Apr 9, 2006

82 mins

206 pics

This young, fresh faced & beautiful girl was also a beauty queen in Chicago... and for a first time, she gets to show herself off, FTV style! At a mall, while shopping, she is approached, and asked to nude model, and does so on the spot, right next to a movie theater! More posing follows some masturbation outdoors, but with certain people watching, we move it indoors with a vibrator. Always smiling, she continues the nude teases and masturbation at an exotic resort, with some sexy views while she gets it on in the car! Nipple teases in public and more personal stuff leads to the pink room, where she gives us nice extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts. Then its off to a bubble bath, where she lets the water fall onto her to stimulate her to more pleasure! A natural, with little or no makeup, she is quite gorgeous, and you'll only see her here, on FTV.


Apr 5, 2006

80 mins

230 pics

A year since her last visit, Karlie is just as cute and sexual as before, with longer, darker hair. In her cute little skirt and top, she flashes us and gives us upskirt peeks and the mandatory butt shots; because she has one of the nicest butts we've ever seen. She goes right to masturbating with a toy, having a nice orgasm, then giving us the pleasure of a butt and breast massage. She has very pretty feet too, and so gives them a massage as well, along with some toe sucking. Bouncing around on the bed, she gives us some extreme closeups, spreading her private parts, showing off all the good details, pulling and spreading. Then she finds an egg shaped vibrator, and masturbates again, with nice views of her pulsating orgasm. At a restaurant, we get to know more of her personal life, and with a little breast flash after the meal. Then to masturbating again, this time with a longer toy, taking it deep, and using the egg vibrator together to a hard orgasm. Later, at the pool, she does some skinny-dipping, with a nice bathtub scene where she gets to lather her butt and ride the water spout!


Apr 1, 2006

88 mins

183 pics

Meeting up with her outdoors, she seems bashful at first, worried about getting caught showing off her private parts outdoors. But once back at home, she goes right to masturbating with a toy, has several orgasms, and attempts to squirt too, having two mini-squirting orgasms. She surprises us by moving many fingers inside, then fisting herself! Just like that, she then attempts to take the big ten toy, and a second vibrator together, double-penetrating herself. She seems to want to have sex with the photographer, and makes several aggressive moves to make him do it. So he gives her the FTV Monster toy, for her to ride and take as deep as possible! After that incredible experience, she puts on two different outfits, and proceeds to masturbate on the kitchen counter with anything she can find... from the Big Ten toy to a bottle to a banana which she quite amazingly takes the entire length inside her! After shopping for some veggies, in sexy red devil lingerie, she tries stuffing two zucchinis, then a really large gourd, and manages to partly get it in... along with the curved end. So more masturbation follows, on the comfy bed, as she has a few more sexy orgasms! Did we mention that gorgeous face and perfect smile?


Mar 29, 2006

80 mins

175 pics

Blast From the Past: 1171 Mb New High Resolution Video Added. Shot back in 2002, one of our first and cutest models for FTV, her video is re-done with more content, and in the new high resolution. Starting in a gorgeous summer dress with no panties, she walks an exotic resort, and gives us nice upskirt flashing. Then poolside in a bikini, she gives us more hints and her sexy slim body and full, firm breasts. Going indoors, she takes her own personal vibrator, and masturbates for nearly half an hour (!) and comes to a very strong orgasm in the end, that puts her to sleep. Getting hungry, she starts eating one half of a banana, and then decides to stuff it (peeled!) and eats more of it. Now on the bed, she gets comfortable and starts masturbating really hard and fast, to another orgasm -- then gives us spreads and extreme closeups of her quite flexible private parts. Accepting pizza from the delivery guy (in a bikini) she then does a breast massage, and finally does a most unique & classic scene -- stuffing 6 cumquats deep into her vagina, and then stretches herself wide open to push them out again! A must-see video.


Mar 23, 2006

103 mins

198 pics

She is totally gorgeous, but what will strike you is her huge breasts, DD or E?? naturals, making her the bustiest girl on FTV. She puts on a very sexy black dress, quite revealing, and starts flashing her goods at a resorts' convention ballroom. Then, without a care in the world, she starts masturbating right there, on the stairs, the bar table, and main hallway! Twice she gets caught by employees there, but still continues!To be safe, we return to the hotel casita and let her finish her masturbation. She loves using her fingers, and rubs herself a 100mph, until she has a very hard orgasm! Giving herself a nice hard breast massage, we see it at all angles, then she tries on different lingerie for us, and goes outside for some topless nudity around the neighborhood... watch as her breasts bounce as she runs! Then she masturbates again, on the bed, with some nice cloesups of her ultra-fast rubbing. Another hard orgasm, and she's off to the pool. There she skinny-dips for a while, finding the Big Ten toy waiting for her. After a blowjob, she rides it hard and fast on the table... watch those breasts bounce again! She rubs herself hard and has two more orgasms, then a hot shower with some more intense breast play. A very incredible 2 days, a must-see for all of you!


Mar 19, 2006

70 mins

191 pics

She's a tall, leggy and sexy (sexual!) girl who gives us some posing at an exotic location, while people pass by, and watch... certain persons get upset and force us to leave! So we head over to the gas station, and get some more attention there. We see how sexual she is, when she starts masturbating with a vibrator, and has one of the strongest natural orgasms we've ever seen! Extremely erotic! It gets her all hot and sweaty, and hungry for a meal... so more interview and upskirt at a restaurant. Back home, she poses in front of the car, then strips down and gives us some extreme closeups of her private parts, including her peirced nipples, and takes the peircings off and puts them back in, up close. Then its a breast and butt massage session, leading to a very unique masturbation with a long candlestick! It turns to quite a sexy video, but only encourages her further to masturbate with another vibrator, to another very strong orgasm like her first!


Mar 15, 2006

65 mins

228 pics

After over a year of being away, we finally get to see Violet back, with some more squirting & extreme action... because she genuinely loves it all! Right from her long airport trip, she puts on a blue summer dress, and masturbates outside with a vibrator (this is an open office complex!). She has a very massive squirting orgasm, releasing all her tension at once... then fisting herself! Then in a sexy white outfit & heels, she masturbates with another toy, and squirts on the glass table... and fists again! Not over yet, she tries riding a giant bowling pin! After posing cute at a water fountain, getting wet for nudes, she heads over to the large bathroom and starts playing with a hairbrush handle. Not big enough for her, we introduce her to the FTV Monster, which she so greatly enjoys, that she has multiple orgasms fucking that huge monstrosity... with another very long & intense squirt!


Mar 11, 2006

91 mins

236 pics

This fun-loving gorgeous redhead comes in a sexy summer dress, finds an office complex to sit and spread her legs at... fingering herself, then taking her panties and stuffing them till they disappeared, then pulling them out with her shoe heel... then masturbating right there! Once the toy comes in, she has multiple orgasms with one very strong final orgasm. She demonstrates how tight she is by walking & jumping around with the toy stuck inside her! Then in just a nightie and panties, she runs off to a very public water fountain on the street, and gets wet & naked there, flashing guys as they go by, splashing water everywhere! Wants to cause more trouble, so she heads over to the golf course, runs naked and steals balls right in front of the golfers! Not enough, at a gas station, while pumping gas, starts to finger & masturbate right there while people watch! Going indoors, she masturbates again, and has a little squirting orgasm, makes a wet spot and gives us some nice closeups of her pink. After meeting up with Alison for a breast-licking treat, she explains that her strongest orgasms happen in the bathtub, when the water faucet running down... and she has the strongest orgasm we've ever seen! You have to see it to believe it....


Mar 6, 2006

38 mins

154 pics

Clara Day 2: The next day, Clara does a sexy walk through the dining room, with some very sexy lingerie, while Alison comes over and brushes her hair. Clara asks her if she could look at her breasts, she then touches them and sucks on them. Once she is left alone, she starts playing with a makeup brush Alison left behind, like a toy. That, not being enough, has Alison bringing a large zucchini for a harder toy. She rides the toy, uses it deep for a very erotic video (with some very erotic angles) that brings her to orgasm! On the third day, Clara is videotaped hanging around the pool, lotioning her body, while the camera gets closeups of her private parts. She starts playing with herself, and starts using a bottle that Alison gives her for drinking. She rubs herself at first, then take a deep ride on the bottle, then uses it like a toy! Another very erotic scene.


Mar 5, 2006

30 mins

109 pics

Clara Day 1: Clara, tall and skinny, is a fashion model from Austria. Her more 'professional' look stands out in a local Portuguese street, as she gets approached by Alison, for a shoot. She starts doing nude teases at a memorial square, flashing her breasts and private parts, since she is not wearing any underwear. Though her English is not very good, communication was possible. Having her flash as cars drive by was the 'warm-up' test to see how comfortable she is with public nudity in an unfamiliar place. Its great to watch heads turn as she flashes and walks by. She then goes indoors to try on some lingerie she brought with her, and then masturbates after another photo session!


Mar 2, 2006

79 mins

169 pics

Down the college campus' main hall, she finds a corner to read her book; as she does, she starts playing with her breasts, giving us sneek peeks under her shirt and up her skirt. She starts getting into it, and begins rubbing herself, but gets startled by passersby, and heads over to a stairway to continue fingering herself... right there on campus! Attracting too much attention, she heads over back home where she masturbates with a life-like dildo, having not one, but three orgasms! We realize then that she loves being penetrated, and take her to the pink room to see her private parts up close, playing with them intimately, and using the toy again... but as it seems not big enough, we give her the Big Ten Toy, which she takes very deep (9 inches?) and has hard sex with it until she has another orgasm...notice the white juices build up. We then give her the biggest toy, the giant FTV Monster, which she manages to take halfway in! Surprised herself, surprised us! Later in the day, in another cute outfit, she finds an office stairway to masturbate and play with herself, then giving a blowjob to a large toy, and having hard sex with it to her strongest orgasm of the day...


Feb 26, 2006

78 mins

159 pics

Walking through a fancy resort area, wearing a short sexy red dress, she goes right to playing with her perky breasts, squats down and starts masturbating. A startling noise from one of rooms startles her, and brings her indoors, to play with our favorite vibrator. Her orgasm is very strong, and give us a chance to see her beautiful smile. She then dresses up in various sexy outfits for Alison, and you see the chemistry right away! They start rubbing each other, and Jasmine totally wants her... and gets some nipple sucking action on Alison's big breasts. Some sexy views later, she brings out two glass toys, and starts double-penetrating herself and masturbating hard with the help of a third toy, to another very strong orgasm! We find out that she prefers 'anal' orgasms, and that is what she had here. A brief visit to a fast food restaurant leads to more horseplay and flashing, while the employees have a good view of the action. At home, she shows us some of her singing talents, and then does a 'lapdance' for Alison... later that evening, she puts on cute lingerie, and stuffs her lavender panties until they disappear, then slowly pulls them out... She is ready to masturbate again, using her vibrator to start, then the Big Ten Toy goes Anal! It was a hard one for her at first, but as she slowly takes it deeper, she moves faster and faster, and with the help of her vibrator, has an incredible orgasm. Visit the photo section as well, where she tries to fist her butt...


Feb 22, 2006

80 mins

136 pics

Carissa Day 2: On the second day, in her very own schoolgirl outfit, she visits a high school, and finding that its closed, starts to pull her top down, lift her skirt and masturbate right there. Hurrying home to undress, she starts brushing her hair, touching up her makeup, and putting on another cute mini skirt and top and poses for the camera. Sitting on top of the bathroom counter, she starts examining and spreading herself, and tries her makeup tool like a toy... putting on a very cute pink outfit, along with the cutest stockings, she heads over to the bed and starts showing off her pretty feet, with some great foot & stocking fetish, and she can suck on her toes! Turning herself on, she starts rubbing and then using the Long Pink Toy, taking it deep, and using its vibrating action for several orgasms, oozing milky cum. She tastes it, and really stuffs some fingers to bring out more... A cute interview about her sexuality is next, then she goes to the master bedroom to put her hair in pigtails, and a nice breast massage on her perky breasts. Then she starts rubbing herself again, using three and then four fingers... but shocks us as she slowly works her whole hand in, fisting herself! That brings her to the Big Ten Toy, and she takes it almost all in, doing it hard and fast to a couple more orgasms! Then the ultimate challenge for her, to use the FTV Monster Toy, and manages to get the head in....


Feb 21, 2006

28 mins

103 pics

Carissa Day 1: Recently turned 18, she is all about showing off her sexuality, and having lots of fun doing it. In a cute green summer dress, she heads to a playground where she gives us upskirt views and flashes her breasts while people walk by (and even secretly watch). She hops around in puddles and then plays in the jungle gym, along with the swings, for more upskirt. Running off, she visits a water fountain, starts playing in the water and gets herself all wet; takes her clothes completely off and starts masturbating right there! Using a toy to help, she comes to one (or maybe more) orgasms and starts dripping milky cum without even realizing it. This supercute girl comes back the next day...


Feb 18, 2006

47 mins

96 pics

This girl so shocked our members, we had to have her back as soon as possible, and fortunately she was all ready for another visit... so coming to an exotic resort hotel, she warms up with a striptease photoshoot, outdoors risking 'capture'... then cools down in the most unique way! Stretching her private part wide open, she then pours water inside her, filling herself up, then squirting it all out! A must-see to be sure, taken from all angles possible! She was like a little water fountain. She even tries to stuff the water bottle inside her. Out in the back yard, she then starts masturbating, first fisting herself, then four fingers anally, then using 3 toys in all holes to bring herself to another squirting orgasm! On her cell phone, talking to a friend, she decides to take it and push it inside her, and actually makes the whole thing disappear, while you hear the phone ring deep inside her, and then she pushes it out with her vaginal muscles! Time to clean up, and she takes a sensual shower, which turns to another masturbation, where she rubs fast with her fingers, and pushes in a shampoo bottle like a toy....


Feb 14, 2006

83 mins

225 pics

Visiting a local carnival, we catch a cute, and very busty 19 year old exposing her breasts, and rubbing herself all alone... so Alison approaches her, and has some fun playing with her full natural breasts, and getting her to flash them everywhere! Going to the arcade, they continue their play, and move indoors so that Lizzie can masturbate in private. She uses a vibrator, in a long masturbation that brings her to two orgasms... and we get to see her redhead bush up close. Later in the day, it starts to rain, but that doesn't stop her from going outside at the pool, in her summer dress and start playing with herself again. She walks down several busy streets, exposing her breasts as people drive by, then finding a spot right at the entrance of her apartment complex to start masturbating, right out there in heavy rain! Eventually bringing out a vibrator, she has a nice, strong orgasm. All wet, she heads to the shower, and lotions up her full succulent breasts, sucks on them, and then masturbates one more time on the comfy bed. Busty girl lovers will cream their pants....


Feb 10, 2006

86 mins

230 pics

Members have for a long time wished Erika back, and so here she is! We meet up with her at a fancy resort, and she picks out a nice 'business suit' to flash her sexy body ... all while walking the busy halls of the resort. Going indoors, she warms up to the camera again, somewhat shy from being away for over a year... but manages to masturbate and get into a very strong orgasm. She discovers that its her 'time of the month', so we postpone the shoot to a week later. After a little interview and flash at a restaurant, she meets up with Alison, shows off some of the outfits she brought with her, and brings up some of her videos when she was 18. Alison offers her a toy, and Erika masturbates right there, in the computer room and has a very strong orgasm leaving milky juices behind! Alison makes her try out a schoolgirl outfit, puts her hair in pigtails, and gives her a breast massage; then they go out to a park with a playground, and do all sorts of nude flashing and upskirt that could get them caught! The playfulness and running around leads to another masturbation and another very nice orgasm... right there at the park! Later in the day, all by herself, she starts fingering deep, using 3 & 4 fingers, and then finds the giant FTV Monster toy. She tries riding it then using it while lying back, though its huge she manages to stuff the head in, and with the help of fast rubbing, has another sweet orgasm.


Feb 7, 2006

56 mins

160 pics

Her very first time doing explicit nudes, let alone masturbating in a public area, she is somewhat shy, but warms up to the camera over time. Out at a local resort, she plays around the water fountain and gives us cute upskirt views, then starts playing with herself on the stairway leading up to the second floor of the resort. She gets more and more into it, eventually taking her bottoms off, but we were distracted by a security guard coming up. So back home, she picks out a vibrator, and masturbates to a very nice and satisfying orgasm. Later in the day, she shows off a sexy outfit combo that she wears as casual, then goes upstairs to try on different lingerie, give us a nice butt massage, and follow up with her squeezing her firm breasts. She is part German and Peurto-Rican, and so she speaks to us in German the rest of the way, and masturbates with a vibrator on the bed, to another satisfying orgasm.


Feb 4, 2006

64 mins

122 pics

Devaun Day 2: The next morning, she goes for an early lunch, wearing a cute little yellow dress, that doesn't hide much, especially when she doesn't like to wear panties! So comes the upskirt and breast flashes at the restaurant, and then right in the neighborhood she runs around flashing some more... Going to the FTV house, she swims around in the pool naked, then takes the water hose and stuffs it inside her, letting water squirt out. She finds this fun, and keeps pushing it in and out, in several positions! Back at the resort hotel, she takes her dress off and runs naked across the parking area, and gets caught by the security guard... after a warning not to do it again, she goes inside and starts spreading and playing with herself. Using two vibrators, she has her first strong orgasm for the day, with some very sensual closeups! Trying out some different clothes for us, she then runs back out on the street, in lingerie and flashes for us again. She doesn't seem discouraged at all!! In pigtails, she heads over to the bathroom, and masturbates to another very strong orgasm that has her tired and sweaty, so she takes a hot shower while we watch the best parts.


Feb 1, 2006

42 mins

130 pics

Devaun Day 1: Walking in a cute summer dress, down a fancy resort hotel, she isn't wearing any panties, and gives us some nice butt and upskirt flashes as people walk by. We discover that she isn't very shy about showing off her body, and she spreads and plays right in the hotel lobby! Going indoors, she goes to the mirrored bathroom of her room, and starts playing with herself, using fingers, then a vibrator. Something else we discover... she loves to masturbate, and has these very long, powerful orgasms that gets her whole body shaking and her private parts pulsating! You'd think its over but she goes to the bed, and starts playing with herself again, and moves out to the very exposed balcony, naked and masturbates again! Back on the bed, she uses a different vibrator, and has a second, just as strong orgasm!


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