Sep 7, 2009

64 mins

214 pics

She's a gorgeous, leggy brunette who expresses her sensuality through how she carries herself, and how she masturbates... We are introduced to her at a busy mall, where she walks around and flashes her breasts & upskirt. She's a bit shy, but loves the public nudity experience! Rubbing herself on a bench at the mall, she gets caught and goes home to masturbate. Using her fingers only, she has an orgasm very easily! She prefers to masturbate without toys, and handles her clit to a real, natural orgasm. We get extreme closeups of her cute private parts. Then she puts on a sexy black dress & heels, and shows off her sexy long legs. She's horny again, and rubs herself once more to orgasm in the bathroom... quite sexual! Running into our female assistant, she makes out with her on webcam, and its her first girl-girl deep kiss! Out at a restaurant, she flashes some more, then masturbates on the stairs right there at the busy resort! Back home, she puts on a nightie, plays with her makeup tools, and stuffs one... Talking to you intimately, she undresses and masturbates with two vibrators & multi-finger insertion. Out on the street, she flashes some more, and then masturbates poolside to another orgasm. Lastly, we see her massage her breasts & butt, and watch that beautiful face bid us farwell.


Sep 1, 2009

90 mins

295 pics

This gorgeous sultry teen is a total First Time Video girl! She goes from a first time experience using a vibrator to having non-stop orgasms throughout the shoot! Gorgeous, with a sexy, fit and athletic form, we tend to notice that perfect butt first! Full lips, beautiful eyes, and guess what... she's got braces too! After an introductory interview, she is warmed up with some stripping down in the clothes she came with, then letting her show off some of her assets (beautiful breasts, butt). She also has talent! As a former cheerleader, she is extremely flexible, and does some acrobatics both indoors and outside in the most public of places... without anything on! In a very sexy dress & heels, she does more teasing and upskirt, then fingers herself until a security guard shows up. At home she has a first time experience with a vibrator, and she loves it! She can't seem to stop, and has multiple orgasms (some very strong & rapid vaginal contractions!). We get some extreme closeup views, as well as toy penetration. In the cutest white dress, she flashes at a restaurant, then goes bottomless at a bank, and does more cartwheels in public... naked! Then she attempts the extreme -- the Big Ten Toy. She takes it very deep! However, its just a little too big for her, so she moves to two vibrators instead. The double toy action (the toys get double-penetrated!) gets her off even more, and she can't seem to stop masturbating. In fact, the photographer had to interrupt her after her 6th orgasm! We then watch her do a sexy breast and butt massage, all in her fine black lingerie and heels. Then comes the ultimate toy: The Vibraking. This most powerful vibrator becomes the love of her life, as she uses it with such intensity, that she actually shocked us both, and squirted all over! Another total First Time Experience for her, she had never squirted in her life. At least a dozen orgasms in one day, this beautiful, sultry and super-sexual teen is only here for you, exclusively on FTV :)


Aug 27, 2009

136 mins

269 pics

Blast From the Past -- Remastered in 3000-8000kb/sec enhanced quality SD. Total first time girl Jenny, who became the pornstar 'Jenni Lee'. Watch her beginnings here. Getting out of her car, we catch her walking down a parking lot to a mall, where she finds herself exposing herself, checking out her breasts and her trimmed private parts. She is a very gorgeous & sexy brunette, so its something you don't see every day! Then finds a corner of the mall where it is not as busy, and plays with her nipples, and we discover she can lactate!! She tastes the milk, then pulls her pants down and starts rubbing herself right there, until a noise startles her. Going back home, she puts her hair down, starts fixing her hair, and undresses, with a voyeur view of her singing along while looking at her body in the mirror. Did we mention how perfect her butt is? Then at the kitchen, she slices open an orange she picked from a nearby tree, and squirts milk on it, then eats the orange slices! She 'flavors up' her oranges with milk several times... then moves to the couch where she starts masturbating with fingers, in a very long & hard fingering session until she has an orgasm (or was that more than one orgasm??). Months Later...


Aug 22, 2009

49 mins

172 pics

This teen visits us while 5 months pregnant... with a very large pair of F-cup breasts! A little shy at first, her warm personality shows through the videos, as she talks a bit about herself, and why she is doing this. Stripping down for us, we get to see how big her breasts are! Playing with them, teasing them, giving a hard massage, she starts to lactate! The more she teases then, the more they squirt out milk. Watching her do it and taste her milk, as well as squirt all over herself and a glass table -- lactation fans enjoy! She then takes a vibrator and masturbates to a soft orgasm. We go up close to see her wet insides in some very wide open extreme closeups! At lunch she is interviewed further, and flashes her breasts at the mall, going up the stairs to play and lactate further. She milks all over a bench, then sits and fingers herself with up to 3 fingers. Going home, she uses a rather large vibrator (taking it very deep) and masturbates again to orgasm.


Aug 18, 2009

77 mins

230 pics

Off to Portugal in another FTV shoot in Europe, we are introduced to Hungarian Suzanna. Leggy and sexy, she is met up with along the way to the beach, where she takes time to play in the water, then starts masturbating and fingering hard at the beach! This isn't a nude beach, and people walk by... Going home, she's using her cell phone, but not in the way you'd think! She slowly stuffs it in... then fingers and rubs hard as she masturbates. Putting on cute clothes, she flashes and spreads at a restaurant, startling a few people. Then in some lingerie, she strips for us, and takes a pearl necklace and stuffs most of it deep inside! More fingering, then some gaping spreads afterwards. She then goes to the kitchen and tries to stuff the largest candle there...


Aug 12, 2009

77 mins

252 pics

Watching this girl in the park, she's all about having fun, and can't stop giggling! Running around and picking berries, she climbs a tree, then takes her dress off and runs around topless, doing cartwheels. Once she's all naked, she goes to a bench and masturbates with her special blue toy... to several strong orgasms! All in the while there are landscapers working in the background. She even runs to the street, penetrates herself in the open public! Drawing attention to herself, she visits an office area, and masturbates again, to another strong orgasm at the picnic place... She can't seem to stop masturbating! In a sexy grey dress & heels, she shows off her figure, then finds another place to masturbate... public again! She gets off so hard, you can see the wet juices inside! After a restaurant interview and striptease, she masturbates in the bed, doing it like she does every morning when she wakes up. The rabbit vibrator brings her to several strong contractions. We get some extreme closeups of her swollen clit, and some gaping views. That cute butt of hers gets a nice massage, and so do her breasts. Then she shows off her 'magic wand' toy... and wow does it bring her to the strongest orgasm of the day! She was shaking and convulsing... In a white dress and heels, she's showing off in the middle of a busy street, and flashing away! The water sprinkers turn on, and she's getting herself wet, masturbating right there! A fun-loving, cute personality, (and multi-orgasmic) that makes for another great update for FTV!


Aug 7, 2009

56 mins

228 pics

This busty cutie comes from Dallas, Texas, and she's got that girl-next-door look... Looking like an innocent cutie at a old town area, she flashes her breasts when she can, but not without catching peoples' attention! More breast views at a park, then stripping down to her undies for more sexy views. Not an exhibitionist, but more a girl who is comfortable in the nude, and she loves to show off those full, firm breasts! Back home, she uses a vibrator to masturbate naked, and has a strong, natural orgasm. We get some extreme closeups of the penetration. Then with some cream, she gives her big breasts a hard massage, squeezing them and shaking them in all the erotic angles. She's in the bed, and we check out her curvaceous body -- and in a voyeuristic way, watch her masturbate to another strong orgasm. She spreads for us in detail, and gaping her private parts, and shows us how tight she is by holding the toy inside her. She then puts on some sexy purple lingerie, poses for us, and heads to the pool. There she tries on a cute green swimsuit, and plays with her breasts some more. Using her favorite toy, she masturbates again, and has another strong orgasm. Not too crazy, not too wild, but a well-mannered and genuine girl for FTV :)


Aug 4, 2009

66 mins

111 pics

We are introduced to this bubbly blonde (with the perfect bubble butt) through a striptease done her way, going down to her private parts. Fingering 'in your face', we get closeups of her clit in full detail. She visits a park for more teasing, and finds herself teasing another guy nearby, who gets real pleasure out of it! Then at a nearby tourist area, she's teasing again, along with a personal interview, all in the while risking getting caught. Going to an adult toy store, she picks out a toy, then has a bubble bath with some hard toy penetration. More masturbation on the bed in a cute red nightie, leading to play with three different toys... double penetrating herself! More 'in your face' closeups the way you like it...


Jul 30, 2009

241 mins

615 pics

Blast From the Past -- Remastered in 3000kb/sec enhanced quality SD. Total first time girl Michelle, who now has become that famous softcore pornstar Celeste Star. Watch her beginnings here. Back in 2004, she's just turned 18, still in grade 12 high school, and a real life cheerleader. Referred to us by our model Janelle, we thought she might be very shy & innocent, but she surprised us! Getting naked with no inhibitions, she does us a cheerleader routine and stretching without panties, so we get some really nice upskirt action! Once she goes back indoors, she masturbates with her fingers, then uses the pompoms like toys. She sounds very wet, and the best part is her use of a vibrator to have a very hard orgasm. We see how far likes to take it, by having her masturbate outside, at an office building, to a nice orgasm. Then a speculum scene where she stuffs 36 marbles (!), and a hot panty stuffing scene. Best for last, a very long video where she tries several toys, each bigger than the next, to the giant thick Big Pink toy, to orgasm. As wet as she is, she attempts to fist herself, loosening up so she is ready for the fist sized FTV toy. What a ride she gives the thing! Her hottest video to date. 1 year later...


Jul 24, 2009

82 mins

297 pics

Coming back from a shoot over 2 years ago, Sophie is even sexier than before! As popular as she was, members really wanted to see her return. Seeing her in a white dress & heels, she walks the tourist areas of a popular western town, flashing and giving us upskirt views. We love seeing those perky nipples stick out, and her butt getting exposed! Back home, she pulls out a large vibrator, and pounds herself hard with it, until she has a strong orgasm. We then get some extreme closeups of her private parts, watching her gape to the extreme... so you can see deep inside! Then we discover something new about her... she can lactate! Squeezing her nipples, she manages to squirt some milk all over her breasts. A sexy striptease is next, leading to an erotic belly dance scene. She pulls out a large pink toy, and pounds herself hard in several sexy positions to climax. Fingering and gaping again, she takes her panties and stuffs them deep inside her! With her hair tied back and in a short blue dress, she pulls her breasts out, teases her nipples until the milk starts flowing. Before you know it, she's spraying everywhere! Onto the table, the mirror, and even on the video camera. The flow is so strong, that she can even squirt through her dress! Using her milk to wet herself, she masturbates again, for a strong, clitoral orgasm (notice the strong contractions!). More gorgeous than ever before, we are glad to have her back, exclusively for FTV :)


Jul 19, 2009

59 mins

203 pics

Just turned 21, as we spot her at the mall, she seems a lot younger... we did check her passport and drivers license though! She flashes her breasts and hard nipples all over the busy mall, then gets to a department store for some more exposure. In a changeroom, she tapes herself getting undressed, and even fingering herself! Once she's out at the busy parking lot, she undresses again, then streaks all naked through the lot! At home, she puts on some cute lingerie & heels, poses for us, then masturbates. Using a vibrator, we see how easily she has an orgasm! A second time we notice those strong contractions as she has her real, natural orgasms. She takes it a step further, and stuffs two vibrators in her vagina, stretching herself to the max! A little frisky foolishness at a fast food restaurant, and its back home again, this time in dressy fashion. She looks really hot with her dress & heels, and even hotter as she spreads for us for some extreme closeups. Long labia are stretched, then she fingers herself until she has four fingers in! Notice how juicy she is in there. Masturbating again, she has an orgasm rather quickly, but goes for a second... just because she loves to have several in a day! Then stripping down for us again, she gives us a breast & butt massage. Finding the Long Pink toy, she takes this rather large toy deep, and watches herself in the mirror as she pounds herself hard. Using it like a vibrator, she has one last strong orgasm for the night.


Jul 13, 2009

78 mins

295 pics

This sexy brunette with beautiful green eyes (and the perfect butt) is seen walking through a private resort, while some construction workers take a peek at her. Wearing a sexy dress & heels, she finds a place to relax near a water fountain, and starts playing with herself. Spreading her labia and fingering, we get some hot upskirt views. A black vibrator is nearby, and she masturbates to a nice strong orgasm right in front of the entry gate! In a more casual outfit, she visits a park and office area, to flash us again, and give us some butt views along the walkway. Then she gets all out naked, showing off those perfect curves! Finding a bench to masturbate on, she does it naked, and has another strong orgasm (notice the strong contractions each time!). She gets juicy after every orgasm, so we get closeups of the juicy wetness that drips down her legs -- all captured on film! Next day, she's getting all cosy in bed, with some cute pink bra & panties. She teases us, then uses her pink vibrator to get to orgasm. We then get some extreme closeups of her private parts, along with good views of those clear juices flowing out. Some breast & butt massage as well... Its back outdoors again, to another risky public location, in a cute white dress & heels. She walks sexy, fingers herself anally, then uses a glass toy for some vaginal/anal penetration all in front of this patio area at a resort! With the help of her vibrator she has an 'anal orgasm'... Closeups in doggy style, then more walking naked in the parking area for all to see. Back indoors, she finishes with some anal beads, taking them all deep, and giving us some sexy butt views, as she pulls them out. 'Buttalicious' all the way...

Devaun & Wendy

Jul 9, 2009

47 mins

121 pics

These two local FTV-only girls are also real life lovers, who met at a club a year ago... So its about time we pair them for a girl-girl shoot! We meet them around the nightclub area with several other girls, and watch them get affectionate in public! Making out, then rubbing each other, all in front of office entry areas, until they are forced to leave by a security guard. At home, in their sexy club wear, they undress each other, suck on each others' breasts, and go down on each other, fingering to orgasm. Intimate views of the action throughout. Next day, by the pool, they continue their lesbian play, this time without any direction, doing it their way like they'd do it in their personal life. Call it amateur style lesbianism, they are normal girls who do it for fun! Beautiful eyes, sexy bodies, and a lot of desire.


Jul 3, 2009

86 mins

284 pics

This fun, spirited and super cute girl catches our attention with those sexy legs and heels... and that beautiful smile! Walking through an office area, she flashes her nipples and takes her panties off, catching the attention of some temperamental female office workers. She runs off, butt naked to the parking area, and teases herself some more. Notice her long labia... which she stretches and plays with. Finding a more secure but public place, she fingers herself, and gets all naked! Juicy wet from the experience, she's home to masturbate, using a rather large pink vibrator, taking it incredibly deep! It gets so erotic when she keeps pounding herself hard, and has several orgasms. She simply wouldn't stop!! Milky juices literally pour out, and we get extreme closeups of her long labia and clitoris. Stretching and pulling, she does some unique things with her private parts! Talking about her experimental days as a teen, she shows us how she learned to fist, by riding on her hand... watch her demonstrate! She goes further, fisting hard and fast the way she likes it now. Out in the grass, she's wearing cute socks and butt shorts, its all about her cute butt and how she plays with herself outside. The though of green leads to a pair of green zucchini that become sex toys! Stuffing one very deep till it nearly disappears, she then takes another and double-stuffs herself! Incredible. Out at lunch, we get upskirt views, and a surprise -- there's a little vibrator inside her! Pulling it out to tease us more, she then goes home and pulls it out from her to masturbate. Getting carried away, she has several orgasms -- we go up close to see those contractions! She gets so juicy... and plays with the clear liquid buildup. A cute lingerie show is next, with her talking a little bit about her personal sex life, and its then down to experimenting with our largest -- the Glass FTV Toy. Riding it deep, we are suprised again with her sexuality... she enjoys it so much she keeps on pounding herself with it! Some extreme stretching spreads up close... We must say, she's one of the most naturally sexual girls we have ever had on FTV!


Jun 28, 2009

203 mins

473 pics

Blast From the Past -- Remastered in 3000-8000kb/sec enhanced quality SD. Total first time girl Lisa, who became a famous pornstar. Watch her beginnings here. Back in 2005, just a regular (& very cute!) teen doing her thing in the laundry room, when Lia approaches her for nude photos. Right there, a nude shoot occurs. Then we take her back to the house, where she heads to the bedroom and begins to play with herself. Using a vibrator, she had an orgasm, but she wants more... so Lia brings her another toy to try out, where she has an even stronger juicy orgasm. After she makes a wet spot on the bed, she realizes that with the right toy, she will be able to squirt. So later that night, she brings out her own special vibrator, that lets her erupt into three orgasms, each causing her to squirt all over the table. The end is a puddle of her own juices... which she tastes... The very next weekend we met up with her again. This time in a nice summer dress, her long, slender and beautiful body can really be appreciated. Some nude shoots outdoors then at the house, she is ready to try out her toy again. On the couch, she warms herself up, then has a strong orgasm that causes her to squirt on the couch & floor. Its an incredible sight, especially when it happens twice! She plays with that puddle she made on the floor.... Later that day, she puts on a black dress & black fishnet stockings, gives her body a massage, and shows off her clitoral and nipple piercings, up really close. 1 year later... She is even hotter than before! Leggy, toned, sexy body, with a supercute face, and she still loves to orgasm and squirt! Meeting up with Lia, she does some nude posing in the sexy jeans & t-shirt she came with, then tries on several different outfits for Lia. Outdoors, in a cute green summer dress, she starts rubbing and fingering herself, turning herself on, then heads over to the glass table, and finds her favorite vibrator ready. The toy makes her go through extreme orgasms, more than we could count... and she started squirting all over the glass table! A second view of the action under the table give another perspective... Once satisfied, she plays with her juices, writing her name in it, pressing her breasts in it, and licking it up! After fooling around with Lia, she then does another sexy photoshoot, that leads to some 's&m' with nipple clamps, which she also uses on her long pussy lips, to make them stretch further. With a set of 4 'ben-wa' balls, she starts stuffing them inside, then letting them dangle and pull out in a series of hot photos & video. Finally, half naked, she brings out her favorite vibrator again, and proceeds to masturbate for another few orgasms... in the front yard! Her juices squirt out, caught by the camera, and she is a very happy girl once again!


Jun 22, 2009

53 mins

297 pics

From the moment we spot her at the makeup counter at the mall, we know she's totally spontaneous! Flashing her breasts to everyone's suprise, and getting away with a lot more exposure throughout the mall! With security on her tail, its time to go home... and masturbate! She has several strong orgasms, and even squirts a little! The vibrator works well for her, and we take her to the balcony, so she can squirt away... to one big wet orgasm that wets the whole floor! She is so gorgeous, and so sexy... a true delight for us FTV fans. From the round firm breasts, to the perfectly shaped butt, she massages them hard and spreads for us in the most intimate detail possible. There's extreme closeups of her silky smooth private parts spread in every which way. At the kitchen, in just her sexy heels, this leggy girl finds a champagne bottle to ride, then pounds herself with it feeling that head go in deep... even takes her twizzlers and use it as a toy before eating! At a restaurant, she talks about herself topless, and flashes some more... then goes home to put her hair up for some sexy panty & mirror shots. With another two vibrators, she masturbates again, for another squirting and orgasm session. Notice the very strong contractions where it almost looks like her vagina is talking to you! She tries to cover up the squirting but it flows everywhere...


Jun 16, 2009

69 mins

268 pics

Following those long legs to a very sexy body, we check out this modelesque woman walk through a resort. We get to peek up her skirt as she bends over, then watch her play with her breasts when the coast is clear. She finds a water fountain, and plays barefoot, cooling herself down. Then finding a vibrator, she masturbates in this rather public place to a nice, natural orgasm. Catching the attention of some people -- risking security, she heads over to another remote spot to get completely naked for us. We get some extreme closeups of her swollen clit... Later that night, she experiments with the extreme... and fists herself! Hard and deep, she gets rather turned on by it all. On the next day, she's showing us her athletic form while jogging by the canal. Going topless for the part of the run, she shows us how frisky she can get! Stopping under the overpass, she masturbates to orgasm all the while joggers & bikers pass by! Back home, she strips in front of a full length mirror, and examines herself... leading to another masturbation that has an even stronger orgasm. At a restaurant, she is interviewed, and of course -- she flashes her breasts as the other patrons see. Then through the eyes of a guest photographer, we watch her pose in sexy black lingerie and heels, then do one final sexy masturbation in the bathroom with her lingerie still on. She gets rather milky & juicy on this orgasm! Mature & Sexy all in one package!


Jun 11, 2009

89 mins

280 pics

Visiting Spain from Eastern Europe, she's a model who is willing to try new stuff, namely going outdoors and flashing in public! This cute, sexy brunette gives us the 'girl next door' feel... Someone who catches your eye, and makes you wish you could see a little more! She visits several popular locales and gives us upskirt views, and flashes her breasts. Just a total tease! She stays at this rather fancy resort home, which is quite impressive in size and architecture. Finding her way to a bedroom, she pulls out a toy and masturbates with it, being a total tease. She then lets us follow her through this enormous house, and plays with herself on the balcony as some construction workers watch nearby. Later that night, she takes a bubble bath, and masturbates with a rather unique toy...


Jun 5, 2009

81 mins

302 pics

We catch this cute teen walking in a sexy dress & heels, flashing her full, firm breasts at the mall! Soon enough, she's caught by security -- but that doesn't stop her! She finds another busy spot to show off her perfect bubble butt, twisting around to finger herself in front of us. On a stairway nearby, she uses a rather unique vibrator to penetrate herself hard... and gets herself to orgasm in this rather public place. She looks so sexy doing it... At a restaurant she is interviewed and she flashes her breasts again. So many people around! Back home, she pulls aside her tight jean shorts, and exposes her private parts, pulling them, teasing them up close! She has a clit piercing, so she pulls on that as well, stimulating herself. Extreme closeups as she spreads wide, then gets down to her cute bra & panties, teasing herself some more. Pulling out a very large pink vibrator, she stuffs the whole length deep inside, and pounds herself hard to two strong orgasms! Next morning, she wakes up in the comfy bed, then gives us a hard breast & butt massage on the bed. Perfectly round breasts! More closeups and fingering, she uses a clitoral vibrator to another, natural orgasm. Notice the multiple contractions, she had 3 orgasms. A beautiful day outside, she plays among the birds & the bees, giving us sexy views of her best parts from all the sexiest angles. Stuffing 3 fingers, she gets herself juicy wet... Pulling out a banana, she has some hard, deep sex with it until she 'explodes' deep inside! Notice the white juices that come out! A bubbly cute blonde, hope you enjoy another sweet addition to FTV.


May 30, 2009

188 mins

823 pics

Blast From the Past -- Remastered in 3000-8000kb/sec enhanced quality SD. See Jamie Lynn's beginnings, before she became Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2005... In a series of her most popular videos on the internet. All 4 updates upgraded into one update! She is gorgeous, with a very tall, sensual figure blessed with a pair of large succulent breasts. After giving us a taste of her fashion style, dressing & undressing, she moves to a long evening gown, and proceeds to masturbate with it on. Using a vibrator, she comes to a hard orgasm; what we didn't expect was how she squirted all over the dining table! She's back with a hot scene in sexy outfits, posing outdoors, getting naked and doing some hot public nudity flashing her breasts at a restaurant, street, and busy parking lot. Then she masturbates in the garage, with another hot squirting orgasm. In pigtails, she does a hard breast massage, then masturbates & squirts again on the bed and into the camera -- its like she squirted into your face! Finally, in a very sensual scene, she wears a black lingerie set with stockings, for some hot foot fetish action then fingers herself hard to one more orgasm! One Year Later...


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