Oct 30, 2007

66 mins

118 pics

Literally packing her bags overnight and leaving Georgia for good, this teen wants to live out on the West Coast, live out her California dreams. Submitting some cute high school graduation photos of herself, we flew her to Phoenix for a first time shoot. Shy at first, we see that she loves masturbation, and uses a vibrator on a pool table to have two nice strong orgasms! She has the cutest voice, and pretty blue eyes, and a nice butt... so trying on several different cute dresses & underwear, she settles with a cute t-shirt, and starts fingering herself again. She shows of her clit, we get some nice closeups, and she starts masturbating... using a rabbit vibrator this time. It seems to work rather well on her because she has a third, stronger (louder?) orgasm. Shy to public nudity, we get her to flash her nipples when nobody is watching outside...


Oct 24, 2007

102 mins

177 pics

First thing you notice... how gorgeous and exotic this girl is! Part Hungarian, part Brazilian, she's got a unique mix to her that shows in that captivating face. She travels to a resort, in see-through clothing, no panties, and a lot of sexuality! Spreading those legs, she starts fingering herself, then uses a toy, to a very strong squirting orgasm... right there in the resort hallway!! At a gas station, she flashes the gas station attendant, and buys a drink. Then she takes her panties and stuffs them inside, pulling them out with her shoe heel! Going home, she tries on several different lingerie. Then she shows off her sexy dancing skills to some music. Surprising us with the Glass FTV Toy, she rides it hard, taking it as deep as she can, turning herself on to the max with a very sexy ride! She needs to orgasm, so using a vibrator, we watch her up close, as she has another strong squirting orgasm all over the leather couch! At a restaurant, she talks about her sex life, then goes out nearby, and uses her water bottle as a toy, pushing it inside her. Risky public stuff... Back indoors she gives us extreme closeups of her private parts, spreading and pulling, and her breasts as well. Up to four fingers go in, and we get closeup views of it. Then she double penetrates herself with her fingers, going anally! Out comes a full sized dildo, which she then rides hard and fast, does it in doggy style, and in every sexy position possible. An incredibly sexy and erotic video! Not done yet, she then takes the rabbit vibrator, and has multiple orgasms (!) and squirts several times to a shocking finale.


Oct 18, 2007

118 mins

205 pics

A gorgeous latina, with sexy legs and full natural breasts teases us at a busy office area. She's wearing a cute dress and heels, but lets her big breasts pop out, takes her panties off and flashes her goods everywhere! After being forced to leave, she returns home to masturbate; we find out that not only is she multi-orgasmic, she squirts too! She kept masturbating and didn't want to stop! Then we watch her oil up her breasts and give them a nice hard breast massage. To go more public, she shows off her breasts to employees at a restaurant, then watch them bounce as she runs topless in the parking lot! Then we introduce her to the rabbit vibrator, which she had never tried before... it makes her orgasm & squirt so many times, we lost count! She didn't want to stop, and would even try to continue off camera, so we had to take the toy away from her! In cute lingerie, we see her private parts up close, spreading & stretching her labia. As if squirting wasn't enough, she then pushes four, then five fingers, then her whole fist inside herself! A pleasant, if not shocking surprise. And just when you think she had enough, she takes the rabbit toy again, masturbates to even more orgasms and squirts ... she might hold the record for most wet orgasms on FTV!


Oct 13, 2007

95 mins

185 pics

This playful cutie is caught playing at a waterworks park, taking her panties off, running around the water structures, hopping and having fun! We catch glimpses up her skirt and check out her cute private parts. She starts fingering herself, then runs off before getting caught. Going home, she takes a vibrator and masturbates... getting verry juicy & milky! She then takes a larger pink vibrator and pounds herself hard, in positions she enjoys. She has a perfect butt, and some really nice round firm breasts, so we have her massage them nice & hard. She dances to some music, then fingers herself, going to four, then five, trying to fist. Listen to her wetness inside! Time for some veggies, taking a cucumber as deep as she can, then a rather wide squash, getting the whole thing in her! Going for more, she then tries out the FTV Monster toy, which she works into herself, riding it as hard as she can. Wanting more, she takes the Big Pink toy, and fucks it hard and long for more pleasure...


Oct 8, 2007

76 mins

292 pics

Nearly 2 years later since her last solo shoot, Jamie has been in high demand for a return visit. We had to wait until her exclusive contract was over (with Penthouse -- She was Penthouse Pet of the Year 2006). She's just as fun and sexy as we remember her, with that gorgeous figure and full breasts. We go straight into watching her masturbate, and catch her very strong squirting orgasm from two different angles... Out for some fun, we have her play a game of ping pong with a fan... topless then bottomless! Flashing at a restaurant, & gas station, she's not shy about the public nudity she's so popularly associated with FTV. She gives us a lingerie show, getting intimate for the camera, and starts masturbating again, with fingers -- then a vibrator, which brings her to a second squirting orgasm! Some much needed breast and butt massage too... Posing naked around the SLR supercar, and fingering herself on the hood, she returns in a unique corset outfit to stuff herself with an egg shaped toy, and a zucchini. It all ends in another very wet, squirting orgasm...


Oct 2, 2007

81 mins

234 pics

Sabrina's appearance on FTV was a matter of chance -- she happened to be on the set of a shoot (to pick up her portfolio) while the FTV team was present, shooting Lia. We decided to see if this fashion-only model would shoot for us, and it was more than a pleasant surprise when she did! Flashing her breasts & giving us upskirt right there at the studio, while the employees had no clue -- then fingering herself and masturbating to a nice, strong orgasm on the couch! There is one hot moment when she starts sucking on Lia's full nipples, in the sexiest, most sensual way... This leggy, sexy, classy girl totally surprised us with her open sexuality. A week later, she returns and puts on some sexy lingerie, and masturbates for us again... to another orgasm! We get extreme closeups of her private parts, some of the prettiest we've seen. She fingers herself anally for the first time (& does something pretty erotic while pushing her finger in deep), and then double penetrates herself with her fingers. She also has strong vaginal muscles, see how she pushes out her toys! Then with a glass toy, she tries pushing it in as deep as possible, then using two toys to double penetrate herself vaginally, stretching herself to the max. She event tries fisting herself! Some sexy breast & butt massage, and one nice orgasm finale. Beautiful eyes, beautiful smile... and a pleasant debut for all of us.


Sep 28, 2007

84 mins

236 pics

Coming all the way from Florida, she wants to be an internet model doing softcore -- she's starting off with FTV. She's a very cute petite brunette who is a little shy... but pretty easygoing about public nudity! We catch her flashing at a busy mall, exposing her breasts, then Lia meets up with her and videotapes her flashing all over the mall. Back home, she tries on some bras & panties she brought with her, showing off that cute butt of hers. She then masturbates with a vibrator... and has a small orgasm but is still nervous in front of the camera. So two weeks later, in California, she shoots again, riding a bike at the beach, getting naked there, then going home to masturbate, where she finally has a nice, strong orgasm. Out at a ranch, she gets naked again, and turning herself on, she returns to a comfy couch where she masturbates again, to a final orgasm.


Sep 22, 2007

100 mins

266 pics

This teen is so fun & refreshing... she's not only supercute, but with such a fun-loving personality! Out at a public playground, she starts fooling around on the swing, slides, and monkeybars. We peek up her skirt, then watch her play with herself, taking her panties off. She starts rubbing & fingering right there, then flashes some guys watching her! Going home, she gets to her comfy bed, where she takes a thick vibrating dildo and fucks herself hard, from all her favorite positions. Trying some cute dresses for us, she picks out her favorite & takes us to an outdoor restaurant where she flashes her private parts once again! Not having enough, she goes to another park to run naked and do cartwheels while some guys watch. Back home, she slow dances in a sexy black dress & heels ... masturbates with the rabbit toy, and has a nice strong orgasm! We get some very extreme closeups of her private parts (& pierced clitoris & nipples) with some stretching, pulling & gaping. Trying out fisting, she manages to get her whole hand in, a first time for her, and an extreme one! Cute pigtails & pink sneakers, she experiments some more, using 4 large silver balls, pushing all 4 in, barely making them all disappear. Then one more time with the rabbit vibrator, and another very nice, strong, natural orgasm. One cheerful girl by the end!


Sep 16, 2007

94 mins

291 pics

Something very sexy about this girl... perhaps because she is taller than most people, or is it her full cleavage? We spot her at the airport, and follow her to baggage claim. There she exposes her breasts, oh my! Then in the elevator, and in a waiting area full of security cameras. She goes completely topless at the parking area, watching the planes go by. Back at home, she gets completely naked and starts playing with herself, plus rubbing her big breasts. Putting on some sexy lingerie, she masturbates with her fingers, in a way so that she can have a real, natural orgasm. Milky wet inside... At a restaurant in a flattering shirt and short skirt, she gives us upskirt flashes, while risking being caught, and exposing her breasts! Out at a park, she goes topless again, and starts playing basketball with some guys at a court. Of course, they enjoy it all! Back home, she fingers herself on the couch, and uses a vibrator to another strong orgasm. Jackie comes along to play with her breasts and butt, then Sadie gives us a nice long breast massage with baby oil. Time for a larger pink toy, which she fucks hard to have one last orgasm... with milky juices built up on her toy (which she rubs on her belly). Then its time to cool down by skinny-dipping at the pool :)

Sandy & Yana

Sep 9, 2007

120 mins

265 pics

A shoot long in the planning... our first girl-girl shoot in Hawaii!! Both are fun loving, energetic, and uninhibited, which makes for some great fun & extreme public nudity. Walking the popular beach strip in Waikiki, they start deep kissing right there on the busy intersection, then sit at a bench and go all out sucking on each other's breasts... flashing at malls, restaurants, hotels, parking lots... getting completely naked at one point and getting caught, being forced to run away! Back in their hotel room, the get naked, start going down on each other, licking and fingering, some in the 69 position. Bringing out toys, they help each other masturbate to orgasm. Both have very strong orgasms! Next day, while Yana is sleeping, Sandy experiments on her, slowly pushing her fingers in, then fisting her, until Yana wakes up, surprised! Yana encourages it further, showing Sandy how to do it in doggy style, then attempts it on Sandy. It becomes Sandy's first fisting experience ever! A little picnic at a very busy park, the girls start kissing, sucking on breasts, and going down on each other, at the most riskiest location, fortunately not getting into trouble. Then they're trespassing at some residence (house for sale?) and go all naked and continue their oral play. Next morning, they're at a beach, strip down completely naked, and get the attention of all the surfers. Instead of covering up, the approach the surfers and start making out and playing in the water naked! The surfers love it all. Finding a more hidden spot, the girls get more hardcore... Sandy uses a strapon and does Yana hard doggy style. Then Yana rides Sandy, until some surfers approach and watch the whole thing. So the girls head over to the outdoor beach shower, getting naked again, while they guys are entertained. After more nudity at a restaurant, then the streets and docks of Waikiki, they gives us one last view of their private parts and say goodbye before the security guard approaches... Once again, FTV pushes the limits on public nudity -- not without extreme risk however.


Sep 3, 2007

130 mins

267 pics

Brand new to adult, this leggy girl just turned 18 -- flying in from Kansas City all excited about shooting for FTV! Upon arrival that night, we interview her, then she very easily flashes at the restaurant, the resort, everywhere, even getting naked! Testing her out, we let her use a large vibrator, which she pounds hard & deep... we soon discover how sexually addicted she is. The next day, in a sexy dress & heels, we watch her as she flashes throughout the resort, upskirt, nice firm butt, and playing with herself in the lobby. Going indoors, she masturbates with a toy, ending with a very strong orgasm. Some extreme closeups of her swollen clit, and we are off for more public nudity at a water fountain and another restaurant. Putting on some cute bra & panties, she stuffs her panties inside her, then pulls them out with her shoe heel... Then with nothing on but her heels, she shows of her toned sexy figure and masturbates with an egg shaped toy, riding it, forcing it in her until she has another orgasm. Later that night, she attempts something she has never done... double penetration! Using a toy in her butt, she then takes a second vibrator, and finds that its quite enjoyable to have both holes filled... This girl is one of those real-life horny types that must have sex every night or else!


Aug 31, 2007

42 mins

32 pics

We're lucky to have her back so soon, for a surprise bonus update... that we didn't expect! She came down to visit Phoenix for a weekend, just to relax. Coming down to the FTV house, she loves the pool there... and talk comes of extreme stuff, big toys, and fisting. She decides she would like to try fisting, even though she's never done it in her life. Experimenting right there poolside, she manages to get her whole fist in! So we set up a shoot in the evening where she could try it 'professionally'. Wearing sexy black lingerie & heels, she warms herself up, then pushes her hand in... taking it all in! Deep and hard fisting from all angles in front of a mirror, its a very erotic sight whether you are into it or not. Such a perfect body... and a surprise extreme video. Then a little shower to wipe off the sweat from the experience...


Aug 25, 2007

79 mins

243 pics

We watch this gorgeous brunette walk through the Chinatown gardens in a sexy short black dress & heels. We peek under her skirt, and watch her take off her panties and play with herself... revealing her breasts, and exposing that perfect butt of hers. Following her in this public place, we catch glimpses up her skirt, then follow her home where she does some hard vibrator banging & masturbation. Trying some cute outfits for us, she then flashes at a restaurant during an interview (and gets caught). Then going to an office building area, she gets completely naked, and stuffs her panties deep inside her! We get to watch this sexy girl walk around naked only in heels. She goes to a grocery store, picks out some veggies, and flashes her breasts in the aisles, then takes her top off in the parking lot! She uses the zucchini & cucumber like toys... Then we watch her spread her very cute private parts, get all the extreme closeup details. She uses a vibrator on her clit, and we watch her orgasm up close. Notice the strong contractions! After a sexy breast & butt massage (perfect round breasts & butt!) she masturbates on the bed with the same toy, and has another very strong orgasm.


Aug 19, 2007

114 mins

282 pics

FTV Girls are gorgeous, but something about this girl seems to top them all. The way she carries herself, even though she is only 18... perhaps the eyes, perhaps that she reminds us of a younger version of Angelina Jolie. Wearing a cute yellow hoodie and short skirt, she walks to a building, finds a place to sit, and removes her panties, playing with herself. After someone catches her in the act, she moves to the stairs, and starts fingering herself. Once again some people notice her there, and she moves to a more hidden spot and gets completely naked, masturbating. More comfy at home, she uses a vibrator and has her first orgasm. Seemingly ok with going naked in outdoor places, she flashes her breasts at a restaurant, then goes to another building to get naked and masturbate. Hard finger banging, then more toy action at home. Some breast & butt massage, along with some extreme closeups... She puts on some black stockings, shows off her perfect butt, and dances to music, in such an erotic way. Fingering herself hard and fast, it leads her to another intense toy masturbation that brings her to a hard orgasm. Sexy, sultry, sensual, there are so many words to describe this girl...


Aug 15, 2007

96 mins

152 pics

She is as new as you can get, not just new to getting naked, or masturbating, but new to even orgasms. Yes... she's never had an orgasm in her life. We try to make it happen... Starting off at a very public place in College Town, wearing a cute outfit she flashes her breasts, takes her panties off, and continues to give us upskirt & flashing in very public (& risky locations). Finally getting completely naked at a parking lot, and risking even more. Then going home she unsuccessfully attempts to masturbate to orgasm, having trouble... so we do some extreme closeups and let her try some kinky panty stuffing with her very cute blue panties. The next day, she tries to masturbate again, this time with the rabbit vibrator, and succeeds in having her first orgasm of her life! That's what we want to see. Then some big thick toy action... deep.


Aug 13, 2007

70 mins

208 pics

For a different take on an FTV shoot, Lia of decided to contribute with a shoot of her own, with a friend of hers. Miko introduces herself while in a schoolgirl outfit, then strips down. Together they visit a department store, and go to the womens' changeroom. There Miko changes into a couple of dresses, then starts fingering herself and masturbating right there! Then after some nudity outdoors, she puts her hair into pigtails and puts on some cowboy boots. From there she heads over to the dining table and masturbates with a vibrator. Later, its time to get wet in a jacuzzi, and play with another vibrating toy.


Aug 7, 2007

116 mins

264 pics

Watching this very sexy & sophisticated looking blonde walk down a historic area of Phoenix... & following her to an arts gallery. She is quick to flashing her nipples, and catching the owner's attention, then rubbing herself to some art nudes. Getting caught, the owner is actually quite helpful, and lets her pose naked upstairs, finding a private spot to masturbate hard with her fingers. Flashing on the balcony, she gets some attention, then creates more of a stir at a restaurant. Definitely not shy about public nudity! Getting aroused in the supercar, she needs to get home and masturbate ASAP! Rubbing herself hard and fast, she has a very strong, natural orgasm. Then some cute lingerie and extreme closeups... A week later she returns, in a yellow summer dress, giving us upskirt, and views of her perfect butt, then going completely naked at a golf course, chasing after ducks & geese, then fingering herself in a shaded area. Some ice cream to cool down, and spreading her legs at the ice cream shop without caring who watches... even angry housewives. Going home, she videotapes herself masturbating, rubbing hard to once again have another strong natural orgasm! Later in the day, she puts on a workout outfit, and does stretching exercises, situps, and squats. She explains how this gets her aroused, and she likes to masturbate after a session. So she heads to a full length mirror, and masturbates hard, to one last strong orgasm. She is gorgeous as she is sexy.


Aug 3, 2007

94 mins

184 pics

In a light, summery white dress, she walks the neighborhood, then finds a patch of grass to take her bra off, and play with her large D cup breasts. Then she rubs her private parts, fingers herself... until a security guard forces her to leave. Finding another more aesthetic spot (in a rather public place) she continues, gets completely naked, and gets caught again! Finally coming to a place outdoors where she can finger herself hard and masturbate. Later, she cleans off with a shower, with more fingering and breast play, then uses a toy to masturbate again. Out at a golf course, she gets to play & run around naked, watch those big breasts bounce! Nice butt too, in doggy. She gets back indoors, uses two toys to one final orgasm... Then dances in fishnet body stocking, and gets herself wet in the pool. For a kinky finish, she takes a small bottle, and puts it inside her back-end first, till it nearly disappears. Some nice closeups of the penetration...

Risi & Renna

Jul 27, 2007

112 mins

267 pics

You want to see girl-girl shoots? Well we want girls who are truly into each other, for another classic FTV girl-girl update. Renna & Risi are good friends who just recently become real-life lovers. Both extremely popular on FTV, and both very gorgeous! We watch them at a busy nightclub trying to get in... Lia helps out, and we watch these girls make out with each other at this busy club! They start getting naked in the VIP room... then flash and fool around the popular areas of the city. Going home, they go hardcore and start going down on each other, fingering & sucking. Risi puts on a strap-on toy, and then fucks Renna hard in several positions. Renna loves penetration... then Risi is assisted by Renna to a mutual masturbation & orgasm... a nice strong one! Next day there is some fun video of them just having a good time in Phoenix, with two very different personalities but both fun to watch. While Renna is sleeping, Risi kisses and seduces her and gives her a nice breast & butt massage. After more kissing, they both head to a bubble bath and have more fun, then a sensual shower with more kissing and rubbing...


Jul 24, 2007

51 mins

119 pics

A girl that many members wanted to see on FTV... but who could not travel to Phoenix! So a guest photographer was hired to shoot her in California. She's a beautiful girl, with a gorgeous smile, and big blue eyes. In the cutest dress, she walks through a busy mall, and flashes her breasts, plays with herself... then goes indoors to tease us further. She has full natural breasts, and a perfect butt, with such a pretty private part! Spreading, fingering, and giving herself a breast massage, she then heads over to the pool to play with some beads. Stuffing them inside, then pulling them out, she moves to a vibrator and masturbates to orgasm. Later in a yellow bikini, she fingers herself some more...


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