Apr 26, 2010

62 mins

305 pics

She's still a teen, and her breasts are still growing! Full double D naturals, they look even bigger when they are exposed. Watching her walk in a funky dress & heels at an office park, she finds a vibrator in the middle of the hallway, and proceeds to masturbate with it. After some hard rubbing and vibration, she has a nice, natural orgasm. Still risking it in this public place, she takes her top off, and shows off those big, perfect breasts. Squeezing them hard, she plays with them and we enjoy it all. Then she ends up walking topless in the middle of a busy street! Right back out again, this time at a resort & park, she's doing topless cartwheels, playing footsie in the water fountain, and masturbating with her fingers. Then she finds a water hose, and stuffs it inside her, squirting water out! Not having enough, she's then out again with nothing but a flimsy seethrough robe posing in front of a resort entrance!!! We love seeing her run with those big breasts bouncing everywhere. Indoors she uses the vibraking to a strong orgasm... then gives us more hard breast massage and nipple play. Some exteme closeups of her very pretty (and tiny) private parts as well. Then a mystery guest (a possible future total first time girl for FTV?) comes to play with her breasts, and Haley moves on to more masturbation and a bouncy ride on a vibrating toy. Going kinky, she uses the handle of her hairbrush for more penetration, then goes outside to pose with some Dodge Vipers with the mystery girl. Big breast lovers enjoy!


Apr 21, 2010

74 mins

287 pics

We watch this beauty in white sheets, waking up and stretching, as we indulge in her sexy form. We cannot help but be aroused by her beautiful face, and perfect smile! That curvaceous form is sexual, and wants to masturbate for the camera. But first, we watch her try on sexy lingerie, and show off her figure. Then its time for toy play, using several vibrators until she's able to have an orgasm. It takes a while for her, but it becomes the very first orgasm she's ever had on camera! Notice the strong vaginal contractions at the end. She becomes all giggly and wants to see her orgasm on video... We take a lunch break, and then she flashes outside of the restaurant... we love seeing those breasts! Her fun-loving attitude shows throughout the shoot. She also has such pretty feet, we get tons of foot fetish for you feet lovers (size 6 petite feet!). From barefoot walking, to sexy walking in heels, she does more fingering in lingerie, and breaks her personal record as she stuffs four fingers inside of her. We get more extreme closeups, then watch her as she gives herself a hard breast & butt massage. She is flexible, and shows off her talent by doing some acrobatics, and running after rabbits... Enjoy this absolutely beautiful girl, and with her many firsts on FTV.


Apr 17, 2010

65 mins

139 pics

Never experienced nudes, let alone masturbate on camera, this Total First Time Girl is excited to see if she can orgasm on video! We watch her enter a laundromat, take her panties off, and then play with herself! Even though there is a security camera there, and people passing by... She gets caught by two guys on a bike, and they want to watch! She flashes her breasts to them, then goes home. Masturbating with only her fingers, she takes her time to arouse herself, then has a very strong orgasm (notice the very strong & fast vaginal contractions! Never having used a sex toy in her life, she's introduced to a vibrator, and she masturbates again... having another strong orgasm! Its pretty amazing to watch how her vagina moves to the intense orgasms. We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, her stretching her labia and gaping as wide as she can go. Then she attempts to fist... and actually gets her whole hand in! Wow. Later in the day, she plays with her pretty feet, then puts on some stockings & lingerie. Parading around in heels, she's introduced to the Vibraking Toy. The powerful vibrator brings her to another intense orgasm, with milky juices building up and flowing down her butt! Then more extreme -- she tries stuffing 3 cucumbers and gets them pretty deep! Sexy views of the penetration and her pushing them out. Milky juices all over the cucumbers as well! To finish, she tries fisting one last time, going even deeper, for a true, deep fist! Another First Time cutie, who goes all out for FTV... you'll only see her here, on FTV :)


Apr 13, 2010

80 mins

208 pics

This cute bubble butt teen comes from Ohio, and visits LA to become a pornstar. A photographer from LA prepared this shoot especially for FTV, taking her on a unique adventure. Meeting up with this cutie, there is an interview, then a little dressup scene as we see how sexy her breasts and butt are. Such round, firm breasts! She goes out on a ride in a dune buggy, and ends up fingering herself hard in the wilderness. Back home, its time for some hard glass toy banging (and she gets wet!). In a cute green swimsuit, she's playing with herself again, and pulls out the magic wand toy. The clitoral stimulation is extreme; its brings her to several strong orgasms (notice the contractions!) and some milky wetness. Then she tries out the biggest toy; a large dildo that she manages to get halfway in, and with the use of her fingers, rub hard and fast to a lot of wetness down there. On a shorter second day of shooting, she ends up getting naked in public, walking the street naked, then going home for some more finger penetration and an attempt to fist.


Apr 7, 2010

97 mins

289 pics

She's from Texas, never done any nudes before, let alone masturbate! The sweetest personality, the most down-to-earth girl you've ever met, you'll fall in love with her natural approach to life and sex. Catching her in the morning, she's watching TV in cute butt shorts... then undressing for the shower, she shaves her private parts. No sooner is she touching herself when she pulls out a toy, and starts masturbating... Even though she is shy, and having this first time experience, she cannot resist the pleasure from the toy, and has a strong (squirting!) orgasm. We get extreme closeups of her private parts, and how pretty it is! You just want to taste it... and her milky juices! Then in a sexy dress & heels, she flashes at a resort, settling down on some steps to masturbate again, right in the open! Another orgasm & squirt... Back home, she undresses and gives her sexy butt a nice hard massage, then moves to her breasts (squeezing them hard!). Then its time for two toys, for another strong orgasm. She loves to masturbate! Waking up in the comfy bed, she shows off her sexy butt, then tries on several cute panties for us. Then taking her favorite, she stuffs it deep inside, and pulls it out with her milky juices on top! Going more kinky, she's wearing a tight dress and heels -- shows off those sexy legs before double penetrating herself with two vibrators! She does love the vibrations anally... Then warmed up enough for the Vibraking Toy -- She squirts twice! She is shocked by its power. Later that night, after the shoot is done, she watches her own video being edited on the computer, and masturbates again! She actually loved watching herself masturbate. So enjoy this Total First Time Video Girl!


Apr 1, 2010

62 mins

258 pics

Tall, extremely gorgeous, and sexy, she is gifted with the perfect natural assets. Full, round D cup breasts, seductive eyes, and a super sexy butt all in one package. In a sexy dress & heels, she walks in an exotic house, settling down to play with her breasts, and give us upskirt views. In no time she is naked, then showing off her figure, and pulling out the vibraking toy. She masturbates with it until it satisfies her completely, and we see some milky juice buildup deep inside her. In the kitchen, wearing only white lingerie and glasses, she poses some more for us, giving us extreme closeups of her clit and private parts. She has sexy legs & feet, so we have her show them off as well. Then fingering herself, she moves to a large pink vibrating dildo, masturbating and pushing it deep until it satisfies her. Out for lunch, she opens up to us, and then flashes her breasts and shows off her cute panties. Out in the elegant casita patio, we watch that sexy girl give herself a hard breast massage, then get all naked in just her heels. More deep toy masturbation follows, and she then cools down in the pool. Then she plays with her breasts, squeezing them even harder! Its out for a nice swim all naked, and some sexy views of her wet figure. Then its time to finish with the BIg Ten Toy, pushing her limits to the max!


Mar 31, 2010

29 mins

67 pics

Hardcore Bonus Update FTV's Third Hardcore Update: One bonus update at the end of every Month. Loryn, the southern belle from Tennessee did a sexy solo shoot for FTV back in 2009, where we got to see her masturbate with toys, and look sexy in her dresses & heels. We're introduced to her boyfriend Tyler, who is also from Tennessee... and we get to see the playful side of Loryn as she interacts with her boyfriend. She likes to tease & kiss him, get him aroused and good to go. No panties under her dress, she lets him finger her, then gives him a blowjob. Soon he's penetrating her on the couch, getting harder and harder until they move to doggy. They both seem to love that position! She then goes on top, riding him in several positions. They end up going outside for more fucking, and into the bathroom where he ends up cumming on her face. This is the only place you'll see Loryn having sex on camera!


Mar 28, 2010

116 mins

215 pics

Blast From the Past -- Remastered in 3000kb/sec enhanced quality SD. See Fiona, who ended up having her own site www.FionaLuv.com -- One of the most popular FTV exclusive girls back in the early days of FTV. Meeting up with her at lunch, she has that very 'young' look and innocent personality... We visit Las Vegas to do her shoot. Ending up in a parking area of a casino, she strips down and puts on a red dress. After posing and flashing her perfect butt, she's back in the hotel room for a little dressup scene and breast massage (nice, perfect, firm round breasts!). Then on to another sexy dress, giving us upskirt and flashing moments while at another hotel casino. She looks cute in dresse! Then in a green one, she poses around an office park, flashing some more. Back in the hotel, she uses a purple dildo to penetrate herself, with extreme closeups of the penetration. Trying some bra & panty sets, she ends up stuffing one deep inside her! A Day Later... She gets all intimate with a banana, then pushes it into her vagina, taking it rather deep! Even deeper, the large summer squash gets a ride down as deep as it can go. Some full nudes are next (she has a gymnast's body, sexy and firm). Then she rides the famous FTV Toy, and gives it a surprisingly deep ride! Quite a hot, sensual moment. She then takes a bubble bath, shaving her pubic hair, and spreading for some really deep, wide extreme closeups. She ends up gaping, with serious details on her large clitoris... to a speculum scene. One last kinky moment when she takes a chain of beads and stuffs them deep inside her, then slowly pulls them out up close.


Mar 22, 2010

90 mins

233 pics

We watch this very sexy girl (a total First Timer!) take a walk in a summer dress on a sunny day... Its a public park but she's all about flashing it all! We get to see up her skirt, as she takes her panties off, and spreads for us. Long, sexy legs give her an even hotter look as she settles down to flash her breasts and finger herself. Pulling out a vibrator, she masturbates and has a quickie orgasm right there! We discover that for her, orgasms come easy... Back home she uses a larger vibrating pink dildo for some hard deep sex until she has another orgasm. She gapes for us, and we can see deep inside! She moves her vaginal muscles, causing her insides to open and close, and her milky wet juices stick to the walls of her vagina! Trying on several sexy dresses & heels in the closet, she shows herself off before pulling her vibrator out to have two more orgasms, in the craziest positions! Then playing with her hair, she uses one of her larger makeup tools for some kinky play as she pushes the whole thing in deep. After lunch, she does some sexy yoga, showing off her flexibility, and then takes her pants off... to make it more explicit! Then she goes extreme, surprising herself when she fists deep, making her whole hand go completely missing! She fists harder and faster, and actually gets off on it! For a while there she was fisting herself sooo hard! Then she gapes herself open, so wide that we can see all the way to her cervix... and using her fingers deep she actually plays with her cervix! Wow. Then she takes on the FTV Toy, and shocks us further by going down super deep! She rides that toy hard, until she's completely exhausted. In her sexiest dress & heels, she fingers herself to the sunset, going for the slow stimulation on her clit, then pulling out the Vibraking toy for an incredible finale. That toy gives her the strongest orgasms ever, putting her into pure ecstasy that ends in some very strong orgasmic contractions of her vagina. Enjoy this sexy FTV Girl, she's doing this for her very first time, and exclusive here, to FTV :)


Mar 17, 2010

58 mins

241 pics

She's part Japanese, but the those seductive eyes make her look uniquely exotic. She's petite, and loves to show off her sexuality! Out at a mall, she flashes her breasts, then videotapes fingering herself in a changeroom. After some public nudity fun, she's discovering the Vibraking, which brings her to a strong (squirting!) orgasm. She surprises herself, and explains that she's never had a squirting orgasm while masturbating. A first time for her! She's got a lot of sexy dresses & heels, so she starts with a red dress & red heels, shows off her butt, then fingers her butt for just a little pleasure... Then to a schoolgirl miniskirt and cute heels, makes out with herself in the mirror, and fingers herself. Best for last, a purple dress & heels, making her look elegant and sexy. Playing with the Long Pink Toy, she takes it pretty deep, and has another orgasm. Wow does she get juicy though, with her milky white juices building up! Putting her hair up, she notices her black pearl necklace, and proceeds to stuff them as deep as they can go. Watch her pull them out slowly, and bring along with it some more milky juices! The juices splatter out all over her thigh. She always wanted to do a panty stuffing scene, so we get to see it done in such a sexy way... watch her tight vaginal muscles hold her panties inside her as she pulls them out! Best for last, she rides the Big Ten Toy, and she goes as deep as she can. Its the biggest thing she's ever taken!


Mar 11, 2010

67 mins

257 pics

This beautiful teen is not new to sex or masturbating, and so she is all confidence on camera! She likes to talk dirty from the start, showing herself off in the sexy yellow dress & heels, to fingering herself right in the open area of a fancy resort! She settles down with a vibrator, at the entry gates to the resort, and masturbates right there! The strong orgasm gets her sweating in this heat, so she gets all naked and jumps into the water fountain! She's all about being sexy, so then she wears a white dress & heels and shows off her body, then brings out the 'magic wand'. Once on her vagina, it gets her to several strong orgasms, notice the strong contractions... then she squirts! She even surprises herself. After a restaurant interview, she poses outside the restaurant, then fingers herself right there on the bench! The hard banging begins with 3 fingers, then off to the bed with two large dildos. Hard, fast, and deep penetration in several positions, until she has an orgasm with the large purple vibrating dildo! She likes sex, likes the real thing and can orgasm from it. She flirts with us some more, giving us gaping views & closeups, then puts on some sexy black lingerie. From a breast massage to showing off her butt, she fingers herself for some anal play. Then its time for the Big Ten Toy, which she rides hard and fast (and with her flexibility, rather deep!) until she ends exhausted on the floor. A horny cute teen that is every sexual mans' fantasy...


Mar 7, 2010

83 mins

163 pics

She's a busty girl from Philadelphia, experiencing all-out nudity, masturbation, and kinky stuff for her first time! First thing you notice is her superfirm, natural breasts. As perfect as they get! Then a firm round butt, with the prettiest private parts... Meeting up with her at a carnival, she plays some games, wins prizes, and eats ice cream. Going home, she strips down naked, and rubs herself. Then using her personal dildo, she penetrates herself hard, and rubbing her clit fast to a nice, natural orgasm. Then in a bikini, she shows off her perfect pair, then strips down in the bathroom, and masturbates again with a vibrator. She has several (?) orgasms leading to one last very strong orgasm. Notice the strong vaginal contractions! On the next day, a little visit outside in a black dress, and she's masturbating with her vibrator again. We get some spread closeups... Then she goes shopping for veggies, and uses this very large cucumber and squash to penetrate herself. It leads to another hard finger masturbation session and orgasm. On her way back home, she gives us a breast massage in the car. Enjoy this teen, only here on FTV.


Mar 1, 2010

56 mins

268 pics

This sexy total First Time teen looks like she's heading for an interview; We catch views up her skirt, and as she adjusts her shirt exposing her nipples. Occasionally she bends over and she's not wearing any panties... Finding a 'safer' corner she fingers herself, but gets caught! Back home, she plays with her kitten, while we peek between her legs. She eventually gets all naked in the kitchen, and masturbates with a red dildo. Cooling down outside, she continues to play, then pulls out a large purple rabbit toy. She masturbates with it until she has a nice, natural orgasm. At a restaurant, she flashes some more, and has a 'sexual' interview. She used to be a cheerleader in high school, so she shows off some of her talents and flexibility. Of course, with her bottoms off as well! The flexibility comes in handy when she tries to fist... almost getting there! Then she brings us the famous FTV Toy. Testing it out at first, she rides it harder and faster to climax... and wow did she get deep towards the end! Then she puts her hair in pigtails, and put on some cute pink lingerie. Showing off her butt, she toys herself anally with fingers, then tries the Vibraking toy. She falls in love with it, as it brings her to the strongest orgasm of her life! Some incredibly strong vaginal contractions in response to this powerful vibrator. She's cute, she's still a teen, and doing this for her Total First Time Experience, exclusive only here on FTV.


Feb 28, 2010

49 mins

86 pics

Hardcore Bonus Update FTV's Second Hardcore Update: One bonus update at the end of every Month. Not new to doing nudes, but her first time doing hardcore. She brought her boyfriend with her, a rather good-looking fellow who also works as a mainstream model. It seems that Erin is less nervous than Kurt, and is a lot more into this whole boy/girl than her boyfriend. He definitely gets stage fright, and it of course, his first time as well. They meet up at a fancy hotel, getting touchy-feely and him building up a hard-on. Back in the hotel room, she gives him a blowjob, and wow, he has a rather large penis! He then fingers her hard, making her wet, and then pushes himself into her. He gets nervous, however, and grows soft... so she starts using a glass toy to penetrate herself and masturbate for a while. Kurt comes back, and starts fucking her hard in missionary, then she gets on top and rides him. She likes it on top... He goes back down on her, and fingers her as well, making her more wet, and she returns the favor. She rides him again, then going into different positions until he can't take it any longer and cums in her face!


Feb 22, 2010

75 mins

274 pics

Recently turned 18, she's coming all the way down from South Carolina (still with the accent) and with all the charisma of a girl who loves to get naked on camera! Its a cold day outside, and as she takes her clothes off, we see goosebumps on her nipples as she plays and pulls on them. Getting all naked in the sun, we gets to see some extreme closeups of her private parts as she spreads, pulls, and fingers herself. With a rather large rabbit vibrator, she masturbates hard and deep, until she has a strong orgasm. Out at a private school area, she's wearing a comfy schoolgirl outfit, and runs around flashing and giving us upskirt views. Then rubbing & fingering again, she goes looking for cucumbers in the grass... and finds them. Stuffing not one, but two deep inside her vagina, she nearly makes them disappear! After a lunch interview, she puts on a 'secretary style' outfit that gives her a mature, sexy look that makes us want her right there! More teasing, until its time to masturbate, this time using the Vibraking toy. Strong multiple orgasms, and notice how her vagina 'pushes out' and pulsates! Then she does something really kinky -- stuffs her panties deep inside, then masturbates again, while the panties soak up her juices! Later, in some cute lingerie, she's giving herself a nice breast & butt massage, leading to fingering her butt (two fingers) and then an attempt at fisting. She gets pretty close!! Lastly, its time for the Big Ten Toy, see how deep she does it doggy style and when riding it! She actually has a real orgasm riding it -- a true rarity! A total FTV style teen who will surely become a member favorite.


Feb 16, 2010

64 mins

260 pics

We watch this gorgeous blonde in her pickup truck, on her way home... As she drives, she plays with her breasts, and fingers herself! She loves to masturbate while driving! When she gets home, she gives us a tour of her place, and continues to masturbate on the bed. Then she shocks us right away, when she starts fisting herself!?! Then she takes the giant Big Pink Toy and pounds herself hard and deep to orgasm! She used to be a cheerleader, and still has her uniform; so she goes out to the park and does some cheering & cartwheels, with no panties! On a park bench, she does some deep fingering, until she draws too much attention from the street. Going home, still in her cheerleader uniform, she uses a large curling iron and a vibrator to masturbate in the most unique way and get off again! Notice the juices all over her curling iron. We then interview her at a restaurant, notice how beautiful a smile she has... and she then pulls her pants down and moons us. On the steps, she uses the large rabbit vibrator to another orgasm... She then wears a sexy black dress & heels, does some stretching, showing off her flexibility. Then she fists herself again, this time long, hard and deep! After that experience, she pulls her vagina open, giving us deep gaping shots. She takes on the biggest challenge: The FTV Monster Toy! She rides it so deep, she gets that giant thing in 10 inches deep!! Not done yet, she then takes a banana deep, to the very end... and then takes a second banana and vaginally double-penetrates herself! These two big bananas stretch her to the max! Then in a more comfy setting, she shows off her booty shorts, and gives us some sexy butt views, and fingers her butt... We then end it with some extreme closeups of her clit, and she gapes open so wide... Enjoy this gorgeous one, it was her total First Time Video!


Feb 12, 2010

35 mins

199 pics

She's one of the cutest little Asian girls you've ever seen, with a warm beautiful smile and inviting eyes. She looks cute & classy as she walks through Chinatown, slowly giving us peeks under her shirt. Flashing more and more, she gets daring, taking her bottoms off and rubbing herself! A security guard catches her in the act however :( Comfortable at home, she continues where she left off, and gives us some extreme closeups spreads of her long labia. Then she starts masturbating, using our very strong vibrator. Later, in red a red dress & heels, she teases us some more, then pulls her panties aside, and gives us some rather super closeups of her swollen clitoris. Making it stick out, we see every detail! Moving to the bed, she takes her panties off, and starts using a zucchini. Taking it deep, she surprises us with how much of it she can take! Using her tight vaginal muscles, she pushes it out... So tight, and tiny!


Feb 7, 2010

58 mins

160 pics

This cute busty teen wakes up in bed... and we notice how nice and firm her breasts are! She starts rubbing herself, then uses her vibrator to a nice, natural orgasm. She then starts showing off her flexibility, doing all kinds of sexy nude poses (used to be a cheerleader) -- then tells us about her unique talent! Moving into contorted positions, she makes her vagina expand and contract, thus 'queefing' and notice how her milky juices push out as she does it! Then some extreme gaping closeups, and she puts on some cute clothes to go out. At the mall she flashes and gives us upskirt views (risky!). Then she puts on a sexy dress & heels, and tries the Vibraking toy. She has one strong orgasm (notice the contractions!). Then some fetish fun, as she takes two toys in her vagina at once, then shoots them out with her strong vaginal muscles. Cute pink panties get stuffed, and slowly pulled out too. In pigtails and short skirt, she heads over to the golf course and does more acrobatics (while golfers watch!). Then in the pink room, she masturbates with a pink vibrator to one last strong orgasm. We want to see more of her pretty feet, so she washes & massages them -- then moves to her big breasts. Some hard breast massage & nipple play for you big breast lovers!


Feb 1, 2010

64 mins

209 pics

We're introduced to this sultry & sexy Middle Eastern girl with freckles (half French, half Lebanese) while she walks down a street in a sexy black dress & heels. She's never done anything like this before, and she's just a little nervous -- no sooner is she a natural at it all! Flashing her breasts, taking her panties off, giving us upskirt views and playing with herself -- in this public place. Going home, she bring out her personal blue vibrator, and has a nice, natural orgasm (throughout her orgasms through the day, notice her strong vaginal contractions). We get some closeups of her clit, her wet vagina, and the juices inside as she spreads wide. After opening up about some of her sexual experiences, we discover that she really is a very sexual girl, with a conservative past. Putting on some sexy lingerie & heels, she poses for us... Casting all inhibitions aside, she masturbates again with another stronger vibrator, and has several orgasms! Out at lunch, she flashes some more, then goes outdoors for more nudity. This time she's wearing a cute white dress, running around barefoot. Finding a place to masturbate again, she gets caught... time to move on, and get kinky! Back home, she brings out a zucchini, and stuffs it as deep as it goes, and rides it hard! She does the same with a banana, both very hot and sexy to watch (especially with those long sexy legs of hers!). She then masturbates again, with another vibrator, to one last, strong orgasm. Enjoy this total First Time Video Girl, exclusive only to FTV!


Jan 31, 2010

37 mins

145 pics

Hardcore Bonus Update FTV's First Hardcore Update: One bonus update at the end of every Month. Kori returns with her real life boyfriend Jason. Its his first time experience on camera as well. Kori hasn't shot anywhere else, doing her solo experience here on FTV last year, and this boy/girl debut as well. After some kissing and playing in the kitchen Kori gives Jason a blowjob. He's a rather large guy, and she's a very petite girl -- He slowly works his penis inside her, and has sex with her doggy style. Then she goes on top of him, and rides him hard, getting all stretched out. They then go out to the back yard, and continue having sex in the grass. Then its hard and fast banging, as she seems to enjoy the fast paces. Doggy, missionary, and her on top until he ends up cumming on her face. She even ends up squirting as well.


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