Jul 19, 2007

88 mins

193 pics

'For the fun of it', that's what she said when she wanted to shoot for FTV! Easygoing about getting naked, this teen visits a Cineplex area, and starts getting naked right at the food court area... stripping completely down, she poses for the camera, then puts her clothes back on to go to the movie theater. There her and the busty assistant flash their breasts, and fool around in the stadium seating. Jackie videotapes Shirley in the women's restroom playing with herself, then some breast sucking outside the restaurant. Going home, she uses a rabbit vibrator to a strong orgasm, which surprises even herself. Trying on some cute lingerie, its time to take those cute blue panties and stuff it deep inside her, till it disappears! Closeups and slow pullouts, and some real extreme closeups of her large clitoris. She starts rubbing herself on the bed, and uses the rabbit toy for another very strong orgasm. Watch the contractions... She has a very nice butt, so we have her do a breast and butt massage, then she fingers her butt, and gets caught by the neighbor! She shakes her booty to some music, strips down, and then fingers herself hard outside on the patio...


Jul 13, 2007

102 mins

236 pics

Oh, what a cutie! She's petite, with full, firm breasts that need to be played with! She parades around a resort in a short skirt & heels, teases us with her breasts, then starts playing with herself. A random passerby catches her in the act, and we follow her home, getting glimpses up her skirt. She tries out some sexy lingerie, starts playing with herself, then uses a toy to masturbate... She loves playing dressup, so she tries on some more lingerie & heels, talking to us with that cute voice of hers. She then heads out to a cafe, spreading her legs and flashing her breasts! A sexual girl she is, going back indoors to finger herself, and give us a nice hard breast & butt massage. She loves her feet, so she gives us some nice foot fetish action, then some extreme closeups of her private parts. She pounds herself with a vibrator, doing it from all angles, and loves to finger herself. Notice how wet and juicy she is inside! One last masturbation on the bed, using two toys, she has a strong orgasm finale.


Jul 8, 2007

90 mins

154 pics

She's half Sicilian, half Filipino -- making for an exotically attractive combination. Nice skin, full lips, beautiful smile, and big brown eyes with a very friendly & sexual personality. She visits a unique resort home, starts stripping down at the entrance, then takes her skirt off to shave her private parts just for us! She gets aroused easy when her clitoris is stimulated, and starts masturbating right there, on the patio furniture. She goes to the bedroom where she starts using her own special vibrator to several strong (& loud orgasms). At lunch she flashes her breasts and explains her strong desire to masturbate or have sex... Then in sexy heels and a black dress, she attends bar, fingers herself, then plays pool. The pool stick becomes a toy, as she takes it in deep on the pool table! It only gets her more aroused, and she returns to her toy to masturbate on the bar to another strong orgasm. Later in the day, she goes to work out at the gym, and does several exercises in the nude... hot to watch! She dances to some techno music, then fingers herself again. Back to the bar, she rides a very unique feature of table (a must see!) and then a beer bottle. Extremely aroused (again) she takes two toys (Big Pink) and has one last, very strong orgasm.


Jul 3, 2007

70 mins

182 pics

After her pregnant shoot last year, Brianna is back, for a very cute & hot FTV update! We interview her at a busy restaurant, then she flashes and starts rubbing herself on the street corner. Going home, she uses the rabbit vibrator to have a very strong, gushing multiple orgasm! She makes the poolside area look like it had rained... A second camera angle gets another more close up view of her squirts. Then she dresses up in some very cute & flattering outfits & seduces you by coming close & fingering herself. After some extreme closeups of her private parts, she uses another toy on the bed, to a smaller squirting orgasm. Heading out to a random street, she flashes her breasts & butt as cars drive by, then does her first time panty stuffing. That is... stuffing her panties and pulling them out, right there on the street! A 'public' panty stuffing? Going home, she tells us of her younger 'sexual experimental' days, and uses her hairbrush handle to masturbate. In pigtails she finds a comfy spot in the bathroom, and masturbates again, to her biggest gushing orgasm, leaving total wetness all over the bathroom tile... watch it drip! She takes lick of her juices, and then takes a shower. Gorgeous face... with lots of sexuality!


Jun 28, 2007

63 mins

211 pics

Wow, where did this supercutie come from? Only 18, and petite as can be... she's getting naked (and doing a whole lote more) for her very first time on FTV! She talks about her interests in world of warcraft, tae kwon do, and masturbation, then strips down from her favorite regular clothes. We check out her firm round breasts, nice butt, and beautiful face! Big blue eyes, innocent smile... she starts fingering herself, then goes to the bed to masturbate. Using a vibrator, she has a nice, natural & strong orgasm. Hair in pigtails, she gets a little playful, and shows off how she can do the splits, or put her legs behind her head! We find out that she loves rock climbing, so she puts on some shorts and a bikini top and off she goes! Hiking in 108 degree temperatures, on Camelback mountain, this girl has a lot of stamina! Her body is fit and perfect, she stretches, then goes topless and getting attention of hikers... does some topless rock climbing, then finds a shaded spot to finger herself. Going home, she uses another vibrator, to have one last orgasm, all glistening with sweat...


Jun 23, 2007

73 mins

279 pics

Once in a while, you get a girl who is so gorgeous, you're not sure if she would be willing to do it all for FTV!! Well we are lucky today, and this hottie introduces herself in a classy pink dress & heels... Exposing her private parts at a fancy resort, she gets caught a few times, but she keeps teasing us! Beautiful eyes drown you in her seductive embrace; you follow her to this water fountain, where she gets naked, and starts masturbating. Turning herself on, she returns home to use a large pink toy, pounding herself hard until she has a nice orgasm. Notice how her milky juices flow! Later in the evening, in some sexy black lingerie, she seduces us again, then gives her breasts & butt a nice hard massage. Then comes those extreme closeups, her spreading and fingering herself for you that just love seeing it! She is very sexual, so she gets a larger blue toy, and masturbates one more time, harder and faster... to a sensual climax. She loves water, so in her white dress -- heads out to the pool, and lets us admire her perfect form. She is one of those girls you will want to see again...


Jun 17, 2007

91 mins

201 pics

Just turned 18, this supercute brunette with hazel green eyes is spotted in the park. She plays around with the ducks in the lake... while she squats we look up her short skirt. She finds a place to sit and starts playing with herself, taking her panties off! Needing a toy, she heads home and masturbates on the couch, to a strong, natural orgasm. WIth cute feet like hers, we get a little foot fetish here and there... Then she puts on some sexy lingerie & heels, and gives us some sexy views. She has very nice, smooth tanned skin, and a very perfect butt. So she gives it a hard massage, then going to her breasts. Extreme closeups of her private parts, full clitoris, and her nipples is next. Going to the bed, she rubs herself again, and uses another vibrator to a natural orgasm. Notice the contractions! After flashing her best parts at a restaurant, she sits on the front porch, rubbing herself, then going indoors to finish herself off with another orgasm. Jackie comes in to put her hair in pigtails, and then Vanesa takes a sensual shower...


Jun 11, 2007

101 mins

207 pics

A beautiful blonde in a park... wearing a skimpy light summer dress walks by and starts revealing her assets at a park bench. She plays with her large breasts, then rubs her private parts until she gets some attention from the neighbors. She finds a more quiet spot at the park, and masturbates with a toy to a very nice, strong orgasm. She then flashes her breasts at a gas station, and washes her pretty feet at the pool. We then see how incredibly extreme she is, when she takes a large vibrator, then a second, and puts both in her vagina, deep! Then takes one anally & vaginally... taking a double ended long toy, she takes both ends into her vagina, bending it inwards until it goes missing! An incredible must-see. Then double penetrating herself with the same toy, and trying to see how deep she can push the long toy into her butt. Wearing a sexy outfit, she strips down quickly for a breast massage, then takes a wine bottle and pushes it in deep, down to the base! Using it like a toy, then opening up the bottle and pouring a glass while still inside her! Quite a uniquely erotic video. Then it gets even more extreme, perhaps the most extreme on FTV ever. She takes the Big Pink toy, and pushes it in deep, then taking two more large vibrators and stuffing them inside! Three toys, all large... and then comes a fourth!?! Stretched out to the max. This only turns her on more, so she heads over to a comfortable place to masturbate... and has the strongest, longest orgasm of the day. Her whole body quivers... Later that night, she takes a ride on the FTV Toy, taking it as deep as she can, then doing a long, rough and deep right on the FTV Monster! After her climax, she does something no FTV girl has ever done... Double penetrating herself with the FTV Monster Toy and the Big Ten toy at the same time... oh my.


Jun 7, 2007

92 mins

336 pics

On the 3rd day of Andrea's Hawaii trip, she wakes up to a beautiful sunrise, heads out naked to the balcony, then masturbates on the bed with a toy to orgasm. Jackie then comes over, gives her a kiss and proceeds to give Andrea a nice hard breast massage. Returning the favor, Jackie receives a breast massage as well, and the girls compare their full, firm natural breasts. Jackie lovers enjoy this nude debut of hers... Later that night, they do some video of their own, right on the busy Waikiki beach strip. The next day, she goes out in a cute blue dress to give us a tour of the island, starting at Kapiolani park, getting completely naked... then to University of Hawaii and getting naked there too! Next is a Buddhist Temple, a Jungle trail, and a whale watching spot, and finally several scenic spots. This all happens of course, with her skirt flying up (no panties) and tourists catching a bit of the action :) She then finds a house that isn't 'occupied' and literally trespasses into the house to masturbate there... to a strong natural orgasm. On the 5th and last day in Hawaii, she gets to see another sunrise at Sandy Beach, immediately going completely naked, as surfers and fishermen watch. Rolling around in the sand, we see her private parts up real close, as they are completely covered... Washing it off at the outdoor shower of the beach, she starts attracting more mens' attention, that they start to congregate around her! So to find some privacy & masturbate, she goes back to the car and gets off in there. Sunset is coming, and one classic moment at the docks in Waikiki, once again a busy place where many people catch her getting naked, but its all in good fun! An amazing erotic shoot, with tons of public nudity... FTV members enjoy :)


Jun 3, 2007

80 mins

378 pics

Beautiful & sexy Andrea is finally back, after so many member requests for her to return! Because of her popularity, she gets a trip to Hawaii, for some really exotic shooting. We spot her walking in Waikiki beach in a blue bikini, and see her find a more secluded spot to relax and tan. Slowly the bikini comes off, and she is completely naked... running around in the water all naked, she returns to her spot and masturbates right there on the beach, to a nice strong orgasm! Together with the sexy assistant Jackie, they have lunch and flash their breasts at the restaurant. For you Jackie lovers, its her first time flashing her breasts!! They go do some shopping, and some public nudity, flashing their bodies at a popular mall. Andrea then changes to a classy dress & heels, and proceeds to do explicit photos right in the middle of Waikikis' finest resort! People catch her in the act... and at one point a security guard catches her masturbating ... forcing her to leave the premises. She finally finds a spot in another hotel, a very risky patio area where she finishes herself to orgasm. Later, at another fancy hotel, she gets totally naked again, and receives a nice butt massage from Jackie. She puts on a cute white dress, then a red one, and begins to strip down once again... this time in a fancy dining area! She does get caught once again... Some more mutual breast play with Jackie (D cup natural breasts oh my!) and she returns to her own hotel room to masturbate with a toy. Stretching and preparing for a hike, she heads over to Diamond Head, exposing her breasts for most of the way for some lucky hikers & tourists! The hike ends abruptly, however when she trips and falls pretty bad, scraping her knee while topless. All is good however, as there are many more days of Hawaii left...


May 28, 2007

89 mins

319 pics

We see a hot, sophisticated looking brunette walking down a busy mall, chatting with people who approach her... and follow her down to catch glimpses up her skirt while she sits down. Hot black dress & heels, in no time she's revealing her breasts, and getting some attention doing it. Alison approaches her, and it turns into a mutual nude photoshoot right there on the spot! More flashing at the parking lot, she goes home to get naked and masturbate on the couch. She surprises herself with a very strong natural orgasm... Then for a lunch break at a restaurant Nicole & Alison both flash their breasts, and we go under the table to see her rubbing herself. Dressing up in sexy bra & panties, then changing to a bikini top with cutoff jean shorts, she heads over to Camelback mountain, where she does some hiking topless, and some rock climbing. Of course, there are many guys who catch a glimpse of those breasts! She then rubs herself, and uses a toy for another orgasm. Later that night, she has a sensual breast & butt massage with Alison, with breast kissing & sucking. Some experimentation FTV style, she takes her panties and stuffs them inside her, slowly pulling them out, then uses a toy for some harder penetration for a masturbation finish. Gorgeous & sexy, she is a fine addition to FTV!


May 23, 2007

60 mins

274 pics

From first sight, you notice how gorgeous this teen is. Beautiful eyes, sensual lips, and that tight slim body with the perfect firm butt. We watch her walk into a house, strip down and change to a cute bra & panties, then lie out in the sun. She gets naked, starts rubbing herself, then fingering... and hard, fast rubbing to orgasm. She is a quiet, shy type, so we interview her to see a little more of her personality. Later in the day, in some sexy lingerie & heels, she finds a couch, and masturbates again... then giving us deep, wide spreads of her wetness. She goes to the bathroom, and makes out with the mirror, gives herself a nice breast massage, then a butt massage. Once more she masturbates, this time with a vibrator, and has a much stronger orgasm (x2?). As she opens up, we find out that she can dance sexy, and let her do so to some music, completely naked. Then she shows us her singing talent :)


May 17, 2007

80 mins

286 pics

First thing you notice... wow those huge natural breasts! She says they are DDD's, we like them the way they are! She wakes up in the comfy bed, lets her breasts expose from the sheets, turning us on slowly... then goes outside to a sports park, where she lets her breasts all out, and starts playing with herself, but not before she attracts some peoples' attention! Going home, she starts masturbating, and with the help of a vibrator, she has a very intense, leg throbbing orgasm. Trying out some sexy heels & lingerie, she gives us extreme closeups of her private parts, and large clitoris... then fingers herself, turning herself on again. Going to the couch, she masturbates with that same favorite vibrator, and has another orgasm, just as intense & sexy. A pleasant surprise comes out of her busty interview, when she lets us watch her pound her butt hard in some intense anal toy action. We get all the hot views on this one... Then comes a must-have breast massage video, where she squeezes them hard, and lets her breasts jiggle from above. A butt massage is next, with butt cheek spreads. What comes next, was a surprise and shock to all of us, including Tania, when she tried fisting herself, and managed to get her whole hand in! It turns into a hard fisting video, with a toy pounding finale.


May 12, 2007

83 mins

242 pics

This sweet blonde arrives with a lot of cute clothes, and tries on a few before going outside to a resort to get naked! Stripping down to nothing at a resort hallway, she then walks down and gets changed into another cute blue dress in the parking lot. Its a hot Arizona day, so she heads over to a water fountain and climbs to the top to spray her private parts with water. Then she starts masturbating & fingering herself... moving indoors she finds a vibrator, and masturbates to orgasm on the couch. A comfy bed, and she jumps on it naked, then rolls around to take a nap. We get to check out her very pretty butt, then get extreme closeups of very pretty private parts. She spreads and pulls on her labia, giving us the closest details possible. Jackie comes down to help her out with some lingerie, then gives her a nice breast & butt massage. We find out that Yana likes anal, and uses some anal beads -- we get to watch her put them in and pull them out slowly... Then using two toys to double penetrate herself & masturbate again. Out in the back yard she chases bunnies, does some acrobatics, and finds a pair of heels waiting for her. She uses a heel to penetrate herself, almost like a toy! Finally in the bath spa, she rubs herself hard and fast to a fine finish.


May 6, 2007

92 mins

270 pics

She's a hottie in the perfect form, with the slimmest waistline you've ever seen, tantalizing butt and gorgeous face! In casual clothes and short skirt, she gives us peeks between her legs while spreading, then dresses up in a sexy outfit made for the garage. She heads over to a performance shop/garage, and without any warning, starts getting naked for all the mechanics there! Getting them excited (& involved), they watch her strip, play, then masturbate in the office! Going back home, she uses a large pink vibrator to continue her masturbation, and takes the big toy deep. On the comfy bed, she wakes up, gives her body a nice hard breast & butt massage, then spreads for us to get some extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts. Long labia, stretching and pulling, then pushing four fingers in, trying to fist herself... but she sticks to 4 fingers, and enjoys it. Then she takes a large thick dildo, and penetrates herself hard, and continues in a sexy black outfit & heels to finger herself on the kitchen counter. In the shower she does even more fingering & masturbation, then lathers her body up with soap...


Apr 30, 2007

115 mins

312 pics

Meeting us, totally brand new to modeling in the nude, she gets naked for us, and then goes right to masturbating... we realize how much she is into masturbation, as she goes on for over half an hour, with several orgasms! The photographer had to ask her to stop before he ran out of film! That was in January... she comes back 3 months later, all ready for an FTV style shoot. Sexy and sophisticated looking, this teen likes to dress up, but in a very classy style. Trying on several different lingerie, she then gives us nice views of her perfect butt, and gives it a hard massage. Then in red lingerie, she takes her panties, and stuffs them in her! Going to the bed, she masturbates with a toy, to a wet orgasm. Beauty and grace, we see her in a classy dress, gives us upskirt views, and fingers herself... then to some classical music, she shows us how flexible she is. Splits, stretching, and then some ballet barefoot to music, all in that firm, tight body of hers. Later that night, she stuffs four, then five fingers, trying her best to fist herself. Comes pretty close!! Then the Big Ten toy is next, Kym trying her best to take the whole thing in, then using a smaller toy to one last masturbation for the evening. Another gorgeous girl for FTV...


Apr 24, 2007

106 mins

305 pics

She's another gorgeous girl gracing the pages of FTV... watching her at an exotic resort, she visits the poolside area, and gives us some upskirt action, then takes her panties off and flashes her nipples... finding a less public area, she starts fingering herself and masturbating. Becoming too risky, she heads to her room, and masturbates on the bed with a large vibrator. A sensual scene that leads to a nice orgasm. This beautiful girl then dresses up and looks like a hottie in her summer dress, gives us some nipple flashing and upskirt right in the hotel lobby! She then finds an abandoned sporting goods store, gets completely naked, and starts fingering herself, watching herself in the reflection... until a security guard catches her in the act! In the car topless, she loses her fear of public nudity at this point, and returns home to a very intense masturbation session that leads to an even stronger orgasm, with the largest toy she's ever tried. Later in the day, she prances around in the grand hallway with almost nothing on, showing off her flexibility and ballet skills. She turns herself on by fingering again, then tries on several different lingerie for us to enjoy. More fingering, stretching of her long labia, and masturbating brings her to another toy, which she does in hard doggy style until she has another orgasm. Some extreme closeups of her spreading her private parts wide so you can see deep inside... Still wanting more, she heads over to the bathtub, using the shower head to masturbate, having one last orgasm, and squirting water out with her vaginal muscles. An update not to be missed!


Apr 18, 2007

94 mins

267 pics

Tall, young, and beautiful, what will strike you first is how big her breasts are! For a girl who is so slim... its is rather amazing. She starts by modeling in a sexy black dress & heels, teasing us until we see her completely naked. Then she masturbates on the steps, using her fingers, while we watch her from two separate views. Those long legs... At a lunch break, the assistant teases her and makes her show off her breasts (& lick them) right in the public place! She then finds an outdoor spot to stimulate herself with fingers... going home, she tries on some sexy bras & panties, showing off her figure until she is turned on by herself, and begins masturbating. Using a toy this time, she has a strong orgasm, leaving milky juices all over her toy. She takes some of the juices and spreads it on her breasts, then licks it off! Later at night, she does a very long & sensual breast massage that is a must-see for all... and gets really into masturbating with her fingers out in the sunset. Trying out the very powerful rabbit toy, she surprises herself, when she has the strongest orgasm of her life! She tells us that she's never experienced an orgasm anywhere as strong as this... see for yourself! To finish, she takes a nice shower for us to watch...


Apr 14, 2007

64 mins

237 pics

This is a shoot that was long in planning -- she is brand new, and very innocent! With an introductory shot that was done 3 months ago, to a brand new visit, where she finally gets naked for the first time, and shows us how extremely sexual she is! Starting with some flashing & play after picking up a very special Supercar at a dealership, she returns home for an intense masturbation... leaving her with a milky wet orgasm. The play continues in a cute nightie, where she gives us a nice breast massage, then gets horny enough to masturbate again. This time its longer and more intense, having two orgasms in the sunset. Later that night, more flashing at a restaurant... She one of those sweet down-to-earth girls who is full of fun & smiles :)


Apr 8, 2007

101 mins

290 pics

Watching her on a jogging trail by the canal, she stops to stretch, and we get glimpses of her butt exposed as well as her perky nipples. She then continues on the trail, and finds a spot to get completely naked... while people on bikes watch it all! Going home, she tries on a few sexy outfits, picks a toy, and starts masturbating, leading to a nice, strong orgasm. Some closeups of her large clit, and juicy wet private parts from the orgasm, and then some more flashing at a restaurant. Then we find out that she can be pretty extreme! From stuffing 4 & 5 fingers deep inside her right in the middle of a busy street corner, to going home and fisting herself! It was her first time trying it... then another toy brings her to a second strong orgasm. On a couch, setting up the camera to her liking, she talks sexy with that beautiful voice of hers, and strips down for you. She shows of her sexy butt, fingering herself, and using a third toy to another very strong orgasm. Yes, she is quite sexual!! After a sexy butt massage, she finds the Big Ten toy, puts it against the wall, and does it in doggy style. Then riding it hard and as deep as she can go, we get to see a very sexy finale. Beautiful smiles, great personality, an all-around supercute FTV girl :)


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