Melody & Lena visit Hawaii:

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Hawaii Shoot
Ages 20 & 26

Lena and Melody, two of FTV's favorites visit Hawaii, and its the first time they've ever been to the islands!  Early morning on the first day, we see them at a beach very popular with local surfers.   Its a beautiful morning, and soon enough these two take their bikinis off, and are playing in the waves naked!  People start taking notice, and the locals are all happy to see it (even city employees stop to watch!).  The girls move to the lava rocks nearby, and help each other spread their private parts, with sand everywhere...  Going to the lifeguard stands, they draw in more locals as they shower and flash their assets, getting tons of attention!  More flashing at a couple of tourist spots, then a playful lunch and they change into colorful, sexy outfits that only draw more attention to them!  By the docks, they start getting frisky on each other, and confuse all the people with their play, and they even get a random watch to help videotape!  Then off to the grocery store for more flashing and purchases of really thick cucumbers...  Back at the condo (22nd floor, with a view of the ocean) Lena's bed has two mirrors, and Lena loves masturbating while watching herself.  So she finger masturbates to orgasm, then has Melody go down on her to arouse her some more.  Wet enough, Lena then near-fists herself while Melody watches, then its Melody's turn to masturbate.  She finger rubs herself to a strong orgasm, with 'in your face' vaginal contractions.  Her love of anal has her double penetrating herself with fingers, then going really deep with anal beads, shocking Lena as to how deep its going!  With the super thick cucumbers they purchased, the start penetrating themselves (Lena vaginally, Melody anally) and are both turned on by how the cucumbers fill them up.  Melody helps Lena ride hers...  The next day they're back out in Waikiki, and right on the busiest street they start making out, touching each other and flashing!  This extreme public nudity gets the whole block's attention, so they move to a shopping area and continue to tease, even going down on each other!  Finding cute dresses from a kiosk, they try them on, occasionally making a nipple slip or a butt exposed right there in the middle of the shopping area.  A popular tourist destination for lunch, more flashing and upskirt (with everyone noticing) finger rubbing and making out at nearby hotels.  They start having 'fans' following them, wanting to take photos with them!  On the third day... (part II)
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