Halloween Bonus

Oct 31, 2010

8 mins

68 pics

Alison's Nightmare: Halloween Short Movie Bonus A Scary & Creepy movie short made for AlisonAngel.com, now also here for you on FTV. As Alison states: It was actually kinda scary to make it, so I cant imagine how scary it will be! I really love to act, and when I am on camera in other chapters I don't get to because I just love to be myself. But this was my chance to feel like a real actress. This is freaky, this is horrifying and if you have a weak stomach you shouldn't watch this video. It all started on a dark night when I was home alone, getting ready for bed. Sleeping that night was hard, but you will just have to hang on to the edge of your seat to find out why, and to see if I survive my night alone! Muahahahah!


Oct 30, 2010

74 mins

104 pics

FTV's Tenth Hardcore Update: One bonus update at the end of every Month. Total First Timer FTV Exclusive Kate's situation is an interesting one -- she loves women and is pretty much a full lesbian -- but wanted to try guys for a change. What an adventure! First meeting up at the beach, we see how cute she is, and how perfectly sexy her body is (awesome breasts!). So she is set up with a random guy at the beach, and giving him a blowjob, but he has a hard time staying hard... and gets nervous and takes off! So another day the week later, she meets up with another guy, a young 'nerdy' guy. She gives him a blowjob, rides him, and he ejaculates prematurely?? So another month goes by, and she's looking for men again... this time its two guys! She blows them both, then take turns having sex with her... even anal sex! Perhaps she is satisfied now... finally. It was one crazy 3 day project!


Oct 23, 2010

103 mins

308 pics

One of the sexiest girls of FTV returns after 3 years, and looks just as hot as before... and more athletic as well! She loves showing off her sexy body in public, so we re-introduce her out at an office area, her flashing her goods and running completely naked on a very busy street! She flashes at the airport as well... Undressing for us and trying out several sexy outfits, we get to see her spunky personality while she talks about her personal life. She gets to masturbating in front of the mirror, while two angles record her using her fingers to a strong orgasm (with visible orgasmic contractions). She genuinely loves to masturbate, and the intensity of the pleasure she derives from it really shows. Revisiting her extreme, she deep fists herself from several sexy angles, so hot for such a petite and sexy girl! Later, out at a mall area, she gets frisky again, showing off that firm, perfect butt and walks around flashing in a very sexy dress & heels. Going to a restaurant, she isn't shy about flashing again, and then masturbates at the mall area with her fingers to another, even stronger orgasm! A second camera records the action from a distance, in a 'voyeur' style. Back home, she gives her body a nice breast, butt, and foot massage, then lets us see some extreme closeups of her private parts. Going kinky and extreme again, she takes two cucumbers, stuffs them deep (both go almost missing inside!) and then stuffs one deep anally, and one vaginally. Total double penetration! Showing us her naturally athletic form, she does yoga for us, slowly stripping down until its all done in the nude. As she likes it, she starts rubbing herself again, and has one final, strong orgasm. She looks so hot doing it, because you can see how much she enjoys the experience. Enjoy this FTV favorite on another total sexual adventure!


Oct 21, 2010

32 mins

90 pics

She's a hot, sexy secretary, walking to the office with a package... but nobody seems to be around. So why not take her top off in this hot, sunny day? Those breasts are perfect, firm naturals, and she does enjoy squeezing them hard. Then settling down right in front of the office entryway, she takes her panties off, and begins to rub herself with her fingers... that is until someone takes notice of her activities. Moving to another office complex, she gets comfortable on the stairs, and uses a vibrator to masturbate right there! Then getting even more risque -- she takes off all her clothes, and walks naked through the office area, with only her heels on! She looks really sexy out in the open, nude and exposed... Then taking her heels off, there's a bit of foot fetish play, and extreme closeups of her private parts. Back home, she's in black lingerie, and tries out the vibraking toy.


Oct 15, 2010

74 mins

383 pics

She's one of those dream girls that look straight out of Japanese Anime -- except this girl is half Korean and half Caucasian. Blessed with big beautiful eyes, and the sexiest, firmest figure (just look at those firm round breasts and perfect butt!) she's a perfect cutie for FTV. We see her driving her 350Z topless (!) and then goes completely naked and runs around an office area. Back home, she masturbates with her fingers and comes to a nice orgasm -- and wants to do it again! She then puts on a very sexy black dress & heels, masturbating in a beautiful resort (with a vibrator), then getting caught by security... she still walks on the street completely naked! Finding another public place, she puts on a summer dress and masturbates one more time with another vibrator. She has never used a vibrator in her life, so it was a new and incredible experience for her. Notice the vaginal 'responses' to such new toy experiences. Then she flashes at a restaurant, and at a grocery store, she loves risking it! On the next day, she's wearing a sporty outfit, and shows off her flexibility, then does some incredible cartwheels and tumblers! All this on a regular street and completely naked! Back home, she tries out a rather large summer squash, and manages to get most of it in (and she is very tight!). The squash literally gets stuck inside... Then with a banana acting like a g-spot toy along with a vibrator, she has another strong orgasm!!! After a nice hard breast & butt massage, she attempts one last orgasm, this time with the Vibraking... and has one of the strongest in her life. Then in a hot secretary outfit and her eyeglasses, she ends up near-fisting, surprising us all! She's a Total First Timer, and you'll only see her here, on FTV :)

Bobbi & Samantha

Oct 12, 2010

67 mins

177 pics

Contributor Shoot. Both FTV first timers, and residents of Phoenix, Arizona -- they are shot mostly on location, flashing and showing off their cute bodies. Samantha is a stunning blue-eyed brunette who has that sultry look... She flashed around college town, then goes indoors to masturbate with a vibrator and a larger dildo. She is very tight though... Bobbi is a skinny blonde who starts by flashing roadside and fingering herself outside, then going indoors to ride a large dildo, penetrating herself deep. A combination update, two separate updates in one.


Oct 6, 2010

71 mins

361 pics

Recently turned 18, she is about to enter college, and is having her first time adult experience here on video... We watch her walk down a busy college street, looking very leggy and sexy. She isn't shy at all, and flashes her breasts right there, then takes the public nudity further and rubs her private parts, exposing them! Going to her dorm room, she takes her shirt off in the hallway, then gets all naked at her place. While her dorm roommates are watching TV, she goes to the balcony and fingers herself. She starts masturbating with her fingers hard and fast, and has an orgasm there out in the open! She then goes to her bedroom and teases us with extreme closeups, foot play, and trying on a cute bedside outfit. Then, using a vibrator for the first time in her life, she has a rather strong orgasm, but continues to masturbate, because she likes it so much! The next day, we meet at a restaurant, and she goes all out flashing, and playing with herself in this open, public place! Then in a gorgeous dress & heels, she walks down a resort, stripping down, giving her breasts a hard massage and spreading for us. Finding a banana, she penetrates herself deep, and tries riding it. Going home, she's wearing her glasses again, and wearing a cute white dress. Trying the vibraking, she ends up having some of the strongest orgasms of her life, with some very strong vaginal responses! She gets so wet, that she tries putting in 3, 4, then five fingers... so why not try fisting! And she does, fisting herself hard, and nearly getting off from it. Going even more kinky, she stuffs as many as 4 fingers in her butt, then double penetrates herself with two large toys, pushing her limits to the max! It was an incredible FTV adventure for her, a total first time experience, and it turned rather extreme for such a petite 18 year old!


Oct 1, 2010

44 mins

309 pics

Been in the US for only a year, Colombian hottie Valerie comes to shoot for FTV, and she's got such a sexy figure! She arrives with a suitcase full of clothes, and talks to us (in somewhat broken english) about herself, and what she likes to wear. Stripping down, she goes straight to masturbating, and uses a vibrator to come to a nice, strong orgasm with strong vaginal contractions. Out at a strip mall, she's giggling and having fun flashing her breasts, and being seen by passers-by... we love those perfect round breasts! She then dares herself by taking everything off and running around the parking area! Not having enough of the outdoor & public stuff, we watch her walking down a neighborhood street, in just lingerie and heels... while getting the attention of a guy on a motorcycle, she strips for him on the street, and he drives off with her underwear! Quite random and unexpected. Wearing a unique 'sailor girl' outfit, she poses and plays with herself on a rather large powerboat, and poses sexy next to Hummer H1. Then going to masturbate, she uses another vibrator on the patio area to get herself off. Time to get athletic... going to a volleyball court, she plays a little nude volleyball, and even has a run-in with FTV's Trisha and plays with her a bit too. To cool down, she takes an outdoor shower (with a sensual breast and butt massage), and then fingers herself poolside. As the sun is setting, she walks around the pretty property in a gorgeous flower dress, and we get a bit more of her sexy body as we follow her. Going to the office, she finds the vibraking toy, and masturbates with it, having the strongest orgasm of the day! Enjoy this slim, sporty, and very sexy girl!


Sep 30, 2010

53 mins

230 pics

FTV's Ninth Hardcore Update: One bonus update at the end of every Month. Riley was a total first timer back when she shot for FTV in 2008 -- 6 months after her shoot she decided to enter the adult world, cut her hair shorter (we liked it long!) and try boy/girl action. So we brought her back to do boy/girl for FTV, and see how she enjoys sex for real. She ends up having sex with Steve, shooting on location and at his bachelor pad.


Sep 24, 2010

75 mins

276 pics

This sassy & gorgeous blonde is spotted walking at a busy mall, wearing a cute blue dress & doing some shopping. Soon enough she's flashing her breasts, and giving us upskirt shots! We follow her back to her place, and watch her play with herself in the kitchen. She then fingers herself hard and deep, and gives us extreme closeups of her private parts. She's pulling & stretching her labia, and spreading wide, for us to see deep... She then pulls out her white vibrator, and masturbates to an orgasm. Taking all her clothes off, she shows off her naked form and washes her feet. A little foot fetish later, its more about that firm butt of hers, and how she plays with it. She ends up fingering herself on the bed, and pushing two fingers in anally... Putting on a white bikini, she goes teases some guys at the apartment complex pool, getting even friskier by playing with herself right there! Ending up with another orgasm, she is quite satisfied. Later, at the FTV house, she puts on a very sexy dress & heels, and tries riding the glass FTV Toy. Its a little too big for her, but we get some nice closeups of the penetration. Pushing her limits, she takes a very long vibrator and sees how deep she can go with it, then takes it a step further and double penetrates herself with two vibrators, going anally deep as well! Then to finish herself off, she tries out the Vibraking toy, and ends up with two strong orgasms, and some unique (& noisy!) vaginal contractions. Victoria is a truly sexy doll whom we'd all wish we could have...


Sep 18, 2010

92 mins

302 pics

One of the cutest girls you've ever seen, she's visiting from Tennessee, and truly is that Southern Belle you've always dreamed of. Meeting her at a resort mall, we take her out to lunch, and realize she isn't wearing any panties! Peeking up her skirt in this public place, she then gives us a tour of the resort she is staying at. More frisky, more explicit as it goes, she then undresses for us and tries on some lingerie. She ends up masturbating on the dresser table with her fingers... twice! We discover how much she loves to masturbate, so she does it again on the resorts' recreation area all while employees are at work! Notice the orgasmic contractions... More upskirt and flashing, and playing in water fountains, chasing geese, all in the cutest yellow dress & pink heels. From a conservative background she's never tried toys before, and experiences her first strong orgasm with a clitoral vibrator! Then she tries the rabbit toy, for another, stronger orgasm! We get some extreme closeups of her private parts, stretching and playing with her labia... then attempting to fist! She gets all her fingers in! Then she gets a hard breast and butt massage from her boyfriend, and a little foot fetish too. She has one of the nicest 'booty' you've ever seen. Later in the day, she's wearing a sexy black dress & heels, flashing some more at this resort, and finding a rather exposed area to masturbate again! Another strong orgasm, right in the open! Later that night, she discovers the Long Pink Toy, and sees how deep she can go, then has her boyfriend pound her doggy style hard and fast... to one last, strong climax. Enjoy this Total First Time Video Girl, one of the cutest and only on FTV!


Sep 14, 2010

69 mins

176 pics

From the moment the camera starts rolling, she starts taking her clothes off! Even right in the middle of a mall and office area! Surprising the photographer, she doesn't keep her dress on for long! So she's in the nude, in this public place, showing off that perfect butt of hers, and fingering herself! Of course, she catches the attention of a few angry people, so we move on to another location. The clothes don't stay on for long (again) and she's sitting at the steps of an office finger-banging herself! Back home, she tries the rabbit toy, and has several toe curling orgasms. In fact, the last orgasm gives her a 'charlie horse' cramp in her foot! So while she is massaging her foot, we get some unexpected foot fetish action. The talk goes from butt to anal, and since she fingered herself anally while masturbating, why not try a toy? A wand-like toy then enters her butt, and she pushes it as deep as it can go, going real deep (6 inches long!). She surprises even herself. Then in the cutest red dress & heels, she plays with her breasts & butt, then gives us some extreme gaping closeups of her pretty private parts. She plays with the vibraking toy and also goes for a larger clear dildo, hard-fucking herself with it until she is sore. By the end of the day she's out at a golf course, and goes naked running around in the grass... She's a total first timer, experiencing all this only on FTV!


Sep 8, 2010

79 mins

317 pics

Brea is the kind of FTV girl all fans look forward to -- She's gorgeous, sexy, perfect breasts & butt, and willing to try anything! We first see her in a sexy dress & heels (notice how leggy she is!) and she exposes those perfect round naturals, squeezing them really hard! The panties eventually drop, and she shows off her butt, and this all happens at a fancy resort! The risk involved here is great... and makes it even riskier when she gets completely naked, walks around the hallways, shows off the perfect body, then masturbates! She uses a vibrator to orgasm, then gives us extreme closeup gaping views and closeups of her clitoris right there at the resort. Visiting another popular & beautiful resort, she is spotted by security, but he is actually friendly... she strips naked and puts on another cute outfit. Then off to a busy street, she plays in a water fountain, then walks completely naked once again! Finally back home, she starts stuffing fingers, and attempts to fist. She eventually manages to fist herself (oh my!) in the pink room. After a lunch break and a topless car ride, she puts on a very sexy 'bad girl' outfit with miniskirt & heels, and proceeds to a medical office center, and goes topless once again. Risking it further, she starts masturbating with a vibrator! This time we weren't as lucky and got found out, and had to leave in a hurry! Off to another medical office across the street, she enters the main hallway and strips down completely naked... then fingers herself, and uses a banana like a toy! Right there in the middle of the hallway! Before we get into trouble, we take off home to a comfy bed where she uses the vibraking toy. Watch her vagina up close as she reacts to the toy and has another orgasm. Then she decides to ride the bedpost just for the heck of it! Afterwards she gives a sexy breast & butt massage in her own unique way. What next? Try the biggest toy we have, the FTV Monster! Its bigger than her arm... and she gets it halfway in her. A truly adventurous shoot, going all out for this totally hot update. Oh yeah, she reminds us of the actress Milla Jovovich, don't you think?


Sep 7, 2010

46 mins

132 pics

Daphne is a cute teen, and really shy about her total first time experience. She starts by wearing a white heart nightie and warms up with an interview and a little striptease. Notice how nervous she is... though once she has her first orgasm she is a lot more relaxed! Going to the pink room, she spreads for us, then uses a vibrator to tease herself. Eventually reaching orgasm, she's full of giggles and funny expressions. Trying on a few other cute dresses & heels, she gets more 'sophisticated' with the black combination. She shows off a vibrator of her own, and proceeds to use it on the stairs to masturbate a second time. A little breast & butt play as well. Totally shy, but totally cute, and only seen here, on FTV.


Sep 1, 2010

108 mins

370 pics

She's a total stunner when you see her approach, and she's only 18 years old! Never done nudes or any adult before, this total First Time Video girl loves to have fun! From the very start she flashes everywhere she goes, and eventually is all out naked in this public place! Trying to masturbate on the steps, she gets caught, and so goes flashing at a gas station, then plays with herself in the car... We realize that she likes having all her clothes off and showing off her perfect breasts & butt. She does a sexy nude dance to one of her favorite songs, then uses a vibrator (for the first time in her life!) to have a nice, natural orgasm. Notice how wet she gets (milky wet). After a lunch, she's at a sporting goods store looking for roller blades, and ends up trying them on topless! More daring activity continues as she goes rollerblading by the canal, and gets seen by passersby rubbing herself right there! She then masturbates with a vibrator, and does some nude rollerblading... Later that evening, she plays around in a water sprinkler in the grass, giving herself a hard breast & butt massage. She's then off to the shower where she fingers herself some more, masturbating in various sexy positions. On a second day, she returns to visit an ongoing convention at a resort. She seems dressed nice, looking like a hottie amongst so many men. Little do they know she's planning to flash and get naked right there! Starting from the hotel lobby, to the poolside area, and around the elevators, she's flashing, fingering herself, even using a toy, all while people have unique reactions to her spunky and fun attitude! Only twice did we get into trouble, which isn't bad for the level of public nudity we ended up doing on this crazy shoot. She just turned 18, and she wants to come back for more... You will only see her here, on FTV!


Aug 26, 2010

50 mins

264 pics

Still a teen, she's a petite cutie who has been doing cheerleading for 10 years and loves to show off her flexibility! We watch her strip down and put on some long black socks, then stretch and move into some very flexible positions. She's also quite 'flexible' down there, stretching her very long labia for us, playing with them, and gaping her vagina. We watch her finger herself, then use a vibrator to an orgasm. She does get milky wet inside, so she spreads some more for some extreme closeups... In a sexy black dress and purple heels, we get upskirt teases, then some hot butt views of her sexy bubble butt. She penetrates herself anally, by using a glass toy, and we see it up close and 'in your face'. Turning herself on, she experiments with the Vibraking toy, masturbating in a sexy way to a strong orgasm. At a restaurant, she wears a beautiful long red dress, flashes some, then strips down at the garage, showing off her long labia again (stretching and pulling them). Then she brings us a very large cucumber, and penetrates herself really deep! Riding it hard, she uses a vibrator to help bring herself to another orgasm (while the cucumber is deep inside her). Then in pigtails, she visits the pink room, takes her panties, stuffs them deep, then uses a large pink dildo to stuff them even deeper! She rides the dildo deep while the panties are in her, then slowly pulls them out for us to see!


Aug 23, 2010

39 mins

181 pics

Paula is such a cute girl... Sweet and innocent, she is very shy about experiencing 'adult' for the first time in her life. With her beautiful face and charm, full natural breasts and her bubble butt -- she will turn you on! She reminds us a little of the singer Miley Cyrus... Some behind the scenes shooting at first, then she goes outside to give herself a breast massage. Fingering herself on the porch, she eventually uses two vibrators to help her get to orgasm. Stripping down naked, she goes to the pink room to give herself a cream massage, showing off her butt and spreading for us. On the bed, we get extreme closeups of her pretty private parts, and then she uses the vibraking toy. She's still very shy, so we will need some time to break her in some more... but enjoy this passively charming first timer.


Aug 18, 2010

61 mins

223 pics

Walking in some cute, form-fitting casual clothes, you realize right away how petite this girl is! She flashes her breasts at some landscapers, then goes butt naked and runs on the street! Back in the bedroom, she shows off all the cute clothes, lingerie & heels she's brought with her -- then strips naked and tries on some cute panties and bras for us. Then we go for an all-out foot & heel fetish, as she wears different sexy heels, and shows off her pedicure. Barefoot, she parades around and gives us closeups doggy style. Starting to do some hard finger rubbing, she pulls out a vibrator and begins to masturbate. She has multiple orgasms, really easily! She gets juicy wet every time, sticky juices every where, and watch that vagina pulsate and 'expand'... She's insistent on trying the Vibraking toy, and it puts her in a state of continual climax! She starts squirting all of a sudden, and it keeps on coming! She gets everything wet, and her vagina is contracting after every orgasm. She's never squirted while masturbating until now! Then in a very sexy dress & heels, she checks herself out, gives herself a hard breast massage, then starts fingering herself again. Its time for the vibraking once again, and she squirts all over... notice how swollen and wet her private parts are now! She spreads them, gapes, and fingers herself deep. Back outside in a cute blue nightie, she goes barefoot to the Big Ten Toy, and rides it really deep for such a tiny girl! This girl is totally spunky, energetic, and orgasmic, and she's exclusive to FTV!


Aug 14, 2010

43 mins

178 pics

This petite girl is seen walking through a park area, being playful and doing cartwheels in the grass... She ends up taking her top off, and playing with her full, firm, natural breasts. Soon enough her shorts come off too and we see how perfect and round her butt is! Spreading it for us, she then does some nude cartwheels until she is spotted by some people nearby. Off to another park area with offices, she puts on a very cute dress with sexy yellow shoes and spreads for us -- again some people spot her playing, but are friendlier this time. Going in doggy, she fingers herself... Then back at home, she uses a vibrator until she has a nice, natural orgasm. Notice the strong vaginal contractions... Back out in a venetian-style office area, this time in a sexy black dress & heels, she spreads some more, then tries out a large glass toy and penetrates herself deep. Some sexy angles until she is caught again, this time by some lady who is quite upset... At home she ends up trying the infamous vibraking toy that brings her to two strong orgasms!


Aug 8, 2010

63 mins

298 pics

She's a teen visiting from Texas, who is full-figured and very sexy. Having her total first time experience here, she was shy at first, but warmed up to the camera over the weekend shoot until she was having the strongest orgasms ever! In jeans & t-shirt, she relaxes by the couch full naked, playing with herself; using her fingers first (trying four fingers!), then moving on to a toy to a timid, but natural orgasm. Then she puts on her sexiest dress & heels, shows off her full, firm butt, and those perfectly shaped breasts. Then she penetrates herself on the kitchen counter, having another orgasm. The next day she's put on some makeup, and wearing a hot dress & heels, puts on a sexy show outdoors at a resort, and starts fingering herself on the stairs until some curious people come to see what she's doing. Finding another public area, she gets all naked, walking around only in heels -- Then she takes her pink vibrator, and masturbates hard until she has a much stronger orgasm. Back home, she tries the Vibraking toy, and it makes her have the strongest orgasm of her life... ever! This super-strong, toe curling orgasm causes milky white juices to flow out all over her thighs!! Then she gives her perfect breasts & butt a nice massage... and then experiments with a large banana going as deep as it can go inside her tight vagina. Later that night, she takes two vibrators, and for the first time in her life, tries a toy anally. Double penetrating herself, and masturbating for one last time, she has her final climax. Something about her look just turns you on...


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