Feb 1, 2006

42 mins

130 pics

Devaun Day 1: Walking in a cute summer dress, down a fancy resort hotel, she isn't wearing any panties, and gives us some nice butt and upskirt flashes as people walk by. We discover that she isn't very shy about showing off her body, and she spreads and plays right in the hotel lobby! Going indoors, she goes to the mirrored bathroom of her room, and starts playing with herself, using fingers, then a vibrator. Something else we discover... she loves to masturbate, and has these very long, powerful orgasms that gets her whole body shaking and her private parts pulsating! You'd think its over but she goes to the bed, and starts playing with herself again, and moves out to the very exposed balcony, naked and masturbates again! Back on the bed, she uses a different vibrator, and has a second, just as strong orgasm!


Jan 28, 2006

63 mins

106 pics

Walking down the park, Tiffanie doesn't seem to care about getting caught, and starts flashing her breasts & private parts, then masturbating right there, with as many as 4 fingers! She has a very firm pair of breasts that we thought weren't natural, but they are real allright! Watch her play with them, suck on the long, pointy nipples. Going indoors, she starts masturbating with a vibrator, then using fingers vaginally & anally to double penetrate herself, she comes to a very hard orgasm that has her squirt twice!! She then shows off how 'flexible' she is, and stuffs her whole hand inside of herself, fisting!! She then stretches her private part open wide, so you can look in very deep... If that wasn't shocking enough, she takes the lube bottle, and stuffs it deep, just to surprise the videographer! Later in the day, she puts on a cute pink dress, and gives her perfect firm breasts a massage, squeezing them hard, and then moving to her butt. She then gets introduced to the biggest toy we have ever used, the FTV Monster! Twice as big as the Big Ten, it makes the FTV Toy look small. She takes it in, very deep, and starts riding it, stretching herself out... then readying herself for the FTV Toy, taking it very deep, and coming to a very strong orgasm with the help of a vibrator!


Jan 24, 2006

60 mins

138 pics

This gorgeous brunette might be petite, but has been blessed with big, firm & natural breasts, that look and feel too perfect! She reminds us of the FTV goddess Alexa. Starting at a grocery store, she does a quick breast flash, then leads us to her apartment, where she tries on a couple of cute outfits, showing off that sexy body of hers. Then coming closer, she talks dirty to you and begins to play with herself. She hops on the counter in the bathroom, gives herself a sensual breast and butt massage, leading to a sexy masturbation to orgasm. A little bit of juice lands on the counter... Then at the FTV house, she meets up with Alison, who helps out in a four-handed breast massage, then a cherry stuffing scene(!). Upstairs, she uses a special 'back massage' vibrator to get herself off, not once, but twice!


Jan 20, 2006

96 mins

205 pics

Slim and leggy, with a full set of breasts, Lindy is introduced by Alison, and is given the 'public nudity' shock treatment by posing outdoors. She shows us some of the cute clothes she brought with her, then moves to the couch to masturbate, using two toys, one vaginally, the other anally. She says she prefers anal over vaginal... Then poolside, she gets to play with the water hose, pushing it very deep inside her, and letting the water flow & squirt out! Then in cute pigtails, we get to see her bounce on the bed, suck & play with her breasts, then give us a hot extreme closeup session of her private parts. Stretching them, then fingering herself, she masturbates by poking both holes with fingers. She then takes two larger toys, and double penetrates herself, really stretching herself out! Later that evening, she puts on some sexy red stockings, heels and lingerie, and rides the Big Ten toy, in a very hot (and very deep) riding session that brings her to orgasm!


Jan 16, 2006

82 mins

165 pics

She has this very sexy allure to her, visiting us from England, but originally from India... Walking sexy in that classy black dress & heels, she flashes us several times, then finds herself cooling off with Ice... rubbing it all over her body, and masturbating with it, right there at the exotic resort hotel! A security person approaching the scene forces her to hide back at the ice machine, and she tries stuffing a few ice cubes deep inside her private part and popping them out! Back indoors, she fixes her makeup, then starts masturbating again, finishing off with a very intense orgasm (with milky juices leaking) that must be seen! Giving us a sexy lingerie show, we learn more about her (and her English accent) -- then she surprises us by taking one of her panties, and stuffing it deep inside her, leaving the cute pink bow out. As sexual as she is, she starts masturbating in the bathroom to another very strong orgasm. Later in the day, she puts her hair in a cute ponytail, making her look like a teen in a cute mini-skirt, starts playing with herself (again!) and moves to a wine bottle that she gives a very sensual blowjob, then rides and uses it like a hard toy... then moving to a banana which she fucks at high speed, moving to fast finger rubbing, leading to an intense vibrator session that has her with the most intense orgasm she's ever had... ending with a little squirt that shocked both her and the photographer!


Jan 12, 2006

93 mins

185 pics

Such a beautiful girl, with a wonderful personality, and no inhibitions about getting naked or masturbating in front of the camera. Just one of those very cute teen-next-door girls, slim but full-busted... watching her walk down a street, find a busy office park and start flashing her breasts, catching some nice upskirt views, then have her pose naked right there for a photoshoot! Along with Alison, they go for ice cream, and Alison gets to lick off some right off her breasts, right in front of the busy ice cream store! Even better when we introduce her to one of our gorgeous resort bedrooms, and let her masturbate with the long pink toy, coming to a very strong orgasm! Later, while sleeping on the bed, she is awakened, and shows off her ballet dancing skills.... in the bathroom she curls her hair, and masturbates again, with a hairbrush handle and a new vibrator to another orgasm; some sexy breast and butt massage scenes too. More outdoor nudity, as she poses in a very sexy black outfit, and starts talking dirty to the camera, giving closeup spreads and then trying the Big Ten toy, leading to another masturbation outside to orgasm...


Jan 8, 2006

90 mins

263 pics

Walking through a park, she finds herself teasing her nipples, playing with her firm butt, and rubbing her private parts, all the while cars drive by and make her giggle with that mischievous thought of people watching her. She is truly the blonde next door, as we see this innocent-looking girl try out a long vibrator without much experience in using it, but makes it to an orgasm. In the bathroom, she fixes her makeup, then stuffs her makeup tool deep inside her private part like a toy, giving herself some pleasure. Putting on a cute pink dress, she gives us some very extreme closeups, and plays with her long labia, stretching it around her panties, then completely stuffing her panties inside her! Slowly pulling it out doggy style, she also gives us a good show of her firm, perfect butt. On the second day, she meets up with Alison, we discover that Courtney was a cheerleader back in her first two years at college, and she shows off her incredible athletic/gymnastic skills by doing all kinds of flips and jumps in the back yard. It gets better when she has no panties on... Then a classy look in a black dress & heels, she poses for the photographer, then masturbates in the master bedroom. Here comes the FTV Toy... and she uses her flexibility to her advantage; and finishes off to another orgasm with a vibrator.

Internext 2006

Jan 7, 2006

47 mins

63 pics

Like a year ago, the Internext is an adult webmaster convention, which brings in webmasters and innovators from all over the world to show off their wares. Though it is more rare for websites to promote themselves there, FTV has the cash to make themselves present at the event. Was it worth the expense? We are not sure, but for you members, the video will be fun to watch. All members' favorites, Alison, Karlie, Amy and Lia were present, and from watching the events, to the 'Dinner Date with Alison', its a nice inside scoop into the adult business side that most of you never really see.

Ivana & Kata

Jan 5, 2006

58 mins

186 pics

Do you guys remember Kata, from November? Well since these two speak the same language, we put them together, and let them play on the beach, going topless without a care in the world... back indoors they start kissing, and playing with each others' breasts, until the action gets heavier with oral sex on the dining room table. They move to the back yard, where they use vibrators on each other, and climax mutually masturbating together. At the pool Alison joins the girls for some crazy horseplay... The next day, Ivana wakes up to another day of masturbation, but the hottest action begins after the warm-up, where Kata gets to fist Ivana, deep past the wrist, testing out Ivana's extreme stretching skills!


Jan 2, 2006

54 mins

134 pics

A tall model-looking hottie visits the Portimao beach, and we catch her exposing her breasts... Alison hooks up with her, and together they flash their goods at a non-nude beach! A little trip to McDonalds where they play some more... Back at the FTV Resort house, she tries on several sexy outfits, then poses for the photographer; then masturbates with a vibrator, to (several?) orgasms and falling asleep. Alison wakes her up to a breast & butt massage, then lets her try stuffing 3 vibrators in her private part at the same time! Showing off how she can stretch, Ivana tries fisting, then goes out to the pool to try some water hose play & squirting with Alison.


Dec 30, 2005

113 mins

126 pics

Blast From the Past: 1632 Mb New High Resolution Video Added. Originally shot in 2002, now remastered with a gig of new content, she was one of those girls who very early on surprised us with how extreme she can get! Starting with some sexy posing outdoors and in some fancy million dollar homes under construction, she goes indoors and proceeds to masturbate with a vibrator. Ten minutes later, she has a very strong orgasm, that gets her really satisfied! Then its to some really hard breast massage with cream, good butt shots, followed by some panty stuffing, making it completely disappear! In another sexy outfit, she takes a very large popsicle, and stuffs it deep inside her! It starts to melt, and she seems to have some serious pleasure from it. Watch the juices drip out... then its time for some glass toys, large ones! She stuffs the 10 inch long glass toy so deep, you'd think it went to her belly! Then she takes a second one and double-penetrates her vagina! Quite incredible. Taking it further, she rides the FTV toy, deep, and has a very strong orgasm! Getting more kinky, she takes a pearl necklace that is taller than her, and stuffs the whole thing in! 200 or 500 pearls in there? Then for the finale, she gets fisted for the first time by her boyfriend....


Dec 26, 2005

62 mins

213 pics

Pretty petite blonde caught sleeping on the comfy bed, half naked... with some nice sneek views of her cute body she wakes up and rubs herself, then gets goes to the full body mirror to check her out her naked figure, and to put on jeans and a t-shirt. Out at an office building, she strips down again, goes to the ladies room and plays with herself, then fingers away on the stairway going down. Finally at home she takes a large clear toy and has sex with it until orgasm. Later in the day, Alison comes by and picks out a cute bikini for Robin, and then shows her how to play with the water hose... and Robin can't get enough of it! She pushes the hose inside her, and squirts water out! Later, in a sexy black dress, she gets 'manhandled' by Alison, along with some breast licking. Then comes the Big Ten toy, for a hard ride and heavy sex for a hot ending.


Dec 22, 2005

79 mins

162 pics

Daisy is well known in the adult industry, and one of the most gorgeous brunettes ever seen. Big brown eyes, perfect round breasts with those perky nipples, and long, slim legs. We catch her sitting at the bus stop, and flashes her breasts as cars drive by... then heading to a resort area, she strips down and starts rubbing herself... changing to a sexy white outfit, she then continues to pose and then masturbate, using a vibrator to have several orgasms! Juicy, she tastes herself, and continues to masturbate even during the photoshoot, and all that outside at a resort! Indoors, she picks out a set of toys, fingers herself, and then starts inserting the big toys, as deep as she can... the Big Ten and the Big Pink get some action, completely filling her up. She can hold it no longer, and starts masturbating, to another two orgasms! Later that evening, she gives herself a nice breast massage, and plays with her nipple piercing, when all of a sudden out comes a carrot out of her private part, and she eats it! Oh my.

Denice & Brooke

Dec 18, 2005

86 mins

154 pics

Denice returns from Denmark to shoot with us again, with one condition -- to do a girl-girl with the model Brooke. We manage to arrange that, anything to make Denice happy! Her video starts off by herself, visiting another fancy resort, and masturbating right there at the water fountain, using her favorite toy until she orgasms & squirts several times! Then going home, she hooks up with a sleeping Brooke, seducing her and going down on her, trying to bring her to orgasm. Denice gets some oral sex in return, with a strong orgasm as well. Lia comes by, brings out the toy chest, and the girls start playing around with toys... again bringing each other to orgasm, and Denice's was very strong, leaking milky juices. They head off to the shower, lather each other with soap, playing with each others' full natural breasts, and firm butts, then dry each other up and apply lotion. It really was a whole day of play in bed!


Dec 16, 2005

16 mins

46 pics

This shoot occurred over 18 months ago (summer 2004), when this beauty was a little known newcomer to the adult business. Now she is a big porn star, with an exclusive contract to Wicked Pictures. She came to us for a relatively short shoot by our standards, trying out FTV for the first time. Discovering her walking down a neighborhood street, she flashes her perky nipples and gives us good views of her butt. Then poolside, she starts playing with herself naked, to finish in a finger masturbation indoors, showing off her wetness. We only wish we could have seen her more, and shoot her the natural, FTV way that she is not receiving in any of her shoots anymore.


Dec 12, 2005

58 mins

128 pics

Once in a while its not just the members who want to see a models' return, but the model herself... who really wants to come back for another shoot, and surprise us with her own ideas! Waking up naked in the comfy bed, she puts on the shortest jean skirt, and cute top, and heads out to the grocery store... to buy cucumbers! Flashing her breasts there, then goes to a park, washes the cucumber at the water fountain, and then starts masturbating with it, and even riding it, as deep as she can! Going home, she takes it further, with a vibrator and the cucumber together, taking it deep until she has a strong orgasm! Then what she does next blew our minds... taking the garden water hose, she stuffs it deep inside her while the water is on, and becomes her own water fountain, with water flowing & squirting out of her private part! Stuck inside her, she moves the hose in doggy style, then pushes it out, squirting even more. Then comes her sexy lingerie show... we wanted to see this sexy body with that perfect butt get shown off in various cute bras & undies, and we get our wish! More vibrator combo action, she uses two together on the makeup counter, until she has her strongest orgasm of the day!


Dec 9, 2005

57 mins

109 pics

Kirsten Day 2: On the second day of her visit to the FTV house, she wakes up in a cute blue pajama outfit, which comes off rather quickly with Alison's help. Alison offers a nice breast and butt massage, with Kirsten returning the favor with her own breast play on Alison's big breasts. Some kissing later and its time to bring back the vibrator from the other day, and let Alison watch Kirsten come to orgasm. At a restaurant, the two girls play with each others' breasts, kissing them with pickle juice. Then Kirsten has her own idea, to seduce you by talking dirty and stripping down, playing with herself, leading to more toy masturbation. Later in the evening, its time for a sensual shower, and her hardest masturbation yet, with fast finger-rubbing to orgasm.


Dec 7, 2005

37 mins

113 pics

Kirsten Day 1: Here's a girl, gorgeous and mature, with a perfect figure (and a perfect smile!) -- and she knows how to show it off! At a fashionable mall, she walks in a revealing but classy outfit, occasionally giving us peeks at her sexy body. Finding a more quiet spot, she starts rubbing her breasts and going down to her pants; but with people looking down through the windows, she finds a more secluded area where she can take her pants off and masturbate harder. With a strong desire to orgasm, she comes home to our most powerful vibrator and brings herself to a strong wet orgasm!


Dec 3, 2005

103 mins

192 pics

What a gorgeous girl, big beautiful crystal blue eyes, and luscious lips to match... On a breezy December day, she walks down a park, finding a cozy shaded area under a tree, and starts playing with herself, pinching her breasts, and rubbing her private parts. At the risk of getting caught she pulls her pants down and fingers herself... then moving indoors she gets completely naked, and uses a vibrator and some hard fast rubbing to have her first orgasm. Later, doing her makeup while wearing a sexy dress & heels, she takes her lip gloss and stuffs it deep inside, and uses it as a masturbation toy. Too small to enjoy, she finds herself the Big Ten toy, and rides it hard and deep! But now that was too big for her... so we give her a very powerful g-spot vibrator that brings her to two very strong orgasms! Playing in the pink room, she she laughs and spreads her private parts for some extreme closeups, showing every detail... then an interview and some upskirt action at a restaurant. Later in the day, she goes out and plays with a water hose, even though its very cold! Pushing it inside her, she makes water squirt out of her. Evening comes, and she is ready to masturbate again, first kissing herself in the mirror, then trying out different lingerie for you, with some hot butt and breast massage... then comes a toy and a nice blowjob, leading to some hard masturbation. The camera stays under her, and she drips her juices all over the camera and the videographer! More hard sex with the toy, and a very strong orgasm finale...


Dec 1, 2005

69 mins

145 pics

Waking up early morning, she checks out a bird nest on a ladder, then herself in the mirror... slowly stripping down and letting us examine her nice butt, and long perky nipples. She puts on a new outfit to go outside, but the heat makes her change her mind, and she goes back in, plays with a popsicle, and then picks out a vibrator to masturbate with. Starting on the stairs, then moving to the bedroom, she shyly takes her time, and about 20 minutes into her masturbating she has an orgasm. Alison comes up and puts her in pigtails, a new outfit, and pulls on her perky nipples. Some breast play later, and a little pillow fight on the bed, Felicity is given a new toy, to masturbate with, and this one gets her to a stronger orgasm, leaving juices behind.


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