Melody & Lena visit Hawaii:

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Hawaii Shoot
Ages 20 & 26

On the third day of Melody & Lena's visit to Hawaii, they start their morning on Waikiki beach, in cute bikinis, holding hands and making out.  Going to their towels, Melody takes her top off, and they continue their affection.  Once again, the locals start noticing, and are enjoying this positive sexual karma, making funny comments along the way.  Naturally, the girls are more than happy to show off their bodies, and take their bikinis off for more play around the surfers and lifeguards.  Even at lunch, half the time they're topless and teasing each other!  Back to the condo, Melody masturbates to orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions, then Lena comes to play and stretch her long labia, and give her hard breast massages.  We watch closeups of Lena licking Melody's clit, and Melody enjoys every second of it...  Some foot fetish and nipple biting leads to Lena masturbating again as well.  On their fourth day, the morning begins with us watching Lena jog at the park, in her sexy tight butt shorts and seethrough top.  Flashing away, she meets up with Melody in hiking wear and they hit a popular tourist hiking destination.  A lot of Japanese tourists get a unique experience as these girls flash all over the trail... that is until they are caught by the park ranger and asked to leave.  Flashing on a food break, and off to a remote trail free of people, in the deep jungle off the east side of the island.  Eventually they're doing the entire hike with no clothes on, and enjoying random treats off the trail, like wild guava, walnuts, etc... and studying the very exotic environment.  Finding shade under a great tree, they masturbate together to strong orgasms... miles from any road or other people.  Later in the day, they visit a gorgeous temple, do topless prayers, and pay homage with the wild fruit they picked and get frisky with each other again.  Melody does some acrobatics there...   Back at the condo, Melody fires up her 'Magic Wand' vibrator, and ends up squirting, as well as having another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions.  Fingering herself and tasting... she gets in the mood for some anal licking play.  So she asks Lena if she could lick her butthole... and Lena's happy to try it out.  The sun has set, and their trip is near over, the girls dress up to go out, and flash some more before saying their goodbyes.  Thus ends another amazing Hawaii adventure, with public nudity, masturbation, orgasms, and girl-on-girl play in some of the most beautiful settings in the US. 
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