Aug 2, 2006

84 mins

211 pics

Her first time getting naked for the internet, she find us and has an interview, and surprises us to how comfortable she is masturbating in front of the camera, and that she squirts! Two weeks later, she returns and heads over to a very public area, and masturbates with the Big Ten Toy, taking it as deep as she can go, enjoying every minute, to several squirting orgasms! Her love of sex continues to demonstrate with the help of some veggies, as in a Zucchini! She penetrates herself hard and fast, getting herself aroused with the zucchini, to a point that she needs another toy to bring herself to several strong orgasms, squirting all over the bed! As tight as she is, she manages to get four fingers deep inside her... Then in a totally different style, she wears a sexy black dress with heels, and gives us peeks under her dress, and rubs herself on the steps of a resort. Once aroused, we find her with the FTV Toy, as she rides it hard and very sensually... for a very erotic video. Not having enough, she brings back the Big Ten toy, and penetrates herself hard and fast to one last loud shuddering squirting orgasm!


Jul 29, 2006

77 mins

196 pics

Walking down Scottsdale's most prestigious mall, she stands out as a very sexy girl on this hot day... and a classy, sensual tone seems to express itself even in this public place. We catch several glimpses of her full breasts as they are exposed there, and that shirt is pretty seethrough... then indoors she tries on several sexy dresses, posing away with such sexy character. Going to the bed, she warms herself up with a clear glass toy, masturbating until she has a rather sudden, but strong orgasm! Putting on black lingerie and stockings, she meets up with the lucky member whose house we are shooting in... and plays pool with him. She starts stripping down, and eventually finds herself masturbating again, with some very sexy views and closeups of her private parts being penetrated. Later in the evening, she is in another very sexy outfit, white fishnet stockings and seethrough top, rubs lotion on her full breasts, then her butt, and then gives us one of the most sensual toy blowjobs we've ever seen! Then masturbating on top of a living room table, we get all the sexy views until she has her last orgasm.


Jul 25, 2006

85 mins

207 pics

Its one of those rare rainy days in Phoenix, and we see this teen with braces running through the mall trying not to get wet, but catch glimpses of her very perky nipples falling out of her shirt as she tries to dry up on the spot! Then she goes indoors, strips down, grinds her hips against her hand on the bed, then gets dressed up in some cute tops & panties. Checking out her nice butt from a hidden angle, we then watch her grind against her private parts with her hand while listening to music, then sitting down in the closet and fingering herself until she has 4 fingers in her! Getting juicy wet, she heads over to the table where she starts fisting herself to our surprise! The whole hand slips in deep, then she moves to a vibrator -- then rubbing fast she starts squirting all over the place, several times! Huge gushes squirt into the camera, and all over the table. She cannot stop, even when she is being photographed after 4 orgasms! She just loves to masturbate, and it shows. Her juices have completely soaked the entire table! After posing for more explicit photos, she talks a little about her sexuality, and then gets changed into a cute pink dress with a short skirt. Then she pulls out two thick vibrators, and starts stuffing both into her private part! Then she makes the toys spread her wide open, but that isn't enough, she then spreads herself with her fingers, and gives us some amazingly massive gaping shots! Then she takes one toy anally, while sticking the other back in her private part, double penetrating herself hard, pushing the toys as deep as she can. Getting aroused again, she asks for the FTV Monster toy, and it is as thick as her leg! To our shock, she takes it in easy, and takes it deep, for a hard ride that at one point, takes 3/4 of the whole toy in! It only encourages her more, to fist herself again, hard and fast, until she has an incredibly strong orgasm, that needs to be seen!


Jul 20, 2006

72 mins

179 pics

This gorgeous girl, had her debut on FTV 2 years ago, now she is back, looking even hotter than before (and more sexual)! We meet up with her at a public place, a fancy mall, and see how sexy she looks today. After flashing her full breasts and doing upskirts there, we do a photoshoot right there in the mall walkway, taking those risks... Then in her black Mercedes nearby, she heads on to the back seat, and starts masturbating with a toy right there! A little nervous about it all, it takes her a while before she orgasms... then at the pink room she gives us close views of her private parts & nipples, stretching, pulling & fingering. Being fluent in French, she does a masturbation video, all the while talking to you in French, directing the camera herself, until she has a nice orgasm. Then on the computer, in sexy black lingerie, she starts playing with herself to some FTV videos, then gives her breasts & butt a nice cream massage, and in the shower, takes it to the climax, having one last, strong, orgasm.

Alison & Lia

Jul 17, 2006

22 mins

91 pics

Special Update: Lia & Alison: Both models are very popular single site girls for and -- and after a year apart, they are re-united, with FTV's new supercar, the Lamborghini Murcielago. Practically every member either loves Lia or Alison (or both)... having them together is like double eye-candy! Alison with her long legs and full, firm natural breasts, and Lia's sexual presence with her funky personality... a cute update re-introducing both girls to some members who may not know of their websites.


Jul 13, 2006

119 mins

173 pics

Estelle is a tall, sultry & sexy woman, with a pair of natural supersized breasts that almost look like implants! But her extremes will be what will shock most members. Catching her taking a shower & shave, checking out those perfect breasts and sensual body, she then puts on some makeup, dries herself up, and finds a sexy bra & panties to model in. Then she masturbates with a vibrator, bringing in the Big Ten toy for hard, deep sex, then another vibrator for some very strong orgasms! Very hot views, and tasty white come starts building up as she pounds herself with the Big Ten. Then the photographer comes in to assist, pounding her harder and deeper with the Big Ten, then fingering her deep, and even attempting to fist her! Then she peels off a banana, and tries to stuff it inside, then eat it... going more extreme with two very long zucchinis, she tries to double penetrate herself and succeeds, taking one of them especially deep anally! A must-see... getting swollen with all the penetration, she tries for our largest toy, the FTV monster, and manages to take it down for a while, but resorts to a vibrator to have another very hot orgasm. Then another sensual shower, where we get to see those fine breasts get massaged, then the photographer joins in and all four hands get to play with her butt, and breasts, in a very intimate moment....


Jul 9, 2006

93 mins

136 pics

She's not new to modeling nude, but definitely her first time flashing it in public! Visiting Arizona for the first time, she goes shopping, and gives us some glimpses of her perky nipples at the busy mall, then we follow her to her hotel room, spying on her as she gets changed into some lingerie. Bringing us inside, she starts playing with herself, making out with the mirror, then masturbating with her favorite toy. She surprises us with a squirt, and 3 orgasms! Then poolside at the same hotel, she heads to the Jacuzzi, and starts playing with herself again (nice upskirts!), until the security forces her to leave! After a nice personal interview at a restaurant, she changes into pink lingerie, and has her boyfriend fondle her, until she is aroused, and masturbates on the bed, to another strong orgasm, wetting the bed! Some closeups of her penetration, she does a kinky first -- stuffing her panties inside her. For one last time, in more sexy lingerie & heels, she masturbates again, but this time has her boyfriend use the toy on her, this large pink dildo that brings her to one last orgasm (or was that two?).


Jul 5, 2006

95 mins

191 pics

Oh my! This girl was so full of energy, fun, and total sexuality, we could not stop shooting her! Poolside, back yard, she runs around topless, chasing after the neighbors' dog. Settling down on a chair, she starts rubbing herself, taking her panties off, then puts on a bikini, shows off some more, and begins to masturbate (in front of two observers!) After pounding herself with the vibrator, she has a very satisfying orgasm. Then parading around in cute clothes, we take her for a lunch break, where she does some flashing, and spreading, later in the car. She is full of stories, mostly sexual experience. We let her fool around on the stairs, jump in heels, then use the lifelike toy for a hard ride! She fucks herself very hard, and has an orgasm that has her milky juices oozing out everywhere! More modeling, fooling around, and general playfulness, and she's ready to masturbate again. This time a sensual shower, and we give her our strongest toy, the super rabbit -- and she has an incredible orgasm. Seeing is believing! But she liked it so much, she didn't stop... so we left the camera to her, to masturbate one more time, to a very loud orgasm! Petite, very cute, and just having that 'charisma' that turns every man on!


Jul 1, 2006

78 mins

334 pics

FTV's favorite model, the gorgeous and always-fun Alison graces the site with an exotic adventure in Maui! She is easy with flashing her sexy body in public places, and goes the length to masturbate in the most unique locations ever shot on FTV. Out at the beach, we get glimpses of her private parts, then she heads over to the Maui Resorts' main hallway and does some acrobatics, while her breasts fall out of her bikini! Then at night, she returns to the exotic pools, and teases us again, risking getting caught... The next day she puts on a sexy red dress, acts like a fashion model, but all the while flashing up her skirt! Then she finds a convention center and heads over to the podium to make a topless speech and masturbate... but gets caught and must move on. Then in a sexy black dress, she tries again to masturbate, and does it right on a table in the middle of the hallway (!) and almost gets to orgasm but a group almost catches her. Then in a yellow dress, she flashes the employees, and moves to the top floor, where she finally has her orgasm with (a little less) interruption. The third day, she travels to the Haleakala Volcano, experiencing each 1000 feet differently, with lots of public nudity fun on the road, until she is at the very top... 10,000 feet... and masturbates at the very highest point of the mountain! She manages to have an orgasm up there (a very satisfying one too). It makes us wonder... is this the worlds 'highest' masturbation video ever??

Ashley & Brianna

Jun 25, 2006

121 mins

241 pics

Ashley became very popular on FTV a few months back with her intense sexuality and easy-going nature with public nudity -- Brianna was our gorgeous bubble butt girl last year. Put them together, and they made the ultimate lesbian combination. Their chemistry was perfect from the start... Dressed sexy they head for a cafe, while they start kissing, playing with each others' breasts, and even using their vibrator right in front of other people sitting nearby! They are asked to leave, but continue on the other side of the mall with some oral sex!!! This right in front of many people who are walking by. After being asked to leave (again) they head over to a street corner and continue their sexual fun. Trying to get some photos out of them is hard, they don't stop for pictures! They just enjoy each other too much. At a park, they get caught by a park ranger, and are asked to leave (again!). Then at a grocery store, more intense public nudity and lesbian play, and they are asked to leave (again!!). Having enough of that, they head home, and have a very intense oral sex & toy session that leads to a triple squirting orgasm by Brianna! Together they lick her juices from the table, and do some deep kissing. The next day, in cute summery & girly outfits, they head for a playground, and have all kinds of nude play and oral sex on the swings, monkey bars and rides. Caught once again, they head over to the 'pink room' where the sex gets more intimate, from soft foot sucking and play, to lengthy nipple & clitoral sucking, caught at erotic angles. Then comes out the Long Pink toy, and they both pound each other hard until orgasm, Brianna in doggie style! Later that night, they try on different sexy lingerie for each other, then put on stockings, and bring out their brand new strap-on toy. Brianna starts first, with a sensual blowjob, then a very sexy ride. Then Ashley gets the rough end -- as Brianna starts pounding her doggy style, hard and fast until she has an orgasm.


Jun 21, 2006

106 mins

147 pics

Taking a nice bubble bath in a Victorian resort, she notices the camera, and lets you in to watch her lather herself with soap, then get out and try on some sexy lingerie. She goes right to masturbating, taking her time to warm up, until she brings out the extreme vibrator. With it, she has orgasm after orgasm, with several squirts inbetween. She does not want to stop! She counted 5 very intense orgasms. Later, dressing herself up in some sexy pink lingerie and heels, she answers the room service in her outfit, and then takes the ketchup and mustard bottles, and starts stuffing them deep inside her, both anally and vaginally! She seems to prefer anal, and stuffs as many as four fingers deep inside her, and pulls out her extreme vibrator for some more orgasms while the bottle is still inside her butt, like a butt plug! Lots of closeups and extreme views of her butt play... Then comes the Big Pink toy, where she takes very deep vaginally, then pushes it anally, even deeper!?! For the finale, she takes the Big Ten toy, and does it doggy style, pushing it as deep as she can go, then riding it anally, and finishing off with another squirt and orgasm. Just for the fun of it, she takes her panties, and stuffs it both anally and vaginally, one of the most unique things we've ever seen!


Jun 18, 2006

57 mins

189 pics

One of FTV's favorites, Janelle -- well here's her sister! She never had done any nudes whatsoever, let alone masturbate on camera. We see her walking out from her place, teasing us on the steps and flashing her breasts, pulling her shorts aside for more teases -- then we pick her up, and she gets into a cute pink dress and we proceed to do a photo shoot of her, to warm things up. Then, readying one of our best toys, we let her masturbate right there, in the car, until she has a nice orgasm... Later in the day, back in a casual outfit, she reveals her sexy panties underneath, and strips down until she is bottomless. Worried about being caught in this public place, we got lucky -- and the assistant got to use a toy on her, doggy style, until she was ready to masturbate again! This time its indoors, using the same vibrator that worked for her before, and she ends up with a stronger, making-her-smile & happy & sleepy sort of orgasm :)


Jun 14, 2006

84 mins

268 pics

When we found this gorgeous teen, she was a must-have on FTV, and you will agree... Gorgeous green eyes, beautiful face, and super sweet smile, compliments her firm figure, with a perfect butt and very nice round breasts & perky nipples. Waking up early in the morning, she dresses up in cute short skirt and top, then goes out to the park, where she starts playing with herself, right on the walkway, making her nipples hard, and rubbing between her legs. With her favorite personal toy she brought with her, she masturbates until she has a nice, natural orgasm. A little nap and she's got her hair in a ponytail, singing to herself and heads over to the pink bed to give us extreme closeups of her nipples and her private parts. Then, taking off her pink panties, she stuffs them completely inside her, and slowly pulls them out with her toes... and then comes the large ben-wa balls, and gets all 4 of them inside her! Making clicking & juicy sounds inside, she pulls them out doggy style, and she's now horny enough to masturbate... fingers herself with up to 4 fingers ... this time with the Long Pink toy, and rides it hard and deep... and with the help of a second toy has a very strong orgasm! A munchie and interview, then its a nice breast & butt massage for her, leading to a very sexy finale, where she takes over the camera, talking dirty to it, and masturbates to a verrrry strong orgasm!


Jun 10, 2006

74 mins

215 pics

Watching her run down on a jogging trail, on a hot summer day here in Phoenix, we catch her flashing her breasts to us, and moving down to play with her private parts. Risking being caught, she starts masturbating... asking for a toy we let her pick one out, and on the couch, she masturbates until she has a nice, natural (and milky) orgasm. Then in a sexy white summer dress & heels, she flashes & plays with herself even more at an exotic resort, and then gives us some juicy details about her sex life at a restaurant (with some upskirt flashing there required!). Capable of masturbating several times a day, she uses another, more powerful toy to a second orgasm, leaking white juices again. Then giving her full firm breasts & butt a nice massage, she puts on some very unique stockings, that look very erotic on her. She gives us a sexy dance to music, which will really turn you on as you watch how she moves! Then later at night, after getting caught by a park ranger, she heads on back to masturbate one last time, to a very sensual climax, with a milky orgasm.


Jun 6, 2006

66 mins

173 pics

Welcome this sweet girl back! You wanted more of her, so enjoy this latest installment of Violet! She starts in a schoolgirl outfit, with her glasses on, and does some shopping for phallic veggies at the grocery store. With some flashing and upskirt, she heads over to the playground, and tries stuffing a large gourd inside her! When it gets stuck, she uses her vaginal muscles to push it out, and plays with it again... then over at the pink room, she stuffs a zucchini (very deep!), three carrots, and on very large cucumber. Only arousing herself further, she turns on the vibrator, and has an intense squirting orgasm, and then one of the hottest fisting videos ever! Next day, its time for a car wash that involves nudity... and some deep water hose play and squirting right there! For some adventure, she goes to a park, and rides a bottle, very deep and even tries the wide back end. More vibrator & squirting action continues, with it ending in her hardest and longest self-fisting session of all time.


Jun 2, 2006

98 mins

227 pics

She's originally a fashion model, but wanted to try out her own thing in the 'adult' side... going explicit in FTV style. Coming in her normal clothes, she tries on different outfits for us, shy at the beginning but becoming more comfortable... enough to go completely naked in someone else's back yard! She goes as far as masturbating there, but goes home to use a vibrator for a very strong orgasm! Explaining that she hadn't had an orgasm in weeks, we make sure she does it a second time, in another sexy outfit, right there on the kitchen counter -- this time she was so exhausted she literally could not move... you have to see it to understand how strong but enjoyable her orgasms are! With more posing at a risky location, she looks sexy with those long legs. A morning interview we get to know more about her, and then off to the pink room for some extreme closeups, and then probably one of the most erotic masturbation videos to date. She said it was probably the strongest orgasm she has ever had, and we believe her! She could barely walk after that...


May 29, 2006

100 mins

127 pics

Blast From the Past: 2700 Mb New High Resolution Video Added. The very popular shoot in 2003, of Mia is remastered in high resolution, with all the hot masturbation, squirting, lactation, public nudity, deep toy insertions, muti-toy stuffing, bikini stuffing, Big Ten Toy, and of course, one of the hottest FTV Toy scenes ever. Gorgeous, slim, and very sexual, one of our hottest videos ever. Then there is the second video, of Joey meeting up with Rose, both popular girls of 2003, in a light girl-girl video where they make out, play with toys...

Joey & Rose

May 29, 2006

84 mins

143 pics

Blast From the Past: 2700 Mb New High Resolution Video Added. The very popular shoot in 2003, of Mia is remastered in high resolution, with all the hot masturbation, squirting, lactation, public nudity, deep toy insertions, multi-toy stuffing, bikini stuffing, Big Ten Toy, and of course, one of the hottest FTV Toy scenes ever. Gorgeous, slim, and very sexual, one of our hottest videos ever. Then there is the second video, of Joey meeting up with Rose, both popular girls of 2003, in a light girl-girl video where they make out, play with toys...


May 25, 2006

84 mins

239 pics

We are very lucky to have such a gorgeous girl grace the covers of FTV. Brand new to masturbating on video, she is kinky enough to try. Checking her very long sexy legs out while she walks through a series of shops, we notice that her skirt is just a little too short, and we take a peek... then she enters a cigar shop, and spreads her legs and does a little rubbing up the skirt! Finding a more quiet area at this shopping area she starts masturbating, and gives us nice views of her big succulent breasts. Getting startled by an employee that walks by, she returns home to masturbate with a vibrator on the couch, and has a very strong orgasm that gets her all sweaty! Touching up her makeup and fixing her hair, we stare at this gorgeous face, then watch her change into some pink lingerie and head over to the pink room for some nice extreme closeups of her private parts. Changing into a sexy black dress & heels, she takes on the Big Ten toy, and manages to ride it so deep, down to the base! It makes her sore though, so she brings herself to orgasm with a vibrator on the black couch. More flashing at a restaurant and a gas station, she returns home for a sensual breast & butt massage. Then pulls out a very strong vibrator, and brings herself to another strong orgasm. The video ends in a sensual shower... and its nap time for this beauty.


May 21, 2006

85 mins

204 pics

Coming into the master bedroom, this girl has no makeup on, but you see how beautiful she is, even without it. She undresses and takes a shower, shampooing her hair, lathering her body, and shaving her private parts. Once she dries herself up, she applies her makeup on, and you she how gorgeous she can be! Then she puts on a sexy robe, and tries out some white lingerie and stockings. Rubbing her breasts, pulling on her nipples, and turning herself on, she gets into the whole self-stimulation that she starts masturbating right there, and uses a rabbit-type vibrator to have two very strong orgasms that really satisfy!Then in more casual (but sexy clothes) we see her at a restaurant talking about her personal life, and flashes her breasts and upskirt while people are right there eating... we head over to the parking lot, where she gets naked right there, outside, and puts on sexy purple lingerie. That gets a few locals excited, and she is happy to show them her assets while they take pictures with their cell phones. Then she gets sexual on us again, rubbing & fingering herself right there... Later in the evening, she wears a very erotic and classy black corset, and in the sunset, we get some sexy views of her hard breast play, along with her fingering herself... listen to those juices! On the makeup counter, she takes her heels off, and starts masturbating with her shoe heel like a toy, and then brings our most powerful vibrator to have another hard orgasm! A very sensual video to the end.


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