Apr 22, 2004

13 mins

122 pics

She's a relatively new model who just started learning all about posing for adult sites; but she is not shy at all. No matter where we go, whether a construction yard, and office building, or in front of a mall, she lifts up her skirt to show off her panty-free goodies. Long legs, slim figure, and crystal eyes with red hair, she bears a very nice smile as well. We hope to see a more extreme side of her soon...


Apr 18, 2004

39 mins

153 pics

She lives so close by to us, we had to get her back, and beg her to do a masturbation video for us. She was shy, but once that sexual side came out with the help of her boyfriend, we got some awesome footage. First with a very hard breast massage by her boyfriend, she rubs herself and has him finger her to orgasm with the help of a vibrator. Then she takes a shower which is a must see for butt and breast lovers! And oh, lets see those extreme closeups of her pretty private parts!


Apr 15, 2004

98 mins

97 pics

Fair skinned, long jet-black hair, pouty lips and soft green eyes, gives her a unique but sensual look for FTV. She wears a casual but sexy summer dress, and then masturbates to orgasm, playing with her breasts and kissing herself in the mirror. We then travel to Camelback mountain, on a hike up to show how athletic and sports-oriented she is. Of course, topless and some good upskirt action. She then does a lingerie & stockings scene, using a long toy for more pleasure. Lastly, we see her with more toys, beads, and then a ride on the FTV Toy.


Apr 11, 2004

50 mins

155 pics

She's just turned 18, still in grade 12 high school, and a real life cheerleader. Referred to us by our model Janelle, we thought she might be very shy & innocent, but she surprised us! Getting naked with no inhibitions, she does us a cheerleader routine and stretching without panties, so we get some really nice upskirt action! Once she goes back indoors, she masturbates with her fingers, then uses the pompoms like toys. She sounds very wet, and the best part is her use of a vibrator to have a very hard orgasm.


Apr 7, 2004

55 mins

181 pics

FTV has some extreme girls, but she might be our most extreme ever. She starts right away with masturbating, then fisting herself... Then by her suggestion (!) we bought her a baseball bat, which she masturbated with and took the wide side so deep! That wasn't enough, she rides it, fists herself again, and then takes on 4 golf balls all at once!! Later than night, she tries out our newest giant toy, the Big Pink, and rides the FTV toy. For some reason she loves the baseball bat, and uses it again! You'd never think such a cute & petite brown-eyed girl could it, but seeing is believing!


Mar 31, 2004

24 mins

144 pics

The response on this girl has been overwhelming, so we bring her back for a third time, to see her pose naked again, in more sexy clothes, flattering locations, and this time, some toy play. She has never used a dildo before, but we let her try the smallest one, which she enjoys... then to the next bigger size, until she attempts the Big Ten toy. That one is just too big for her. But watch what an incredibly sensual blowjob she gives to it!

Paulina & Sarah

Mar 28, 2004

21 mins

70 pics

Sarah has always been interested in meeting with Paulina. She never has done anything but kiss a girl before, but she literally begged to come back just to see her. It all worked out good for us, because their paths crossed briefly, and we got to do a small shoot of them together, making out, with breast play, and Sarah enjoying every minute of it.


Mar 23, 2004

41 mins

226 pics

This is what we were waiting for, to see Isabella show us how sexual she is, and how she really does love to masturbate. She brings class to the video, from dressing up in a very sexy dress, moving with grace and an air of passion. From there she starts to play with herself, using several fingers to have an orgasm right on the mansion's dinner table. A very large photo series of this goddess compliments her videos, along with an FTV-style bikini-stuffing scene.


Mar 19, 2004

200 pics

Welcoming another fresh face, with a very exotic combination of Cherokee Indian and German. Ever seen eyes like hers? They are truly what we call 'cat eyes'. She has several piercings, especially for those of you who like full breasts with nipples pierced! She does a full photoshoot outdoors, in some rather public areas, and seems to enjoy what she is getting into! She will be back for some intense video action.


Mar 14, 2004

59 mins

207 pics

Why do we call her sweetheart? Well check her out in her video, and you'll see what we mean. Truly fun-loving, relaxed but bubbly fun teen who enjoys getting naked as much as possible. Her shoot covers some cute outfits indoors and in a garden. Oh, and she's got one of the prettiest pussies we have ever seen. The desire to taste it is extreme....


Mar 10, 2004

65 mins

188 pics

Part Filipino, part Spanish, she brings the attractive part of both sides to a full-lipped (up and down haha) and horny female. Her sexual needs seem to be extreme, because she had several fine orgasms in her masturbation scenes. But we get a little more crazy, trying the Big Ten toy, FTV Toy, and something rather unique: Making two balls disappear! Along with a very large photo series....


Mar 6, 2004

40 mins

177 pics

When you thought her perky breasts and nipples could not get any perkier, well they do, now that she is 8 months pregnant! Our very first pregnant shoot, she is just as cute as ever, and has several fitting dresses to model for us. Then she starts a very hot lactation scene, dripping milk on a glass table. She is also just as sexual as before, and does an intense masturbation scene with a great orgasm in the end!


Mar 2, 2004

20 mins

72 pics

An exotic brunette of Indian decent, she has a slim and hard body. Something about her look, her movements, her tan and that flawless figure that makes her so desirable. Her breasts are implants, but they fit her just right, to give those additional curves that turn men on. She really does not bother with clothes, and we get some great butt shots and spreads deep... deep views....


Feb 28, 2004

137 mins

180 pics

This innocent-looking girl proves that even cuties can go all out to the extreme. First she does a masturbation scene with a toy and has an orgasm. Notice how big that toy was? Then she flashes her privates in several public areas, leading to another masturbation scene with a toy that goes in verrrry deep. And this right outside in front of an office building. Then in pigtails tries some hot stuffing scenes, with speculum and then some huge toy action which shocks us to the extreme.


Feb 24, 2004

47 mins

182 pics

Rose plays with toys, uses a water hose & squirts, & plays in the bathtub.


Feb 20, 2004

16 mins

161 pics

Lexy is a redhead who loves to play & suck on her big natural D-cups.


Feb 17, 2004

92 mins

218 pics

Hollie in a large photoshoot using big toys, stuffing panties, using speculum.


Feb 12, 2004

27 mins

183 pics

Isabel is introduced with several photoshoots in classy & dressy outfits.


Feb 7, 2004

15 mins

136 pics

Kim returns for second shoot, with some cute summer dresses.


Feb 4, 2004

19 mins

237 pics

Layla is our new busty brunette, with a firm, full natural figure.


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