Aug 23, 2010

39 mins

181 pics

Paula is such a cute girl... Sweet and innocent, she is very shy about experiencing 'adult' for the first time in her life. With her beautiful face and charm, full natural breasts and her bubble butt -- she will turn you on! She reminds us a little of the singer Miley Cyrus... Some behind the scenes shooting at first, then she goes outside to give herself a breast massage. Fingering herself on the porch, she eventually uses two vibrators to help her get to orgasm. Stripping down naked, she goes to the pink room to give herself a cream massage, showing off her butt and spreading for us. On the bed, we get extreme closeups of her pretty private parts, and then she uses the vibraking toy. She's still very shy, so we will need some time to break her in some more... but enjoy this passively charming first timer.


Aug 18, 2010

61 mins

223 pics

Walking in some cute, form-fitting casual clothes, you realize right away how petite this girl is! She flashes her breasts at some landscapers, then goes butt naked and runs on the street! Back in the bedroom, she shows off all the cute clothes, lingerie & heels she's brought with her -- then strips naked and tries on some cute panties and bras for us. Then we go for an all-out foot & heel fetish, as she wears different sexy heels, and shows off her pedicure. Barefoot, she parades around and gives us closeups doggy style. Starting to do some hard finger rubbing, she pulls out a vibrator and begins to masturbate. She has multiple orgasms, really easily! She gets juicy wet every time, sticky juices every where, and watch that vagina pulsate and 'expand'... She's insistent on trying the Vibraking toy, and it puts her in a state of continual climax! She starts squirting all of a sudden, and it keeps on coming! She gets everything wet, and her vagina is contracting after every orgasm. She's never squirted while masturbating until now! Then in a very sexy dress & heels, she checks herself out, gives herself a hard breast massage, then starts fingering herself again. Its time for the vibraking once again, and she squirts all over... notice how swollen and wet her private parts are now! She spreads them, gapes, and fingers herself deep. Back outside in a cute blue nightie, she goes barefoot to the Big Ten Toy, and rides it really deep for such a tiny girl! This girl is totally spunky, energetic, and orgasmic, and she's exclusive to FTV!


Aug 14, 2010

43 mins

178 pics

This petite girl is seen walking through a park area, being playful and doing cartwheels in the grass... She ends up taking her top off, and playing with her full, firm, natural breasts. Soon enough her shorts come off too and we see how perfect and round her butt is! Spreading it for us, she then does some nude cartwheels until she is spotted by some people nearby. Off to another park area with offices, she puts on a very cute dress with sexy yellow shoes and spreads for us -- again some people spot her playing, but are friendlier this time. Going in doggy, she fingers herself... Then back at home, she uses a vibrator until she has a nice, natural orgasm. Notice the strong vaginal contractions... Back out in a venetian-style office area, this time in a sexy black dress & heels, she spreads some more, then tries out a large glass toy and penetrates herself deep. Some sexy angles until she is caught again, this time by some lady who is quite upset... At home she ends up trying the infamous vibraking toy that brings her to two strong orgasms!


Aug 8, 2010

63 mins

298 pics

She's a teen visiting from Texas, who is full-figured and very sexy. Having her total first time experience here, she was shy at first, but warmed up to the camera over the weekend shoot until she was having the strongest orgasms ever! In jeans & t-shirt, she relaxes by the couch full naked, playing with herself; using her fingers first (trying four fingers!), then moving on to a toy to a timid, but natural orgasm. Then she puts on her sexiest dress & heels, shows off her full, firm butt, and those perfectly shaped breasts. Then she penetrates herself on the kitchen counter, having another orgasm. The next day she's put on some makeup, and wearing a hot dress & heels, puts on a sexy show outdoors at a resort, and starts fingering herself on the stairs until some curious people come to see what she's doing. Finding another public area, she gets all naked, walking around only in heels -- Then she takes her pink vibrator, and masturbates hard until she has a much stronger orgasm. Back home, she tries the Vibraking toy, and it makes her have the strongest orgasm of her life... ever! This super-strong, toe curling orgasm causes milky white juices to flow out all over her thighs!! Then she gives her perfect breasts & butt a nice massage... and then experiments with a large banana going as deep as it can go inside her tight vagina. Later that night, she takes two vibrators, and for the first time in her life, tries a toy anally. Double penetrating herself, and masturbating for one last time, she has her final climax. Something about her look just turns you on...


Aug 1, 2010

104 mins

265 pics

First thing you notice is how beautiful this girl is, and how sexy that perfect smile of hers is! She walks through a neighborhood, smelling flowers, and flashing her full, natural breasts... even while construction guys are working! She then strips down naked, spreading her pretty private parts, and fingering herself. Notice how wet she is! She also has some really pretty feet, so we do some foot fetish... her way. She uses a vibrator to masturbate, gets aroused, and keeps masturbating for quite a while! She really gets into it... Then visiting her place, she gives us a 'topless' tour, and plays with her cat, then gives herself a hard breast massage. Showing off her butt, she fingers herself anally as well. Then pulling out her rabbit toy, she masturbates on her bed, until she has a really strong, leg shaking orgasm! Strong vaginal contractions too... and she gets milky wet. She has a very beautiful, almost melodic voice -- so we have her sing a song to music, then have her dance to her favorite tunes. She pulls out a large dildo, and has some hard sex with it, then tries a long cucumber (and rides it too). Some cute panty stuffing afterwards, using her toes to pull it out of her private parts, then some hard masturbation with the vibraking toy. She experiments with 3 fingers... She's a beautiful one, and she's having her total First Time Experience, here exclusively on FTV :)


Jul 31, 2010

39 mins

99 pics

Hardcore Bonus Update FTV's Seventh Hardcore Update: One bonus update at the end of every Month. The very popular girl of 2008 returns with a lot of enthusiasm about her hardcore debut. She was an FTV-only girl who had the desire to do more; Still exclusive to FTV, she ends up with the well endowed boy-toy with her for this experience (who was a first timer with Kori). After an interview, she gives Jason a sensual blowjob, and continues it in the pink room. He undresses her, and fucks her hard in missionary style, going as deep as he can go. Then she gets on top, and does a long, hard and fast ride. They move to doggy, and experiment with anal sex! That penis is so big for that tight little butt... Its back to missionary doing anal, and he ends up cumming on her face. How did Jason end up with Katelynn, and what happened to Kori? Don't ask lol.


Jul 25, 2010

72 mins

301 pics

This gorgeous teen has beauty and that sophisticated look... her sexy nature will definitely arouse men and women alike. She introduces herself, strips down, then goes out and walks barefoot in the nude and does nude streaking out on the street! Then visiting a pool party, she changes into a bikini, and fingers herself in front of some guys who didn't know what to expect! Inside the bedroom, she uses a vibrator to get to a strong, toe-curling orgasm. Then in a sexy dress & heels, she visits a resort, gives us some upskirt teases, spreads for us, then uses a vibrator again for a long and intense masturbation video. She also ends up walking naked through the resort... what a perfect dream butt! She's all about wearing the classiest stuff... and her next dress gets shown off at a busy mall -- looking like a fashion shoot, until she starts flashing that is! Then at a less busy part of the mall, she sits there and masturbates to a very strong orgasm. Notice how her legs start trembling like crazy! Then its off to the park, where she does some naked cartwheels and fingering, and then home in a cute nightie giving her breasts a hard squeeze. Best for last, she starts fingering herself, three, four, five, then ends up fisting! Fisting was a total first time experience for her, and an erotic FTV adventure sure not to be missed by any of you.


Jul 19, 2010

60 mins

311 pics

Its a rainy day, but it doesn't stop Valentina from running out on the jogging trail. She's a gorgeous brunette with a stunning figure; and we watch her as she exposes her full breasts in this public place! She ends up jogging completely naked on the street, now that is risky! Back home, all naked, she warms up with a vibrator, and masturbates to a strong orgasm. Notice the strong vaginal contractions as she reaches climax. She has some of the classiest & sexiest wear: Starting with a short, tight dress & stockings/heels, she gives us upskirt views, then fingers herself. Once the heels comes off, she gives us more intimate views, then goes completely naked with just the black stockings to masturbate. This time with her favorite rabbit toy, she comes to an even stronger, convulsive orgasm! We get extreme closeups of her enlarged clit, watch as she shows off her milky, sticky juices and spreads wide so you can see it all inside! After a restaurant interview and flashing, she hangs out at a park in pigtails, going bottomless and having fun... then gets changed right out in the rain outside to a very sexy blue dress. She starts masturbating right there, but the rain gets too hard... time to go back home! Then its time for the Vibraking toy, and what an experience for her! It brings her to the hardest orgasm of her life, something that makes her whole body shake with pleasure. So enjoy this gorgeous Total First Time Video Girl, she is exclusive, only to FTV... you'll never see her anywhere else! Oh yeah... and she reminds us of the actress Jennifer Tilly :)


Jul 14, 2010

62 mins

321 pics

FTV exclusive Wendy returns, for a two part special... she's pregnant! We meet her while she's about 7 months, and she re-introduces herself, and shows off that sexy & pregnant form. Her breasts are much larger than they used to be (she used to be A-cup) and her nipples are swelling up! She gets naked, fingers herself, and masturbates with only her fingers the way she does in personal life. Then she massages her breasts, and the breastmilk slowly forms on her nipples. She makes them drip with fluid... In a dress & heels that still looks hot on her, she fingers some more, then experiments with the vibraking toy. Three months later, she returns, and wow, she is looking hotter than ever! She's always been into fitness, and it shows, her body is as sexy as before, but now she has super firm full C cups as well! A change of hairstyle, a natural tan, and loaded with breastmilk. She strips down, shows off her tight figure (and no stretch marks either!) and then begins lactating. Some of the most erotic lactation video you'll ever see, from all sorts of angles both indoors and outdoors. Watch her squirt it against the fridge, a glass table, down her body, to her feet, on her dress, and even makes her nipples sparkle out in the sun! She seems to have an endless supply of milk, and we make sure you get to see all of it. She then tastes her own milk, and even 'lubes up' a toy with her milk. She also looks more beautiful than ever in her white dress & heels, and masturbates with two toys. Later, in just a tight top, she walks around showing off her muscle tone, then uses a zucchini for some deep penetration. Back in the pink room, she squirts more milk into the mirror, and its by far the sexiest lactation scene we've ever shot. It ends with her squirting milk into the camera itself, right up close... So enjoy this very sensual pregnant girl, before and after :)


Jul 9, 2010

63 mins

255 pics

She's a spunky, smiley, tall all-American girl with that big smile and super fun personality! Experiencing many things for the first time, she's willing to try it all! We see her in the morning, putting on her makeup, doing her hair, and trying out clothes, then going out for breakfast. Being from Boston, she's excited about the beautiful weather in Phoenix, and pretty much acts like a tourist... except that she's flashing her breasts everywhere! Even at a grocery store. Picking out bananas, she ends up using one as a toy, stuffing it sooo deep! We realize how juicy she gets inside, and her juices build up on the banana. In her classiest & sexiest dress, she visits some tourist locales, flashing away, giving us upskirt views, and risking some more...Then going home to masturbate with two toys. Notice how juicy she gets, and the juicy sounds coming from her vagina as she pounds herself with the ribbed glass toy! Extreme closeups of the penetration... then she takes the two toys and stuffs them both inside her vagina! Later in the day, she's wearing a more explicit outfit, and draws attention as she takes her panties off and her top, while around a busy street! Risking it further, she goes to a car wash, and pounds herself with the glass toy! Pushing it all the way, she trespasses on an apartment complex, plays with herself in the pool area, then goes into a vacant apartment and changes into a cute dancer outfit and masturbates once more! Fortunately she didn't get into trouble. Later that night, she tries one last kinky item -- penetrating herself with a bottle. Cute girl for sure, and check out that sexy butt!


Jul 7, 2010

46 mins

108 pics

We meet up with her at a mall, where she goes shopping and then flashes her big breasts right there in public! She ends up buying a vibrator, and goes home to show off the clothes she brought with her. She loves her heels! She's a leggy, busty girl whose parents moved from India to the US (she was born in the US). A charismatic and educated girl, she tries on some clothes for us, before masturbating with the vibrator she bought. She ends up having a strong orgasm (notice the strong vaginal contractions throughout her vibrator play) and she gets very milky wet! We watch her then play with her breasts, tease her nipples, and try on some lingerie. She penetrates herself with another vibrator, having another strong orgasm, then tries out the vibraking toy for one last final super orgasm. Orgasms truly come easy for her! She is a total First Time Video Girl, you'll only see here on FTV.


Jul 1, 2010

69 mins

277 pics

When you first see her, you realize how gorgeous she is, with that beautiful smile, and confident personality! A total First Time Video Girl, she's not shy about showing her body off. She's got full, natural perfect breasts, and the firmest full butt you've ever seen! She truly loves running & hiking, so we watch this sexy girl go up and down this popular hiking trail, checking out her butt and breasts as she flashes them everywhere in this very busy place! After stretching out topless, she takes her bottoms off and fingers herself. Back home, she uses a vibrator to masturbate to orgasm. All her orgasms are strong, natural orgasms with visible vaginal contractions! Then she takes a sensual shower, lathering her perfect breasts and butt, then finger rubbing herself for more stimulation (she also experiments with anal fingering). Then she massages her sexy body hard, and gives us extreme cloesups of her private parts. A bit of her hymen still exists, and she plays & pulls on it, like a little tongue out of her vagina! Then she masturbates again, to another strong orgasm. Out at a restaurant, she flashes her breasts, and plays with herself under the table... then flashes some more outdoors in her sexy blue dress. She ends up in a construction area, and become the entertainment of the day as the construction workers take photos of her as she poses nude! Then she masturbates to orgasm with a vibrator, right out in the parking area! Later that evening, in a sexy red dress & heels, she finds a summer squash, and tries to penetrate herself with this large veggie. She succeeds, and shows off her tight vaginal muscles as she pushes it out! To finish with a bang, she tries the Vibraking toy, and has one of the strongest orgasms of her life... see it to believe it! Milky white juices all over... Enjoy this very special supercute teen -- she's a total First Timer, and she's exclusive to FTV :-)


Jun 30, 2010

35 mins

108 pics

Hardcore Bonus Update FTV's Sixth Hardcore Update: One bonus update at the end of every Month. Vicki originally comes from Myrtle beach, visiting New York to shoot with her boyfriend, Keenan. She's super sexy, tall, fashion-model type of girl, that we think is totally gorgeous. This is her one and only adult experience for the camera. In FTV's first 'interracial' shoot, she seduces her boyfriend Keenan, and he's hard as soon as she pulls out his dick. He's got a rather long 9 inch penis, which she tries to deepthroat. He returns the oral experience by going down on her, getting her all wet. She starts her ride on his long penis, going all the way down, and you can see she likes it deep! Then to doggy, where we get to see her small vagina spread wide for his penis, him pounding hard and deep. Watch her wrap up and down his shaft. On to the bathroom for more sex & blowjob, and finally to the couch for some harder pounding. Both Keenan and Vicki are doing this for their very first time... and FTV only.


Jun 25, 2010

56 mins

223 pics

Sexy, athletic Patricia is doing FTV to get her total first time experience with adult... She's best friends with FTV's Sabrina, and got referred to try masturbating (and getting naked) for the first time on video. It was pouring rain that day, and we watch her run into shelter at this office area, and enjoy first glimpses at her breasts and perfect nipples when she flashes them out there. Back home, she gets naked, and shows off her acrobatic skills (she was a gymnast). Starting to rub herself, she then uses a vibrator to climax. We get more views of her perfect butt (the firmest, sexiest you've ever seen!) and how sexy it would be to have her doggy style... Then in a sexy dress & heels, she flashes some more, and does a very hot dance to music. The dress goes up and we see all the good stuff between her legs! She then shows us how she likes to masturbate with only her fingers to climax. The athlete that she is, she goes out to run in the rain, watch those breasts bounce and her stretching and rubbing herself right there in the public park! Back home she finger masturbates one more time. She likes to be on top, so she rides a suction dildo hard and fast, showing off those riding skills. She's cute, super sexy, and doing it all for the first time only here, on FTV.


Jun 21, 2010

50 mins

264 pics

She's very spunky & fun, trying out nude modeling for the first time in her life! An FTV-only total First Time Video girl, she wants us to see how she likes showing off her perfect figure. And what perfect figure it is! She's got the perfect firm, round breasts, and the cutest butt you've seen! Seeing her in her winter clothes, she's walking around a restaurant row, then takes her bra off and flashes her breasts. Before you know its, its bottoms off! Doing some full nudes back at home, she experiments with a vibrator. In the pink room, she tries on several different dresses and heels, then poses sexy for a shoot. It gets explicit with spreads, then with more vibrator play. All nude but in heels, she parades around naked, then gives her body a nice hard breast & butt massage. Notice how firm they are! Some foot fetish as well, and she's rubbing her private parts. She attempts to show us how flexible she is with her playful nature. Later in the day, with the cutest white dress & heels, she's flashing upskirt and then going all naked at a resort! That body needs to be seen naked. Enjoy this flirtatious teen that you'll only see on FTV :)

Haley & Hayden

Jun 15, 2010

90 mins

253 pics

Both recently turned 18, and wanted to have their first adult experience with FTV! Since they are amazing lookalikes, Hayden decided to change her hair to blonde for the shoot. Now we can tell them apart! We are introduced to them, as they talk about themselves, and notice how fun loving and energetic they are when they're together! They're wearing such cute summer dresses, and then they do their first nude photoshoot, playfully for sure... then get horny enough to masturbate right there! Using their fingers, they masturbate -- Haley has a strong orgasm using only her fingers and Hayden uses a vibrator to do the same for a toe curling orgasm (notice the strong vaginal orgasmic contractions on both girls!). Then putting on some more casual clothes, they head over to the mall, flashing and running everywhere! Almost getting into trouble, they play with a vibrator in the department store changeroom. Afterwards, they do a topless interview at a restaurant, and even massage each others' breasts right around people! Finding a more quiet, but public corner outside, they strip naked, and continue massaging each others' breasts. Its then off to the grocery store, for more flashing, and picking out some veggies! Back home, they put on some sexy lingerie, and have a pillow fight... and experiment with very large, long cucumbers. They penetrate as deep as they can, and even ride them, comparing how deep they went! Haley gets super milky wet, so wet that her juices drip down all over her thighs. Then its time to masturbate one more time, with Haley using her fingers, Hayden with a vibrator, and quite amazingly, they have their orgasms at the same time! Real orgasms, real visible vaginal contractions, and real satisfaction for them. (Some extreme closeups of their private parts -- notice how similar they are!) Then it gets extreme... Haley wants to try fisting herself. With Hayden looking one, Haley manages to deep fist herself, and takes some enjoyment out of it as well! Oh my... To cool off, they head over to the pool, and splash all over the place. Total First Timers and only on FTVGirls!


Jun 12, 2010

46 mins

118 pics

She's a sexual girl, though she never has done anything like this in her life... whether its masturbating on camera, or getting naked in a public place! Tall, leggy, and just a bit shy, she starts off at a mall, where she flashes her breasts and tries to start masturbating, but gets caught... (security forced us to leave). Finding another risky and public place, she masturbates with a vibrator, having some wet squirting orgasms (that get her pants all wet!). Then she runs bottomless at this resort... Going more dressy & classy, she heads over to another resort, showing off her butt, and masturbating & getting wet again. A little photoshoot at an architectural building in a puffy white jacket, then some extreme closeups and spreads of her private parts at home. She experiments with the vibraking and then with her two favorite vibrators. Another FTV-only first-timer.


Jun 7, 2010

68 mins

241 pics

We check this very sexy housewife out at a beautiful house, as she sits and reads her homemakers' journal. She's wearing that sexy dress & heels, giving us peeks up her skirt as we watch her slowly rub herself, then insert fingers... Pulling out her favorite toy, the 'magic wand', she masturbates until she has a strong orgasm. Notice the contractions... Out at a public tennis court, she's wearing the shortest skirt, and playing some tennis. Before you know it, she's got her breasts out and fingering herself again! Back home, she sits on the bathroom counter and masturbates to orgasm once again -- with the magic wand. After a topless interview at a restaurant, she shows off her ballet skills (panty free of course) and does a sexy dance to her favorite music as well. More fingering leads to a hard & deep toy play in lingerie as she talks dirty to you. She then spreads for some extreme closeups of her swollen clit, as well as stretching and pulling on her very pretty and tiny private parts. Then putting on a very sexy black dress & heels, she tries the vibraking toy. She uses it twice, and has two of the strongest orgasms of her life. Notice the resultant contractions of her vaginal muscles. A total First Time Experience for her, she warmed up to the camera rather quickly -- for another fun & sexual adventure for FTV!


Jun 1, 2010

85 mins

312 pics

We spot a girl looking really sexy in a dress & heels, sitting at a resort, and catch views between her legs... she isn't wearing panties! She spots us and puts her panties back on, and then proceeds to flash us at this risky public place (and with security cameras everywhere!). Going further, she decides to strip completely naked, and flash her sexy body to us (and those driving by on the street). Finding a chair nearby, she uses a vibrator and masturbates to a very strong (& leg shaking) orgasm while all naked in this public place! Going back home, she puts on a skimpy white outfit, and shows off her acrobatic skills (and how flexible she is). After the cute cheerleading show, she sits by the pool and fingers herself. Going home, she's back to using a vibrator, and has another strong orgasm. A little kinky experiment: She takes her bikini top and stuffs it deep inside her! Watch her pull it out in doggy style (such a sexy butt!). Out in another neighborhood, she flashes her breasts again, then goes bottomless and runs around, risking getting caught! We go all out and have her masturbate with a rabbit toy right on a security cart (and she ends up being spotted by security so we had to take off fast). Then she gives her nice breasts & butt a hard massage, eventually fingering her butt (some nice penetration closeups). On the bed, she's spreading for us, and we get some extreme closeups of her clit, and then some nice gaping 'in your face' views of her private parts. She gets into another sexy dress & heels, this time ready for the vibraking -- thus having another very strong orgasm. When she is ready to try riding the Big Ten Toy, we are in for a surprise, FTV's favorite Denise shows up! She helps her try riding the toy, then uses it on her in doggy style. Then the two encounter a third girl (who is test shooting for FTV) and they all start making out together! These three fight for attention, and it becomes a french-kiss fest in the nude! She looks like a brunette Cameron Diaz... Another fun-filled adventure for FTV :)


May 30, 2010

36 mins

106 pics

Hardcore Bonus Update FTV's Fifth Hardcore Update: One bonus update at the end of every Month. Gabby was one of the favorite total First Time Video girls on FTV back in 2008, besides being super cute, she had that perfect body. She visits California with her boyfriend. Its a big deal for her to do this, since she would have never considered having sex on camera. But with the encouragement of her handsome (and well endowed) boyfriend they learn to get intimate in front of the camera. At the beautiful California mansion, they undress each other, and start making out... and you can see how much Gabby loves it all. We wish we could be in Joshua's place, to squeeze her breasts and rub against her. She starts on top, while he fingers her, then she gives him a blowjob. He has no trouble getting hard for her! She then rides on top of him, feeling him go deep, and he takes her to the steps for more cowgirl. He then carries her off to the gazebo, where they continue lovemaking in missionary, doggy, until he ends up cumming on her face. Then they cool off by jumping into the pool. Both Gabby and Joshua are total first timers, and will only be seen here having sex for FTV!


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