Jul 9, 2003

110 pics

Jackie returns for a second photoshoot, in outfits members suggested.


Jul 4, 2003

93 mins

102 pics

Chloe in a photo and video series update getting real close to her privates.


Jul 3, 2003

130 pics

Avril shows off those big D-cup breasts of hers and other good things.


Jun 28, 2003

17 mins

138 pics

Paulina starts at the pool, and strips & gets wet in her debut photoshoot.

Isabella & Nadine

Jun 26, 2003

68 mins

57 pics


Jun 22, 2003

109 pics

Janine charms you with her big brown innocent eyes in her debut photos.


Jun 17, 2003

113 mins

101 pics

Janelle in a sexy photo series, warming you up for her very hot video.


Jun 14, 2003

85 pics

Alexa a gorgeous bikini model introduced doing nudes for the first time. Photographers Note: In the 12 years I have worked nudes with models, her natural D-Cup breasts are by far the firmest and most perfect I have ever seen. Perfect teeth and hazel green eyes complement her beautiful face. This shoot was rather rushed for FTV due to time constraints, but we will be doing more photos.

Samantha 2

Jun 11, 2003

54 mins

43 pics

VideoGirl Samantha returns in a second video with some fun tease as a warm-up.


Jun 8, 2003

100 pics

Jackie in her cute pink summer dress shows off her private parts.


May 30, 2003

131 mins

142 pics

Kylie climbs trees naked, wears cute lingerie to show off that firm butt.


May 24, 2003

114 mins

191 pics

Sabrina in sexy dressy outfits, showing off her full squishy breasts.


May 10, 2003

103 pics

Janelle comes back for a second shoot, in sexy lingerie.


May 8, 2003

75 mins

222 pics

Sorsha is introduced by photos, taken by her photographer boyfriend.


May 1, 2003

129 mins

199 pics

Nikki with lots of pics of her in nighties and lingerie, and completely nude.


Apr 26, 2003

90 pics

Kylie dresses up all sexy, but then takes it off for closeups of her privates.


Apr 24, 2003

56 mins

92 pics

Ivy introduced, over six foot tall with the attitude of a dominatrix.


Apr 17, 2003

59 mins

199 pics

Nadine is a Middle Eastern beauty who will get your juices flowing.


Apr 7, 2003

76 mins

129 pics

Janelle has a large 400 Mb video upgrade with lots of new content added.


Apr 3, 2003

104 mins

200 pics

Stacey with the perfect athletic build, shows off her body in several outfits.


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