Nov 27, 2005

58 mins

172 pics

Our 4th trip to Portugal, and FTV's Resort House, we meet Kata, at a Bus Stop... where she flashes her breasts and starts masturbating right on the stairs! Alison and Kata have some fun on side streets, taking pictures, flashing breasts, while people walk & drive by. Then at the house, she masturbates to orgasm with a vibrator, and gets dressed up by Alison in a cute outfit. She gives Kata a nice butt and breast massage, and Kata returns the favor with kissing her breasts & nipples. Alison brings in a large cucumber and makes Kata ride it deep, in a very milky wet orgasm. Then its out to another resort city, where they flash their breasts past unsuspecting tourists, and start more breast play and masturbation wherever they can!


Nov 25, 2005

38 mins

149 pics

This petite girl with the angelic face is of Persian descent, and one of Lia's best friends. She finally gets the encouragement she needed to pose for us, and Lia did the entire shoot herself. Being 'asked' to pose at a park, while the camera gets some upskirts of her, she is brought into Lia's place where she masturbates right in the front yard... then in the cutest schoolgirl outfit, she gets naked and washes Lia's car at a car wash! But the good stuff happens later that night, in a corset, where she masturbates on top of a mirror, and has a strong orgasm with a little squirt that lands on the mirror! More masturbating again, on the bathroom sink, where she kisses herself and comes to another hot orgasm.


Nov 21, 2005

76 mins

152 pics

She found us on the internet, and wanted to make her big break into 'softcore' video with us... besides being supercute, she is a fun-loving girl that doesn't mind getting naked in public places! So we shoot her playing out near a street, masturbating and playing with her breasts... then going to a back yard to masturbate with a toy, that brings her to a hard orgasm. Then in the pink room, she shows off her pretty private parts up close, and then masturbates with the long pink toy, to an even stronger orgasm! Back outdoors, this fun-loving and very personable girl flashes her goods at a gas station and a restaurant and gets naked to dress up in her red dress at an office building. What comes next is incredibly sensual, as she uses just her fingers to get off with a hip shaking orgasm! When you think she'd be done by now, nope... poolside she plays with herself again, then uses a banana as a toy, and finally takes on the huge Big Pink toy for another very hot orgasm!


Nov 17, 2005

81 mins

219 pics

She's a fun, lively girl with the cutest voice, and with the attitude that sex & masturbation is something to enjoy, anytime, anywhere! So in a hot white outfit, she heads over to a resort, where she teases you, then finds her favorite vibrator, and plays it in the elevator. Walking to the stairs, she sits down and masturbates, until a strong orgasm, leaving milky wet juices behind! Later she is out again, in another public place, in a sexy tigerprint dress, and this time a cucumber joins in the action! She uses it hard, deep and even rides it, until her milky white juices dominate it on orgasm! She takes some bites out of it, and you can see her white juices on her tongue... She is playful and fun, so out at the restaurant she teases us as she orders food, runs out in the park and flashes, then goes indoors to show us her very sexy professional dancing skills, looking like a beautiful ballerina on tip-toes. Then we get kinky with some foot/heel fetish, as she shows off all her sexy heels, tries them on, massages her feet, then takes one of the shoe heels very deep! Then in FTV style, she rides the FTV Toy very deep (amazing for such a petite body!) and then fists herself, finally bringing herself to orgasm with the help of her toy. And what gorgeous blue eyes!


Nov 14, 2005

68 mins

119 pics

We were sure to have her back, now that she lives in Phoenix. We see that spunky free spirited personality show off her sexy figure out in another classy resort, playing with herself, masturbating, and stretching out her legs so we can see how flexible she is. Flashing her butt at the gas station, she gets some attention! Indoors, she checks out other FTV girls, and then masturbates with her new favorite vibrator, to another squirting orgasm (or was that two orgasms?). What better to see her try out some of the bigger toys, though the Big Ten toy ends up being too big for her, she rides the FTV Toy with some of the hottest hip action we've ever seen, to orgasm! They say Asian girls ride the best...


Nov 11, 2005

71 mins

153 pics

She is a bikini model who decided to try out nudes; her body is very toned, and she has a gorgeous, seductive face. Walking in a busy industrial park, she gives us a glimpse up her skirt, and flashes her nipples... Then she goes poolside and starts masturbating with a large vibrator, with a milky orgasm. In her bikini, she does some stretching, letting the bottoms slip so we can see more; then she masturbates again with another vibrator to a harder orgasm. Later at night, in a sexy black dress, she rides the big ten toy, then has several orgasms with Lia's encouragement, and assistance...(!)

Michelle & Trisha

Nov 7, 2005

162 mins

212 pics

We wanted to see Trisha back, because of her extreme popularity and cuteness. Even though she hasn't been with girls before, we knew superhottie Michelle would love to warm her up to it! Visiting an exotic outdoor location, they start making out and playing with each others' breasts right while construction workers peek through the windows. No panties mean great upskirts... then indoors they go all out on oral sex, bringing each other to orgasm. Then a sexy scene where Michelle starts rubbing Tricia's body with cream on the table, then Tricia returning the favor with a sensual massage. Later that day, putting each other in pigtails, they start kissing & playing again, moving to the bedroom and Michelle takes the initiative to start fingering and licking Tricia. Some hot views of Michelle's face down between Tricia's thighs, and her reaction to Michelle's tongue on her private parts. Then Trishia goes on top of Michelle's face, and has another orgasm. Michelle also gets to be licked & fingered, until she has a loud orgasm. Later that night, the playful girls are in lingerie on the bed, and start a very long sensual kissing session that leads to more oral sex, then orgasms with the help of toys. Some cool 69'er positions here.... Some extra footage video also included 'behind the scenes' and bloopers, as well as second angle views of their oral play.


Nov 3, 2005

82 mins

135 pics

We so missed this gorgeous blue-eyed brunette, and members wanted her back. We finally did see her again, 5 months later, with some shocking video this time! Meeting up for lunch, she is less shy this time, more playful, and squeezes her breasts at the restaurant, dripping milk! There is a funny moment where she spills her drink all over the restaurant floor... so back home she picks out a pair of cute strappy heels, shows off her pretty feet, and runs outside to play in the fall-colored back yard. As free spirited as she is, she climbs the neighbour's wall, and runs completely naked on the neighbour's back yard!! She comes back, hangs on trees, shows of her flexibility, and then starts playing with a full sized clear jelly toy right there. Riding it first, then forcing it hard into her private part. Getting cold, she goes indoors, and has sex with the toy for a long and hard masturbation session that leads to a very hot orgasm. At one point, she spreads herself so wide, you can see right down to her cervix! Later that night, she puts on sexy black lingerie & stockings, then completely shocks us by fisting herself past the wrist, very deep! Her first time doing this, it was a shock to her as well. Hottt... then a very hot lactation scene, where she squirts milk from her breasts, running down her body, to her private part, then squirting it at the camera, and finally squirting it into her own mouth, tasting it! All the milk that built up on the table, she licks right off, not leaving a spot behind. Then she takes a hot bath, diving under and masturbating with the hot water running down the faucet. She even tries squirting some water...


Oct 30, 2005

66 mins

172 pics

Our next visit to Portugal, we bring in a Czech model to stay with us for a weekend. She visits the beach, while a voyeur camera catches her adjusting her bikini, catching glimpses of her nipples, breasts, and very perfect butt. Near the cliffs, she starts to stimulate herself, then visits the FTV resort house for a shower, getting caught masturbating by Alison. She leads her to a bedroom where she can finish to orgasm. Next day, a photoshoot in a cute dress, then to the bedroom for a full body massage, focusing on Zia's breasts, butt and pretty feet. Alison and Zia go at it, rubbing each others' breasts together. Then comes the banana, in the kitchen, which Zia uses to masturbate, and Alison works it on her too. Out for lunch, there is a little bit of breast flashing, and back to the house for one more masturbation, with a vibrator.

Mary Anne

Oct 26, 2005

97 mins

183 pics

Young, blonde and new to getting naked, she visits a park, and while risking getting caught, we catch glimpses up her skirt, where her panties don't exactly fit... then she starts rubbing herself, and playing at the playground, riding the slides, swings and we continue to catch some good glimpses upskirt. Then she goes barefoot in the sand, and takes her skirt off and runs away! Undressing completely at home, she takes a vibrator, and has a nice natural orgasm that leaves a juicy private part... Later she meets up with Lia, and at a lunch break flashes under the table at a restaurant. Going to the pink room, we get to see her pretty private parts up real close, as she plays with her very large clit and long labia. Outside, looking cute, she stuffs her panties until they disappear and then pulls them back out! Then comes her large toy, which she gives a blowjob to, and then takes it deep, moving to some anal fun using her fingers and another toy. Then comes a long masturbation session where she ends up using her fingers to orgasm. Later that evening, she gives her firm bubble butt a nice massage, and takes a shower.


Oct 22, 2005

81 mins

288 pics

Never enough of this gorgeous & sweet girl Marlena... She has such charm and personality, and uninhibited when it comes to sex & her body. Joining up with Lia she has a photoshoot in an exotic building, then masturbates with her hairbrush handle(!). She wants to be more daring, and visits a mall, where she flashes her breasts, and wears such a short skirt that any bending over shows off all the goods. More posing naked outdoors, then indoors to masturbate with a banana & cucumber. The ride is pretty deep... to her orgasm. Pushing it to the limits, she wears a very sexy oriental dress, and masturbates outside at an office building risking getting caught. Legs up in the air, fingers deep, she has another orgasm! Lia then jumps in and shows off her website, while Marlena watches. Later that evening, she tries on some sexy black lingerie & stockings, and gives us a stocking stuffing show, with the help of her heels.... but best for last, see how she discovers what the fist-sized FTV toy is all about....!


Oct 18, 2005

81 mins

199 pics

Very sexually experienced, and not new to nudes, it was her first experience posing naked and masturbating outdoors, at this fancy resort... wearing a sexy pink dress & heels, she flashes us and fingers herself right on the stairs, then going to the back yard where she fingers herself hard, using four fingers deep, until she has a strong orgasm. Then undressing in the pink room, we get to see her amazingly long labia, which she can stretch as far as 3 inches!! So for the long labia fans, she stretches them, plays with them, ties them into a knot... lots of hot photo & video of her private parts. Then at the bathroom, she puts on a new sexy dress, and starts playing and masturbating with a hairbrush, taking the handle deep... outdoors at a convenience store, she flashes her private parts again, only to return home and do one of the hottest deep Big Ten toy rides you've ever seen! Later in the day, she puts on sexy white stockings, with a pretty white dress, parades around naked outdoors, flashing her goods and then masturbating with fingers...finding a wine bottle, she rides it and masturbates with it in very sexy positions, then fingers herself hard to another orgasm!


Oct 14, 2005

127 mins

225 pics

A whole year later, we get to see Lisa again, and she is even hotter than before! Leggy, toned, sexy body, with a supercute face, and she still loves to orgasm and squirt! Meeting up with Lia, she does some nude posing in the sexy jeans & t-shirt she came with, then tries on several different outfits for Lia. Outdoors, in a cute green summer dress, she starts rubbing and fingering herself, turning herself on, then heads over to the glass table, and finds her favorite vibrator ready. The toy makes her go through extreme orgasms, more than we could count... and she started squirting all over the glass table! A second view of the action under the table give another perspective... Once satisfied, she plays with her juices, writing her name in it, pressing her breasts in it, and licking it up! After fooling around with Lia, she then does another sexy photoshoot, that leads to some 's&m' with nipple clamps, which she also uses on her long pussy lips, to make them stretch further. With a set of 4 'ben-wa' balls, she starts stuffing them inside, then letting them dangle and pull out in a series of hot photos & video. Finally, half naked, she brings out her favorite vibrator again, and proceeds to masturbate for another few orgasms... in the front yard! Her juices squirt out, caught by the camera, and she is a very happy girl once again!

Isabella & Jamie

Oct 10, 2005

129 mins

197 pics

The thought was always there; to put supermodels Jamie & Isabella together... and we made it happen. Jamie & Isabella fans will love this combination of sexuality and beauty. Starting in the morning, they set up a little badminton court, where they play against each other, going topless... watch those big natural breasts bounce! Then indoors, they start wrestling each other, until exhausted, falling into each others' arms. Just for their evening, we got a fancy suite at one of the city's finest resorts, and let them, in their classy outfits, get to know each other, kiss, then play with their bodies... moving on to the bed to help masturbate each other to orgasm. Jamie squirts and makes a wet spot on the bed! Then a lingerie show, the girls trying out cute outfits, with Lia picking her favorites... but the girls engage into more kissing and playing! Into the fancy bathroom, Jamie puts Isabella on the makeup counter and helps rub her to a strong orgasm, and Isabella then returns the favor, bringing Jamie to a very strong squirting orgasm, which Isabella collects into her hands. They end up in the bathtub, lathering each other, massaging breasts....


Oct 6, 2005

86 mins

175 pics

Walking out of her apartment in a bikini, we sneek a look at her while she relaxes at the pool, not minding if people sneek a peek at her nipples, or catch a glimpse of her private parts when she slips her bikini aside. Starting to arouse herself at the pool, she returns to her apartment, while we look through her window as she undresses inside. She lets us in to see her place, then tries on another cute outfit for us, and then masturbates with her fingers and a toy. Her orgasm is strong, and milky wet! A week later, she visits us and tells us of her love of women, and masturbates in another cute outfit, this time with two toys. After another milky wet orgasm, she gives her body a cream massage... and she has those perfect firm natural breasts, and a very nice butt! While taking a shower, she rubs & fingers herself again, coming to another orgasm....


Oct 3, 2005

84 mins

147 pics

Innocent-looking teen with big brown 'bambi eyes' is caught on the bed rubbing herself, playing and fantasizing about sex. She takes a nap, and when she gets up, she starts masturbating with a vibrator, very shy in front of the camera, but manages to make it to orgasm, and has a little squirt too. She has very soft silky skin, beautiful firm bubble butt, and pretty feet... so all of that gets massaged with cream. Then she pulls out a long pink toy, and takes it deep in several positions, until she has another, more comfortable orgasm. Not enough for her, she does it again in the shower, for a third orgasm of the day!


Sep 29, 2005

90 mins

207 pics

Walking in a sexy dress through an exotic resort, she is not wearing anything underneath... risking being caught in this public place, she starts masturbating next to a water fountain, until she has an orgasm, which makes her squirt all over the floor. Then coming back to the same place in a cute little dress & pigtails, she shocks us by trying to fist herself... going back to the house, she continues trying to fist, then brings out a double ended toy, which she manages to stuff both ends deep into her vagina, back end first! Incredible when you see what we mean! Then at night, in a sexy gold outfit & heels, she give her perky breasts a hard massage, and then bring out four toys. She takes it to new extremes by taking two big toys into her vagina, and one in her butt! And she actually enjoys it. Then she plays with the Big Ten toy, and finally the FTV Toy, which she rides to orgasm (and squirts again) with the help of a vibrator!


Sep 25, 2005

100 mins

224 pics

Our second shoot in the FTV Resort in Portugal, we meet Lucie, from the Czech Republic. With a nice figure and full breasts, Alison meets her while horseback riding, and brings her to the house to masturbate. The girl enjoys to play with herself, starting with masturbating on a chair, then a sensual shower, and to another masturbation with a large red toy to orgasm. She gives Alison a lingerie show, which in return, Alison gets to play with Lucie's breasts along with a butt massage. On the next day, out in the back yard, there is a photoshoot and some playing around at the pool, then a sexy masturbation scene with a zucchini that stretches her wide ... and then some closeups & more play poolside.


Sep 22, 2005

55 mins

131 pics

Its rare to find such a gorgeous girl, with the sexual abilities that she recently discovered in her last shoot several months ago... now meeting up with Lia, she talks about her newfound experiences, and in a custom black dress that was tailor-made just for her, we do a hot shoot, that leads to a masturbation scene on the black couch... using the same toy she did before, she has another orgasm, but what an orgasm!! Now more comfortable about her squirting, she releases in such a powerful orgasm that has the glass table completely soaked and dripping... a must see experience!!! She tastes her juices... Then in the pink room, she plays around a little with Lia and some cream, so we get some fine closeup views of her private parts being played with, then its time to masturbate again. Her orgasm comes so quickly, but double strong, with two squirts, on the mirror below her. Then she does a rather unique thing... takes the juices built up on the mirror and pours it into a glass, filling it up! We almost thought she might try drinking it....


Sep 20, 2005

74 mins

46 pics

Walking to a local park, wearing a summer dress, Wendy relaxes next to a waterfall, and begins to play with her breasts, then starts masturbating right there, for nearly 15 minutes, while people catch glimpses of what she is doing... then going home she introduces us to her apartment, and then masturbates on the bed, and with the help of a vibrator, has a nice orgasm. After a lunch break of flashing her breasts, she tries out the Big Ten toy, taking it for a ride, and having sex with it in several positions.


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