, she is all about flashing those big breasts and giving us peeks between her legs. Finding a safe spot on the mountain, she takes her bottoms off, and masturbates one more time...


Dec 22, 2006

98 mins

255 pics

Who would think that an 18 year old could have such large natural breasts! We see her down a busy resort mall, and let her lift that tight shirt up to reveal the firmest pair of DD's! She's not shy, so she lifts her shirt up and runs around topless! Finding a more secure but public spot, she starts massaging her breasts, takes her pants off and masturbates with her fingers... a little startling noise has her back at home and masturbating with a vibrator on her clit. Taking her time to enjoy it, she has an orgasm, but asks if she can have another, and uses the rabbit vibrator for second orgasm! Somewhat quiet & shy, but very willing to show her breasts off... so we go out to a gas station, and have her flash them, later in a neighborhood, then at an office complex, where she starts masturbating. After a little 'interruption' from a pedestrian, she moves to some stairs and uses the long pink toy for some deep penetration & masturabtion. Back home she puts on cute pink bra & panties, then starts fingering herself, eventually trying 5 fingers & an attempt at fisting! She goes further and tries the FTV Monster toy, but enjoys the Big Ten ... and has a hard deep ride, until she has a strong orgasm. Then its time for a sensual breast & butt massage with baby oil, and a finish soaping up in the shower...


Dec 18, 2006

85 mins

168 pics

This cutie is caught shopping at a mall, wearing a very short skirt, which we peek under, and see cute pink panties... then she gives us a little more of a peek, peeling her panties aside while risking getting caught with her skirt up! We follow her as she goes (bottomless) down to a park, and she starts getting off by rubbing herself at a park bench. Going home, she brings her favorite vibrator with her to several strong orgasms! Trying on several cute outfits, we watch her flash at a public place again (while a few guys watch) and then she returns home for some closeups & breast/butt massage. Then comes another intense masturbation session which brings her to several more orgasms, this time using two vibrators. Later in the evening, she dolls herself up with makeup and curly hair, then masturbates again, with several strong orgasms with the help of her vibrator and a clear glass toy. So many orgasms, she is quite the sexual girl!


Dec 14, 2006

94 mins

268 pics

Gorgeous & sexy, this girl has a body & legs to die for! She reminds of Latina Ashley Judd... In a sexy & classy dress she walks down a resort, giving us sexy eye contact, and slowly revealing her breasts, then up her skirt and her firm, perfect butt... and then takes her dress off! In nothing but heels, she finds a spot at the resort to masturbate, fingering herself. Turned on enough, she returns home to use a vibrator, to an orgasm fest that has her cumming more times that she could count! We realize how sexual she is... In the bedroom she puts on several sexy lingerie, showing off her body to us, and giving us all the good views. She then wears a more casual dress with no underwear, and proceeds to flash on a street, and then play at a public water fountain, getting everything wet! Going back home, she masturbates again, with a powerful rabbit vibrator, and has even stronger orgasms, which gets her milky wet... Then its time for a breast & butt massage, and an outfit change to another sexy black dress & heels, along with some extreme closeups of her private parts. She then heads over to the Lamborghini Murcielago, and proceeds to play with herself, and does something pretty unique with her bead necklace... And guess what? She became Penthouse Pet of the Month :)


Dec 10, 2006

74 mins

135 pics

Our extreme 'teen' in braces is back, after a horde of members wanted to see her do the extremes again, and push her limits! And so she does... starting with a nice warm-up, she masturbates to several orgasms with the help of her vibrator and fingers, squirting several times and getting the bed all wet! She then forces her whole fist in, and starts an intense fisting session! Then comes the FTV Monster, this time on a glass mirror, which she rides, and we get to see the penetration at several angles, then going doggy and going as deep as she can! After some hard sex, she is introduced to the Glass FTV Toy, which to our delight, takes all the way down, which almost seems impossible! She rides it hard and fast, eventually coming to another orgasm. Then comes the final test: She takes two very large zucchinis, penetrates herself so deep that one of them almost disappears! Taking one anally and the other vaginally, she double penetrates herself... wow, quite incredible. Then the biggest: A large eggplant that she forces in the best she can, then rides it to push it deeper... this update is another for you extreme lovers!

Celina 2

Dec 6, 2006

24 mins

43 pics

Celina continues later that evening, resting on the comfy bed with a pair of cute white bra & panties. She looks at us in a sensual way, and starts playing with her breasts, sucking on her nipples... and moves down between her legs and gives us some nice closeups of her private parts. Slowly fingering herself, she turns herself on until she needs her vibrator, and brings herself to another natural orgasm. Sensually shot, this video might make you fall in love with her. Celina is just so cute that we had to make her two coverpages for the same update!


Dec 6, 2006

64 mins

156 pics

Here's a cute teen walking down a busy fashion mall, with Lia & her friend spotting her out. They follow her, and get her to flash right there, then videotape her undressing at a changeroom trying on different outfits. Out at the mall entryway they make her take her clothes off, and do a nude shoot! Back home, she gets to pick a vibrator she likes, and masturbates on Lia's bed... until she has a nice strong orgasm. After a little nap, Lia & friend wake her up, and let her show off a few cute outfits from Lia's wardrobe. Another shoot outside, and then Lia's friend Jackie puts Celina's hair into pigtails, and gives her firm breasts a massage. Celine puts on a cute schoolgirl outfits, and then dances to her favorite music, eventually stripping down so you can see all!


Dec 5, 2006

50 mins

67 pics

Sometimes there are 'failed shoots', and this is one of them. Besides being shy, the masturbation video did not turn out. I could have had her fake it, but I wanted a real orgasm. Instead of dismissing this shoot, the time and cost of this was worth posting on FTV, even if it did not make it to the main updates. Managed to catch her wetness that built up with the use of the toy (after using it for over half an hour!) -- unfortunately she closed her legs, but I got to see it flow out like a river... and rushed to get the goods. Whatever the case, this shoot had to end early, but it truly was her very first time exposing it all, even going topless. Overally, she wasn't FTV-worthy.


Dec 1, 2006

61 mins

169 pics

The very fun, lovable, and super sexual Mandy is back! Its over a year later, and her breasts have doubled in size! She heads out to a park with a water fountain, and starts rubbing herself, playing with her large breasts, and of course, gets a lot of attention... so we head indoors and she gets to masturbate with a unique purple toy, to orgasm! Then in a supercute schoolgirl outfit, this busty girl rubs herself in a residential area, getting turned on, and fingering... man that skirt is so short her butt & private parts stick out! Then she talks about one of her most intense sexual experiences, and fingers herself hard and fast, to a very strong orgasm! Wanting more, she takes a vibrator and has another orgasm... Later that night, she rolls around the bed in a cute nightie, and gives us a good hard breast massage, then moves to the butt. Going back to the bed, she starts grinding against her fingers, and rubs so intensely, to another, final, and very satisfying orgasm. This girl just loves to masturbate...


Nov 28, 2006

86 mins

166 pics

At one of the fine exotic (& busy) resorts, we see this sexy girl, in a fine dress & heels find herself at a ballroom, while we realize that she has no panties, and get a lot of upskirt. Sitting down, she starts rubbing herself right there, then moves to the bar and watches herself in the mirror while she masturbates. Lia finds her there, naked & masturbating, but not before a security guard catches the whole incident, and so we move on to shoot her nudes in another public place with a fountain. Then she puts on several cute dresses for Lia, while we enjoy nice bare views of her breast and butt, along with her long, sexy legs. She then gets to finish masturbating, with the help of two toys to come to a nice orgasm. Later in the day, in a cute white short skirt & heels, she gives us more upskirt, and some really nice extreme closeups of her private parts. After spreading it, she chats with Lia about her personal sex life, and then gets to masturbate again, next to the office computer while looking at Lia's pictures. Hot angles watching her penetrate herself with legs spread to another orgasm. Then a breast & butt massage, leading to a very sensual shower that involves more masturbation....


Nov 24, 2006

91 mins

263 pics

Wow... such a gorgeous girl! We watch her get undressed 'voyeur' style, catching glimpses of her breasts and that perfect butt. Then we follow her to a fancy resort, in a sexy outfit where she starts to undress... teasing us. Unfortunately she teased some of the employees there, so they kicked us out! Getting completely undressed in front of the mirror, she starts playing with herself, then brings out our most powerful vibrator, and has a very nice, strong orgasm! She shows off her juices... Changing into a bikini, she gets wet in the pool, showing off that perfect butt of hers. Time for some closeups! She starts getting off by rubbing herself, and goes indoors for a vibrator. Jessica is a sexy dancer, so she does a striptease to some music... and then does a sexy lingerie session that leads to use of a glass toy! All this play has got her turned on again, so with another vibrator she gives us another sexy orgasm. A few more butt views and we watch her get wet in the shower, and 'clean up' :)


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