Dec 5, 2006

50 mins

67 pics

Sometimes there are 'failed shoots', and this is one of them. Besides being shy, the masturbation video did not turn out. I could have had her fake it, but I wanted a real orgasm. Instead of dismissing this shoot, the time and cost of this was worth posting on FTV, even if it did not make it to the main updates. Managed to catch her wetness that built up with the use of the toy (after using it for over half an hour!) -- unfortunately she closed her legs, but I got to see it flow out like a river... and rushed to get the goods. Whatever the case, this shoot had to end early, but it truly was her very first time exposing it all, even going topless. Overally, she wasn't FTV-worthy.


Dec 1, 2006

61 mins

169 pics

The very fun, lovable, and super sexual Mandy is back! Its over a year later, and her breasts have doubled in size! She heads out to a park with a water fountain, and starts rubbing herself, playing with her large breasts, and of course, gets a lot of attention... so we head indoors and she gets to masturbate with a unique purple toy, to orgasm! Then in a supercute schoolgirl outfit, this busty girl rubs herself in a residential area, getting turned on, and fingering... man that skirt is so short her butt & private parts stick out! Then she talks about one of her most intense sexual experiences, and fingers herself hard and fast, to a very strong orgasm! Wanting more, she takes a vibrator and has another orgasm... Later that night, she rolls around the bed in a cute nightie, and gives us a good hard breast massage, then moves to the butt. Going back to the bed, she starts grinding against her fingers, and rubs so intensely, to another, final, and very satisfying orgasm. This girl just loves to masturbate...


Nov 28, 2006

86 mins

166 pics

At one of the fine exotic (& busy) resorts, we see this sexy girl, in a fine dress & heels find herself at a ballroom, while we realize that she has no panties, and get a lot of upskirt. Sitting down, she starts rubbing herself right there, then moves to the bar and watches herself in the mirror while she masturbates. Lia finds her there, naked & masturbating, but not before a security guard catches the whole incident, and so we move on to shoot her nudes in another public place with a fountain. Then she puts on several cute dresses for Lia, while we enjoy nice bare views of her breast and butt, along with her long, sexy legs. She then gets to finish masturbating, with the help of two toys to come to a nice orgasm. Later in the day, in a cute white short skirt & heels, she gives us more upskirt, and some really nice extreme closeups of her private parts. After spreading it, she chats with Lia about her personal sex life, and then gets to masturbate again, next to the office computer while looking at Lia's pictures. Hot angles watching her penetrate herself with legs spread to another orgasm. Then a breast & butt massage, leading to a very sensual shower that involves more masturbation....


Nov 24, 2006

91 mins

263 pics

Wow... such a gorgeous girl! We watch her get undressed 'voyeur' style, catching glimpses of her breasts and that perfect butt. Then we follow her to a fancy resort, in a sexy outfit where she starts to undress... teasing us. Unfortunately she teased some of the employees there, so they kicked us out! Getting completely undressed in front of the mirror, she starts playing with herself, then brings out our most powerful vibrator, and has a very nice, strong orgasm! She shows off her juices... Changing into a bikini, she gets wet in the pool, showing off that perfect butt of hers. Time for some closeups! She starts getting off by rubbing herself, and goes indoors for a vibrator. Jessica is a sexy dancer, so she does a striptease to some music... and then does a sexy lingerie session that leads to use of a glass toy! All this play has got her turned on again, so with another vibrator she gives us another sexy orgasm. A few more butt views and we watch her get wet in the shower, and 'clean up' :)


Nov 20, 2006

80 mins

177 pics

This cutie in a summer dress walks down a busy mall, and we get to check down her shirt and up her skirt when she bends down or squats... all in voyeur style! She finds a bench near the shops, and starts playing with herself, until she is approached by an FTV girl, and ends up doing a nude shoot right there! Back indoors, she uses a vibrator, to have several strong milky wet orgasms! In another cute outfit, she brushes her hair, then uses the end of her hairbrush like a toy, for another very sexy masturbation video... and flashes more in public. Her idea... she takes a banana, and takes it almost all the way in, and uses it as a hard toy! Then comes the rabbit vibrator, that brings her to several more orgasms! Then what comes next will shock you... in a sexy black dress & heels, she works her fingers in herself, until she starts fisting! Hard fisting session ensues, until she is so sore... but that doesn't stop her from trying out the FTV Monster! Riding it hard and deep, she has the pleasure moment of a lifetime and a final strong orgasm that we will all enjoy :)


Nov 16, 2006

83 mins

210 pics

This sassy rich teen is caught walking a mall and talking on her cell phone, but then removing her bra in that public place, and exposing her nipples! Returning to her Lamborghini Gallardo, she then heads over to a hotel where she gets almost completely naked, and nearly caught... then she finds herself a vibrator, and masturbates to a dripping milky wet orgasm. Dressing up for us, she ends up in a cute green miniskirt, and flashes us some upskirt at a gas station & restaurant. Then comes a very hot masturbation with the powerful rabbit toy, that brings her to another, even stronger orgasm... with more milky wet juices flowing, and she tastes it... she also has that innate ability to make her clitoris move! With a bikini and heels, she ends up in the pool, gets her hair wet, with some extreme closeups of her private parts, then goes indoors to masturbate again, in a final sensual video, with another nice, natural orgasm.


Nov 13, 2006

41 mins

130 pics

FTV's favorite, Brianna is back... but in a very different way! Many members ask if there will be pregnant shoots, but they are very rare, since not every model gets pregnant or is willing to shoot it for the site. So we are lucky to see her return this way, 8 months pregnant, in both an artistic photo series and some very erotic video. When she masturbates, she is just as sexual as before, and squirts even more than she used to! Call it the 'pressure' from being pregnant... Then its a shower scene, and even though she was an A-cup before, she has filled out in the breasts...


Nov 11, 2006

73 mins

161 pics

A model who wanted to pose for us for a long time, had her boyfriend videotape her, and do the FTV shoot themselves. We watch her go shopping around her hometown, and flash her breasts & give us upskirt teases whenever she can in the public areas. Then getting undressed in a changeroom, she videotapes herself... after a carwash outside, she goes indoors to play with a squash and cucumber, penetrating herself as deep as she can go. Even tries a large gourd before going to the bedroom and use two different vibrators to masturbate...


Nov 8, 2006

60 mins

90 pics

Spotting her at a very busy mall, we catch her in the act of slipping down her top and exposing her breasts, right in the middle of the food court! Approaching her, we ask her to flash her breasts and butt several times, risking getting caught. She doesn't wear any bra or panties, so it makes it easy... we go to a gas station, and she fills the tank topless, while an old man watches... and some nipple sucking at a restaurant. Very personable, friendly, always smiling, she is fun to watch, and picking a vibrator, starts to masturbate. She rubs herself hard and fast, cumulating into a strong orgasm that leaves her very satisfied. Later, she tries on a few cute bras & panties, then talks dirty to you while she gives us some really extreme closeups of her private parts, then fingers her juicy insides and masturbates again. Out at the neighbors' pool, she gives her breasts a hard breast massage, then gets caught...


Nov 4, 2006

80 mins

243 pics

A pleasant surprise, when you discover that this girl has no inhibitions, and loves to show herself off sexually! Seeing her in a sexy black dress & heels, she parades around a fancy resort ballroom, and spreads, dances, and fingers herself right there, even though employees are walking by... going home she starts masturbating with her shoe heels, double penetrating herself!! Using a toy she continues some hard masturbation. She even attempts to fist! Dressing up in a bad schoolgirl outfit, shes outdoors and flashing on the street, then jumping up and down to let her full breasts bounce in all directions! Fooling around with a speculum, she starts masturbating again, this time with two toys, double penetrating again, and getting all juicy inside... Then comes a hard breast & butt massage, she squishes her breasts very hard, and even bites her breasts leaving deep bite marks all over them! She fools around in the pool, then fingers herself again, and plays around with the water hose, stuffing it and squirting water out... a very kinky girl indeed.


Oct 31, 2006

79 mins

152 pics

Coming to the FTV house with Alison, she gets right to masturbating with a vibrator, then finds her own special kind from her luggage, and and gets to a strong orgasm that has her exhausted but very satisfied! Knowing that she is capable of extremes, we jump to the FTV Monster toy, and are we shocked at her abilities! As petite as she is, she manages to take more than half of that monster in, and ride it deep and hard! She spreads herself open wide, and we can see deep down to her cervix... Having fun with Alison playing baseball outside, they soon discover that the baseball bat can be used as a toy too, and she takes it deep and hard, with Alison helping bringing her to an orgasm that surprised all of us! Getting into cute bra & panties, she then takes on three toys, double-penetrating her vagina, streching herself wide. We realize that she has a very easy time reaching orgasm, and using the 3 toys she has another... Finally she gets to ride the Glass FTV Toy, which she takes hard and deep, for a very sexy ride!


Oct 27, 2006

61 mins

179 pics

We follow this cute redhead teen to a bus stop, where she starts exposing her breasts & giving us upskirt views... then to a restaurant area where she starts rubbing herself & fingering... to going back home and masturbating with the rabbit vibrator to orgasm! With some extreme closeups of her private parts, she then puts on another outfit, sexy jeans & tube top, then heads out to flash her breasts at a gas station, car wash, and several other public places (getting completely naked on a street) to get some attention! Going home, she masturbates again, to another orgasm, in just her sexy heels. There is a major radio show host visiting nearby, at a busy bar/club, so we decide to go there and have Ruby flash for all the guys there! Soon guys are grabbing her breasts and taking pictures with their cell phone cameras. Then getting kicked out, more posing and flashing by the Lamborghini while guys ogle the car and the model! She wanted to do some swimming, so then its time for skinny-dipping and some rubbing action at the pool....


Oct 23, 2006

79 mins

169 pics

A full figured girl with a gorgeous face and perfect smile, we follow her at a resort, and peek up her skirt while she is sitting on the stairs. Then a nipple slip as she bends over, and we approach her to see more... she fingers herself right there at the busy resort, and then going home, masturbates with a vibrator to a very strong orgasm. She starts very shy, but but Lia helps her out, finds cute clothes for her. Back on the bed, she takes the Long Pink toy, and takes the whole thing in... masturbating long and hard, we see how deep she can go! Then she tries the Big Ten toy, which is over 10 inches long... and wow she rides it deeper than any girl we've ever seen, making the whole thing disappear inside her. She enjoys it, but needs the vibrator to finish off to another strong orgasm. Getting hot & sweaty from it, she cools down with a breast & butt massage, then finds herself a wine bottle and starts riding it... and returns to another vibrator session for another hard orgasm! Brand new to doing nudes & videos, she really warmed up to the camera :)


Oct 19, 2006

83 mins

171 pics

This hottie with the long legs immediately catches everyone's attention, and poses for us at a busy mall... then goes to the Mercedes Supercar and drives off. Soon enough the cars' top is down, and so is hers! With her full natural breasts exposed, driving, she finds a place to stop, and goes completely naked to masturbate. Needing a toy, she heads home (driving naked) and finds a toy to have a hard sex session with until orgasm. Then this hottie goes to a resort hotel room, and gets into some sexy lingerie & heels, while giving herself a nice breast and butt massage. From erotic angles, we watch her finger herself, then give us extreme closeups of her private parts, stretching, pulling & opening them... Then she masturbates again, this time with two toys, to a harder orgasm! After some flashing outside, she returns in sexy black lingerie & heels, and shocks us with a hard fisting session outdoors... what a hot body, hot girl, and intense masturbation!


Oct 16, 2006

77 mins

354 pics

Such a gorgeous girl, with beautiful crystal green eyes, long thick brown hair, and a seductive smile -- we had to have her shoot for FTV! Since she lives in Hungary, we had a submitting photographer shoot her there for us. Starting in a cute white corset top and shorts, she gets completely naked, and fingers & spreads herself. Then taking two toys, she double-stuffs them and begins to masturbate... Next it is a sexy red dress & heels, turning us on with those legs, and spreading wide, fingering & rubbing herself. On the leather couch, she masturbates further, double dipping fingers into her butt (anal fingering), then at poolside in a bikini, uses more fingers to masturbate. Even tries to stuff her bikini bottom inside her...


Oct 12, 2006

118 mins

219 pics

Directly from Barcelona, Spain, she speaks no english, but that does not stop us from getting a great video! She gets undressed easily, and we see a perfect body with full round breasts and a firm, round butt. She has a lot of personality, and is easygoing in front of the camera... so we pose her next to the Lamborghini, and let her masturbate in it. Giving her a toy (make that two) we discover how sexual she is... and she enjoys these toys immensely with several orgasms. The toys were new and stronger than anything she's ever used, and you can see the pleasure run its course through her body. Later, she tries on several sexy lingerie, and gives us hot angles as she spreads for us and gives us extreme closeups of her private parts. As she gets into her rubbing, she takes her toy and masturbates again, to another orgasm on the bed. Out for lunch, she meets up with Lia, as they flash their breasts in public, and get a little taste of each others' nipples. Then in sexy white lingerie, she does a breast & butt massage, leading to another masturbation and a 'unique' finish...


Oct 8, 2006

75 mins

201 pics

Total fun girl, who loves to smile, giggle, and have fun! She comes over to the FTV house, and undresses for us, with so much energy even though she just flew straight from Tennessee! Uninhibited, she lets us see her very fine body, with full firm round breasts and a perfect firm butt. After picking out a cute summery outfit, she is out posing and flashing, then masturbates with a toy. We love her in lingerie, and in a pink one we get more body shots, then some extreme closeups of her private parts, and her perky nipples, and suddenly, she starts rubbing herself hard, and masturbates again! This time with a very strong orgasm. Outdoors for an interview, then some public nudity as she completely strips down on the street for a photoshoot. Poolside, she masturbates again, with a hard finger rubbing session to another orgasm. Later that evening, she wears another cute two-piece lingerie, and lets us watch her massage her breasts & butt, then finds a little corner to masturbate again. We give her a clear jelly toy to use in a harder sex session, until she has another orgasm :)


Oct 5, 2006

60 mins

204 pics

Probably the most petite girl on FTV, she's under 5 feet... but with a perfect firm figure & very tasty nipples! We catch her at a playground, exposing her breasts, then watch her undress outside and go indoors for a nap. She starts playing with herself until she finds a toy and begins masturbating, until she has a nice, natural orgasm. Then putting on another cute outfit, we see her flash out at a busy parking lot, then go home to cool down in the pool. The bikini comes off, and then she gives the Big Ten Toy a sensual blowjob. Riding it on top of the counter, she takes the huge toy down as deep as she can, but being too much for her after a while -- she goes back to her favorite toy and has a second satisfying orgasm. She reminds us of Fiona when it comes to her figure... almost identical.


Oct 1, 2006

94 mins

134 pics

A big name pornstar (Jenna Presley), so not new to modeling or masturbating, she did give us an amazing masturbation video series. Starting right off masturbating on the couch, she squirts a flood right away, and has multiple orgasms with squirts inbetween! The couch is drenched, the floor is all wet, and the photographer and his equipment got wet too. A second camera view gets the action up close, you could almost taste it! Then after an interview, she gives us some closeup spreads, a breast and butt massage, then puts on a sexy white outfit... and starts masturbating again on the dinner table. Her orgasms seem even stronger, and her squirts even longer, the whole table is wet and pouring juice from the sides! She lies down in her juice, licking it and showing us the clear, odorless fluids that keep coming out of her pussy! Not finished yet, she then masturbates again, to another strong orgasm, this time squirting in front of a mirror and getting it all over the glass, and licking it off. Probably the strongest squirter ever shot on FTV!

Zia, Clara & Lucie

Sep 27, 2006

69 mins

185 pics

Three beautiful and sexy girls from our past visits to Portugal make it a trip to Lisbon, for some shopping and dining... but the fun begins when they return home and start to make out with each other, leading to oral sex and all kinds of foreplay on the couch. The girls focus on Lucie, and bring her to orgasm with the help of fingers and tongues. Later in the back yard, the girls chase each other naked around the grass, and move to the porch where they continue with oral sex, focusing on Zia, and bringing her to orgasm with the help of a vibrator. Around sunset, in bikinis at the pool, there is some body massage play, then fooling around on Clara, with Lucie coming to another orgasm.


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